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The 5 Best Corner Sofas – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis Of 2020

The sofas allow you to decorate different rooms of your home and have a comfortable place to enjoy in the company of your loved ones. Nowadays, many people choose corner models because they can adapt them to different spaces and also have a modern style that gives the house a unique touch. Of course, when looking for best corner sofa you should look at its dimensions and the comfort that they offer, in addition, it is good to check if you can use them as a sofa bed.

 In this sense, there are many models available on the market, but some have special features that make them stand out, such is the case of JUSThome Vera Bis, a large sofa 323 cm long, made of eco-leather and polyurethane foam, which makes it very comfortable. Another product that may interest you is the JUSThome Fresh III that you can use as a sofa bed and measures 237 x 142 x 75 cm, in addition to being made of microfiber, a resistant material.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Corner Sofa

JUSTyou Fresh III Corner Sofa Chaise Longue Bed function Sofa Bed

It is one of the most economical models, but it offers a good value for money since it has a seating area of 140 x 200 cm.

Only available in dark, gray and black shades. However, as they are neutral tones, you will be able to combine it with other colors and you can integrate it properly into the decoration of the room.

It is filled with an ergonomic foam that will give your body a good level of support, which will allow you to feel comfortable using it. In addition, to give you more comfort, it has large and small cushions on which you can rest.

JUSTyou Vera bis Organic leather Chaise Longue corner sofa 

It is considered the best sofa on the list. It is harmoniously aligned and has a wooden base that guarantees its adequate stability.

Due to its dimensions, it occupies a large space, so it could be too large for small environments, so it is recommended that before buying it measure the place where you are going to place it.

It is a versatile model that you can use in different ways because it has a double function. In the afternoon you can sit on it to watch a movie and chat with friends and family, but at night you can unfold it and use it as a bed.


Because the bottom is a light shade, it may get dirty frequently if you are not careful enough; However, thanks to the properties of its materials you can easily clean it.

Although it is one of the most expensive, it is among the best sofas. You can use it as a bed and its seats have high quality HR foam.

It is a comfortable sofa where you can rest at ease, because it has a structured fabric and its seats are padded, in addition, this area has a striking design. On the other hand, it is possible to adjust your headrest, so you will be able to accommodate it to your liking.

The 5 Best Corner Sofas – Reviews In 2020

To help you get a good product, we have prepared a list with the best corner sofas of 2019. Remember to look at the level of comfort that will bring you, in addition, try to choose a product according to the decoration you have in your home and space where You will install it.

Rank #1: JUSThome Vera bis Eco-leather Chaise Longue corner sofa

It can be one of the best alternatives for those looking for a sofa that is versatile and has a modern design since it allows furnishing some special space in the home.

Main Features Explained


More and more frequently we find products that we can use not only to fulfill their main function but also to meet other needs that may arise. This has been considered in the design of the model offered by the JUSThome brand since it provides a versatile design that can provide in addition to a comfortable seat the functions of bed and storage space.

In this way, it allows that in the case of having visitors, you do not have to resort to acquiring an additional bed that is occupying a space all the time in your home and at the same time you can grant adequate rest.

On the other hand, you will also have the possibility of having some objects stored underneath, since it includes a compartment in one of its seats, which will allow you to maintain order in your room.

Design and dimensions

In addition to the versatility of uses, it should be noted that its finishes can be qualified as adequate, thus offering a pleasant appearance. It also has modern lines, which are accentuated with seams and create a contrast to give texture and greater enhancement.

It should be noted that the rectilinear design that it has can be adapted to different spaces, being possible to locate it either next to a wall, furnishing a corner, but it can also be useful as a central piece of furniture in a living room.

Another feature that can be attractive is that due to its distribution, it can be very suitable for use in meetings since it allows up to 5 people to be included in a conversation with ease, which can be convenient.

It also has a size that can be enough for you to rest comfortably. For example, its resting area for the bed is 271 x 133 cm in which even people of tall stature can sleep conveniently.

Materials and strength

As for its durability, it should be mentioned that its internal structure is made up of wood, which gives it stability and the necessary strength so that it can fulfill its function. It also includes undulating springs that support the seats.

While on the other hand, we must not ignore the fact that it is upholstered in synthetic leather, which is a material that by its characteristics allows simple maintenance and can preserve its appearance with ease, preventing you from spending too much time on cleaning So it looks properly.


  • The versatility of this model may be its best advantage because it includes several transformations that you can adapt according to your needs, which allows it to be used as a bed, sofa and also to store some things.


  • In case you need this model in a particular color, it is necessary to consult the manufacturer directly to know if it is available, which could be a bit uncomfortable compared to other models that make possible the options available.

Rank #2: JUSThome Fresh III Chaise Longue corner sofa

You can install this corner sofa bed in any part of your house because thanks to its dimensions it is possible to adapt it to different environments since it is 237 cm long, 75 cm is high and 140 cm wide.

Several people can sit on it while they talk or do another activity and, if any of your guests want to spend the night at home, you can extend the bottom drawer and turn it into a bed. In addition, it has a wooden base that allows it to remain stable.

Apart from its functionality and elegance, it should be noted that it is made of microfiber, a waterproof and easy to clean material.

On the other hand, this model is one of the cheapest and, due to the characteristics it has, it is the best corner sofa price quality of the moment.

For those looking for the best brand of corner sofas on the market, users say that the Justhome Fresh III is a good option for combining aspects such as elegance and comfort.


  • Adaptability: This model is designed for both large and small spaces, as its length barely exceeds 2 meters and its height is equivalent to 75 cm.
  • Use: It can become a bed by simply extending the bottom of it, so you will have two types of sofas in one.
  • Stability: The strength of this model is due to its specialized wood base to ensure stability.
  • Manufacturing: The microfiber with which this corner sofa is manufactured gives it the quality of being waterproof.


  • Toilet: According to some users, the material of the sofa is very delicate and with certain washing, chemicals can deteriorate easily, so you should be very careful with any substance that is implemented in your toilet.

Rank #3: JUSThome Infinity XL Comfort Corner Sofa Chaise Longue

The white areas of this sofa are made of synthetic leather, a soft material that will allow you to feel comfortable sitting on it, as it offers a pleasant touch. In addition, it is an enduring skin type, as it does not deteriorate easily.

The seat and backrests are gray, while the sides and the bottom are white, for this reason, it is an elegant and striking product that will probably become the main focus of your room. It is a modern proposal and appropriate for any style of decoration.

It has a stable wooden base that allows it to maintain balance. This sofa has dimensions of 310 cm wide by 390 cm long, while its seats have a height of 40 cm.

The process of being in constant search and reaching the decision of which corner sofa to buy can come to an end after you know the pros and cons of this model.


  • Design: The combination of white and gray on the sofa makes it an elegant model and represents a color balance of colors.
  • Bra: Like most corner sofas offered by this popular brand, this model includes a wooden base to ensure stability.
  • Height: The seats do not exceed 50 cm and are suitable for small places, thanks to its compact design.
  • Softness: The softness of synthetic leather makes it pleasant to rub against the skin, creating greater comfort.


  • Cleaning: Some users have pointed out that the maintenance of the sofa is somewhat complicated by its bulky design, although the gray tone of the seats prevents dirt from being noticed.

Rank #4: Edenjardi Outdoor corner sofa set

 This model also answers questions about the best corner sofa, so it is a product suitable for outdoor spaces, so it will look great in your garden or terrace.

It has been made of aluminum and rattan, materials resistant to climatic variations, which helps to ensure its adequate durability. Thanks to this you can use it outdoors without any inconvenience.

It has a table made of the same materials, on which you can place different objects. This has a transparent glass 5 mm thick, so it has a good level of resistance.

The sofa has five large seats and has padded cushions, also measures 193 x 245 x 85 cm, on the other hand, the table has dimensions of 80 x 140 x 67 cm.

Another model whose advantages and disadvantages we will review next is the Edenjardi Ratán Syntético, since it appears among the recommendations of the users as an appropriate option.



  • Accessories: Includes a table manufactured and combined to be specifically used in conjunction with the sofa.
  • Resistance: The materials with which this model was manufactured are resistant to different temperature levels.
  • Accessories: Includes comfortable cushions, which are part of the sofa set and give the user a better posture when sitting.
  • Exclusivity: The sofa design was exclusively designed to be used outdoors.
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  • Absence of protection: Because its design was planned for outdoor spaces, the sofa gets dirty faster due to the absence of special protection. However, its compact size makes it suitable for you to place any type of cover on it.

Rank # 5: EsteaMobili Three-seater corner sofa

 It is a simple and small model that you can place in any environment inside your home. In addition, due to its design and size, you will be able to combine it with the different decorations you have in your home.

Its surface is padded, it consists of two modules and has three seats, for this reason, it is suitable for small families who can feel at ease when using it.

Although it is a simple model, it is one of the best corner sofas of today, in addition, it is made of eco-leather, a type of synthetic material that is resistant to wear. Finally, it should be noted that this sofa is 225 cm long by 180 cm wide and 90 cm high.

When some products are presented as the cheapest in a list, it is conceived that their quality is lower. This is not the case of this model, whose positive and negative aspects we will review below, being promoted as a future representative of the best corner sofa for 740 euros.


  • Softness: This corner sofa model was designed to comfort families, so its surface is padded and soft.
  • Confection: It is made of a particular material called eco-leather, which is responsible for covering it to give the structural robustness.
  • Dimensions: It is just 2 meters long and 90 cm high, dimensions that adapt to different types of spaces.
  • Seats: It has the capacity for three seats, so it is recommended for small families or groups of friends not so numerous.


  • Simplicity: Some users have pointed out that the simple design of the sofa in combination with the gray color of its modules gives a sober look to the living room, although it should be taken into account that some buyers look for this feature.

Rank # 6: JUSThome Vera bis Eco-leather Chaise Longue corner sofa

 This model is considered by many the best corner sofa of the moment because its surface is made of synthetic leather, a type of ecological leather that has a uniform texture, as well as being resistant and durable.

One of its main qualities is that it has been upholstered with polyurethane foam, a material that provides secure and firm support. Thanks to this the backrest and the seats of the sofa are comfortable, therefore, you will be able to feel at ease when you sit on it.

You can install it both in a corner and in the center of the room and in both places you can see it well, due to its modern and elegant style. It is black and has decorative seams.

This large corner sofa is 323 cm long and 72 cm high. In addition, it has a resting surface of 271 x 133 cm.

In the opinion of the majority of its consumers, the best corner sofa of the moment can be represented by the Just home Vera Bis, because it has all the qualities that a quality sofa can offer users.



  • Versatility: The innovative design of this sofa allows it to be installed in various types of space since it is possible to place it in a corner or in the center of the room.
  • Hue: Black combines with all other colors in a given space and this sofa is a perfect example of this premise.
  • Strength: Due to the construction of durable materials such as synthetic leather and polyurethane foam, this model has a significant resistance compared to others.
  • Dimensions: With less than one meter high and a little more than three meters long, this sofa is compact enough for small spaces.


  • Accessories: According to some users, the backs of the sofa are a bit small for lying down, although it should be taken into account that this model is not a sofa bed.

How to use a corner sofa

The sofas are undoubtedly a decorative element for your home that you can even share with your loved ones and friends in total comfort. In addition, it would give a touch of modernity to space where you decide to locate it.

In this way, once you have chosen the right sofa for your home you must have the appropriate information to help you carry out a really easy and quick unpacking and assembly process.

Also, it would be vital that you can take into account some suggestions about the location and maintenance of it so that you can enjoy your new sofa for a long time without having to incur additional expenses.

Unpack the corner sofa

Undoubtedly, to unpack your new corner sofa you will need the help of someone else because being a product with such large dimensions; the most appropriate thing is that they can remove all the packaging material comfortably. Likewise, being able to transfer it from one place to another will require great care and delicacy so as not to damage its structure.

In this way, the first thing they should do is carefully remove the packaging material available on the sofa, avoiding the use of sharp objects that can cause irreparable damage to it.

If the model you have purchased is completely disassembled, the most appropriate thing would be that as they unpack it they can place each piece in a place of easy access and close to space where they are going to assemble it, to make it a faster process and comfortable.

Locate the ideal space for installation

Locating the ideal space to position your corner sofa will be a fundamental key to give the elegant touch you need to your home, it should be noted that, depending on the dimensions of the sofa, you can comfortably locate it either in your living room or living room of visits.

In addition, space should be wide so that you can carry out a process of assembly and distribution comfortably and without any inconvenience.

Proceed with assembly

To carry out a comfortable, fast and safe assembly process, the first thing you should have on hand will be the instruction manual, especially if the model you purchased has been supplied completely disassembled. In this way, locate the steps to follow in this manual so that you can successfully join each piece.

As for the distribution of it, you should choose the most comfortable way of use for you if your sofa allows it since some models come with a predetermined position ideal to place in some corner and without possibilities of organizing according to your style due to the design used in it.

Make it an appropriate treatment every so often

Due to the constant use that you will give to your corner sofa, it will be necessary to provide appropriate treatment to keep it as new. If so, you should avoid using certain cleaning products since they could cause some damage to the upholstery of your sofa.

In this case, it would be best to use an ideal vacuum cleaner to remove the amount of dust that can be housed in it or, failing that, a dry handkerchief in case the upholstery is synthetic.

Buying guide – What is the best corner sofa in the market?

If you want to select the right product it is necessary that you know all its characteristics very well, otherwise, you could choose a low-quality model or one that does not adapt to the style of your home. For this reason, we have developed a guide to buying the best corner sofa, through which we present some tips that will be useful when making your purchase.


If you want to make a right choice, the first step you must do is measure the place where you are going to install the sofa, after you know this information you can start looking for a product that has the appropriate dimensions for this room.

Also, when making your comparison of corner sofas you will find that there are models of different sizes; some measure 230 x 180 x 90 cm and, due to their dimensions, they are suitable for small spaces, however, if they are very small they have a reduced number of seats. If your family is small this will not be a problem, however, if five or more people live in your house, then you will have to look for a model that has a greater number of seats available.

Other products are medium in size and measure between 235 and 245 cm long. These adapt to different environments. Some have up to 5 places to sit and may be appropriate for families with more than 4 members.

If your family is larger or many people visit you, it is convenient to look for sofas of larger dimensions. In this sense, it is likely that those who are more than 300 cm long will best fit your needs.

You must consider that to perform its installation you will have to have a fairly wide area, as these latest models take up a lot of space.


Apart from looking at how much one of these sofas costs you need to consider the level of utility you can give.

The sofas are a meeting point in your house because they can meet family and friends to watch a movie or just chat on any subject. If you want to enjoy these moments to the fullest you will have to make sure they are very comfortable.

In addition, depending on their design, they may be the main focus of your living room, garden or terrace, as corner sofas are suitable for narrow spaces.

There are also some models that you can extend and convert into a bed, on which one of your guests can sleep comfortably.


Even if you are looking for an economical sofa, you should look at the type of materials that have been used in its elaboration, as this will give you an idea of the quality of each model.

Organic skin is one of the products used in its preparation. It is a material with a uniform texture that does not have the disadvantages of natural skins, for this reason, it is of high durability and gives the sofas a considerable level of resistance.

Microfiber, a good quality synthetic fabric that resists wearing, is also used to cover sofas. In addition, thanks to its texture allow them to have a more elegant appearance.

Eco-leather is another of the materials used to manufacture the upholstery of these products. It is a fiber made with traces of leather, cotton or latex and its finish is very similar to that of leather, but it is more resistant.

In addition, to make the seats and backrests more comfortable, manufacturers often make them with different types of foam, for example, one of them is polyurethane, which is soft and flexible, therefore, provides a good level of comfort.

They also often use HR foam, which provides firmness to the sofa, resulting in a fairly ergonomic product, which provides adequate comfort.


You must also define which sofa to use in your home. If you want to install it in the living room, you should look for one suitable for interior spaces; These types of sofas have a minimalist, modern and elegant style to adapt to any type of decoration.

For the terrace, the balcony or the garden it is convenient that you use outdoor sofas. These models are made of materials that are resistant to changes in the weather, such as aluminum and rattan.

Due to the durability they have, you can leave them outside your home and you will not run the risk of deterioration.

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