About Us

Are you looking for a mattress and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of products available?

Viscoelastic, latex, pocket springs, HR foam and countless combinations available. On paper, they all look great, but which one will really be better for you?

Find fitfurniturecache mission is simple and clear: create the best mattress analysis and offer the most complete information on everything related to the quality of rest.

We do not believe that there is the best universal mattress, nor a perfect material and firmness for all backs, nor that paying more always means getting the best.

For us, the best mattress analyzes are those that help you choose the right product that fits your needs and that guarantees the health of your back and a good rest.

And that is precisely what we want to offer you in our blog: detailed and quality information, backed by the opinion of our group of expert advisors in rest and postural health, which allows us to give a more global and objective vision.

Another of our differential points is precisely that we are not a mattress store. Therefore, our ranking is independent and objective, free from the pressure of any physical or online store that will sell you what interests you or simply sell you.

We leave you the information. You decide what and where you buy. That easy.

Thanks to our work and impartiality we hope to continue positioning ourselves in the coming months as the reference page in the world of rest.

Thank you for reading and we hope that the information you will find on our website will help you find the perfect mattress for you.