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Top 8 Best Flex Mattresses – Rest Quality For Everyone

The Flex brand is unbeatable offering the best for rest with the comfort of each of its versions. The high-quality materials and latest technology with which he designs his mattresses internally achieve a comfort invisible to the eye but totally palpable with your whole body. A mattress like the Flex New Cloud Visco will end with the discomfort of feeling every time your partner moves. It is capable of absorbing weight without being transmitted to the rest of the mattress. The Flex Havana , meanwhile, is incredibly elastic and rigid thanks to its multi elastic technology.


Opinions about the best Flex mattresses on the market

It is no exaggeration to say that the purchase of a mattress is a decision that goes beyond what is important, it is crucial. To him you entrust a good rest at night, but also the health of your back. Here you have the best sleeping options that you can get in the market and where you will see the value of your investment.


RANK#1:Flex New Cloud Visco

150 cm wide and 190 cm long are the measurements of one of the best Flex mattresses of 2019. This Flex Cloud Visco mattress has countless advantages to feel that it is simply ideal for you. They are 8 extraordinary layers that make their core a great support for your body. All are incredible, but one of the most prominent is the one that understands that you do not have the same dream pattern as your partner. A bagged spring layer creates independent cushions to absorb movement and prevent its transmission to the rest of the mattress.

In its exterior a totally hypoallergenic upholstery surprises with two extraordinary attributes. It is elastic and with thermoregulatory system for the temperature and humidity of your body. Many Spaniards could say that Flex is the best mattress brand, since it has been a reference of a quality break since 1912 in the country.

The best proof that with Flex you get what you pay for are the characteristics of this example of Flex Cloud mattress.



Comfort system:

It is a core layer that ensures a homogeneous weight distribution.

Hypoallergenic padding:

There are special fibers in its filling that avoid possible allergic reactions.


Its seams are strong and a double weatherstrip is seen all around the mattress for maximum durability.


The thermoregulation will make the freshness noticeable all night.




Its filling ensures that the mattress yields and progressively adapt where pressure is exerted, so at first you might believe or feel that it is a bit hard.


RANK#2:Flex Cloud Visco

The technology used in the Flex Cloud Visco mattress has generated the perfect answer for one of the most common and annoying problems of sleeping with your partner. It will no longer matter if you or your partner sleep on your back, on your side or constantly change position when you sleep. Despite sharing the same mattress, each side is like a separate bed thanks to its individually bagged springs that cushion and maintain movement only in the area where it is produced.

Apart from this great feature, this Flex Nube Visco Gel mattress model, in particular, has a very valuable plus. Throughout its internal part, there are gel particles that contribute to the freshness and thermal control throughout the mattress. Its excellent dimensions 201 x 201 cm long and wide provide a very spacious and comfortable space for the pleasant rest of two people whose body indexes are less than 31.

Its retention of movement and the effect of its gel layer contribute to its being considered the best Flex mattress of the moment. 




Its quality guaranteed by the Oeko-Tex certification ensures that none of the components of your upholstery is harmful to your health.

Hypoallergenic fillers:

It is the best mattress when talking about people with allergic reactions.

Viscoelastic and gel:

Its combination makes a mattress that adapts to your body and, at the same time, keeps it fresh at rest.




The high quality, cutting-edge technology at its core and dimensions give it a considerably high cost.


RANK#3:Flex Habana

Although designed for any body index, this Flex spring mattress is one of the best options that weight people will find for a rest with total comfort, in addition to guaranteed durability. The Flex Habana mattress, as well as other mattresses in its family, has a core made up of fantastic layers that make its inner part the best. It has 8 layers that from the deepest are emerging with the Multielastic continuous spring, the encapsulation, felt, Comfort system, TNT textile, Recyclable polyester, Commodo system and, finally, hypoallergenic fibers.

The first layer is a double spring block of continuous thread that gives the mattress a high firmness that adapts according to the pressure it receives. It is a white model with measures 135 cm wide by 190 cm long and has elasticity and resistance to deformation that go beyond the standards. 

Apart from the Multielastic technology that makes this mattress stand out with its superior firmness, more attributes can be named.




Its high resistance makes it ideal for people with a lot of weight, without the worry that it will last a short time.

Multielastic NxT:

Through infrared subjugation, incredible elasticity and deformability has been achieved.


Technology is also present in your upholstery. This feature achieves a cover that will control the temperature and humidity of the mattress.




This mattress has a firmness considered high, so it may take time to adapt to it.


RANK#4:Flex Junior Visco

The primary purpose of this model of Flex spring mattress is to be the perfect support that accompanies your children during their growth. Whenever a mattress is purchased, one of the aspects that most concern is the health of the spine and its correct alignment during so many hours of sleep and, in this case, the 7 layers work together to provide adequate firmness and achieve its goal. In addition, its dimensions of 90 x 190 cm make it an indisputably comfortable space.

Apart from giving total stability, its continuous spring allows air to circulate, achieving a ventilated and fresh mattress. Being an option offered for the little ones of the house, with more reason, it could not miss its filling of hypoallergenic fibers that will protect them from unwanted allergic reactions. It is undeniable that all its features stand out to position it as the best Flex price-quality mattress that the youngest in the home can enjoy. 

Without a doubt, it is one of the cheapest alternatives, but, at the same time, it has a proven positive effect on the column of those who lie in it.




Its Multielastic springs have a helical shape that guarantees the adaptation and support of the weight you receive.


The last viscoelastic layer covers that of hypoallergenic fibers that ensure a healthy mattress.


It has a very youthful design in its upholstery with gray, yellow and wine red shapes that matches the edges of the mattress.




It may feel hard, but it provides the firmness necessary for a correctly positioned spine.


RANK#5:Flex Nimbus Visco

This is one of the best examples of the technology of this brand overturned in a Flex mattress with pocket springs and viscoelastic. It has the powerful combination of two layers that achieve maximum comfort when lying down and accommodate your body in the position you want. The springs cushion and the viscoelastic helps the adaptation. It is a mattress that measures 135 cm wide and 190 cm long offering an excellent and firm space for your well-being in the back.

Like other Flex mattresses that have the best in their core, this model has 8 inner layers. Its only difference is that one of its layers provides the adaptation of the posture of the body within a system called Superior Sense of superior firmness that you can choose when deciding your acquisition. It is a mattress that offers a comfortable and beautiful upholstered surface with large flower designs.

This model could be the best Flex mattress, because it is a combination of all the good things about its technology and, apart from that, it allows you to choose among its advantages.




The Superior Sense system has the necessary formulation so that this mattress offers maximum firmness.


In addition to other thermoregulation systems, it has 4 metal vents that contribute to its interior ventilation.


A totally healthy upholstery thanks to the control of possible allergic reactions and the balance of body temperature and humidity.




All its benefits become a cost not very affordable for many people.


RANK#6:Flex Airvex

This Flex Airvex mattress is one of the 4 different models of the innovative presentation of this brand called Bed in a box or rolled mattresses. Apart from its simplicity and comfort, its price makes it affordable, as it is among the cheapest in the Flex range. It has many interesting features both in the conformation of its core and in its external upholstery.

Its inner part has 5 layers that start with 20 cm of AirVex technical foam. From this it should be noted that, apart from being a creation of Flex technology, it is an ergonomic, dense, soft and silent layer. Then continue the TNT textile, Commodo system, viscoelastic and hypoallergenic fibers. All these layers together make a mattress that will create a mold of your body that avoids pressure points, adapts progressively and comfortably and maintains a constant and pleasant temperature. The best thing is that both sides of the mattress enjoy the same layers.

If you are looking for a simple, comfortable and immediate mattress, then you don’t have to doubt which Flex mattress to buy. This Bed in box meets these characteristics and more.




It is an innovative foam with open microcells that make a resistant and very soft support block.


Its upholstery has natural and mineral particles integrated in its threads capable of absorbing your energy and returning it with positive effects for your body.


It has a beautiful design in its upholstery with shapes and squares of light and dark brown colors.




If you come from spring mattresses, it may seem soft and its foam does not have the firmness you like.


RANK#7:Flex Nimbus Visco

Wondering which is the best Flex mattress after knowing all these models makes it difficult to find a definitive answer. What can be assured is that a Flex selection will never be wrong either for your rest or for your health. The quality of this brand’s own technology makes its mattresses the most innovative and perfect for optimal rest.

The Flex Nimbus mattress, for example, offers complete independence thanks to its pocket springs that do not expand the movement and great stability through the Comfort system that distributes the weight evenly. In addition to all this, this model comes with the Medium Sense system. In this case, all its material welcomes the body and makes it feel within a medium firmness. Its measures of 150 x 190 cm provide a great space that together with the action of the core layers will allow you to move without worrying that you will bother your partner.

Its medium firmness is progressive, but it achieves the adaptation of the body in a perfect way. Firmness and quality in a great design.




The firmness of this model is medium, however, you could also choose it superior with the same dimensions and at the same price.


Its cover is made of Chenille fabric that achieves a velvety and soft appearance both in sight and touch.

Flex Technology:

Its core is made up of 8 extraordinary layers where technology is present.




The comfortable dimensions added to all Flex benefits raise the cost of the mattress considerably.


How to choose the best Flex mattresses?

Flex is a name that has been related to pillows, mattresses and bed bases in Spain for more than a century. His improvements and innovations in this field, especially in his mattresses, have earned him his openness and international recognition. This brand has been so detailed in each model that you can be sure that those characteristics that you dream for your rest are on a mattress waiting for your choice.


Shopping guide


There is no possible choice for you to make a Flex mattress that results in the wrong mattress. All have excellent characteristics and more than appropriate for a comprehensive care of your body during the amount of hours you spend at rest. However, in this guide to buy the best Flex mattress we will highlight those aspects that stand out with options that make you feel that there is a perfect mattress for each user.

Usually, one of the things that are clear from before the purchase is the mattress size you need. Is it just for you? Do you need one for your child? Are you looking for a new one for you and your partner? Well, be it one of an individual or matrimonial size, you can be sure that narrowness is not synonymous with a Flex mattress. You find comfortable dimensions in combinations ranging from 80 x 200 cm to 200 x 200 cm. Both wide and long, these mattresses simply give you the space to feel that during your sleep you can move freely and freely.


Internal layers

There is no doubt that the external design of any product that you plan to buy is the first thing that attracts attention. However, when comparing Flex mattresses, it is observed that their cores have matched the technological innovation. Although it is not seen, the internal part of a mattress is the one that achieves the support and comfort of the body when it lies on it.

Latex, gel, viscoelastic layer, conventional spring or bagging are among the inner layers that you can find in other mattresses because Flex offers you these options and more. In fact, this brand has a motto to differentiate its mattresses from the rest of the market in which it points out that the really important thing of a mattress is inside. Guided by this, their mattresses are at the forefront with additional internal layers such as Multielastic technology, hypoallergenic padding, TNT textile and Comfort and Commodo systems, for example. These layers can be combined in smaller or larger percentages depending on the characteristic that you want to strengthen in the mattress and that you look for in a model.



Upholstery and general finishes are also part of those aspects that will make a Flex mattress less or more economical. There are options to feel comfortable elasticity or a soft, non-slip surface on your outer fabric with Stretch, Damascus or BioCeramics upholstery, for example. In addition to offering hypoallergenic and even thermoregulatory qualities, they will avoid allergic or hot sensations that become uncomfortable.

You get a variety of beautiful fabrics and prints with neutral, cheerful or more sober colors. The robustness and durability of these mattresses are also evidenced by double weatherstrips by their periphery and sewn with excellent finials where the handles to move them are included. There are models that show the brand name written in quality screen printing all around the mattress. In general, all the finishes are of the highest quality and make the mattresses Flex acquisitions of which it will be very difficult to repent.



Being happy with how much a mattress costs and the benefits it has for your well-being and those who sleep on it will be your attitude after buying a Flex mattress. Working together with all those features mentioned and that are present in these mattresses create personalized responses for each buyer.

Within the range of Flex alternatives, you find various recommendations. There are model suggestions according to your body mass index. There are those who handle the transfer of movement very well if you want to sleep without being affected by how much your partner moves. You find fantastic hybrid designs with supports designed to fit your body whether you sleep in the side or back position. Similarly, you will get an answer for your condition of feeling warm and sweating while you sleep. You avoid this with models that have both upholstery and internal gel fibers that help the continuous flow of air and dissipate heat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best Flex mattress for heavy people?

When talking about weight, the foams leave the alternatives. Mattresses that have layers of springs are the most recommended. However, a distinction must be made between pocket springs and Multielastic.

For body rates of up to 31, pocket springs are a great option, but for heavy people, the suggested mattresses are those of Multielastic technology. Multielastic continuous springs are very strong and have demonstrated a surprising resistance to great weight without deforming and remaining stable. Among some, you can name the Flex Habana or the Palace Visco.


Q2: Which is a better mattress, Pikolin or Flex?

It is very difficult to compete with two brands with so many years dedicated to the design and manufacture of the best resting elements in Spain. Both share many features in their mattresses such as springs, viscoelastic and upholstery with thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic attributes.

They also love the investigation of new forms and technologies based on effective rest. Each one has its own and innovative creations that have not failed to impress like Pikolin with its SmartPik and Flex smart mattress with its Airvex technical foam or the BioCeramics. In conclusion, choosing one over the other to consider it better is definitely a personal preference.


Q3: What is the best Flex mattress for back pain?

In reality, all Flex mattress designs are designed to achieve true back health. To avoid back pain when waking up, you should sleep on a surface that takes care of your alignment and provides stability and support without uncomfortable subsidence.

Among the Flex range are recommended features and materials such as medium-firm mattresses, composed of Airvex technical foam and pocket springs. The Nimbus Visco, Junior Visco or Flex Airvex can be excellent alternatives.


Q4: What guarantee does a Flex mattress have?

The Flex warranty is valid for 2 years, as long as they are proven reasons for manufacturing failure. To demand the use of the guarantee, you must have the mattress purchase invoice with you and thus the total replacement of the product or its repair can proceed. The latter could contemplate the displacement of the technical service.

You must be very attentive to the things for which you could lose your guarantee. For example, a manipulation by someone other than the Flex service or breach of any of the maintenance guidelines in the manual.


Q5: How to clean a Flex mattress?

When you analyzed and made the decision to buy a Flex mattress you looked at the high technology offered both in the fabrics of your upholstery and in the core of the mattress. Washing it with water, soap and exposing it to the sun is not an option that will not cause damage to its material. So as a first recommendation is to protect it with a mattress cover.

Each mattress is different in materials, therefore you must adhere to the cleaning instructions on its label or the recommendations given by the Flex technical service.

Most frequent questions and answers

How to use a Flex mattress

If you have already purchased one of the best mattresses in the market, then it is time to release it. Your body and especially your back will soon see the benefits of a night’s sleep on a Flex mattress. Although it is known that its durability will not be indefinite, giving it a correct use will extend its useful use time.




Good support

Whether you have a slatted bed base, a plank, a box spring or a bed frame for him, placing it on a good stand is very important. First, make sure that the base surface has no edge that can break or tear the mattress upholstery.

Similarly, you must ensure the stability and strength of both the surface and the legs of the base. If not, it is preferable that you expect to install it until you get the ideal support. An inadequate surface may allow inappropriate subsidence of some parts, and weak legs could cause falls when sitting or laying the body on the mattress.


Getting used to your mattress

Even if you don’t believe your mattress and you will need some adaptation time, just as if it were new shoes. Flex brand technology allows the progressive adaptation of the mattress to the weight and shape of your body. This manufacturer points out that it takes two to four weeks for the mattress materials to settle, mold and mark what Flex calls your body’s footprint.

This time will be just as important for you to get used to the kind of firmness with which you have chosen the mattress, especially if you acquired one of superior firmness or with Multielastic springs. If you bought a Bed in Box, when you take it out of the box and unwind it, you should stretch it gently and leave, at least one day, to take its shape.


Mattress care

The upholstery of the Flex mattresses usually has technology and fabrics of very beautiful designs that must be taken care of. Ideally, put a mattress protector and, even better, if it is resistant to liquids. Remember that a mattress is not an element that can get wet and be exposed to the sun’s rays without consequences for the core and its components.

Unless it is a roll-up mattress, avoid folding them, and as we know it is very tempting, you have to keep children away from jumping and playing on the mattress. For cleaning recommendations, you must read its instruction manual that will indicate how to do it depending on your materials and fabrics.




Turn the mattress

In general, a mattress should be turned about every six months to ensure homogeneous use in all parts of it. In the specific case of Flex, this brand recommends doing it monthly during the first six months of using the mattress. After this period, he suggests turning it every three months by turning its sides. For example, in January it turns sideways, in April it turns not only to the opposite side, but also its bottom-up position.




Flex is one of the leading brands in the Spanish market, known for the high quality of its products designed for rest. Today, it has renewed some of its best known mattresses and has brought to light new models, which have positioned themselves as favorites among many users.

Your bed could be the best place in the world, thanks to a Flex mattress. This firm is aware of the importance of achieving a restful sleep for the benefit of our health; So thinking of its users, it has renewed its products for rest. To do this, it incorporates materials and fabrics that offer improved properties, to provide a surface that provides the best welcome to the sleeper. In this sense, they have made changes in the upholstery and padding, which together with the cores inside, favors a better quality of sleep.

The Flex mattresses that lead the flagship of this brand, are the models of viscoelastica, those of pocket springs and multi elastic springs; as well as the AirVex mattresses. However, despite the fact that these models are endowed with significant performance, this company’s breakthrough in 2019 is represented by the introduction of software to the iBed mattress. With this, Flex aims to cause a revolution in the field of rest, since it is the first mattress that could know your habits at bedtime and that evolves with you over time.

Meet some of the best Flex mattresses

Choosing the best Flex mattress that suits your rest needs is now possible. Therefore, we present a list with some of the best-positioned models in the market for their high quality and the benefits they offer to the sleeper.

Flex iBed

The Flex iBed is the only mattress on the market with qualities that stand out from its peers since it is the first intelligent model. It has sensors that are controlled by a simple app from your tablet or your Smartphone, thanks to which it monitors the quality of sleep and body postures, in order to adapt perfectly to the particular needs of each user. It is an ideal mattress for sleeping as a couple since it concerns the individuality of beds; It also evolves over time according to the morphology and sleep of the person. It is also worth mentioning that it offers 10 years of useful life.

HR Flex Fisiocell 1.0

This model is designed for people who are looking for a mattress with excellent value for money. The quality that stands out most of its design, is that it has two faces specially manufactured to face any time of the year. Therefore, it has a face for the winter season and another for the summer season; By having this configuration, it offers you high quality materials, adapted for various climates. In addition, it has a layer of viscoeslatica that favors the optimal distribution of body weight.

HR Visco Flex Fisiocell 2.0

The Fisiocell 2.0 of the Visco range is the mattress recommended for users who have a low or medium body mass index and who need a mattress with medium firmness for optimal rest. This model has a layer of viscoelastic material that adapts to any morphology and provides a restful sleep. It also offers a core with a 20 cm block of Fisiocell, which provides greater firmness and breathability, while providing long duration and great resistance to the passage of time.

Flex Fisiocell 3.0

Designed for all people suffering from heart or for those who live in hot climates, this mattress is the perfect ally to provide a comfortable feeling of freshness during sleep. For this, it has hypoallergenic fibers positioned above the ergonomic material, which favors natural ventilation, since they easily allow the entry and exit of air in the upper layer of the mattress. Therefore, moisture and heat do not accumulate. In addition, it combines its padding with viscoelastic and adaptive material.

Flex Cloud Visco

This mattress integrates a core of 540 individually packed springs and equipped with Pocket System technology, which favors the independence of beds in the case of two sleepers. It offers padding composed of a 2 cm layer of viscoelastic, which provides comfort and ergonomics; It also has hypoallergenic fibers and Comfort System technology on both sides. In addition, its upholstery is based on Strech fabric and the surface has Damascus fabric, very soft and breathable.

Flex Palace Visco

This mattress is equipped with a padded structure in layers, which are sewn individually, which offers an optimal rest at bedtime. On the other hand, it is a mattress equipped with Multielastic springs, which are characterized by a double and crossed design that allows an adequate weight distribution, favoring adaptability. In addition, it offers upholstery in hypoallergenic Stretch fabric, which has a thermoregulatory Optigrade treatment, which provides a pleasant and hygienic rest.

Flex GarbiVisco

The GarbiVisco has a Stretch upholstery and an antibacterial treatment applied to the fabric on its surface, which provides greater hygiene at the time of rest. It also offers advanced thermoregulatory technology, Optigrade; which provides a perfect temperature distribution, improving breathability. It has seven differentiated areas along the rest surface and great adaptability, thanks to the high-density viscoelastic gel layer; also for comfortable handling, it has 4 handles.

Flex Habana

This model offers a core of continuous pocket springs, designed in a double way and crossed internally, so it provides greater support surface if compared with other similar products. It is a mattress with medium firmness, for which it has a perimeter encapsulation composed of high-density foam, which provides strength and stability to the core. It also provides adequate perspiration, since it has hypoallergenic fibers and 4 lateral valves.

The Flex brand is unbeatable offering the best for rest with the comfort of each of its versions. The high-quality materials and latest technology with which he designs his mattresses internally achieve a comfort invisible to the eye but totally palpable with your whole body. A mattress like the Flex New Cloud Visco will end with the discomfort of feeling every time your partner moves. It is capable of absorbing weight without being transmitted to the rest of the mattress. The Flex Havana , meanwhile, is incredibly elastic and rigid thanks to its multi elastic technology.


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