Best Mattress Covers For Dust Mites

The 5 Best Mattress Covers For Dust Mites-Buying Guide And Reviews Of 2020

Whether you want to take care of your mattress, preventing moisture and dirt from entering its core, as if you want to give a special touch of greater resistance to a used mattress, the best mattress covers for dust mites is an interesting alternative and at a more than adjusted cost. However, since your rest depends on it, it is necessary that you bet on quality models, with suitable, breathable materials and that take proper care of your comfort as well as take care of your mattress.

Among these models we find products such as the Savel Batista mattress cover, which thanks to its waterproof function allows you to protect the mattress from possible liquid spills, as well as sweat, to prevent the core from deteriorating prematurely. On the other hand, another alternative that may interest you is the modelDreamzie Anti-mite . It is made of cotton and has ample dimensions so you can cover your mattress correctly. In addition, it is breathable, waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Top 5 mattress covers – 2020 reviews

If you want to protect your mattress or improve its surface, the mattress cover is an economic tool with which to give a little more life to a mattress that is already weakened or to protect the inside of it adequately. Due to the varied functionality of these products, it is somewhat complex to know which is the best mattress covers for dust mites, since your specific needs may vary. That’s why we prefer to leave you with our selection of the best mattress covers for dust mites of 2019 with all kinds of products designed for diverse uses.


RANK#1: Savel Padded Protector Comfort Waterproof

This product is an alternative of high quality and resistance to cover the mattress and protect it from liquids; it also includes an anti-mite system beneficial to health and provides protection when resting.


Manufacturing materials

The Savel Batista model is made of polyester fabric and natural cotton in a proportion of 50% for each one. This facilitates the breathability of the mattress cover, thanks to its excellent ventilation and a high level of resistance durability.

It also incorporates padded padding that maximizes comfort during rest. According to the manufacturer, this filling is made of 100% polyester, and the base is 100% polyethylene.

The top layer of protection offers a high degree of impermeability, ensuring adequate protection in terms of moisture and dirt. Also, it comes in a beautiful white color, so it will not be noticed when you place the sheets.

Maximum protection

The mattress cover with its properties can extend the life of the mattress before its expiration, usually ten years. In the case of the Savel Batista, we have a suitable element to protect the mattress from both liquids and dust and dirt; it even has a hygienic system that repels mites and spores, which provides more excellent protection for allergy sufferers, minimizing respiratory problems.

On the other hand, this waterproof mattress cover adds softness and comfort to the mattress regardless of whether it is springs or foam. It has good acceptance among customers who have used it, thanks to its quality and effectiveness protection. Another plus offered by this model is that it is silent during rest since it makes no noise when you move in bed.

Easy maintenance

A significant advantage of the Savel Batista is that it can be machine washed at home since it does not require special maintenance techniques, it can be washed in the washing machine without using bleach and at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C so that it is clean and as Again, which is easy to do because it has no zippers. Also, it can be tumble dried in the normal cycle.

As for its assembly, it should be noted that this model adapts easily as a bottom sheet does, and therein lies its ease of use since it is easy to remove and put on. In this way, you can keep your mattress in optimal conditions for a longer time, making an economic investment.



  • This model stands out because it has a waterproof protective top layer, which in turn, is padded with soft cotton, suitable for taking care of the mattress of unexpected spills.


  • The fastening system of this mattress cover may not be efficient, especially if you move a lot while you sleep since it can come out just like a bedsheet.

RANK#2:Dreamzie Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

When you intend to choose a mattress cover, you must verify that it can meet all your expectations in a general way. That is great in terms of protection, quality, and design. This Dreamzie product comes in a white presentation and is made of cotton, which gives it softness. Also, it has polyurethane membranes that help prevent liquids from passing through it and can get to wet or stain the mattress with urine or drinks.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has dimensions of 150 x 200 centimeters, so it is ideal for you to cover your mattress of a square and a half or two seats without problems. At its edges, it has an elastic rubber that will help it not move out of place when there are movements during the day or night. It also has hypoallergenic properties that will keep dust, mites, fungi, pollen, germs, and bacteria at bay.

This is one of the mattress covers with the lowest price among the products listed, so here we present your most prominent pros and cons in case you are interested in knowing their qualities thoroughly.




This product has properties in its tissue that protect the user from mites, fungi, bacteria, dust, or pollen. Therefore, it is ideal for allergy sufferers.


Its waterproof properties prevent moisture or liquids from entering through it and may affect or stain the mattress.


It has elastic edges that will help keep the product on the mattress so that there are movements during the night.



Due to the protected characteristics, it provides a different opinion. However, if you put a sheet over it, after a few days, you will get used to it.


When moving over the mattress cover, you can hear sounds that can disturb you.


RANK#3:Pikolin Home Mattress Protector curl Waterproof and breathable.

 When it comes to protecting your mattresses, the typical curl cover is still one of the cheapest and quality options. The Pikolin Home case is a comfortable and traditional cut model, which does not overwhelm when it is mounted as with other products.

The cover has an upper surface of a fully breathable cotton curl that adequately protects the mattress, incorporating an adjustment element similar to that of a fitted sheet.

A model presented in all types of measures, even having a mattress cover for cribs, up to models for King Size beds, so it is easy to have the best mattress covers for dust mites price-quality ratio of the moment as you need.

This mattress cover is waterproof, adapts to mattresses up to 32 centimeters high, and can be washed in a washing machine to leave it perfect without too many complications.

Pikolin Home is considered by many users as the best mattress covers for the dust mites brand, as it offers a wide variety of these covers with positive ratings among customers, as well as other products designed for comfortable rest for the whole family. Below we summarize the pros and cons of the Rizo cover of this brand.




Due to its 100% curly cotton construction, the texture of this cover is very soft, while allowing efficient perspiration during rest.


This product is waterproof, antiallergic, and is designed to last for many years, according to the manufacturer.


It can be machine washed and dried without any problems, making it easy to clean.




Due to its cover design, this model does not cover the bottom of the mattress. Fill: Several customers claim that it is much thinner than they expected to be a Pikolin product.


RANK#4:Pepitas Mattress Protector / Mattress Cover Waterproof Padded

 The Pekitas mini crib mattress cover is one of the cheapest models we can find, although it is normal due to the product’s measures. However, the model has no quality problems, thanks, among other things, to its manufacture in cotton and polyester in equal parts.

This helps us keep the product in place and to be able to clean the mattress cover nicely. The cover protects the mattress and prevents problems such as the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that may affect your baby.

Besides, the design has high sweat, so that the product allows you to breathe so that your baby always has fresh air at bedtime.

To protect the mattress of your baby’s crib, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, which is why we suggest you review the characteristics of this protective cover of Pekitas, recommended by many users as the best mattress covers for dust mites for 10 euros. 




The PVC layer protects against spills and stains while preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.


The curly cotton composition gives an adequate level of sweat so that the baby stays calm and provides a soft surface for the child’s touch.


It is designed for any standard 50 x 80 cm mini crib mattress.




This cover is suitable for mattresses with a maximum height of 15 cm high.


RANK#5:CandidoPenalba Super Protector mattress waterproof curl

 The CándidoPenalba Supermodel offers just what you need, both on the side of protection and comfort.

This mattress cover has been manufactured entirely in cotton, allowing you to enjoy improved comfort, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This is a simple model to assemble, which prevents the mattress from getting wet accidentally.

The cover has a design suitable for beds up to two meters, with proper placement on the mattress so that it does not move or cause problems when resting.

And when necessary, the cover can pass through the washing machine, withstanding temperatures up to 60 degrees, to remove the most stubborn stains from its surface.

Another of the cheapest mattress covers of this selection is the Super CandidoPenalba model, noted for being resistant and washable, and for the positive ratings that customers have given it. Therefore, we invite you to know its positive and negative aspects.



It is made of 100% cotton, with a soft texture and a good quality finish.


Spill protection works efficiently, so it is recommended for mattresses for children and the elderly.


Its fitted sheet design allows you to place it on the mattress by adjusting it correctly.




Some customers say that the mattress covers have a plastic surface, but still express their satisfaction with the product.


The product may make some noise, considered normal by several users, and does not affect rest.


RANK#6:Savel Padded Protector Comfort Waterproof

 The Savel Batista mattress cover is a model designed to take care of the inside of your mattress correctly and safely. These waterproof mattresses cover fits perfectly to the surface of your mattress with a textile system that combines adequate protection with a high degree of comfort for your rest.

By absorbing and avoiding liquids, it prevents the mattress core from being affected by any accidental spillage, being easy to assemble and clean. As for the assembly, the product fits perfectly to the sides like a bottom sheet, without zippers or complications.

And to wash it, you just have to remove it and put it in the washing machine to make it perfect without complications. This quality product is might well be the best mattress covers for dust mites on the market due to its characteristics.

Many users consider that this product is the best mattress covers for dust mites of the moment, which is why we summarize its characteristics below so that you can make your own opinion and decide if it is the model you need.




The combined composition of polyester and cotton in equal parts provides the right level of sweat and resistance.


It is waterproof to protect the mattress from accidental spills while having an anti-mite treatment to provide more exceptional hygiene.


Does not make noise with movement or during rest. Washing: Machine washable without compromising its qualities.




This model is for 90 x 190 cm beds, so if you need one for a more substantial mattress, the manufacturer offers the same model in other sizes.


How to use a mattress cover

When we take care of and protect all the appliances and implementations of our homes, we are protecting the family’s health and economy. Therefore, the protection and care of our mattresses should not be overlooked, so we must have mattress covers that offer protection against moisture and dirt. These are the reasons you will find a set of recommendations that will allow you to put your mattress to good use.

Easy to install

When installing your mattress cover, it will be straightforward, since if it is a cover you can stretch the edges, which have rubber that will facilitate reaching to cover the mattress, thus remaining as a bedsheet.

Now, if, on the contrary, your mattress cover is zippered, the installation process is simple, since you only have to close the cover on the mattress completely, is completely covered. 


An important feature that you will find when using your mattress cover is that it has a waterproofing system that will not allow any liquid that spills accidentally to pass inside the mattress since this will be fully supported by the mattress cover, which you can then remove and wash, leaving again as new.

Take advantage of your comfort.

Another fundamental aspect that you will get when protecting your mattress with a bedspread is that you will have a pleasant and comfortable sleep because these products incorporate an upper part made of cotton and polyester chosen with the highest quality controls that will guarantee one of the best breaks during its use.

Use it

You will think that this recommendation is more than evident. However, we all know that the cabinets are full of items of all kinds that are never used, therefore, use your mattress covers, do not leave it in a closet or drawer while your mattress deteriorates with continuous use and the passage of time; Always put it on your bed and keep your mattress as new for many years.

Enjoy your bed

Sometimes, we do not enjoy the bed as we would like to take care of the mattress, so we avoid playing there with the children, lie down for a snack watching a good movie, have breakfast or dinner in bed, in short, we deprive ourselves of enjoying our bed.

Placing your mattress on your bed, you can enjoy your bed at ease, whether playing with your children, grandchildren or nephews, eating, drinking, knowing that your mattress will not suffer any damage, so without more excuses to enjoy the bed.

Improve your mattress

If your mattress is somewhat worn and has unevenness that affects both its appearance and rest, you can use your mattress cover to remedy it, since they are mostly provided with a suitable surface that not only protects the mattress but also provides excellent comfort and at the same time fill in that unevenness, giving a good appearance and an attractive finish when laying the bed.

Easy maintenance

Currently, mattress covers are easy to wash; the vast majority can be machine washed without any problems; however, it is always convenient to follow the manufacturer’s washing recommendations.


The most popular brands

A mattress cover is a product designed with a double purpose. On the one hand, it offers us a more pleasant and soft surface on which to rest and, on the other, it serves as a protection system for our mattresses. For this and much more, acquiring quality products and excellent performance is something we should all aspire to. In this new section, we offer you a quick look at some of the most popular manufacturers of the moment so that you can, in this category of articles, know the products that dominate the trends.

Although the company adopted the name of Pikolin in 1959, it began its activities in 1948 with a small workforce of only seven employees in the Spanish city of Zaragoza. Today, 70 years later, the commercial network that makes up the brand has 27 branches and various factories scattered throughout several communities in the European territory and also two production factories in Southeast Asia.

As is evident, all these years of experience have served to grow the company far beyond the local market. The Pikolin group ranks as the second most important business group in Europe, leading the rest market.

It is essential to mention that all this success and expansion have not been causal. Although Pikolin started as a small business dedicated to the manufacture of brass beds and metal bed bases, its founder Alfonso Solans always maintained an innovative spirit. They focused on the continuous improvement of its products. Today, its catalog of options offers a wide variety of items in the following categories: mattresses, pillows, bases and couches, bed bases, and other accessories.

Procave is a company of German origin that prides itself on being a promoter of the unique quality of products made in Germany and exporting to Europe and the world the best creations for its niche market. As a company, it focuses on the mission of offering its clients a restful sleep knowing that a quality dream is vital for the physical and mental health of individuals.

As you will notice, the company has one of the most rigorous quality control systems, through which they manage to offer each of its customers the best finishes. To achieve this, they pay close attention to the details of the conception of their creations, but, very mainly, they focus their efforts on obtaining high-quality materials and meticulous artistry.

Both features combined are the key to the durability and longevity of your items. The range of products that the brand has includes a small variety of the following creations: mattresses, low beds, quilts, mattress covers, special pillows, storage bags, toppers, and much more.

Finally, we find Velfont as another company worth mentioning in the list of popular brands. This company has been active in the market since 1971, so today, it has an impressive trajectory of almost 50 years serving the rest area.

The signature behind this brand is VELAMEN, SAA Spanish company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and production of high-quality textile articles. Its focus has been the satisfaction of the most demanding customers in the market, trying to offer the best solutions to all who show interest in their creations. As a company, it focuses its objective and mission on providing its customers a product on which to rest comfortably and, thus, contribute to a more relaxed and healthier lifestyle.

In addition to placing great emphasis on the quality of its creations, this company has grown due to its ingenuity. Maintains constant attention to the trends and needs of the moment and seeks, through its productions, the launch of products that meet those needs.

Buying guide

Whether you want to protect your mattress or if you prefer to give a push to a product that is damaged and requires additional firmness, the full range of mattress covers offers you what you need to achieve this goal. In both cases, our guide to buying the best mattress covers for dust mites on the market is highly recommended precisely so that you purchase the perfect, economic model and adapt to what you need to take care of your rest better.

Type of mattress cover

In any comparison of mattress covers that we read in the network or that we make ourselves, we will distinguish different types of models that have varied applications according to what you need. However, both are summarized in two main blocks of products: the mattress covers with cover function to adequately protect the interior. At the same time, the other model is the toppers or mattress covers, giving more comfort to your rest.

In the case of models designed to protect the mattress, they are designed to prevent moisture, dirt, or accidental spillage of liquids from affecting your interior. This requires that the product have a simple assembly and be adjusted appropriately. By the way, if you want even more excellent protection, look for waterproof and full-length cut models that protect both the upper area and the flanks.

In topper mattress covers, we have a padded area, which is located on the top of the mattress, giving you greater comfort when resting. These toppers have a more excellent resistance, depending on the material from which they have been manufactured, as well as the density and height of the area. In any case, this continues to provide excellent comfort when resting, adjusted to what you need.

Manufacturing materials

When talking about stuff, it is necessary to make a distinction again in the type of mattress covers that we are commenting on, since their manufacture and the different applications differ in this matter. Keep that in mind, since the difference in how much one model costs compared to another may be worth it if it gives you greater comfort during use.

In the case of protective mattress covers, it is usually made of cotton, with a polyester part to provide further comfort for assembly and use. These are products that guarantee adequate protection of the bed against moisture and dirt. For this, it is advisable to check the top layer of protection and see that it is waterproof, to avoid these risks.

In topper mattress cover models, besides the above issues, it is also necessary to check the manufacturing material of the top plate and its thickness. This plate is made of viscoelastic material, but also similar ones, especially if we talk about an economic model.

In any case, it is necessary to have the required capacity so that the product can adequately support the weight when resting. The offer is vast, so you don’t have to worry about finding the most suitable model.

Mattress covers installation and maintenance.

As a third issue that we are going to assess among our advice, we talk about both the assembly and support that the product may require during its use.

Starting with this last aspect, the maintenance of the same generally does not require more than a matter of cleaning, is recommended that the mattress cover chosen is of sufficient quality to be washed in a washing machine without complications. And the higher the support wash temperature, the better.

As for the installation, although it is similar in both cases, the process indeed varies depending on whether we are talking about a cover type mattress cover than if it is a topper type model. In the case of the cover models, the usual thing is that they have rubber bands located at the bottom of the product, being fitted as if they were a simple bottom sheet. It facilitates assembly, although they can move a little on the bed.

To avoid this, there are also zipper mattress covers, which completely close the cover on the mattress and have no movement. The drawback is that the assembly of the product is much more complicated than in the previous case. Something similar happens with the toppers for reinforcement.

To prevent them from moving, they include covers that are mounted on the top, of high rigidity, and additional strips that make the assembly process more complicated. You will have to arm yourself with strength and patience to achieve it.


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