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The 5 Best Latex Mattresses – Buying Guide, Reviews And Comparison In 2020

Rest hours are essential for the body to restore, regenerate and recover the energy lost during the workday. If you are looking for the best latex mattresses, either because you want to change the one you already have or because you are thinking of changing residence, we have advanced part of your work. After studying brands, models, customer comments and other aspects, we offer you the most important results, so you can make the right choice.

 We wanted to place the Pikolin Latex 21 model first, which will help you rest in a pleasant way, in addition to being a participant when it comes to maintaining your state of health. This is because it is an antiallergic, breathable, athermic and non-deformable mattress, in addition to offering high quality and durability. On the other hand, speaking of comfort we can refer to the Naturalex Soft Sensation model , since this latex mattress has viscoelastic foam that provides comfort and relaxation so you can rest and recover energy.

The 5 Best Latex Mattresses – Reviews In 2020

Latex is a material used in many products. Its application in mattresses allows the making of a soft mattress and adapts to any type of body so that your breaks are pleasant. Here is a list of the five best products in this category that our customers value so you can choose the best latex mattress on the market.


RANK#1:Pikolin Mattress Latex 21 CM

It is a mattress that can help you rest pleasantly and provides excellent support to the body to avoid incorrect postures while sleeping and, therefore, pain that could occur for this reason.

Main Features Explained


So that a mattress can offer a good rest, it is not enough that it is of a high density since other factors make it comfortable. This model, in addition to providing the advantages of latex that conforms to the shape of the body pleasantly, also has several layers that are intended to offer support and comfort.

For example, we can mention its polyurethane padded cover that helps the muscles do not rest on a too rigid surface; with this, they can manage to relax to achieve the rest they need during the night and recover their elasticity better.

On the other hand, its Oxygel layer provides a thermal sensation that pleases many people, because it manages to cool and give a more appropriate temperature for rest at different times of the year.

Exterior design

In addition to right layer technology, the model proposed by the PIKOLIN brand provides very appropriate finishes. Among them, we can highlight its resistant seams that have been placed throughout the mattress, maintaining the appearance while helping to last longer. It also offers an edge that accentuates the shape and brings a touch of elegance.

Another aspect that we can not fail to mention is that its texture is pleasant and soft, with simple reliefs that adorn this mattress, a feature that invites you to rest peacefully on it.


Concerning hygiene, your rest will not have to be related to problems due to allergic reactions, since, among the treatments that have been provided to the components, this model has one that will prevent mites and fungi from depositing in their fibers decreasing the quality of your rest.

So you can have a restful sleep and without adverse consequences. Another feature that could be of interest is that because the airflow is maintained throughout the mattress, unpleasant aromas are not saved, which is very convenient.

On the other hand, thanks to its fibers can regain their shape; you can count on the firmness you need each day to rest. Because it is an undeformable mattress, the structure that supports the spine is maintained for many years, so that this vital part of the body does not acquire inappropriate postures. So you will rest in a relaxed and healthy place.



  • To the comfort of the latex, the softness and thermal properties of the Oxygel cover are added, making it a comfortable mattress to rest, which we conclude is its best advantage.


  • The height of 21 cm can be considered slightly elevated concerning other mattresses; however, it does not represent a significant problem and is comfortable.

RANK#2:Naturalex Soft Sensation Foam Aero Latex Mattress

This latex mattress presented by Naturalex has a suitable size so you can rest your body in a very comfortable way. Also, it has a core of two layers of HR Aero latex foam of high resilience, density, and combined with Thermosoft viscoelastic foam. This model can adapt to the figure of your body so you can rest and recover the energy you lost during your daily activities. Additionally, the Aero Latex fabric provides a ventilation system so that your body feels light to be on the mattress, and you sleep comfortably.

On the other hand, it is adapted for each of its faces so that you can use it during different climates since one is for winter and the other for summer; being one of a thick fabric that will provide heat, while the other is fully breathable to reduce heat levels.

Being one of the models with the lowest price among the products listed, if you want to save while purchasing a good quality mattress, we invite you to consider this option of Naturalex.




It has seven comfort zones designed, so each part of the body can achieve complete relaxation.


The manufacturing materials of this product are not a risk for allergy sufferers.


It has the SoftSensation look for you to use during winter and Airtex3D for summer, being completely versatile against climatic changes.




If this is your first time using soft mattresses, perhaps the density of this model may become uncomfortable. However, then your body will adapt to it.


It does not have any defense mechanism that protects you from mites, pollen, dust, or bacteria.

RANK#3:Marcapiuma Mattress Latex Marriage H2 Medium

If you have a tight budget, but you want a quality product, our customers recommend the Naturconfort Conforsac model as a good option if you are looking for the best price-quality latex mattress, because it is ideal for the whole family, as it offers in the right measure comfort and firmness to rest pleasantly and recover all your energy after hours of sleep.

This 135x200cm mattress is distinguished by being a combination of pocket springs with a latex padding on both sides. Users highlight the neat and hygienic finish of this mattress by the Oko-tex and anti-mite treatment it has.

Because of its size, it serves the couple. The preparation of individual pocket springs guarantees the independence of movements between one body and the other, making sleeping with another person comfortable.

With the support of the Naturconfort brand, this mattress is guaranteed five years with our customers’ quality certified.

If you have not yet decided which latex mattress to buy, you may want to know the most outstanding features and the possible disadvantages that the Conforsac model gives you: by studying them, you will have more elements to make a correct choice.



Ithas seven different su pport areas that help keep the spine aligned and build up PressurePressure on the muscles.


Its cotton cover offers freshness, is removable, and tolerates wash temperatures of up to 60ºC for more exceptional hygiene.


The different quality certifications available to the model give confidence regarding the efficiency of the mattress.


Due to the treatments to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mites, and fungi, it offers a rest free of related toxins, which can generate unfavorable reactions in people sensitive to these organisms.




Although the mattress is offered as high density, some users have considered it softer than expected, but agree that it is very comfortable.


RANK#4:Naturconfort Pocket spring mattress

If you have a tight budget, but you want a quality product, our customers recommend the Naturconfort Conforsac model as a good option if you are looking for the best price-quality latex mattress, because it is ideal for the whole family, as it offers in the right measure comfort and firmness to rest pleasantly and recover all your energy after hours of sleep.

This 135x200cm mattress is distinguished by being a combination of pocket springs with a latex padding on both sides. Users highlight the neat and hygienic finish of this mattress by the Oko-tex and anti-mite treatment it has.

Because of its size, it serves the couple. The preparation of individual pocket springs guarantees the independence of movements between one body and the other, making sleeping with another person comfortable.

With the support of the Naturconfort brand, this mattress is guaranteed five years with our customers’ quality certified.

If you have not yet decided which latex mattress to buy, you may want to know the most outstanding features and the possible disadvantages that the Conforsac model gives you: by studying them, you will have more elements to make a correct choice.




Thanks to its chenille fabric, it offers a velvety and soft touch for comfortable use.


Your 5-year warranty builds confidence regarding its durability.


It is certified by Pko-tex treatment and anti-mites for a healthy rest.




Some users might consider the spring system as old for a mattress; however, due to its combination with the latex, it provides excellent support and is comfortable.


RANK#5:Dreaming Kamahaus Mattress 100% Latex

On this occasion, Dreaming Kamahaus presents its LATEXP14 model, which has a 65 kg latex core for each cubic meter. It has a microperforated system that will help breathability and lengthen its life.

Also, it has an antiallergic system that will help keep mites, lice, fleas, ticks, fungi, and bacteria away so you can rest in a very calm way since these are the leading causes of allergies.

On the other hand, this model has a breathable system and seven comfort zones, which optimizes the rest individually for each of the body parts so that you can recover the energy that you have lost during the day. It also has an outer case of breathable aloe vera and an interior made of cotton that is responsible for protecting the core.

If you want to buy a latex mattress so that your body can rest in a very comfortable way, you can consider the advantages offered by this model presented by Dreaming Kamahaus.




The latex core provides stiffness and breathability so you can rest, reduce pressure and stress levels.


The dimensions of this Dreaming Kamahaus mattress are spacious enough for up to 2 people to rest comfortably.


It has seven comfort zones, which are ideal for each body part to rest appropriately.




This model has one of the highest rates compared to the other products listed, so you will have to raise your amount to invest in acquiring it.


If you are used to using great mattresses, this model may not be the one for you, since it barely reaches 18 centimeters.


RANK#6:Pikolin Mattress Latex 21 CM

The softness that characterizes the latex combined with a layer of Oxygel provides a comfortable rest and at a pleasant temperature throughout the night with the Pikolin B00IWR8HEO, which has been listed as an appropriate option if you are looking for the best latex mattress on the market.

With a height of 21cm, this latex mattress 150 × 190 is distinguished by being breathable, antiallergic, and non-deformable. Also, the 100% latex block has a pleasant elastic and a soft texture for users, because it adapts to any movement we make when sleeping.

For years, the latex mattresses were very hot, but the Pikolin is athermic, which allows a constant flow of heat to ensure total comfort to the users.

On the other hand, the padded covers made with a special polyurethane have high adaptability. The fibers have a high level of recovery to return to their original state, fulfilling all the customers.

Because of the quality that the Pikolin brand offers for articles for rest, it could also be rated as the best brand of latex mattresses. We invite you to review the remarkable features of your LATEX 21 model so that you know it.




Thanks to its materials, allow the passage of air, prevent the accumulation of odors, and maintain its freshness.


By the antibacterial and anti-mite treatment is a mattress that prevents the proliferation of these pests.


Since it has a layer of Oxygel, the mattress maintains a constant and pleasant temperature that favors rest.

Triple barrier:

Thanks to this technology, an excellent adaptation to the contours of the body is achieved, which helps to relax the muscles, especially.


Due to the manufacturing materials, this mattress has excellent resistance to the passage of time, so it is considered non-deformable.




Its firmness is considered medium to low, so it is advisable to find this aspect in case you have been recommended to buy a mattress with a high density.


How to use a latex mattress

There is nothing better in this life than resting comfortably on a right latex mattress after long and hard hours of work or exhausting workout routines. These are the reasons why we will offer you a set of recommendations that will allow you to learn more about your latex mattress and use it.

Soft and comfortable

When using a latex mattress, you will have the full security of resting comfortably after a tiring day, thanks to the fact that these mattresses are warm, soft, and quickly adopt any position you take while sleeping to avoid ailments.

You stay without pain.

Another point in favor that you will find when using a latex mattress is that when resting, you will not feel back pain or other ailments. While you relax on these latex mattresses, it will keep the spine with correct alignment, thus avoiding annoying pains.

Nice temperature

When you use a latex mattress, your body will always feel a pleasant warmth when you rest, no matter what time of the year you are, since these products maintain a cold temperature during the hot seasons and provide heat during the cold times.

Maintain the hygiene of your latex mattress

Your family will no longer run any risk of contracting any illness due to the causes of the batteries they come into contact with while they sleep in their latex mattresses because they incorporate very soft covers that protect them.

Besides, you can remove them periodically to machine wash them at certain temperatures, which will eliminate mites and other bacteria. After leaving the cover clean, let it dry and cover the mattresses again.

Forget allergies

Most of these mattresses have antiallergic systems; These systems allow users to enjoy rest without having those annoying allergy problems that affect even the most massive sleep.

These hypoallergenic latex mattresses give users a plus, as rest will be favored and will not be interrupted since to rest not only enough to lie down but to have adequate conditions that allow a restful sleep and rest.

Place it properly

For your latex mattress to last for many years in good condition, you must pay attention when placing it correctly. The bed must be on a flat surface, and it must be fully supported since if the tips or any part of the mattress is in the air, this will cause a deformation of the mattress, which will prevent it from fully complying with all its benefits and at the same time It will influence its useful life.


To be more confident and calm that when using the latex mattress will have the expected results, it is convenient to review the certification. Most good latex mattresses bring with them certifications that prove it as a quality product; however, if yours does not have those certifications, you should not worry, because these mattresses themselves have excellent benefits, which results in providing a good rest and a restful sleep.     


The most popular brands

Here are three brands promoted by users when acquiring latex mattresses. These manufacturing companies stand out for their experience in the market and for the development of technologies that favor rest.

This Spanish company was born in 1948, in Zaragoza, as a manufacturer of metal beds. At that time, it had the name of Alfonso Soláns Serrano and had only seven workers.

After 11 years, the search for a new store became necessary due to the high demand for its merchandise, which led to the growth of the factory, the expansion to 18 branches, and the adoption of Pikolin as a new commercial name. On its 25th anniversary, it inaugurated the modern plant that it currently has, one of the largest in the world.

With 70 years in the market, Pikolin has established itself as one of the complete lines in the area dedicated to rest, as a manufacturer of mattresses, upholstered bases, wooden bases, fixed and articulated bed bases, pillows and other accessories for rest. It is one of the most innovative in the production of mattresses with all kinds of technologies: Normablock, Multiactif continuous thread, Multiair bagging, Cross System, Talalay Latex, Bultex, viscoelastic materials, and Gel, among others.

Pikolin products have been certified for ISO 9002 since 1996. With the update of the standard to its 9001: 2000 version, Pikolin improved its quality system in 2003, making it one of the brands to take into account Time to choose products for rest.

Established in the European market since 2007, the Naturalex brand is another of the benchmarks in the branch of products for rest, specifically in its specialty, the manufacture of mattresses. Its products, allied to comfort and technology, are manufactured with high standards of demand and quality. Each element used in the production of its mattresses, from viscoelastic foams to toppers, are cared for and supervised to achieve an excellent final finish.

In the last decade, he has stood out as one of the innovative companies in the area, after developing new forms such as high-density Thermosoft, Viscotex foam or Gel Fresh foam, ideal for the summer season. Additionally, its entire line of mattresses is equipped with a fresh air system, which improves perspiration, avoiding excess heat and humidity, ensuring a perfect rest every night.

In addition to mattresses, this brand is also dedicated to the manufacture of other implements associated with rest, such as mattress toppers, which help improve blood circulation and relieve muscle aches and box springs and pillows.

Located in Italy, Marcapiuma is a company dedicated to the manufacture of products to provide rest and comfort to people in their daily lives. He became known as a mattress manufacturer in 1911, and since then, for more than 100 years, he dedicated himself to improving the trade.

Besides, it focused on expanding its range of products to the manufacture of pillows and nets, attached to European standards, with certifications of the raw materials used, such as Oeko – tex and security systems with ISO 9001 version 2015 quality certificate. Its product line includes latex and foam cushions in different varieties: Bio Aloe, Gel Memory, and Slow Memory, which adapt to postures.

Likewise, among its main products are its latex mattresses, manufactured with the same technology, which guarantees maximum use of rest hours. Its products enjoy a high reputation among users, which highlight the properties of absolute rest, for their ability to adapt to the body shape, allowing the recovery of those most vulnerable parts of the body, such as the lower back, where it usually accumulates the stress of daily life.

Buying Guide

Although it seems like a recent innovation, latex mattresses have existed for several decades. After many studies and improvements, they are booming in the current market due to the series of advantages they provide, especially for their orthopedic characteristics that help maintain correct alignment of the spine during rest and to be soft and adapt quickly to movements and postures when sleeping.

There are hundreds of models and brands to choose from in the market, but before making a hurried purchase, it is worth investing a little time and reading the following guide to buying the best latex mattress on the market. You will know the necessary information about the most important characteristics that the chosen product must have to guarantee an intelligent investment of your money and for the well-being of the whole family.

Size and firmness

Regardless of whether it is the most economical or expensive on the market, the first thing that should be evaluated on any mattress is its size, if you want it, double or single size, and even for the baby’s crib. Latex mattresses are available in all sizes, so you must identify the bed’s capacity to know which mattress you need and thus limit your search quickly.

You must know that having a medium-high firmness is characterized by latex mattresses, which is why they are recommended for the elderly, which, when losing muscle mass over the years, require a bed where the points do not sit PressurePressure when sleeping, which guarantees optimal rest for anyone.

Resistance and temperature

Latex mattresses stand out for their resistance to sinking and aging since specialized studies have been carried out that show that after ten years, these mattresses have only lost a minimum percentage of their initial firmness and height, resulting in an economical and durable product.

In addition to this vital aspect, most latex mattresses are soft to the touch. They have the ability to quickly adapt to any type of body, providing a pleasant temperature during rest regardless of the season, even when it is believed to be hotter than conventional mattresses.

One of the recent improvements in latex mattresses is related to temperature since breathable fabrics are used on the covers that cover the latex to provide an efficient flow of heat that it retains during cold nights, and that circulates in the summer.

Natural and synthetic latex

Although natural latex is the sap extracted from the rubber tree, its combination with manufactured products that optimize the properties of the natural one is required for its treatment in almost any product. It is challenging to get a mattress that is 100% natural latex, but this does not affect its benefits.

If you opt for a product of this type, you should make sure that they give you your guarantee certificate that it is a natural latex mattress. Mattresses combined with natural and synthetic resin are much more durable and economical for consumers, without compromising the advantages of sleeping on a latex mattress since synthetic compounds give more exceptional durability and enhance the characteristics of natural latex.

So, when comparing latex mattresses, you should carefully review this aspect, so you don’t pay more than you should.


There is a belief that latex mattresses are anti mites, which is not entirely true, since mites do not live or develop inside the mattress latex base, but they do inhabit the tissue and fibers that cover the mattress. Therefore, it will have the same amount of mites as any other mattress, but with the advantage that many manufacturers place these removable covers with washing instructions so that you can wash them in the washing machine at different temperatures, and you can sterilize them at home.

For proper maintenance, it is advisable to aerate the mattress once a week and to avoid the accumulation of moisture from the mattress. The manufacturers suggest that the mattress support be made of wood or fiberglass sheets to ensure adequate perspiration. Avoid upholstered bed bases or laminated multilamines.


Buying a quality product depends not only on how much it costs but on the certifications it has. In Europe, there is Eurolátex, an association that since 1990 has concentrated the best manufacturers of latex foams for mattresses production, upholstery, and other rest products.

Eurolátex certified mattresses are guaranteed to comply with all European Union legislation that requires a coefficient more significant than 80% for resistance. Therefore, it is recommended that, before making a hurried purchase, review the certifications that the mattresses that are in your favorites list have.

With this information, we hope we have helped you to make it much easier to buy the best latex mattress on the market and provide the best rest for the whole family.

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