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The Best Inflatable Bed – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2020

Rest anywhere is easy, provided we have a quality inflatable bed between our luggage or at home. This is the best inflatable bed that must have both the measures and the necessary qualifications so that the rest is pleasant and relaxed, without having to fight with the bed or sink with a bad structure.

Therefore, it is advisable to use first-class products, such as the Intex 64414 bed. A model with measures 203 centimeters long by 152 wide and 46 high, which includes automatic inflation and a high firmness base. If you prefer an inflatable sofa bed, the Bestway Multi Max II model has this design as well as the measures both for two people to feel and to sleep comfortably.

Best Inflatable Bed- Comparison Table

Intex 64414 Fibertech comfortplush

One of the most prominent models of the Intex range, with which to enjoy a stable and quality rest.

This bed has conventional matrimonial measures, 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide approximately. In addition, the model supports in its structure up to 273 kilos of weight, which guarantees a resistant and quality rest.

The mattress has a tendency to lose a small amount of air once inflated, as with other models, which should be taken into account when leaving the product swollen.

Bestway Multi Max II Air Couch Inflatable Sofa Bed

A dual character product, ideal for both resting and adding extra seats to any room.

The mattress part is somewhat low, compared to other models that we have found in the market, so it may be convenient to add an insulating element from the cold of the floor in those environments where it is necessary.

This model has a dual design, so that the product can be used both in conventional sofa format and in bed format, being very simple to unfold the part of the bed just by pulling it.

AmazonBasics – illow

A proposal of adjusted cost and that will give you long hours of rest, as it would happen with a well-known brand product.

Despite being a product of the basic line of Amazon, the model does not detract from others that we have analyzed from leading brands, with a resistant structure, a very nice flocked finish and a practical integrated inflation pump

Some comments indicate that the mattress structure has some more than desirable projection, which can be annoying when resting, especially if the product is not well inflated.

The Best Inflatable Beds On The Market-Reviews In 2020

The inflatable bed is that perfect wild card for our visitors to rest, to take it on a trip or for any occasion when we need an additional bed. A process in which it is convenient to be clear about the best inflatable bed we need before facing the market. Once you value your needs, you just have to browse through our list of the best inflatable beds of 2020, in which to know some of the best products of the moment and in which you will surely find what you need.

Intex 64414

When looking for the best inflatable bed, Intex 64414 is an interesting proposal among the marriage models. We talk about a product with measures 152 centimeters wide by 203 long and 46 centimeters high. Ideal measures for the rest of two people, with good comfort.

Something that contributes to the interior construction of this Intex inflatable bed, with a unique edge and a horizontal construction, which gives greater resistance to the mattress and reinforces the stability throughout the entire piece. As much as to support 273 kilos of weight, as far as resistance is concerned.

It is finished off with an automatic inflation pump, which hardly takes 3 minutes to leave the mattress ready for use, also facilitating the deflation of the bed, for when you do not need it.

If you are not sure which inflatable bed to buy, we give you some more details about this product and its characteristics.


  • Measurements: Its measures 152 centimeters wide by 203 long are ideal for resting comfortably.
  • Resistance : This model supports up to 273 kilos of weight on its surface.
  • Support : The reinforced mattress structure gives greater stability when resting.
  • Pump : Includes inflation pump, which only takes 3 minutes to leave the mattress ready for use.
  • Carrying bag : It is accompanied by a carrying bag, where it can be stored once emptied.


  • Air loss: The mattress loses some air over time, although it is somewhat mild, in line with other models on the market.

Intex 64140

The Intex 64140 inflatable bed is another interesting product, within the Intex matrimonial range. This product has the usual measures of these beds, 152 centimeters wide, 203 long and 51 high. This last parameter is somewhat larger than usual, which facilitates access to the bed, both when lying down and when we get up. 

This model also provides the technology of a product close to being the best inflatable bed of the moment, with a Fiber Tech structure, typical of the brand. Something that gives greater resistance to the product and considerable resistance during use. It is finished off with details such as the integrated pump, with an inflation and emptying system, or a flocking on the top, which gives you greater comfort when using the bed.

Let’s see some more detail of this model, belonging to what is, for many, the best brand of inflatable beds of the moment.


  • Measurements: The product has the usual measures of the inflatable beds of the brand.
  • Fiber Tech System: This system has thousands of polyester fibers, which give greater resistance to the mattress.
  • Flocking: Flocking in the upper area adds extra comfort and more pleasant touch to the mattress.
  • Pump: The integrated pump simplifies the inflation and deflation of the product, saving you time and inconvenience.


  • Noise: The product generates some noise during the inflation process, it is recommended not to leave it for the last minute.

Bestway Multi Max II

The Bestway Multi Max II inflatable sofa bed is a comfortable solution that combines a conventional sofa and an inflatable bed in one piece. A product that, once deployed, measures 160 centimeters wide by 200 centimeters long and 64 centimeters high, giving considerable comfort to the user. The rest area is about 15 centimeters from the floor, once the bed is deployed, while in sofa mode the seat is over 40 centimeters.

The advantage is that the model has a wide resistance so that it offers you considerable resistance during use, in any of its two modalities. A simple process, that of moving from one way to another, where it is enough to unfold the seat to open the bed and achieve the aforementioned extension of it.

We give you some more details of this model and its characteristics, so you know what to expect from it.


Dual-use: The product can be used both as a conventional sofa and as a bouncy bed mode.

Easy to configure: The deployment of the bed is very simple, thanks to its design and manufacturing system.

Accessories : Includes various accessories, such as two pillows or a complete repair kit.


  • Pump: It is not accompanied by an inflation pump, so you will have to add this accessory to your shopping list.
  • Rigidity : The rigidity of the product is improved, especially if it is used in sofa mode, according to some comments.

Amazonbasics 14314-17

Located inside the large or double inflatable beds, we find the Amazonbasics 14314-17 model. An inflatable bed from Amazon, which fits into its own product line and does not have much to envy to the leading brands in the market. This specific model has measures of 203 centimeters long by 150 wide and 46 high, in line with other similar products.

This model keeps the rest of the details of these mattresses, such as the integrated air pump, which is responsible for leaving the product ready for use in about 3 or 4 minutes. It also includes the drain valve, for when it is necessary to store the bed. As for its construction, this bed has a rigid side design and integrated elements, such as pillows. A resistance that also gives adequate durability to the product during use, better supporting friction with the ground.

To be clear about everything you need to know about this model, we leave you the result of our analysis of this product.


  • Measures: The product has the usual matrimonial measures, 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters long.
  • Integrated pump: The pump only needs about 3 or 4 minutes to leave the bed ready.
  • Finish : Includes a velvety viscose finish, to enjoy greater comfort.


  • Product adjustment : The product adjusts slightly in the first uses, in something similar to a slight loss of air.
  • Noise : The inflation pump is quite noisy, according to some comments.

Intex 66810NP

Among the cheapest options of our selection are the Intex 66810NP bed. This inflatable bed for children has a special design, similar to that of an inflatable pool, so that the rest area is surrounded by a double air barrier, which prevents the child from falling while sleeping. A bed that measures 168 centimeters long and 107 centimeters wide, which remain 132 centimeters long and 69 centimeters wide in the effective rest area. 

Among its advantages, it includes an inner mattress, which makes it easier to place the sheets for rest. It also stands out for its adjusted weight, just 2.2 kilos, which makes it easier to take the mattress where necessary. And for a simple inflation, the product is accompanied by the corresponding hand pump, with which the process is quite comfortable to execute.

Located among our cheap options, let us know something more about the best price-quality inflatable bed of our chosen ones.


  • Barrier design : The exterior barrier design adds more security to the little ones at the time of resting.
  • Manual pump: It is accompanied by a manual pump, which makes it easy to leave the bed ready in a few minutes.
  • Weight : The bed just weighs 2.2 kilos, so taking it anywhere is much easier.


  • Interior space: It is important to know that the interior space is 132 centimeters long and 69 centimeters high, perhaps scarce for older children.
  • Ground clearance: In cold environments it may be necessary to place an additional insulator on the floor.

Sinbide A-Blue

Rest during your travels is simple, thanks to the inflatable bed for Sinbide A-Blue car. A product specially designed to fit in the back of any SUV type vehicle, folding the seats beforehand. For this, this model has measures 130 centimeters wide by 190 long.

The best thing is that this structure is properly profiled, both to fit comfortably to the seating area and to give you greater comfort during rest. This profile includes a pleasant wave design, which improves rest and gives the product greater comfort On the other hand, the model has an adequate resistance, thanks to its manufacture in PVC and quality details such as the smooth finish of its surface. 

It is topped with accessories such as an electric pump, which is connected to the lighter, or a storage bag for the product, where to store it without breaking it when you do not need it.

Enjoy more comfortable and enjoyable trips with this comfortable inflatable bed for your vehicle.


  • Measures: It has some measures suitable for all types of SUVs, thus facilitating rest.
  • Electric pump: It is accompanied by an electric pump, which you can connect to the lighter so that inflation is simple.
  • A human Design: Its manufacture in PVC with ergonomic and wave-shaped design makes it easier to rest comfortably on the mattre


  • Reclining : It is necessary to recline the rear seats to properly place the mattress.
  • Thickness : Thickness is somewhat reduced, which should be considered by larger users.

Active Era Luxury

The Active Era inflatable double bed is a product with a quality design and designed to improve your rest in any circumstance. Something for which the product has an ergonomic design, formed with six internal structures, which keep the bed surface rigid and firm, in the manner of a conventional mattress. Something that is combined with an advanced structural design, with which to better support the neck and head during sleep.

As for its measurements, the product has a usual size, 203 centimeters long and 152 wide as well as 56 high, being the highest inflatable beds we have analyzed. A luxury model where there is no lack of the electric pump, to inflate the bed in a few minutes and without the need for effort, which also facilitates subsequent deflation.

Enjoy a luxury break with the reinforced structure and the rest of the elements of this product, which we detail below.


  • Reinforced structure : Its interior structure has been reinforced with an Ultra Comfort core, which gives greater resistance to rest.
  • Neck support : Includes ergonomic pillow, to better support the neck and head.
  • Inflation pump : The included inflation pump is responsible for inflating the mattress for you.


  • Integrated pillow: The pillow is integrated, so you will have to use it yes or yes.
  • Heat : It is a product that, if used without a sheet, can be hotter than desirable.

Etekcity EAM-DTE1

If you need a single inflatable bed, the Etekcity EAM-DTE1 model is what you need. This product has dimensions of 191 centimeters long by 99 wide and 46 high, being more than enough to rest comfortably. Something that helps the interior structure, which has both a fiber reinforcement and a resistant structure, which prevents the punctures of use. It also includes a non-slip base, so that the mattress does not move during rest.

Despite being a small model, its load resistance is 250 kilos, also having details such as the electric inflation pump, so that the model is swollen in just a few minutes. As for your comfort, the flocking of the upper part gives a pleasant touch to the surface, ideal for resting.

Because there are also quality single beds, let us know some more details about this model and what it offers.


  • Pump : Includes electric inflation pump, so that the inflation is easier.
  • Structure : The structure is strong enough to support 250 kilos and better maintain the position during rest.
  • Non-slip base: The non-slip base prevents the mattress from moving when using or placing it.


  • Air loss: As with all mattresses, this model loses some air once inflated.
  • Weight : The weight of the empty bed is about 10 kilos, somewhat high if you have to move it a lot.

How to choose the best inflatable beds?


When it comes to resting comfortably where we don’t have a conventional bed, having an inflatable bed can be a good alternative. A product designed to become a bed for punctual use, as long as we choose the product that is closest to what we need. A task in which the advice we offer below will surely be useful to you, when valuing the products that you find in the market, regardless of whether they are expensive or of economic cost.


Shopping guide

Dimensions and dimensions

The first aspects that we are going to deal with in this guide to buying the best inflatable bed is the measurements and dimensions of the product. A fundamental aspect, given that if the bed does not offer adequate measures, surely rest will be undue, since you will end up lacking space everywhere.

Within the beds that we have at our disposal in any comparison of inflatable beds, we can find both individual and matrimonial or king-size models. The former is about 190 or 200 centimeters long by approximately 90 centimeters wide. Regarding the marriage models, these maintain that variety of lengths although with a width that increases to about 150 centimeters. Regarding the height, this varies from 40 to 56 centimeters, depending on models. The higher the bed, the more comfortable it will be to use it, both at the time of lying down and getting up from it.

These would be the measures of conventional models, although as an extra we have to talk about models for children. These usually include an external barrier, which prevents the fall of our little one, although it adjusts the measure. In these cases, we talk about the size of about 135 or 140 centimeters long by about 70 wide. In all cases, do not forget to always evaluate the actual practical size and not the theoretical one or with the extra included.

Resistance and comfort

Another interesting aspect of an inflatable bed, beyond how much it costs, is the comfort it offers us and the resistance it has when it comes to working. Starting with that comfort, this is an aspect in which many products have evolved enough to offer almost the same support and behavior that a conventional bed offers.

Among the technologies designed for this greater comfort, we have the Intex fiber system, which reinforces the interior of the bed with elements of more strength and support, to maintain that stability at rest. Something similar to the cores closed to the system of rubber inserts in the form of support of other models, so that comfort and weight distribution are much more efficient when resting, without sinking.

This also influences the resistance of the mattress, internally, which can support a large load. But this resistance must also be on the outside, which must offer a resistant material and that supports the punctures. And if in addition, this material includes a flocking or a nice touch, we will have another extra comfort when resting or using the product. The same happens when the product has a non-slip base, which prevents unexpected movements of the mattress.


Inflation system and accessories

As a final aspect when looking for a good and economical inflatable bed, it is time to take a look at the inflation system and the rest of the accessories that the product incorporates. Elements that improve our comfort when using the bed, giving us small extras to our rest.

Starting with inflation, the best option is to have an automatic electric inflation system. This internal pump is responsible for inflating the bed to the appropriate level in a few minutes, just by plugging it in. A pump that also facilitates deflation, by the design of the valve. As an alternative, we have the models with a manual pump, usually of individual or child type. If the model includes the pump it will always be something we will save.

Regarding the rest of the accessories, some products include pillows and other elements, which facilitate rest during use. It is also usual to include a batch of spare parts, with patches and other elements that are usually necessary when fixing a puncture. As usual, the more accessories included in the product, the less we will have to spend later buying what we need.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an inflatable bed?

The use of an inflatable bed today is quite easy. We will start by deploying it completely and verifying that it has no wrinkles or very sharp folds. Next, we proceed to inflate it, either manually with a pump or by activating the pump that includes many beds. Once the correct pressure is achieved, simply close the valve or disconnect the pump and simply “make the bed”, for which many models include corners that can be lifted, to put the sheets. This done, we just have to lie down and rest.

Q2: How to inflate the inflatable bed?

To inflate an inflatable bed we have two options. One of them is to use the included pump, which has many beds and is responsible for inflating and maintaining the correct pressure during use comfortably. The second is to use a manual pump, similar to the one we use to inflate beach products or vehicle wheels. In this case, simply connect the pump to the valve and make the necessary movement for inflation, verifying that the final pressure is adequate.

Q3: How to find a prick in an inflatable bed?

To find the puncture we can use the touch, manually looking for where it can be if we have any clues. Otherwise, we will have to use soapy water, which we will pour over the surface of the bed. Next, we should see an area where bubbles form, which will be the ones generated by the air that comes out of the puncture. Anyway, the usual thing is that these are on the sides or at the base, as they are the areas most exposed to friction.

Q4: How to fix a puncture on an inflatable bed?

Punctures of inflatable beds are repaired by conventional patches. In fact, these are usually included among the bed accessories. For assembly, it is necessary that the puncture area is clean and dry. Once located, we will place the patch on the puncture, matching the center of the patch with it. Next, we tighten the patch and the adhesive, if included separately, so that everything sticks well. You can use weight over the area so that it weighs even more and the patch fits better to the area to be repaired.

Q5: How to clean an inflatable bed?

The process of cleaning an inflatable bed depends on the material, usually with a slightly damp cloth to remove surface dirt. In flocked products, with a velvet texture, if it is necessary to rub something else and use stronger cleaners if they have a lot of dirt. Anyway, you can always consult the product instructions to see the specific cleaning process, for the different materials used in it.

Q6: How to deflate an inflatable bed?

To deflate the bed, the process depends on the product we have. If it has a pump, it is usual for it to include a deflation position, so that by activating it, the air is released. If not, just uncover the valve and squeeze the air out. To empty it further, we will wind it up and bend it from the furthest part of the valve to where it is located, pushing the air out. In both cases, it is important to remove the moving elements, such as pillows or the like, before starting deflation.

Q7: How much weight does inflatable bed support?

Well, it all depends on the model we are talking about, the truth. In the case of a single inflatable bed, that weight usually ranges from 80 to 100 kilos, although some carry 120. In matrimonial or king-size, this weight reaches approximately 240 or 250 kilos. However, it is something that we must verify before choosing a specific mattress, because of the variable of this parameter.

Q8: Which is better, inflatable bed or a foam mattress?

Some time ago we would have opted for the foam mattress, being somewhat firmer than the inflatable bed. But at present, the reinforced structures of the inflatable beds make them highly recommended. These structures give greater stability and comfort to the user, holding the body in the way a conventional bed would, without noticing the difference in excess.

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