Best Cervical Pillow Side Sleeper

The Best Cervical Pillow Side Sleeper – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2020

The best cervical pillow side sleeper are supports specially designed to relieve ailments at the level of the head, neck, shoulders, cervical region and back, so their use can be considered therapeutic.

However, many people usually acquire them to prevent this type of discomfort and adopt a correct posture when resting. Tempur 90 x 200 cm is a good option for those who want a headrest with ergonomic design, hypoallergenic materials and a pleasant aesthetic in white, with detailed finishes. Also, Newdora Viscoelastic has cervical support in “U”, being an economical, safe and anatomical alternative for those who travel or spend a long time in a chair.

Comparison chart of the best cervical pillow side sleeper

Tempur – Original Extra Long Medium Cervical Pillow

It is a cervical bed pillow with a spacious design that will allow you to stand in any position. In addition, the materials have been treated to prevent the generation of allergies.

This cervical pillow may become a bit stiff at first, but after a couple of weeks of constant use, the surface softens, giving you comfortable support.

Among the positive aspects of this pillow is the design of its cover, which incorporates a zipper that is easy to open and close. In this sense, you can unsheathe the headrest whenever you want and thus wash the textile, maintaining hygiene.

Newdora Memory Foam Viscoelastic Travel Pillow

The pillow could be the best choice if you usually travel frequently to rest the cervical area and avoid cervical ailments.

With the purchase, a practical storage bag is attached, made of velvet textile fabric and secure closure by means of cords. So you can protect the pillow from dirt when you’re not using it and transport it easily.

The pillow incorporates a mask to protect the eye area when resting, which has been valued by some of the buyers as annoying due to its rigidity.

Sabanalia – Viscoelastic cervical pillow

Some of the buyer’s comment that the pillow loses its stiffness over the days, offering unstable support that does not fight the ailments as expected.

A particularity of this cervical pillow is its removable outer cover made with stretch fabric that incorporates aloe vera, thus offering a soft, breathable, fresh cover that takes care of your skin. It also highlights a hypoallergenic treatment.

It’s viscoelastic filling, added to the surface that has a high and a low area, offer a complete adaptation to the anatomy of the person, avoiding stress points.

The best cervical pillow side sleepers on the market

The cervical pillows offer us anatomical support when resting, whether we are lying on the bed or sitting in the chair of the car, office or plane. Regardless of the model selected, the result everyone expects is to relieve cervical and back ailments by decreasing the heat load generated by the shoulders. Here are some models positioned among the best cervical pillow side sleepers on the market.

Tempur 90 x 200 cm

Tempur is a house that has a wide catalog of products designed to offer you the maximum comfort when falling asleep, which this time presents us with what could be the best cervical pillow side sleeper, made of viscoelastic foam for better support. It is a material with memory, which adapts to the shape of your neck, head, and shoulders for extra comfort.

This cervical pillow Tempur incorporates a white cover that has been made with 99% polyester and 1% elastane textile fiber, being fabrics that offer perspiration and softness. Best of all, both membranes were treated hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about the appearance of any type of skin or respiratory allergy. The headrest is ergonomic, as it has a format of 90 x 200 centimeters, which will allow you to accommodate your back or side.

If you want to take with you the best cervical pillow side sleeper of the moment, the invitation is to review this model with Tempur quality seal.


  • Cover: You will enjoy a breathable, resistant and softcover because the cover was made with polyester and elastane.
  • Hypoallergenic: You won’t have to worry about allergies since the case has hypoallergenic treatment.
  • Filling: The foam used for the filling offers a greater adaptation to the neck, shoulders and head area.
  • Format: The format of 90 x 200 centimeters is spacious, so you can lie on your back or side.


  • Hardness: Initially, the pillow may be a little hard for some people, but gradually it becomes more comfortable.

Tempur Original Queen L

This is another model of the Tempur house that we could not fail to include in our selection of cervical pillows since it has an ergonomic and spacious design, which will allow you to rest comfortably throughout the night. Its body has been provided with a double edge that highlights a slight inclination towards the front area, designed to improve posture and eliminate tension points in the neck, shoulders, and head. In this sense, it can provide better support for both the spine and the cervical.

This Tempur cervical pillow has a length-width of 64 x 32 centimeters and due to its wedge-shaped format, the height varies at both ends, being 12.5 and 7 centimeters.

The filling was made with sturdy foam and covered with a removable cover made of polyester and elastane fiber, which you can machine wash at a maximum of 60º C.

This pillow is spacious, ergonomic and will give your cervical support to rest all night comfortably. Read its pros and cons here.


  • Design: The pillow has a slight inclination at its edges so you can adopt a better posture when resting.
  • Filling: Thanks to the viscoelastic foam used for filling, you will enjoy a surface with memory and no stress points.
  • Cover: The cover made of polyester and elastane offers durability, breathability and soft touch.
  • Washing: You can wash the cover at any time, as it can be easily removed.


  • Height: You must be careful in the selection of the height since not being the right one could cause you discomfort.

Viscoelastic Newdora

This model has managed to position itself as the best price-quality cervical pillow, being considered by the buyers as one of the cheapest. Its U-shaped design offers a curvature that adapts to your anatomy to reduce pressure points in the neck area, as well as support with an adequate level of flexibility to provide the necessary comfort to the spine.

This cervical travel pillow has been made with premium foam and a cotton core, highlighting in them the slow rebound technology, which is given because it is a memory material. The soft textile cover is removable, so you can wash it whenever you want.

The product incorporates a pair of earplugs, an eye mask and a storage bag with drawstring closure, which will allow you to protect the set and transport it easily.

To provide comfortable and anatomical support to your neck, shoulders, and head when traveling, check details of this ergonomic set, which is one of the cheapest options.


  • Design: Its portable “U” design has been designed to comfortably support the neck, shoulders, and head.
  • Accessories: The eye mask, caps and transport bag attached to enhance the user experience.
  • Interior: The foam interior with a cotton core with memory offers a rebound effect, for a better adaptation to the neck.
  • Cover: The soft velvet cover is washable because it can be easily removed.


Eye mask: It has been said that the mask is a bit sturdy and may become uncomfortable, but the pillow can fulfill its purpose properly.

Blue Aidodo

When you review the Aidodo catalog you will find this cervical travel pillow with an ergonomic “U” design, which will help you to support the neck correctly reducing the level of load to which the shoulders and spine are usually exposed in the cervical area.

It is a support that could be the best cervical pillow side sleeper for travel, to drive in the car or even work in the office. In addition, it perfectly fulfills the function of a stomach support pad.

With regard to its manufacture, it highlights the interior in memory foam with temperature sensing technology, which offers greater comfort when resting and avoids stress points.

It also has a removable cover in polyester and velvet fabric, these materials being breathable, flexible, with a pleasant touch and ability to absorb sweat. Additionally, in the purchase package, you will find a mask, earplugs and a storage bag with lanyard closure.

This pillow – cushion with “U” design will allow you to adopt a comfortable posture in various situations. Here its pros and cons.


Accessories: You will achieve maximum comfort thanks to the incorporation of a mask and earplugs.

Textile: The velvet cover with polyester offers perspiration, softness and sweat absorption.

Interior: The internal memory rubber avoids stress points and temperature sensing technology offers greater comfort.

Storage: You can conveniently store and transport the set in a velvet bag with drawstring closure.


Format: The rear area is a bit wide, which could cause discomfort in some people.

Sabanalia Alviscer70

 Among the best cervical pillow side sleepers of 2019, this model of the Sabanalia house stands out, made with high-end materials and an ergonomic design that will allow you to properly support the cervical area. In this way, you will get an adequate adaptation to the contour, both of the head and neck, for a pleasant rest throughout the night.

For its preparation, the MEMORY  foam of approximately 50 kg density and inner sheath inflexible cotton fibers were used, together with polyester, as well as an outer cover with a removable zipper in stretch textiles and treated with aloe vera for a greater sensation of freshness. In addition, all materials are hypoallergenic.

This viscoelastic cervical pillow has a long – wide format of 70 x 33 centimeters and a thickness of 11 and 8 centimeters, depending on the area of the pad. In this sense, you will have a spacious headrest in which you can stand on your back or sideways.

Getting the best brand of cervical pillows will not be a complicated task after reviewing the specifications of this model with Sabanalia’s quality seal.


Cases: The design has an internal cover and a removable second with aloe vera treatment that takes care of your skin.

Washing: You can remove the pillow and wash the cover easily thanks to the built-in zipper.

Dimensions: The dimensions 70 x 33 x 11 – 8 centimeters of the pillow offer a spacious resting surface.

Treatments: The materials have been treated in a hypoallergenic way so you do not worry about allergies.


Hardness: There are those who comment that after a few months the pillow loses the level of characteristic hardness.

Adjustable UTTU

If you still do not know which the best cervical pillow side sleeper is, you should know a little about this headrest developed by the UTTU house. Its body is made of UTTU Dynamic memory foam, which is characterized by maintaining its hardness level despite temperature changes.

In addition, it has a long – wide format of 60 x 36 centimeters, a high area of 12 centimeters and a low area of 10 cm. The best thing about this viscoelastic cervical pillow is that its height can be adjusted, so you only have to remove the zipper from the cover and remove the middle layer.

In this way, you can provide a correct alignment to the cervical spine and the possibility of adopting a comfortable position in the neck and back, thus reducing the ailments and stiffness caused in the shoulders. The cover is made of polyester with 60% and 40% bamboo, offering durability. The product is OEKO – TEX certified and has a five-year warranty.

When asked about what cervical pillow to buy, comes this model of the UTTU house with quality finishes, certified materials, and innovative design.


Textile: Polyester and bamboo fibers provide resistance, perspiration, softness, and freshness to the sheath.

Filling: The interior has three sheets of UTTU Dynamic foam, which adapt to the anatomy eliminating tension points.

Adjustment: By removing or adding the middle layer of the pillow you can adjust the height according to your needs.

Certification: You will not have to worry about allergies because it is a certified and hypoallergenic product.


Cost: The cost of the product has been valued as high, but its high level of quality is worth it.

How to choose the best cervical pillow side sleepers?

A pillow is a resting surface that is mandatory for anyone, but if we do not know how to choose the right model, it could be counterproductive to our health. To make a successful purchase, the recommendation is to verify the main indicators of product quality, taking into account this guide to buying the best cervical pillow side sleeper.

Shopping guide

Design and fit

The designs of cervical pillows are usually varied, so when you review the catalogs of purchase of the different brands, you will get models to use in the bed with a rectangular format and a surface with one end higher than the other, for better integration from neck and shoulders to the pillow. In fact, there are teams that allow height adjustment according to your needs, being necessary to remove a rubber sheet from the inside.

Other portable U-shaped models have been designed for those who travel by plane or spend many hours sitting in a chair, thus circling your neck to lighten the shoulder load.

Materials and treatments

Although a cervical pillow can be classified as good and economical, it is also true that it must have certain quality indicators with respect to its preparation, referring to the raw material used and the treatments applied. In this sense, most manufacturers make use of a wide range of materials. For the filling, cotton cores or viscoelastic foam stand out, which are membranes with an adequate level of stiffness and memory, which avoids pressure points and allows the head, neck, shoulders, and cervical to rest.

With respect to the cover, the most popular fabrics for its manufacture are lycra cotton, polyester, velvet, bamboo or combinations of up to two of these fibers, thus offering a breathable surface and a pleasantly soft touch.

On the other hand, we have the theme of hypoallergenic, anti-mite or antibacterial treatments, applied to both the filler and the textiles, as well as that of aloe vera, which promotes the freshness and care of the skin on contact. In this way, you can use the product with complete confidence, leaving behind any concerns about the generation of the skin or respiratory allergies.


There are many manufacturers who choose to attach some accessories to the cervical pillows, such as a mask with an anatomical design for the eye area, which prevents discomfort caused by light rays. Also, earplugs are another accessory that you will often find next to the cervical pillows with a “U” format, designed so that people can fall asleep quietly, without the noise of the environment is an inconvenience. Finally, there are the storage and transport bags, with which you can keep the equipment protected from dust and dirt when you are not using it. In the same way, they are an ideal complement for those who take the pillow with them to work or in case of traveling.

Without a doubt, these are accessories that will improve the user experience of each buyer, but this can sometimes influence how much the product costs. However, if you purchase these implements separately you may have to make a larger investment. The important thing is that you buy a product that fits your budget and meets your needs for use.


Benefits and utility

The versatility of use offered by a headrest is a feature of great importance, which cannot be evaluated in any comparison of cervical pillows.

The structures are usually varied with respect to their formats. However, all are designed to offer an ergonomic surface that adapts to any type of anatomy. The main objective is for the person to support his head on the pillow, get a correct posture, in which the neck is integrated into the headrest and the shoulder load is lightened for a full rest. In addition, one of the benefits of this type of supports is that they relieve the ailments in the cervical area because it is possible to improve the alignment of the spine.

On the other hand, some “U” shaped pads can be used to travel, as neck support when driving, when sitting in the office chair, to take a nap and even as a support for the stomach area.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How is a cervical pillow placed?

Cervical bed pillows usually have a spacious surface with a high and a low area, recreating the shape of a wedge. Of course, at the lower end, it has some curvatures that offer a correct anatomical adaptation when supported on it. Currently, placing the pillow will depend on the interests of each user, so you can choose either side to use it as the main support, adopting the position that you find most comfortable.

Q2: How to make a cervical pillow?

To make a cervical pillow you will need to check some specialized site in cutting and sewing of this type of product, in order to obtain the manufacturing patterns, either to make a headrest or a “U” pillow.

Then, you must get a breathable and flexible fabric such as cotton wool, so that you can make the inner sheath, using rubber filling of high or medium density. Remember to verify that it is a hypoallergenic material with an adequate level of stiffness and if memory is possible. Fill the cover and sew the entrance area of the foam. Finish by cutting and sewing an outer cover with the same dimensions of the pillow, but this time in strech, velvety or cotton fabric and with it, you wear the headrest.

Q3: On which side is the cervical pillow used?

The cervical pillows have a flat side that should go on the resting surface or mattress, as well as a second face that is generally contoured, designed to rest on it. Choose the area with the inclination that you consider most convenient and place yourself in the bed on the right, left or central side.

Q4: How to make a cervical seed pillow?

The first thing you should have on hand is a textile piece of cotton, thread, needle, scissors and a generous amount of seeds. Also, it is important that you check on the web some models of cervical pillows with their respective cutting patterns until you find one that suits your needs for use.

Start by spreading the textile on a table and on it place the mold that you previously made, being necessary that you proceed to carefully trim through all the contours. Then, sew the pieces carefully to join them by the reverse of the fabric and, in the end, turn the cover leaving a small side hole to introduce the seeds. Do not forget to sew this area to prevent the filling from coming out.

Q5: How to sleep on a cervical pillow?

By lying on the bed and supporting your head on the cervical pillow you can do it face up or sideways, which are the most recommended positions since the back achieves full support on the resting surface. This is how stiffness is eliminated, allowing the spine to rest due to the decrease in effort or tension at the muscular level.

Q6: Should a cover be used on the cervical pillow?

The use of the covers in the cervical pillows is usually optional since when we place it we are protecting the surface from dirt, promoting, in turn, the hygiene to be able to draw when we want to wash it. However, not just any cover is adequate, so if the manufacturer has not provided it with the purchase, the indication is to acquire one that completely adapts to the shape of the pillow.

Q7: How to clean the cervical pillow?

In general, cervical pillows incorporate some type of zippered cover or velcro closure, which allows you to remove the textile to wash it. The process can be carried out by inserting the cover into the washing machine or by performing the process manually, as indicated by the manufacturer on the manufacturing label. On the other hand, the filling that is in the inner cover, you must place it outdoors and away from the sun’s rays so that it is ventilated a bit, avoiding moisture and bad odors.

Q8: What pillow to use for cervical rectification?

Vertical pillows usually have a wide range of models designed to improve the posture of the neck, shoulders and back when resting, relieving even ailments at the cervical level. However, for those who require cervical rectification, it is recommended to consult a specialist who is responsible for assessing the magnitude of the pathology and thus select a pillow that really suits your needs.

How to use a cervical pillow

Although a pillow is a completely intuitive resting surface, it does not hurt to refresh our knowledge about the correct way to manipulate it to extend its useful life and maximize its performance. Next, we tell you how to use a cervical pillow.

Read the manufacturing label

Reading the manufacturing label is a fundamental step, especially since it is a pillow, which is a product that will be in direct contact with our skin. In this sense, it is important to know the type of textile fiber and if it has any treatment to fight mites and other bacteria that could generate subcutaneous or respiratory allergies. In addition, through the label we can know which products are suitable when thinking about washing the headrest, thus preventing its early deterioration.

Check the case

Once you have the product in your hands you should observe the closure method incorporated by the manufacturer for the cover, which can be by means of a side zipper or velcro closures. This is quite flattering when washing the pillow since you can easily remove it and maintain hygiene. Similarly, there are other models that have been designed with a fixed case. If this is your case, it is advisable that you acquire a coating that fits the headrest format, thus protecting it from dirt and extending its useful life.

Corroborates the height level of the pillow

In general, this type of cervical pillows has a high and a low area, which allows a better posture when resting on it to rest. So, corroborate the difference in dimensions and that by lying on the surface you get the necessary comfort to relieve the ailments of the neck, back, shoulders, as well as properly align the cervical spine.

Get on the pillow

If the selected model is for bed, you must place it on the rest surface and place your head on it in a face-up position or towards one of the sides. Always keep in mind that this type of headrest is designed to fit your anatomy, so it is not necessary to force the resting position. Support the head as you usually do and allow the neck to integrate into the pillow, thus distributing the weight and lightening the shoulder load. In the same way, it happens with the designs in “U”, only that these are placed around the neck when traveling or resting in a chair.

Remove and wash the cover

If your model has a removable cover you must identify the zipper and slide to remove the cover and proceed to its cleaning. This is a procedure that must be carried out periodically to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and remove dirt. You just have to put the textile in the washing machine, select a short cycle with a maximum temperature of approximately 30ºC and use a mild detergent without bleach. Likewise, if you wish you can wash the cover manually. Of course, everything will depend on what is established on the manufacturing label. Remember to let dry properly to avoid bad odors due to moisture.

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