The 5 Best Inflatable Armchairs – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

In this guide, I have compiled a ranking of the most popular models on the market, here are the first two: Intex 58857.0 is a very resistant and best versatile inflatable armchair, to be used both in the water and at home; ideal for those who want a right quality product at a truly unbeatable price. Also, from the same company, we find the Intex 58868 chaise longue, which is very spacious and ensures maximum comfort to relax and take a nap at sea or in the pool.

Comparison table of the Best Inflatable Armchairs

Intex 58857 – Transparent Comfort Armchair, 155 x 97 cm

This inflatable armchair is particularly suitable for use in the pool, but users highlight how it is possible to use it also at sea, in the garden or why not? Even at home. It is therefore not a mattress but a real armchair with headrest.

It often deflates. It is a good idea to check that the chair is well inflated before sitting on it, to avoid injuring yourself.

The low cost of this armchair will allow you to buy more than one to be able to relax with your family in the pool or at sea.

Intex 58868 – Chaise Longue Sport, 180 x 135 cm

They are made of high strength vinyl. According to the users who have tried it, it is also suitable for medium-large dogs since the construction material is resistant to their nails. It is essential to pay attention if you are at sea because you are immediately drifted.

Inflation is not the easiest. The use of a compressor powerful enough to inflate the chair in satisfactory times is required.

It is very spacious and comfortable chaise longue, more suitable for the swimming pool than for the sea. The price is not the lowest, but the quality and resistance fully justify it.

Intex-68564 Lounge Armchair 99 x 130 x 76 cm, with Footrest 64 x 28 c, Solid Color, 33×12.4×36.8 cm, 68564NP

The armchair, smaller than the previous models, is equipped with a matching footrest. The division into two elements makes it very convenient because you can decide to inflate even one of the items.

The maximum capacity is 85 kg, it is not an armchair suitable for all users.

Armchair and footrest have a waterproof coating, so they can also be used outdoors. Once deflated, they occupy a tiny footprint.

The 5 Best Inflatable Armchairs – reviews in 2020

As promised, let’s now turn to our buying advice on which are, for us, the best inflatable seats of 2020. Take a look, make a comparison and find out which one could be the most suitable for your needs, you could save time and effort avoiding doing other research on the Internet.

  1. Intex 58857 Comfort Transparent Armchair

 If we consider the relationship between performance offered and price, this Intex is probably the best inflatable chair of 2020. Of course, there are more sophisticated models on the market, more extensive and made with different materials, but at this price and with this quality, no.

The cost accessible to all budgets is, therefore, the main strength of Intex, an ideal product for those who want to spend as little as possible but do not intend to buy cheap models and for those who have to buy more than one.

Despite the unbeatable cost, it is resistant, swells in seconds and, therefore, allows you to spend some time in relaxation without problems. This is an inflatable swimming pool chair but which can be used by the sea, in the garden, even indoors.

It is not a pure mattress but a real armchair with a backrest and headrest for maximum comfort. Like all the best models, it is equipped with a practical cup holder to refresh your day with a drink better.

In short, just what you need for a bit of healthy summer relaxation. In case you don’t know where to buy this product at low prices, we can advise you to click on the link below which will lead to the shop page. But first, it might be helpful to take a look at the summary of the pros and cons.


Price: It is probably the cheapest model sold online, considering its good quality and comfort.

Resistant: Although it does not cost much, this inflatable chair has excellent resistance, so you can sit comfortably without the risk of damaging it.

Versatile: Those who are not lucky enough to have a swimming pool will be able to use this armchair in the garden or even only at home if the seating for guests is scarce.

Practice: It swells in a short time and is equipped with a comfortable headrest and cup holder, ideal for spending the whole afternoon in waistcoats and sending fitness to that country.


Essential: There are better and perhaps larger models, but at this price, you cannot expect much.

  1. Intex 58868 Sport Chaise Longue

 Intex is known for making good quality inflatable seats at a competitive motorcycle price. This is the case with this model, one of the best sellers online for the advantages it offers to the consumer.

It is a very spacious chaise longue which, as such, ensures maximum comfort for relaxing, reading, taking a nap both at sea and in the pool.

It is made of high-strength vinyl, so it appears stable and robust and, as confirmed by most users, able to withstand even a maximum weight without problems.

Thanks to the two side handle it can be raised and transported very easily and comfortably, for example, from the beach to the sea and vice versa; they are also instrumental as a support for getting on.

The presence of two cup holders on the sides allows you to bring your favourite drinks with you, further brightening your day.

Who said that inflatable armchairs must be used in the swimming pool? This new model from Intex is so comfortable that you can put it in the garden, at home or even take it to the beach. Here is a summary of its four main features and its only defect found, according to user opinions.


Spacious: This inflatable armchair has suitable dimensions to be comfortable and relax. You can take nice naps on it, read a book or sunbathe while being lulled by the water.

Resistant: It seems that the armchair in question is quite substantial, thanks to its composition in high resistance vinyl. A head above other similar products in circulation.

Transportable: The side handles allow you to transport it quickly so that you can move from one point to another in the house or garden without problems.

Cup holders: Not one, but two cup holders allow you to sip drinks and enjoy the day in total relaxation.


Inflation: It seems that the chair is uncomfortable to inflate and deflate due to the type of valve. Luckily there are handles to carry it!

  1. Intex-68564 Lounge armchair

 How to choose an excellent inflatable lounge chair with footrest? Check out this Intex, and you may have found what you’re looking for. Like most of the products of this Italian company, one of the main advantages is the excellent quality/price ratio that allows consumers to buy, as in this case, a model of good artistry at a decidedly affordable cost.

Compared to ordinary armchairs, the characteristic of this Intex is that it comes with a matching footrest that doubles the comfort when you want to relax or read a book. Thanks to the waterproof coating it can be used both inside and outside the house, ideal for spending a few hours lying comfortably in the garden enjoying the sun and the fresh air without having to spend large amounts of money.

When deflated, the armchair and footrest occupy minimal space so that they can be transported to the house by the sea, in the mountains, anywhere without problems.

The practical glass holder allows you to sip a drink while relaxing or watching a movie without fear of spilling everything.

Attention to the maximum capacity of 85 kg that can meet the needs of many, but not all, users.

In our guide to choosing the best inflatable armchair, we also thought of those who do not have a swimming pool but simply want a good model for the home or garden. Before purchasing this Intex, we recommend that you take a look at our summary of its positive and negative characteristics.


Design: The design of this armchair is exquisite and can also be adapted to a tastefully furnished apartment without disfiguring too much.

Footrest: When you want to relax a little without lying down completely, there is nothing better than a nice footrest like the one supplied with this armchair.

Practice: Both the armchair and the footrest take up little space and can be placed in the house or garden without creating too much space.

Waterproof: The water-resistant coating allows you to use the two pieces of the article even in water and leave them outside in the garden without worrying that the rain will ruin them.


Heavy: The 85 kg weight of the model maybe a little too much for some users looking for an easier to transport inflatable chair.

  1. Jilong Relax Indoor Deluxe Lounge

 Jilong is another attractive solution for those who want to spend little but don’t know which inflatable chair to buy. The affordable cost is, therefore, a significant advantage of this product, sold together with a matching footrest which therefore will not be purchased separately.

The elongated shape of this armchair that makes it look like a cot and the possibility to extend your feet ensure maximum comfort when you want to relax in the living room in front of the television, a book or a laptop. The flocked coating further increases the feeling of comfort.

It is so spacious that it could be cumbersome for someone because it occupies a not indifferent space in the house. Of course, given the size, you need to use a pump – which is not included – to inflate it but, thanks to the wide opening, it takes a few minutes. Despite being rather bulky, however, it is light and therefore easy to move.

Jilong may have found the most comfortable solution for those who are not happy with their sofa and want even more comfort or perhaps often have guests at home. To conclude our review, we present its three advantages and two disadvantages.


Two for the price of one: The armchair and the footrest are sold together, for the same amount, all in all, contained. Ideal for those who want to add a comfortable seat to their home, but have a limited budget.

Materials: The flocked upholstery of the armchair increases its feeling of comfort and convenience, ideal for relaxing in front of a movie or sunbathing in the garden.

Light: Once inflated, both the armchair and the footrest are light enough and can be transported without making too much effort.


Dimensions: It is not precisely the least cumbersome model on the market; therefore, before buying it, we recommend to evaluate the space you have at home.

Inflation: Given the size of the product, the increase must take place through the use of a pump unless you have Michael Phelps among friends or relatives.

  1. Jilong Riverland 27308 Inflatable Armchair for 2 People

 It is not among the best-selling models on the market, but this inflatable armchair for the sea by Jilong deserves to be taken into consideration. Compared to most other models, it stands out for being a sofa with two seats. It is not possible to lie down but only to sit – the comfortable backrest does not even support the head.

The real advantage that this model offers is the possibility of being able to chat pleasantly and comfortably with a friend or friend at sea or in the pool while relaxing and sunbathing.

Do not miss the double cup holder to make these moments even more pleasant by being able to sip your favourite drink.

Another feature of these sofas lies in the particular system of laces that allows you to hook other similar armchairs to create a real small floating lounge at sea with four or more people chatting and letting the current pleasantly carry themselves.

We conclude the review of this classic inflatable armchair with the usual discussion of its positive and negative points.


Double: Unlike the other armchairs, this one has two seats and can be used by two people simultaneously. Ideal for couples who want to relax by the pool or the sea.

Laces: By buying more than one, it will be possible to tie them together to create a real floating lounge.


Backrest: The backrest is not equipped with a headrest, which takes away a little comfort from the model.

Resistance: It does not last long, and after a while, you sit on it, it may start to deflate.

How to use an inflatable armchair

The inflatable armchair can be a comfortable, practical and even economical solution for relaxing in the garden or at sea. It can never be an object to keep in the living room but to take a nice nap during the summer or to drink something cold. It’s the best.

The dimensions

When you decide to buy an inflatable armchair, you need to be clear where you plan to use it. It is a question of practicality, in our opinion. But let’s better explain our point of view. If the idea is to use the armchair only in the garden, then you can afford to buy a nice big one.

If, on the other hand, the idea is to take it to the sea, it is better not to overdo the measures because the beaches are often too crowded and it can also be uncomfortable to take it with you. There is a third way represented by those people who want to make the most of the armchair and therefore use it both at home and by the sea. In this case, we believe it is appropriate to choose a medium size, neither large nor small.

In water

If you like the feeling of being lulled by the waves, then we recommend that you focus on an armchair that has a reasonably broad base, so that it can provide the right balance and avoid letting you fall into the sea or swimming pool. Not all inflatable chairs are designed to stay in the water; they indeed all float, but this is not the point.

To be comfortable to use at sea, an armchair must allow a semi-reclining position, so to speak, it must be somewhere between a mattress and an armchair. It is good that there are handles to hold on to if a more significant wave suddenly arrives and, of course, have a safety valve that prevents the chair from deflating while you are in the water.

How to inflate the armchair

Of course, the armchair needs to be inflated … we hope you have good lungs! Seriously, you can use a foot inflator or a pump, manual. What are the differences between the two? The first requires the use of the feet; in reality, only one is enough. The other, on the other hand, requires both arms. Inflating the chair requires some effort. Ok, let’s give a solution to the lazy ones: a small portable compressor will save you a lot of energy.

Materials and weight

It is not difficult to come across cheap inflatable armchairs, but the question is: why are they less expensive than others? Much depends on the quality of the materials. We suggest spending a little more but be sure to sit in a solid armchair. Also, check the maximum weight that the chair can support.

Buying guide – How to choose the best inflatable seats?

How to choose the inflatable chair that best suits your needs among all those on the market? Read the indications that we provide in our guide. You will get a clearer idea of the possible options. The ranking below also further narrows the field by providing a review of what are the best models for us for 2020. Here are what they are.

For home or the sea

There are several aspects to consider before buying an inflatable armchair, not to be confused with the purest mattress. First of all, however, you should ask yourself if you only need it at home or if you plan to take it to the sea or swimming pool. Of course, you can buy a model to use in both cases, and the list below you will find suggestions for all these options, always at a very competitive price.

If you plan to keep it only at home or in the garden, you may prefer a particularly spacious armchair or a model that also includes a practical footrest – you can find some of the same even in the list below – to avoid having to buy it separately and to increase the Relax.

As for those from the sea or swimming pool, compare prices and performances and compare the various models available because they have quite different shapes. For example, the two-seater armchair might strike you: it is a single product, but it accommodates two people. Each with its cup holder, it is ideal for those who want to chat and allow themselves to be carried away calmly by the current. In some cases, it is also possible to join two or more such armchairs together, ideal in the presence of a group of people who want to be close to the water.


Comfort for an inflatable chair is an essential requirement, especially if you have to keep it in your home or garden. From this point of view, not all models are created equal. As they have already mentioned, some details can be decisive to guarantee more comfort, such as the presence of a matching footrest or the dimensions. A huge armchair allows you to read a book or be outdoors more comfortably.

Some are real chaise lounges that allow you to lie down and are ideal for taking a nap. The disadvantage is that it is rather bulky when inflated. Do you have enough space in the house to keep them? Attention also to the maximum weight that can support; it is always good to check it first because the armchair you like may not have the adequate capacity.

A comfortable armchair should allow you also to rest your neck and head, not only your back, but not all of them offer this advantage.

Glass holder and handles

Several other elements make an inflatable chair more comfortable, for example, the possibility of inflating and deflating them in a short time. Often the inflator is not included in the package, and you will have to buy it separately.

The best brand armchairs cannot fail to have one or two cup holders, essential to have your favourite drink always at hand, avoiding that it can be spilt. Another detail that proves to be very useful is the presence of handles that help to transport the armchair more comfortably and, if you are in the water, to climb more easily.

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