The 5 Best Electric Recliner Chairs – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Electric armchair is a piece of furniture designed in a particular way to facilitate people with reduced mobility. They are comfortable and welcoming, ideal for those who have to spend a lot of time sitting without suffering from an un-ergonomic or relaxed position. It is not easy to choose, and the possibility of taking advantage of the tax breaks made available by the National Health Service must be seized without hesitation.

To be sure you are spending your money well, it would be appropriate to compare all the proposals of the different brands, but this requires a great deal of time. To save money, doing quickly and well, we offer you our selection of the best electric recliner chairs chosen based on the satisfaction obtained by the buyers and the right results in the sales rankings. The proposal is interestingGoldflex – Ponza already offered with 4% VAT as required by the regulations regarding assistance to those with walking difficulties. Sal mar – LUDOVICA is very economical and advantageous but leaves nothing to be desired in terms of efficiency and robustness.

Comparison table of the best electric recliner chairs
Goldflex – Armchair MOD. Ponza,

They are equipped with double motorization that allows fluid and delicate movement upwards or downwards, or to stretch it almost wholly to rest the seated person comfortably.

It is not a massage, so it is not suitable for those looking for a session that can stimulate the circulation of those who spend a lot of time sitting.

Based on your needs, you can choose whether to buy the armchair with 22% or 4% VAT so you can save something more on the list price. The primary functions are comfortable and the mechanics reliable.

My_Living Katia Armchair, Imitation leather, Cream, 75x78x110 cm

It costs very little, but buyers like it a lot because of the solidity and excellent craft that makes it wear-resistant and long-lasting.

There are not many colours available, so if you are looking for something special to adapt to your home furnishings, you will need to find an appropriate solution.

Excellent quality/price ratio that allows you to bring home a unique item at a little cost compared to the average for this type of armchairs.


Economic and well-made, this armchair does its duty well, especially if you have no special needs.

The seat is rather small, 45 cm wide, it may not be suitable for overweight people. Even the remote control allows essential maneuvering functions.

Perfect for those who do not have special needs and are not looking for a model that will have to accommodate those with severe motor difficulties for a long time. It automatically raises and relaxes governing movements by remote control.

The 5 Best electric recliner chairs – Reviews in 2020

Let’s now see the products that are included in our selection. They have been chosen among the many on sale online because of their excellent quality/price ratio, confirmed by the positive opinions of the users who bought them.

Goldflex Armchair Mod. Ponza, Relax
Main advantage:

The double motorization of the Goldflex armchair allows precise and delicate adjustment, so you can change the desired position without overhangs that could ruin relaxation. It can be adjusted upwards, downwards, and even wholly stretched out to take a nap.

Main disadvantage:

It does not have a massage function, so those looking for a model to stimulate circulation will have to focus on something else. Otherwise, you will not be disappointed by the convenience of Goldflex – Ponza

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

Difficult to resist comfort, especially if it offers such an affordable price-quality ratio! Goldflex has managed to produce an electric armchair that can meet the needs of all users looking for relaxation, but who always keep an eye on the portfolio.

Description Main Features

GoldflexPonza is equipped with two independent motors that allow precise adjustment of the backrest and legrest, guaranteeing the maximum user comfort in any situation. You can then stretch your legs while you are watching a movie, or maybe wholly lower the backrest and take a nice afternoon nap. It will also be possible to change the seat angle to be able to get up more quickly and effortlessly, useful for those who are a little overweight or for older people.

The adjustment takes place through an effective multifunction remote control, thanks to which the two motors can be used easily. Useful in case you want to prepare the armchair for a person who doesn’t want to know about technology.


The design of an armchair cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to place it in a well-furnished living room. On an aesthetic level, this model does not disappoint with its simple finishes, but at the same time elegant and essential.

It will not be difficult to place it in a room or room without disfiguring, also making an impression on friends and relatives who can not wait to try it for a few minutes of relaxation. The fabric is very robust, therefore able to resist wear and last over time. The company provides users with the opportunity to choose the most liked color, so it will be even easier to find the design that best suits your needs.


Electric armchairs must guarantee security to those who use them, often because the most frequent users are the elderly. The model in question was made with materials that prevent any allergies or disturbances to the skin; in fact, the Oeko – Tex certification does not lie. The movement of the chair regulated by the two motors avoids any jolts or jolts that could be harmful.

The lift function is perfectly suitable for people with motor disabilities who need a safe seat to help them get up without effort and without risk. We add that Goldflex sells the armchair with a discount on VAT for people with this type of disability in possession of the medical certificate of the NHS.

My_Living Katia Armchair, Imitation leather

Here is another excellent model that we present in our selection of offers not to be missed. It is designed to be adjusted so that even those who do not have significant autonomy of movement can sit comfortably. It is equipped with a remote control, which finds its place in the individual side pocket to be always at hand and secure to use when needed.

It allows height adjustment to facilitate movement for those who use it. It is reclining, and you can decide whether to lengthen the legrest or extend the backrest.

Who does not know which electric chair to buy and has no special needs can undoubtedly point to this solution that allows you to save something compared to the average price for this type of accessory. The structure is solid, made of fir wood, and capable of holding up to 130 kilos. The lining is imitation leather and, therefore, easy to keep clean. There are three positions he can take, that with a straight back and legs raised fully extended and the standard seat.

Versatility is one of the lowest prices among those on the market. These are the positive notes fielded by the My_living model.


Adjustable: Using the Lift lift system, the armchair can vary its height, positioning itself in the best way to facilitate the sitting and the passage from one position to another with minimal effort.

Resistant: The maximum capacity reaches 120 kilos, a capacity that can manage even people with a physical structure of a certain weight. The materials of which it is composed are fir wood for the main body and imitation leather for a touch of elegance that winks at the environment.

Practice: In the side pocket, there is a remote control thanks to which you can manage the movements, thus expanding the range or choosing the right inclination with the press of a single button.


Adjustments: User opinions show some disappointment at the reduced number of inclinations available.

Casagarden Electric Recliner Relax Armchair

This electric lift chair is perfect for those who want to spend the right amount without exaggerating because they know that the chair will be used occasionally and not in a systematic way. Choosing this solution allows you to bring home the right product without passing out. We have seen how choosing an excellent electric chair is not an intuitive operation; we must consider the physical condition of the person who will use it, the functions of the engine, and the ability of the cover to adapt to home furnishings.

In this case, the choice is minimal, a single color, neutral, with a generous and comfortable padding. The height and extension of the backrest and legrest can be adjusted with a single motor and can be adjusted using the button on the remote control. It means that you have to keep pressing the button until you get the desired position.

However, it is part of the offers not to be missed if you are looking for a simple product without too many frills but which does not skimp in terms of strength of the structure and resistance of the lining. A pointless gets the seat, which is 45 cm and may not be enough for overweight people.

Those who aim for low prices may find the Casagarden brand proposal interesting. Let’s take a look at the winning aspects and the possible gray areas of the product.


Reliable: The armchair consists of a main body inside which an efficient motorized heartbeats, which takes care of lengthening the legrest and lifting the seat.

Upholstery: Eco-leather is the material chosen to cover the padding with a light color available that can adapt better to the different rooms of the house. The filling is sturdy and, from the opinions of those who have tried it, created to last.

Versatile: The object can be assembled without too much difficulty, allowing those who purchased it to put it into operation quickly. For those who plan to move it, the wheels are also included in the package.


Seat: Some buyers consider 45 cm insufficient to accommodate people of a specific size comfortably.

Cribel DISA, Armchair, Mocha Brown

The reclining armchair proposed by Cribel is perfect for decorating with style without giving up some extra comfort. Available in three versions, mocha, beige, and burgundy, this imitation leather armchair is well designed. It allows you to enjoy the luxury of sitting comfortably and reclining the backrest to make asleep in comfort.

It stretches with a manual mechanism, laterally it has a lever that allows you to extend the legrest, and by pressing slightly with your back, you can extend the back slightly.

In comparison with the other purchase recommendations seen in this product review, this is distinguished by the fact that it is entirely manual and therefore does not require an electrical outlet nearby. The dimensions are generous and allow you to find a place comfortably wrapped by the enveloping and soft padding.

Buyers like it because it offers a comfortable seat to watch television or read a book in peace. If you prefer, you can only extend the footboard and not change the position of the backrest.

An elegant shape combined with excellent resistance makes the Cribel product a viable solution for those who aim at a fair balance between cost and functionality.


Manual: For those who want to take advantage of the manual movement and not necessarily have to attach a plug to the socket, the mechanical operation put in place by the armchair will be a pleasant comfort.

Practice: Thanks to a handle placed on the side, the user acts on the inclination and opening of the footrest. The effort required does not create problems even for those with issues of strength and reduced mobility.

Excellent quality/price ratio: The eco-leather coating and the superb variety of colors available create a new balance when compared with the final cost. An aspect appreciated by those who do not want to spend a fortune on such an object.


Absence magazine rack: Many have found the presence of an area in which to place magazines or newspapers not very faithful to reality. Once the package was opened, this detail was missing on the armchair.

VidaXL Leatherette Reclining Massage Armchair

 The one proposed by vidaXL is more than just an electric reclining armchair, it has an exquisite design that goes well with the most classic furnishing styles, and, if you wish, you can choose to get massaged. It has very generous dimensions and allows anyone to comfortably find a place to rest or spend a long time sitting.

It has eight massage points, divided between the four of the shoulder massage and the other four that massage the lower lumbar and leg area. It is one of the complete models sold online and capable of responding to different needs, even if it is not able to accompany those who sit to get up or sit without weighing on their knees.

However, it remains one of the best-selling models of the year and with good reason because it allows you to obtain numerous advantages without costing too much.

There is no lack of enthusiastic opinions that reward the overall quality of this seat, elegant and functional at the same time.

The new model of relax armchair combines the comfort of a reclining seat with other functions that we will analyze below.


Generous dimensions: The size of the seat, from the back to the seat, is designed to accommodate people of different builds, without overshadowing the comfort and pleasure offered.

Style: The shape of the armchair and the available colors adapt to areas and houses with different characteristics, going as a pleasant and useful piece of furniture at the same time for those with mobility problems.

Massage: Inside the armchair, there is a device that relaxes and massages some areas of the body, which can be selected by the user. The eight different points adapt to the conformation of the body, combining a double function in a single product. C


Footrest: The management of the footrest is manual, an aspect that left a little bitter taste in the mouth of those who hoped it could be managed with the remote control.

Goldflex Armchair Mod. Ponza, Relax

 We present you probably the best electric recliner chair of this selection. It is sold by default, calculating the VAT discount to which people who need walking aid are entitled, a condition that the NHS specialist gives to older adults or who fall into this particular category.

It is of functional craft, equipped with two silenced electric motors that allow the seat to rise to help the person sit or get up without putting pressure on the knees. The movements are very fluid, and the operation of the gears silent and discreet. It is possible to choose whether to recline, respectively, backrest or legrest to adapt the seat to one’s desire and sit comfortably.

Not only from a technological point of view, but aesthetics are also well cared for. The details are well finished, and the available covers are in different colors to adapt well to the furnishings of the room in which the armchair will be placed. The fabric is sturdy and resists wear well, has an exclusive 5-year warranty, which certifies its excellent performance. It deserves to be included in the list of the best electric recliner chairs of 2020.

Within a guide to choosing the best electric chair, the Goldlfex model occupies one of the first places in the ranking, also thanks to a quality and cost-effective that do not go unnoticed. Below we go to analyze strengths and weaknesses, with a link at the end of the article on where to buy.


Variety: Users can choose between different colors, to manage and adapt the reclining support to the home environment. The internal mechanism allows the seat to be raised to reach the right angle for those with mobility problems.

Motorized: Taking advantage of the two motors with which it is equipped, the armchair allows the user to easily stretch his legs or get up comfortably, with a change in the angle of the seat.

Safe: The fabrics in which it is made make the armchair the ideal seat for those suffering from allergies and other ailments related to the skin. The Oeko-Tex certification, in this sense, proves to be a guarantee of the non-toxicity of materials for humans.


Packaging: Some buyers did not like the overall quality of the parcel that arrived at home, which they said was poorly cared for.

How to use an electric chair

Anyone who has lived with grandparents or family members with walking difficulties will have had the opportunity to appreciate the convenience of an electric armchair placed in the living room or dining room. Aesthetically it looks like a traditional armchair, but inside the structure, it has motors that operate according to the operation to be performed. Let’s see together how to choose the right model that meets the needs of the loved one.


If you do not suffer from diseases that compromise mobility but are looking more for a comfortable armchair on which to read and stretch your legs, choose one of the models on the market that allows you to lengthen the footrest and extend the backrest. In essence, you can relax in an almost entirely horizontal position, easing tensions and taking a nap.

If, on the other hand, the loved one has difficulty getting up and sitting down, concentrate on a model equipped with an engine that raises the seat and reaches the most comfortable angle.

Each operation is carried out via a remote control with a few buttons, therefore intuitive also for the elderly, which is generally placed on the side and is connected to a short wire, which minimizes excessive twisting and movement. The more expensive and elaborate armchairs boast massage points under the seat and behind the shoulders, to accompany the comfort of sitting and getting up to relax with a massage.


First, mount the chair following the instructions. Choose the upholstery you like best, opting for the one that best suits the rest of the room furnishings and that guarantees maximum practicality: removable and washable covers on fabrics such as eco-leather or imitation leather represent the best options. If the manufacturing material is of a color that does not convince you, do not be discouraged, and buy the linings you like as long as they are of good quality: the finishes must be resistant and the material compatible with frequent washing, to ensure maximum hygiene.

Then, connect the chair to the power outlet and place the remote control on one side. Make sure that all operations can be activated, to eventually request the assistance of the service covered by the guarantee, and take a seat.

If the recipient of the product is an older person, help her become familiar with this new armchair, illustrating the meaning of the buttons on the remote control and trying and trying the various functions together, until they are clear. In this way, you can enjoy greater comfort and autonomy, choosing when to get up, sit, or lie down. We suggest you leave the plug plugged in: for a person who has difficulty moving, what use can an electric chair have from the power?

Buying Guide – How to choose the best electric chair?

Whether it is an accessory to make moments of relaxation in the living room more comfortable or the indispensable accessory for those with reduced mobility problems, the electric chair can be a real cure-all. To choose the most suitable model, let’s see together what to expect from the most functional and versatile models.

With assisted lift

The price you pay for this type of armchair is always quite high, and it can touch the thousand euros when all the adjustment functions are included. The ability to carry a vital weight also entails a particularly robust structure and wear-resistant mechanisms.

Those who do not have unusually structured needs but aim for an excellent product may need to be guaranteed the possibility of accompanying the person while getting up or sitting so as not to burden their knees.

Those who compare prices often and before making a purchase will have noticed that the presence of an engine dedicated to each movement, upwards or horizontally, involves more excellent mechanical reliability but also a higher cost. These models explicitly designed for people with disabilities or walking difficulties may resort to the special discounts made available by the national health service.

Remote control for easy use

An electric model is governed clearly with a remote control that only works if the chair is connected to the power outlet. A reasonable remote control has buttons with isolated and identifiable functions. Still, in the ranking, you find below we have also included the review of those less sophisticated models and essential tasks that require the acquisition of a certain familiarity with the controls. They are generally cheaper but equally reliable and robust products.

Removable or easy to clean cover

There are numerous solutions on the market, from the cheapest to the most sophisticated. But what should not be overlooked, even before pointing to the best brand, is the ability of the single electric chair to combine with the home furnishings.

There are armchairs with removable covers, with covers made in different shades and colors to best adapt to the tones of the room. Or you can point straight to ease of maintenance by choosing imitation leather upholstery, easy to maintain and clean with a damp cloth. Here it will be easy to find neutral shades that are easy to match almost everywhere.

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