The 8 Best Bed Armchairs – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Allowing yourself a moment of relaxation on a comfortable double function sofa after a long day of work is well deserved and right. If you are wondering how to choose the best bed armchairs to make this happen, always remember to carefully select the model you intend to buy, so as not to poorly invest money in an inconvenient and useless product.

Evaluate the size of the room, the opening and closing mechanism, the padding and the covering fabric. Tuoni Super Multicolor is a practical single multifunction armchair in bright colours, ideal for giving a touch of joy to the environment. If, on the other hand, you want something simpler and more elegant, Homcom iron bed armchair could be for you.

Comparative table of the best bed armchairs

Tuoni Super Armchair, Base Lacquered Metal,

The sofa can be transformed in three ways: armchair, chaise longue and a single bed. The structure is equipped with a practical click-clack mechanism, which allows you to adjust the model in five positions, according to your needs.

The mattress is not very thick, and it may be necessary to add thickness to increase the softness of the bed. The price of the armchair is quite high and not very accessible.

It is a practical armchair bed with a lively design, capable of giving a touch of joy to the environment, especially if the rest of the furniture is modern.

homcom Iron and Cotton Armchair Bed with Striped Cushion 75 x 70 x 75cm Gray

It is a sofa bed with a modern and multifunctional design, adaptable to any type of home environment: living room, bedroom, study, etc. The transformation mechanism from sofa to bed is practical and simple to manage.

The mattress cover is not removable, and for this reason, you must be very careful not to dirty it. Many users recommend using a sofa cover or cover as a cover.

The armchair is manufactured with high-quality materials, and this gives the model certain reliability. The price is proportionate to the product and is not too high.

Bestway 67356 – 2 Seater Mattress Flocked Sofa, Assorted Colors, 90 x 200 cm, PVC.

The armchair is inflatable and easy to manage, especially for those with big space problems in the home. Thanks to the “Sidewinder” pump in the kit, you can install the sofa in a few seconds. The transformation from armchair to bed is very simple and quick to perform.

Some users have complained about the size of the mattress, as they are a bit small since it is a two-seater model. Some valves may leak some air, albeit imperceptibly.

It is a good compromise between savings and ease of use. The product is available in three different colours, and the price is really reasonable.

The 8 Best Bed Armchairs – Reviews In 2020

Below you will find a careful selection of what in our opinion are the best bed chairs of 2020. By continuing to read, you will find out where to buy the best-selling models on the net, so you will be able to opt for the most suitable product to meet your needs.

Single bed armchair

  1. Tuoni Super Armchair, Base Lacquered Metal

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If you are looking for a convertible sofa for unexpected guests, but you still don’t know which armchair bed to buy, Tuoni Super Multicolor could be for you. It is a triple function model, characterized by a very lively and modern multicoloured checkered design.

First of all, the product looks like a cheerful and comfortable armchair, to be used as a seat in the living room. If you intend to watch a movie on TV and want to stretch your legs to relax, even more, don’t worry, the model can be transformed into a comfortable chaise longue.

If, on the other hand, you want to take a nap or have a friend stay at home, you can get an emergency bed in the blink of an eye. 

The structure of this single sofa bed is made of solid white lacquered metal and is equipped with headrest and backrest that can be reclined in five different positions, thanks to the practical click-clack mechanism. Unfortunately, the mattress is not very soft, and you may need to add a duvet. The price is quite high compared to that of other similar models on the market.


Triple function: In addition to being an armchair, the model can be transformed into a comfortable chaise longue and a cot for unexpected guests.

Design: The product design is modern and comes in a very lively multicolour patchwork version, capable of giving a touch of joy to the environment.

Adjustable positions: Thanks to the practical click-clack mechanism, you can adjust the armchair in five positions.


Mattress: The mattress is not very thick, and therefore, it may be necessary to add thickness to increase the softness of the bed.

Price: The cost of the product is very high and could make many users desist from purchasing it.

Homcom armchair bed

  1. HomCom Armchair Bed in Iron and Cotton

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Making a comparison between the various offers of dual-function sofas on the net, we came across this elegant Homcom armchair bed.

It is a piece of furniture made with high-quality materials, combined and worked according to a simple and refined design at the same time, capable of giving a touch of modernity to the living room at home.

The transformation mechanism from armchair to bed is practical and easy to manage. Moreover, the model is equipped with a useful position regulator to adapt the sofa to your needs. The seat is comfortable, thanks to the sponge and cotton padding. The whole rests on a solid and robust frame, which offers great stability to the entire structure.

Unfortunately, the mattress is not removable and therefore it is advisable to use a cover to avoid dirtying it. The quality/price ratio is good, and the cost of the product is quite accessible.


Modern design: It is a solid and robust armchair, designed with a modern and functional design, capable of quickly transforming into a comfortable single bed for friends and relatives.

Padding: The mattress padding is quite soft and is made of sponge and cotton, to offer greater comfort to the seat.

Value for money: The armchair is manufactured with high-quality materials, and the price of the product is good and accessible.


Upholstery: Unfortunately the mattress cover is not removable, and therefore you must be very careful not to dirty it, perhaps using a sofa cover.

Inflatable armchair bed

  1. Bestway 67356 2 Seater Mattress Flocked Sofa

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If you don’t have much space in your home and are looking for the cheapest and easiest to manage sofa bed on the market, Bestway 67356 could be the best compromise between savings and practicality.

It is a two-seater inflatable armchair bed, available in three assorted colours: green, blue and orange. The fabric is flocked and is very pleasant to the touch, so you can enjoy a comfortable seat. The sofa turns into a bed in a flash; in fact, it is sufficient to flip and open the base of the armchair to obtain the extension of the mattress.

In the kit, you will find an electric “Sidewinder” pump, which will allow you to inflate the entire structure in just 270 seconds. When the armchair is no longer needed, you can deflate it and keep it in a practical bag, also supplied.

The model is resistant and designed to accommodate two people, although not all users said they were fully satisfied with the size of the bed. The price of the product is reasonable and is accessible to all budgets.


Inflatable: Being an inflatable armchair bed, you will be able to use it if necessary and keep it in a small space when it is no longer needed.

Practice: The armchair turns into a bed through a practical system, which allows you to transform it through a few simple gestures.

Electric pump: The model includes a “Sidewinder” electric pump, which allows you to inflate the sofa in just 270 seconds.

Colours: The company offers the product in three different colours: green, blue and orange.


Dimensions: Some users would have preferred that the dimensions of the double mattress were larger, to take advantage of more space in the bed version.

Small armchair bed

  1. Homcom Modern 2 in 1 Multifunctional Sofa Bed

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Evaluating several models sold online, we were impressed with this Homcom Multifunctional 2 in 1 small armchair bed. Its design is modern and elegant and goes well with any style of furniture and any room in the house.

Its structure is very versatile, in fact, the backrest can be reclined in five positions, so you can find the optimal posture for your back. The frame is made of sturdy metal, and the seat padding is made of high-density sponge, in order to offer the best comfort.

The transformation into a cot takes place quickly, through a few simple steps, so you will never be taken by surprise if you have an unexpected guest. The dimensions of the camp bed are a little reduced, and therefore they are not suitable for people who are too tall or very corpulent.

The fabric is removable and can be easily washed by hand or in the washing machine. The price of the product is good, and a soft pillow is also included in the package.


Modern design: The armchair has an elegant and modern design and can be placed in any room of the house.

Reclining: The backrest is reclining in five different positions, so you will be able to find good posture for the spine.

Transformation: The armchair is transformed into a comfortable cot by means of a few very simple steps to perform.

Lining: The upholstery fabric is removable, so you can easily wash it by hand or in the washing machine.


Cot width: In cot mode, the length and width of the cot are quite small, and therefore, tall and massive people may experience some space problems.

Armchair bed a square and a half

  1. Homcom 2-Seater Sofa Bed 1 Square ½

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If you are looking for a one and a half bed armchair that is of good quality and great comfort, the new Homcom seat model could meet your needs.

Just a few simple steps are enough to turn the sofa into a comfortable guest bed. The structure is solid and robust and rests on four very resistant feet. The upholstery is made entirely of cotton and is padded with excellent quality sponge and cotton, in order to make the armchair more comfortable.

The backrest can be adjusted in five different positions, so you can also get a comfortable chaise longue. In the package, there are four soft cushions that complete the sofa and make it cosy and elegant.

As a bed, it may be a little stiff for the spine, but this depends a lot on personal taste. The quality/price ratio is good, although the cost of the product may not be accessible to everyone.


Comfortable seat: Thanks to the padding made of high-quality sponge and cotton, the armchair is comfortable and comfortable for two people.

Backrest adjustment: The backrest can be adjusted in five different positions, so you can transform the sofa into a relaxing chaise longue.

Solid structure: The armchair frame is made of solid metal and resistant to stress, also the four feet offer excellent stability to the entire structure.


Stiffness: Some users have found that the model in bed mode is a bit too rigid, and therefore it may be necessary to add a thickness to soften it.

Futon armchair bed

  1. Natalia Spzoo Blu-1331 Folding Microfiber Mattress

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If you are looking for a single sofa bed and you are a lover of quality products sold at low prices, Natalia Spzoo Blu-1331 could attract your attention. It is an innovative dual-function model, ideal for relaxing or taking a nap.

The padding is made of polyurethane foam, more commonly known as foam rubber and is very resistant, even to the assaults of the rowdiest children.

The lining is made of 100% polyester microfibers and is removable by zipper, so you can wash it without major problems. The only negative note is the removal of the coating, which is somewhat difficult to carry out. We also recommend washing the lining at no more than 30 °, to prevent the fabric from felting and losing volume.

To transform the sofa into a mattress, a few simple gestures are enough, and the weight of the entire futon armchair bed is not excessive, because it has no metal frame.

The cost of the product is really low and convenient, so you will have the opportunity to buy a quality armchair bed without fainting.


Foam: The armchair bed is made entirely of resistant foam and has no metal frame, so you can easily move it around the house.

Fabric: The cover is removable by zipper openings and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

Mattress: The futon mattress is very comfortable and does not give the impression of sleeping a few centimetres raised from the floor.

Cost: The price of the product is low and competitive and gives the possibility of bringing home a quality armchair bed.


Removing the upholstery: Removing the upholstery of the sofa can be a somewhat complex operation to do, so arm yourself with patience.

Armchair bed for children

  1. ItalPol Produkt Sofa Sofa Kids Cushion

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Are you looking for the best armchair bed to give to your children? ItalPol Produkt Divanetto could be the ideal solution. The model is made of polyurethane foam with density suitable for children up to 7 years. The cover is made of polyester and is resistant to dirt stains, which can be easily removed without having to remove the sofa.

However, the cover can be removed by opening the practical zip.

It is possible to wash the fabric in the washing machine at 30 °, as well as iron it at a suitable temperature.

The product design is nice, and the coating fantasy is cheerful and fun.

Transforming the children’s armchair bed into a comfortable bed for the night is quick and easy, given the practicality of the component opening system.

The mats may be a little uncomfortable for an adult, as it is a product designed especially for the little ones. The quality/price ratio is good, and the cost is affordable and advantageous.


Practical: The sofa can be quickly transformed into a bed for children, so the little ones can rest or play on it with friends.

Comfortable: The consistency of the polyurethane padding is very balanced and is the right compromise between softness and rigidity.

Washable fabric: The upholstery fabric can be easily removed and washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30 °.

Design: The design of the armchair is fun, thanks to the presence of cheerful and colourful designs applied to the upholstery.


Not for everyone: Unfortunately, the model is designed for children, and an adult may not be perfectly comfortable sleeping on it.

Leather armchair bed

  1. Artdeco Armchair Bed

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If you want to relax on an elegant and at the same time comfortable sofa, this armchair bed in leather signed Artdeco could satisfy your needs.

The design of the model is simple and linear and can be combined with any type of furniture, from classic to modern. The upholstery is made of imitation leather and gives a classy touch to the armchair. The cover can be removed to be cleaned separately, through the opening of practical zip hinges.

Thanks to a simple transformation mechanism, the sofa can become both a comfortable chaise longue and a comfortable single bed. The cushion is removable and can be used as a support for the head or legs.

The consistency of the padding is a mix of softness and rigidity, to offer maximum relaxation to those who rest on the armchair. The price is proportionate to the quality of the product, even if it is a little too high.


Triple transformation: The armchair is equipped with a practical transformation system that will also allow you to obtain a comfortable chaise longue and a comfortable cot.

Elegant: The imitation leather upholstery gives a touch of class to the sofa, making it suitable for almost all styles of furniture.

Removable lining: The cover fabric can be easily removed from the padding by means of zip closures on the sides of the components.


Price: Although it is a good quality product, the somewhat high price may make some users desist from buying it.

Guide to buy an armchair bed

Choosing an armchair bed does not only mean identifying a comfortable sofa that allows you to relax comfortably but also means opting for a piece of furniture that is able to optimize the spaces available in the home. In a nutshell, it is a smart way to have two furniture in one without cluttering up a lot of space.

Through this guide, we suggest some important precautions not to be overlooked when evaluating the model to be purchased.

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Space problems

If you have limited space at home but still want to have an armchair and a bed in the living room to make an unexpected guest sleep, don’t worry because there is a solution! In fact, it is not necessary to clutter the environment with two distinct furniture, but it is possible to overcome the problem by purchasing a hybrid model between the two furnishing accessories.

First, take the measurements of the space you have available in the house, regardless of whether it is in the living room, kitchen, study or bedroom. Always keep in consideration the area useful for the transformation from armchair to bed; obviously, this will extend in length and will occupy at least double the initial space.

If you decide to place the sofa against a wall, do not forget to leave enough space to open doors and windows, without the length of the mattress hindering the passage.

Clearly, before buying a model, do not forget to take the measurements of the widths of the doors of the house through which the furniture will have to pass, or you will risk having to request an expensive crane transport intervention, to make it pass through the window.

The advantage of opting for a sofa bed instead of a sofa bed consists of not having to occupy too much space. You can also place it in a small room, provided that the size of the room allows the seat to be transformed into a bed.

Padding and upholstery

Padding is a very important component and should not be overlooked. This is because the armchair must offer maximum comfort, both in sitting mode and in the bed version. Even if the second option is used only when necessary, it is essential that the mattress has the right consistency between softness and rigidity, in order to make you and your guests sleep well. You will thus avoid waking up with annoying back pain and without having rested.

Usually, the mattresses of the armchair beds are made of polyurethane or latex and are hypoallergenic and treated against mites and bacteria, to be exploited even by people most sensitive to allergies.

As for the network or the slats, these are not always present. In fact, it depends a lot on the models, such as the futons for example, which rest directly on the floor.

Upholstery also plays a fundamental role, and it is preferable to purchase a model with removable cover fabric, so you can easily remove it and wash it by hand or in the washing machine to effectively remove dirt.

Opening system

Choosing an armchair bed equipped with a practical and quick opening system will save you time and effort, especially if you have to repeat the operation frequently. The most common method is the one that involves removing the cushions from the seat and removing the mattress folded inside the sofa. There are also models that can be adjusted in multiple positions and which, in addition to the armchair and bed modes, are transformed into comfortable chaise longues, on which you can stretch your legs and relax in front of the TV.

There is not always a metal frame; in fact, the structure of some armchairs is composed only of the overlap of modules in foam rubber, folded into a book shape. These sections can be quickly opened to form a comfortable, ready-to-use mattress.

Usually, these are not very heavy models, which can be moved without too much effort from one room to another in the house.

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Style and design

It is another important element not to be underestimated in the design of the model. Obviously, this depends a lot on the environment in which you are going to place it, as the armchair bed must be in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture. Whether you place it in the living or sleeping area, make sure that its design fits in well with the style of the other furniture.

The situation is different if you simply want to have a spare element, in which case you will not pay much attention to the aesthetic line of the model, and you can opt for a product sold at a lower price.

Frequent questions

How to open an armchair bed?

The opening system of an armchair bed depends on the type of mechanism present in each model. In principle, there are three types of the opening which are fairly widespread and common.

The first does not require the removal of the back and seat cushions, as by pulling a special handle, the bed frame is rotated and stretches forward. The second type of opening requires the removal of all the seat cushions. In this case, the net structure does not rotate but is extracted as an extension from the original armchair.

Finally, we have the sofas made up of book-folded mattress modules, which unfold to form a single bed.

How much does an armchair bed cost?

The cost of an armchair bed varies according to the models, functions, materials and brands. You can still buy good products without spending too much money. The market offers a wide choice of bedchairs, and the prices cover the entire catchment area, to allow everyone to own one.

On average, costs start at 60 euros and even exceed 300 euros for the most refined and sought after models.

How to clean an armchair bed?

Before cleaning an armchair bed, you need to understand what materials it is made of and whether the upholstery fabric is removable or not. If there are only crumbs or animal hair, it will be sufficient to pass a vacuum cleaner over the cushions, in order to remove any residue.

If the cover is removable, you can easily wash it by hand or in the washing machine, preferably at low temperatures, to avoid damaging the fabric fibres. If instead, it is a non-removable armchair, it is good to understand what fabric it is, to intervene on the stains with suitable cleaning products.

However, we suggest that you always read the labels that report the technical characteristics of the materials, with the relative washing instructions attached.

How to move an armchair bed? 

Moving an armchair bed can be an easy or difficult task, depending on the weight of the model. If you find yourself in front of a sofa with a metal frame, surely the whole structure will weigh a lot, and you will have to get someone to help you to lift it and move it.

Dragging the armchair is never a good idea, as it could leave indelible marks on the floor or worse damage it, especially if it is parquet flooring.

A good idea would be to apply felt pads under the seat of the sofa, in order to limit damage to the minimum.

On the market, there are also armchair beds made entirely of foam rubber and without a metal frame. These models are very light and practical to move, without resorting to any kind of help.

How to use an armchair bed

Choosing a good armchair bed is important and should not be done lightly, precisely because it includes two functions, which must be able to offer maximum comfort in both modes.

A sofa can be used as a relaxing seat to enjoy a good movie on television or to munch on something in peace with your favourite drink. If you have any unexpected guests, you can transform the armchair into a comfortable and cosy bed in the blink of an eye.

On the market, there are also models with the adjustable structure in multiple positions, so you can set the optimal seat for your spine. It is excellent chairs with “chaise longue” mode, which allow you to extract an extension from the seat to also support your legs.

Rigid or soft padding?

The ideal solution would be to opt for ia padding capable of offering the right density, in perfect balance between softness and rigidity. If the cushions were excessively soft, you would risk sinking into the armchair and would have difficulty getting up. If, on the other hand, the padding is too rigid, the armchair would no longer be a place of relaxation but would become a torture instrument for your buttocks and your back.

The balance between the two would create a perfect condition, which would lead you to love your bed chair. Usually, foam rubber is a material that embodies both characteristics.

Two functions in one

The armchair bed is very useful precisely because of the two functions it contains. This allows you to enrich your living room with an extra seat and if necessary, you can have an extra single bed.

These multipurpose furnishing accessories have been designed especially for those who live in small apartments and want to have the possibility of hosting someone, without necessarily having to buy a bulky fixed network at the expense of the already reduced spaces.

The same type of dual function mechanism is present not only in many single armchairs but also in different two-seater sofas. In the second case, it is possible to obtain a large double bed to accommodate a couple.

The combined function design of furniture is a furnishing style that is spreading more and more in modern society. In this way, it is possible to cope with the small spaces of small houses and offer an excellent hospitality solution even where there are no additional beds for friends and relatives.

Armchairs bed for all tastes

The best sofa bed doesn’t have to be the most expensive one on the market, but the most functional, practical and lasting one. On the market, you will find an infinite range of models, which are able to meet the needs of all consumers. There is only spoiled for choice, and there is something for every budget. So if you are also looking for your ideal sofa bed, take advantage of all the advice we have given you, to invest your money in a model that will satisfy you fully.

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