The 8 Best Double Mattresses- Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

If you are looking for a double mattress to replace your old product, perhaps that you have used for decades, you could consider one of those best double mattresses listed in our ranking, among the best for quality/price ratio among those sold online.

If you do not have time to devote to each review, you can rely on our comparative table where Marcapiuma 3ONDA160190, the class 1 medical device among the most efficient and appreciated among all the mattresses on sale on the market, and Top Air , one cheaper double memory foam products, with official certifications and the possibility of obtaining tax relief on the purchase.

Comparison table of the best double mattresses

Marcapiuma – Double Memory Mattress 160×190 High 23 cm – Med Wave – H2 Medium / Soft Relax Effect 11 Zones – Medical Device Removable Silver Cover with Silver Thread Made in Italy


Being equipped with all the most important certifications and made with hypoallergenic materials, the Marcapiuma product is entirely safe to use for all consumers, registered as a class 1 medical device.

Memory foam may be an excessively molten material during the summer. Therefore, evaluate the purchase only if you need a medical device.

Although the cost is not the most contained, the Marcapiuma mattress manages to convince for its healing qualities that make it suitable for all consumers looking for a product that can give relief to their back. – Top Air Double Mattress 160×190 25 cm high Deductible with seven differentiated areas Aloe Vera coating Free cushions Breathable Anti-mite Made in Italy

Top Air is one of the cheapest double mattresses in our ranking. Furthermore, since it is a class 1 medical device, you can also request a tax relief, further lowering the purchase cost.

It does not have an external removable and machine washable part. Before using it, therefore, you should purchase a waterproof cover to avoid stains and liquid infiltration.

The quality/price ratio is satisfactory, and with a minimal cost, you can take home a class 1 medical device with excellent rigidity, and Oeko Tex certified, anti-mite, and hypoallergenic.

Intex 64414 Comfort Mattress Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Technology Fiber Tech 682, 152 x 203 x 46cm

In addition to having a little cost, the advantage of the Intex inflatable mattress is that it can be stored in a wardrobe after use, minimizing the space in the home.

During the night, it may slightly deflate. Those who are light sleepers may find it uncomfortable or wake up repeatedly. Therefore not suitable for intensive use.

The Intex product performs best in emergencies when other mattresses cannot be used due to lack of space or when traveling.

The 8 Best Double Mattresses – 2020 Ranking

Double mattress

  1. Marcapiuma Double Memory Mattress 160 × 190

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The first product in our ranking is a Marcapiuma double mattress, 160 x 190 cm in size, and 23 cm high. Nine of these are in HD memory foam with a degree of rigidity of 5 out of 10 on the side right all year round while the other is in WaterFoam with a degree of rigidity equal to 6 out of 10, usable, if desired, in the hottest periods.

The cost of the mattress is not the lowest, but it must be considered a class 1 medical device, with a 19% tax-deductible that will save you something on the final cost. The construction is of high quality and features a removable cover in particular Silver Merycor fabric with technical fiber padding, a 3D Air Plus breathable band for the disposal of body moisture, and four practical and resistant handles to facilitate movement. The memory foam used by Marcapiuma is also CertiPur, and Oeko-Tex certified, proving respectful both for the environment and for your health.

Like all memory mattresses, some areas may start to present depression if you always use it from the same side. Some consumers, therefore, recommend turning it at least once every couple of months.


Certificate: The product has all the essential certifications which declare respect for the environment and the health of users.

Deductible: Being a class 1 medical device, after the purchase, you can enjoy a tax deduction of 19%.

Washable: The cover is entirely removable, made of hypoallergenic silver thread, and machine washable at 60 °.


Memory: These mattresses are not suitable for all consumers, and someone may complain of the creation of depressions after repeated use, which is typical for memory but can be curbed by turning the mattress from time to time.

  1. Mentor Orthopedic Memory Mattress Med Creation Med 4D

Next, we have another double mattress, with dimensions of 160 x 190 cm, this time produced by Mentor and also in this case multilayer – to be exact five layers and eleven areas – with a good seven centimeters in memory foam.

For users who have problems using this material during the hottest periods of the year, there is no need to worry since the mattress can be turned and the cover is in silver fabric, or silver thread, for the side clear and in Total 4D Air from the dark side, breathable material for the summer.

The padding is hypoallergenic. It is a further detail that allows you to classify the Mentor mattress as a class 1 medical device, therefore deductible to have tax relief and reduce the purchase cost, which is not particularly demanding in any case.

The degree of hardness is challenging to identify since each user has a very subjective perception. Therefore, if you find it too rigid or too soft, you can take advantage of the free return for a maximum of 100 trial nights.


Medical device: Returning to class 1, the Mentor product is tax-deductible, and you can reduce the purchase cost.

Two sides: Memory foam tend to heat a lot in the summer. For this reason, products like the mattress in question have two hands, one for the winter and one cool for the warmer periods.

Certificate: With Oeko Tex Standard 100, class 1, which makes it suitable also for babies, the product proves safe and hypoallergenic.


Rigidity: Users report discordant opinions due to a subjective perception of this value. Therefore you will necessarily have to try it before deciding whether or not it can do for you.

Memory mattress

  1. Top Air Double Mattress 160 × 190

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Top Air, which finds space in third place, is a memory mattress with dimensions equal to 160 x 190 centimeters and 25 high with seven differentiated zones to offer maximum comfort. The memory foam section is five centimeters tall and has an aloe vera coating. This treatment makes it anti-mite and hypoallergenic, thus allowing the classification of a medical device. The stiffness indicated by the manufacturer is H2, equal to 7 out of 10 and is meant for users with a bodyweight of between 60 and 110 kg.

Thanks to the wave processing of the intermediate layers and the use of the 3D Air perimeter band, the mattress enjoys optimal breathability, which reduces the accumulation of humidity. So you don’t have to worry that the product is easily damaged or too hot during the summer.

The only problem reported by some users is the inability to remove it. This detail could make anyone who would like to wash the outside in the washing machine desist for more exceptional hygiene.


Rigid: With a stiffness equal to H2, the product is particularly suitable for those looking for back support, thus avoiding typical pain when waking up.

Low prices: It is the cheapest wedding product on our list, you will hardly be able to find a class 1 medical device in the same price range.

Cushions: Users who opt for the Top Air mattress will also receive two ergonomic, non-deformable, and breathable cushions.


Not removable: This detail has proved vital for some consumers who would have preferred a machine washable cover. So be careful if it is a priority for you too.

  1. Miasuite Memory Foam Mattress for Single Bed, Size 80 × 190

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The MiaSuite memory foam mattress is not the newest on the market. It makes use of an extremely classic composition. However, it manages to satisfy the needs of consumers who want something not too expensive to place in the guest room. The product is in class 1 of medical devices, and being orthopedic, it is also suitable for relieving back pain.

The external covering is entirely hypoallergenic, anti-mite, and breathable, made with raw materials with OekoTex certification, the most important in the mattresses field.

It is available in different sizes, from a minimum of 80 x 190 cm, that is the standard single mattress, up to double sizes such as 160 x 190 and 160 x 200 cm.

The Easy model, taken into consideration here, has an H2 stiffness degree, consisting of a double layer: a 17 cm high slab in water foam and a 4 cm tall memory foam slab. The latter has ergonomic properties and adapts perfectly to body shapes even if individual sensitivity that varies from person to person must be taken into consideration.


Sizes: Among the offers taken into consideration, MiaSuite offers the possibility to choose the mattress’s size, opting for a single or double bed according to needs.

Cost: The price is low, and you won’t have to worry about spending too much, a good option for those with a limited budget.

Oeko Tex: With the homonymous certification and falling within the class 1 medical devices, the mattress can also be used by highly allergic to mites and dust.


Warm: Even if the mattress has a winter and a summer, users report an excessive feeling of heat using both sides.

Inflatable mattress

  1. Intex Dura-Beam Plus Inflatable Mattress, Comfort Plush

Intex’s inflatable mattress stands out among the best-selling products. Of course, it would be foolish to make a comparison between a medical device and a bed of this kind. Therefore we could consider it in a real separate category for users who want to always carry it with them, even on vacation, never to give up comfort.

Inside, the Intex product is made of polyester fibers that adapt to every body shape while at the edges. It is surrounded by more exceptional grip and stability. The built-in pump is 220/240 volts, inflating the mattress in a variable time ranging from two to four minutes.

This solution is particularly interesting for those who have little space in the house but would still like to host friends and relatives who are visiting. The ability to deflate the mattress and store it in a closet is a significant advantage to consider.


Dimensions: Although it cannot be called the best double mattress among those sold online, the Intex product manages to carve out a slice of the market thanks to its multiple offers, with dimensions ranging from a minimum of 99 x 191 to a maximum of 152 x 203 centimeters.

Price: The cost is competitive, and you will hardly find a more efficient and cheaper inflatable product.

Equipped: In addition to the mattress itself, you will also receive a built-in electric pump and a bag for transportation and storage, eliminating the need for additional outlays.


For occasional sleep: The mattress tends to deflate slightly during the night. Therefore it cannot be used for long periods but gives its best in emergencies or, in any case, occasional use.

Anti-decubitus mattress

  1. AnteaMED Anti-decubitus kit with bed and compressor

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Those who find themselves bedridden following an operation or need to recover may find it essential to use an Anti-decubitus mattress, which avoids the onset of sores in areas subject to higher compression for long periods.

The AnteaMED product proves particularly interesting from this point of view since it is a mattress with air bubbles and fixing flaps in PVC, inflatable using a compressor included in the package. The mattress is made up of 130 bubble elements of 7 centimeters, which is comfortable and prevents the occurrence of first-stage pressure injuries.

It can be conveniently fixed to the bed with the upper and lower flaps, and if the patient is in a hospital bed, the compressor can be hooked to the latter to avoid taking up too much space. To find out where to buy the AnteaMED product, just click on the link below.


Quiet: The compressor is not noisy, and users are delighted with the efficiency of the product, which avoids disturbing the patient while remaining in operation.

Price: The cost is contained even though it is, in all respects, a medical device. Perfect for those who have a bedridden relative and want to avoid or reduce the formation of bedsores.

Patch: If the mattress accidentally punctures, you will find a repair patch among the accessories, thus avoiding the need to have it repaired by third parties at an additional expense.


Packaging: Some users complain of a complete absence of packaging, which has made the most careful buyers turn up their noses.

Single mattress

  1. Marcapiuma Rainbow Single Memory Mattress 80×190

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We continue our ranking with a single mattress produced by Marcapiuma, the Rainbow model with H2 stiffness degree, removable aloe vera cover to wash it in the washing machine at 60 ° without forgetting all the characteristics that distinguish the brand, including the device classification class 1 doctor and CertiPUR certifications, which offers safety standards for human health and Oeko Tex, an international control system for raw materials in the textile sector.

The measures go from a minimum of 80 x 190 up to a maximum of 180 x 220 centimeters. You can, therefore, choose the one that best suits your needs. The degree of rigidity is instead 5 out of 10 for the memory foam side, the white one to be used all year round, and 6 out of 10 for the orange one, or in water foam, designed for the hottest periods.


High quality: The Marcapiuma standard is high, which is reflected in the quality of the product, made with the best materials and certified by the international control bodies.

WaterFoam: For users who suffer in summer using memory foam, the Rainbow mattress has a side in WaterFoam, more relaxed, and perfect for hot summer days.

Washable: The outer part, treated with aloe vera, can be unlined to wash it in the washing machine at 60 °, to ensure more exceptional hygiene.


Too soft: Some users have complained of reduced stiffness, which could lead to back pain on waking, especially if you need firmer support.

Emma mattress

  1. Emma Original Single Mattress 80 × 190 cm

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The last product we analyze in this seat is the Emma 80 x 200 cm mattress, a double product, therefore, 25 cm high in breathable memory foam. The bed has a three-layer composition made of Airgocell foam, viscoelastic memory foam, and polyurethane foam, which guarantees ideal comfort thanks to the pressure relief, evenly distributed along the entire surface.

For the most skeptical, we remind you that the Emma product is classified as a class 1 medical device, thus entitling you to a tax reduction to reduce the purchase cost by 19%. The Airgocell foam, part of the mattress, has an open cell structure that guarantees the correct exchange of Air, moreover, the outer cover, removable and washable, is made of air-conditioned fiber that regulates the humidity released, always keeping you cool even in summer and reducing the intense heat effect of memory foam.

If you are still undecided about which double mattress to buy, you could consider the Emma product whose goodness is confirmed by most buyers.


Deductible: Although it has a medium-high cost, the Emma mattress is a class 1 medical device, therefore tax-deductible with a 19% reduction.

Breathable: Thanks to the Airgocell foam and a removable and washable cover in air-conditioned fiber, the mattress reduces the sensation of warmth typical of memory foam, giving you a fresher and more peaceful sleep.

Materials: The polyurethane foam of which part of the mattress is composed helps to unload the weight on the whole surface, avoiding the typical sinking of memory foam.


Stiff: Some users find it very thick, however, this also partially depends on the weight of the consumers, the lighter ones may find it harder while those who are heavier may have the feeling of excessive softness.

Guide to Buying a Double Mattress

If our ranking of the best double mattresses of 2020 has not yet fully convinced you and you want to have more information, you can count on our guide on how to choose an excellent double mattress, where we will help you understand how to navigate between acronyms, certifications, rigidity and all the essential characteristics that a product must possess to be convincing and worthy of being purchased.

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The first step is, therefore, to choose the size of the product, a standard double mattress has a width of 160 centimeters. However, for those who want something more spacious, it is also possible to opt for the so-called oversized, 170, or even 180 centimeters. As for the length, however, it ranges from a minimum of 190 to over 200 centimeters. Before choosing very bulky products, however, make sure you have a bedroom that can accommodate these mattresses without preventing any type of movement.

Dimensions are only the first element because immediately afterward, the problematic part arrives, namely choosing the composition of your mattress. There is no mattress in this field that we could define as better or worse; it all depends on the needs of individuals and their sensitivity. Some people find the memory foam models too soft or too rigid, while some can only sleep on those with pocket springs.

The only way to find out which mattress is the most suitable for your back is to try several in a particular shop, thus avoiding blind purchases that could prove to be a disappointment. In principle, it is good to remember that the spring ones are the cheapest and those that, after a shorter period, begin to sink, especially if they have to support particularly heavy users.

The lactic ones are very stable but also incredibly rigid and, therefore, suitable only for those who need firm support. Finally, the memory foam ones can adapt to all needs based on the height of the foam layer.

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Medical devices

By purchasing a mattress classified as a class 1 medical device, you will have a significant financial advantage, with a tax reduction of 19%. In addition to being an excellent choice for this reason, medical devices are made to be hypoallergenic and anti-mite, perfect for those suffering from allergies to dust or mites themselves. They need a mattress on which to rest without having to worry about one’s health continually.

To obtain this wording, however, the mattress must respect specific parameters, possibly with international certifications such as that defined Oeko Tex, one of the most important and which controls the supply chain of the raw materials used. Therefore, be careful always to check that the product meets European standards.

Frequent questions

How to clean the mattress?

It is mistakenly believed that by covering the mattress with sheets and blankets, this does not risk getting dirty. In fact, by doing so, you can prevent various types of stains, but the mattress will not be safe from allergens, mites, and mold. How can we prevent this from accumulating right on the bed where we spend most of our time resting? On the market, there are products and methods, both natural and chemical, to keep the mattress always clean.

First of all, it is always good to wash the mattress cover in the washing machine, following all recommended washing settings to avoid nasty surprises such as shrinkage or tearing. While the mattress cover is in the washing machine, you can dedicate yourself to cleaning the mattress itself, a place where mites, hair, dead skin residues that we lose every day, and so on can accumulate. The easiest way is to use a vacuum cleaner with a unique spout.

If you need deeper cleaning, you could use a steam cleaner. These machines can also remove deep stains thanks to a jet of hot steam that disinfects the mattress by sanitizing it, proving to be an excellent weapon against bacteria.

Usually, three types of different stains can afflict your mattress: those of various drinks, blood, or body fluids.

For the former, you can opt both for chemical detergents capable of dissolving fat and oil, and for a homemade solution of vinegar and lemon to be sprayed directly on the stain. For fresh blood stains, cold water is usually used and then a little baking soda with a few drops of lemon to eliminate all residues. For dry blood, instead, opt for a mixture consisting of three tablespoons of water and one of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing and changing the rag until complete removal. Finally, for body fluids, an enzymatic detergent that breaks down the urine proteins, for example, will be necessary.

How to remove mites from the mattress?

To eliminate mites from the mattress, you will have to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or steam machine, but some precautions can limit its formation. The simplest way is to choose an anti-mite mattress explicitly made to prevent its accumulation. However, it is not the only method, for example, you can avoid making the bed immediately after getting up but make sure that the room is ventilated so as not to create a humid environment where mites proliferate.

Always clean the bedroom with a vacuum cleaner to avoid the accumulation of dust and carefully remove all the hair of any pets are finally a fundamental element.

If you want to clean the mattress further, know that it is also possible to disinfect it with baking soda, a natural method that prevents the formation of new mites. You can sprinkle it on the mattress and remove it after a couple of hours with a vacuum cleaner.

After how much does the vacuum mattress swell?

The mattresses are often sold under vacuum because, in this way, the transport is much simpler, reducing the volume even by 25% compared to the original shape. Before you can use a mattress that has been preserved in this way, however, you have to wait for it to take on its appearance again. After opening the bed, it usually takes 24 hours before regaining its full thickness; after a day, you will be ready to take advantage of your new mattress.

How to use a Double Mattress

The mattress is one of the purchases for the home to be carefully considered, before choosing the one that best suits your needs you need to try several and understand what the features you need are, on the other hand, we are talking about an object on which you will sleep for all the nights and on which you will spend part of your day.

Once you have purchased the mattress, this will arrive in most cases in a vacuum packaging. Before opening it, we recommend that you make room in the bedroom, perhaps by removing the old mattress in advance, if you have one, and prepare it for disposal by contacting your municipality to find out who must take charge of the withdrawal, possibly avoiding abandoning it on the street.

It will take up much more space when you open the vacuum mattress but will almost certainly not have its original size. Before it regains its size, you will have to wait for a variable time, usually a maximum of 24 hours. So if the product appears lower than the manufacturer’s, do not be alarmed and wait for the mattress to regain its height.

After positioning it and before using various sheets and mattress covers, it would be a good idea to clean the product and check that there is no stain. Usually, being kept in warehouses, it is likely that there are infiltrations or that the vacuum has been damaged, therefore make sure that both sides are intact and, for safety, use the vacuum cleaner with a unique spout to clean the mattress.

After, sprinkle it with baking soda and wait a couple of hours before removing it with a vacuum cleaner. Bicarbonate is an excellent disinfectant that prevents the formation of mites. Therefore it is good to use it occasionally on the surface of the mattress and pillows. Once these preliminary steps have been carried out, you will be ready to use your new mattress, remember to take care of it and clean it from time to time.

How often to change mattress?

This is a question that we have all asked ourselves at least once. In principle, the average life of a right mattress is about ten years, however not all those sold on the market have such a long life expectancy. If we talk about products of a few hundred euros, they have an even half-life of about four years.

In that case, the replacement must be carried out more often both for wear and for health reasons. When a mattress loses its resistance, it will be much more likely to wake up with back pain and spend sleepless nights. Personal health is perhaps the main factor to consider when preparing to change mattresses, choosing one that can support you based on your weight.

What to put on and under the Anti-decubitus mattress

Anti-decubitus mattresses help prevent so-called bedsores and wounds that arise from prolonged compression of parts of the body that usually afflict people who spend a lot of time in bed following operations or health reasons. However, it is not always possible to lift the patient and reduce compression. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to have mattresses designed specifically for these cases.

In general, it is not necessary to put anything under these mattresses that are placed directly on the bed. Above them, you can use a sheet to prevent any pre-existing wounds from staining the medical device.

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