Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain

The Best Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Among the advantages of using the best memory foam pillow for neck pain, we find that the posture of the body improves significantly so that the person experiences changes in their sleep habits and health in general. If you want to choose one, you must find out aspects such as its shape and structure, if it includes its respective washable cover, if it is easy to store or take with you where you need it, the thickness of the filling, etc.

Users say that the Camapolis Aloe Vera model is the best option when choosing a memory pillow, because it has an adequate density, it has a double cover, interior and exterior for better care and use, without being too heavy, with ideal measures for adapt to different sizes and designs of beds. In another proposal, we have the modelPikolin Home Essential with maximum ergonomics for neck and back; the case has a zip closure and is machine washable.


What is the best memory foam pillow for neck pain on the market?

A good rest is not something we only need but also deserve. We spend most of the day in multiple activities, some with a more physical load than others. Still, even when we have an office job where we are sitting for many hours, rest time is necessary, in the same way as the teacher of works deserves an optimal rest, so does the clerk. That is why we have created this guide to buy the best memory foam pillow for neck pain that we hope will be of great help if you are trying to acquire a good and economical one.


What is the best memory foam pillow for neck pain of 2020?

The viscoelastic is a novel material with a pleasant memory effect, which adapts gently to the contour of the shapes, which is widely used in the making of pillows. If you are looking for one of these anatomical products, we invite you to check the characteristics of these highly appreciated models.

Recommended Products

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RANK#1:Camapolis Aloe Vera

Camapolis is a recognized brand that has in its catalogue good options of viscoelastic pillows so you will be acquiring a product of good quality and duration that you can enjoy for a long time.

Main Features Explained


Viscoelastic pillows have many benefits in terms of posture and comfort, so they become the favourite of many people. When you go to buy any of these pillows, you may have to take a look at the characteristics of each one and make sure you invest in the best one.

As far as advantages are concerned, we consider that the Aloe Vera model of Camapolis could be a great acquisition because, with the purchase of it, you will get two pillows. That is, you can use one for yourself and one for your partner and both with the same quality, hardness and comfort.

Generally, in the main rooms, the beds are queen or king size, so this option will help you have them ready to rest very quickly and easily. Also, you will not have to bill twice for the same product which will save you time and, in some cases, money.


It is common for bedroom pillows to have protective covers. The use of covers has two main objectives; keep the pillow as clean as possible and combine with the bedding. In addition, they have the advantage of being able to be acquired in unlimited colours, designs, and sizes so that your bed always looks as you wish.

If you do not want to spend extra on acquiring a cover for your Camapolis pillow, we have good news for you since this option includes an inner cover designed to protect the padding and another outer cover.

The advantage stands out in the outer case. This has been treated with Aloe Vera, which will bring benefits for your skin, breathing, rest and even rejuvenation effects. In addition, Aloe Vera has a delightful aroma that can help you fall asleep more quickly and can keep your pillow as new for longer.


One of the main aspects in which you should look before deciding on a viscoelastic pillow is the dimensions of it. It is necessary that the pillow offers you enough space to accommodate comfortably and is also compatible with the size of your bed. Not being careful in this detail can bring you many discomforts and bad times.

Therefore, we consider it necessary for you to know that the Camapolis viscoelastic pillow is 70 centimetres long and 12 centimetres wide. With this, you can calculate if they have the right size to complement the rest.

According to the opinions of buyers, these pillows are quite recommendable in addition to having a medium hardness, perfect for treating neck, spine and back pain in general. Also, the viscoelastic material will offer you support at the key points to improve the quality of your rest and wake up like new.



  • One of the most practical and striking aspects of the Camapolis option is that it consists of a pack that includes two pillows. Therefore, it will be easy for you to complement your room with a single purchase.


  • Some consumers may consider that the outer fabric of yarn is a bit rough, but this is solved by placing a protective sheath of your liking.

RANK#2:Pikolin Home Essential

 The support provided by this Pikolon pillow is really of quality because it has a viscoelastic structure, where the weight distribution can be adequately done throughout the pillow, something that is not possible with conventional pillows.

In this sense, you can have an ideal position at all times, and keep the initial position throughout the night if you want.

In addition, you will reach a right level of relaxation of the neck and a correct rest of the spine, with support whose size is ideal for various people, with measures of 40 x 70 centimetres, reinforced with a double sheath, to prolong its useful time.

Likewise, the material of this pillow is entirely breathable so that air circulation is favoured, so it becomes more refreshing support, and humidity levels are reduced, which in many cases prefer the early deterioration of the pillow.

AHEAD or n, we detail the pros and cons of this option or n provided by Pikolin:




This pillow has an inner cotton cover and an outer Silk Touch microfiber cover, for greater comfort when resting.


Pikolin Home fabric is entirely breathable, allowing optimal airflow.

Price quality:

One of the most appreciated features of this model is its value for money, which is why most customers recommend it as a good investment.


Firmness and adaptability:

Although according to Pikolin this pillow has medium hardness and flexibility, some users have pointed out that it is tough and high, while for others, it is very comfortable. In the end, it’s about everyone’s tastes and needs.


RANK#3:Nou Futur size 90

 Another good option among cheap viscoelastic pillows is the Nou Futur . It is made in 100% viscoelastic with swiss form anti-pressure memory, of good adaptation, to improve blood flow and relieve cervical problems.

It also has a double sheath, a protective interior made of 100% polyester and an outer made of stretch Aloe Vera fabric combined with Intense thread, which is a carbon filament that releases the static tension accumulated during the day, to achieve A more relaxed break. It also eliminates bad odours and repels dust, making it ideal for asthmatic or allergic people.

This pillow adapts gently to the weight after the support, without bounces or thrusts, and also allows a free circulation of air, adjusting to body temperature for a calm and relaxing rest. The outer cover can be washed in a washing machine without losing its properties.

If you want first to try to see how you feel when sleeping with a visco-elastic pillow, one of the cheapest on the market is the Size 90 of Nou Futur thanks to the advantages it offers, which we identify for you:




One of the best features of the ECO – DE viscoelastic pillow is that you can buy it in its 70 or 90 version according to your preference for its size.


the 70 has dimensions of 14 x 70 x 40 centimetres and the 90 has 15 x 90 x 40, so they can be adapted to virtually any type of bed regardless of its kind.


and so that it can be easy to wash and maintain, the ECO – DE viscoelastic pillow has a zipper to remove its cover and soak it in a conventional washing machine.



Some clients consider that the pillow is a little hard, and it is uncomfortable if you are accustomed to sleeping under, so we recommend inserting its use to adapt.


Another customer recommends washing the pillowcases before using it because he considers that the factory smell is not very pleasant.


RANK#4:Dormisette Q995

 Dormisette is a well-known German brand with more than 125 years of experience in the textile industry, whose products have met, since 1993, the requirements of the OEKO TEX Standard 100 international certification, and its Q995 model represents the best quality viscoelastic pillow price of Our selection.

The core of the pillow is made of viscoelastic material with a density of 45 Kg / m³ with excellent resistance to pressure and thrust, to provide adequate rest.

It measures 61cm wide, 32 cm deep, 8.5 cm high on its low side, for those who like to sleep on its back, and 11 cm on its top side, for those who sleep on its side. It also has a slightly elastic and perfectly adjustable cover, made of 77% cotton and 23% polyester. Both are breathable and machine washable.

This cervical viscoelastic pillow offers ergonomic and comfortable headrest, guaranteeing the optimal discharge of the pressure generated in the back and neck area.

The best visco-elastic pillow of the moment will be able to offer you all the comfort and safety you need at bedtime, so we want to show you the best aspects of this option:



Support for:

The need to acquire a visco-elastic pillow comes from the desire of buyers to have a pillow that gives them an excellent night’s rest. This model stands out for having a design that offers proper support to the neck and back so that you can sleep pleasantly and wake up like new.


It has special padding present in Swiss-made pillows that is incredibly comfortable. In addition, this filler can be removed to be washed with plain water so that it can always maintain a pleasant smell and hygiene.


also, the fabric used to cover the pillow has a unique design that makes it quite breathable by allowing a proper flow of air to prevent the accumulation of bad odours in the cushion.


taking into account a large number of people around the world with a tendency towards allergies, the Dormisette team manufactured its Q995 visco-elastic pillow with completely anti-allergic materials to avoid respiratory problems in its users with reaction to the allergens.


Finally, we must emphasize that this viscoelastic pillow has a unique pressure reaction system that allows it to adapt to any type of head weight and even the same body heat of the person so that it becomes a precise space regarding the contour



 ECO-DE offers us another better viscoelastic pillow with its Eco-Al-70 model. This pillow adapts to the contours of the neck to prevent numbness and reduce muscular problems of the cervical and back, providing a feeling of comfort and softness.

In the same way, it is a thermo-variable pillow that helps reduce the excess temperature during the rest period, to maintain the feeling of freshness.

It measures 70 cm wide and 40 cm deep and includes a sheath made with elastic Aloe Vera fabric that provides therapeutic properties to the skin, such as counteracting the action of bacteria, regulating pH and stimulating dermal cells. The outer cover is zippered for easy placement and easy washing.

It includes a plasticized double handle cover that can be stored or transported.

It doesn’t matter if you know which visco-elastic pillow to buy because they all have significant pros and cons. It is a matter of knowing more or less what to expect from the different models so that you acquire the most suitable for you:




One of the best features of the ECO – DE viscoelastic pillow is that you can buy it in its 70 or 90 version according to your preference for its size.


the 70 has dimensions of 14 x 70 x 40 centimetres and the 90 has 15 x 90 x 40, so they can be adapted to virtually any type of bed regardless of its kind.


and so that it can be easy to wash and maintain, the ECO – DE viscoelastic pillow has a zipper to remove its cover and soak it in a conventional washing machine.





One buyer indicated that his head was not perfectly aligned with his spine, so he suffered from back pain. However, it seems to be a unique case among the central reviews.

Double case:

This model does not have a double cover, so you should be careful not to make the exterior too dirty.


RANK#6:Camapolis Aloe Vera

 The premium option among the best memory foam pillow for neck pain of 2020 is the Spanish brand Camapolis. It is a pack with a double viscoelastic pillow with aloe vera, which has a density of 50 Kg / m3 to provide cervical support and maximum adaptation to the natural shape of the neck, either face up or sideways.

Each one is 70 cm wide and 12 cm high. The core is manufactured with Tempo Comfort viscoelastic that provides a medium firmness, to accommodate the head without sinking, offering a soft and gradual comfort.

They have a double sheath in Aloe Vera stretch fabric with silver-coloured Lurex thread, which is very soft and pleasant to the contact. The outer covers have a zipper for easy placement and washing.

Both the pillows and the covers are breathable, adaptable and refreshing and have treatment against mites and bacteria, and offer a quiet, comfortable and restful rest.

One of the best memory foam pillow for neck pain maybe this model marketed by Camapolis with its Aloe Vera since it has certain significant advantages that we present below:




One of the best things you will get if you decide to acquire this option between visco-elastic pillows is that with the purchase of the box you can enjoy not only one but two pillows so that you can complete your bed with a single expense.


The Aloe Vera viscoelastic pillows from Camapolis have two types of covers; an interior for the filling of exclusive material and exterior to keep the previous one as clean as possible. This way, your pillow will always smell and look like new.


They have dimensions of 35 x 30 x 21 centimetres, so they are quite spacious and comfortable to rest both face-up and face down, sideways and as you prefer. In addition, they adapt well to the size of the beds.


And as a last beneficial fact, we want to inform you that these visco-elastic pillows have an average hardness and firmness of 13 centimetres +/- 1 centimetre, which is the degree preferred by many of the netizens.




A customer considers that the silver thread cover is a bit rough but highlights the comfort and firmness of the pillows.

How to use a viscoelastic pillow

Many people suffer from conditions such as muscle aches in the shoulder and cervical areas, severe snoring and other diseases due to poor sleeping positions. Fortunately, viscoelastic pillows offer an optimal solution to these situations quickly and easily, helping to support the strategic points of the body.


How to use according to the design

The design of viscoelastic pillows is designed according to the user’s preferred sleeping position since this depends on the effectiveness of the pillow when providing adequate support and comfort. The primary use of a pillow is to rest at night in a bed, and each person has their particular position to sleep, hence the role of the design.

For example, if you are one of the people who frequently change their posture during the night, the traditional rectangular shape of the pillows is made to adapt very well to each position you use to rest.

In case your way of sleeping is mostly lying on the side, either to the right or to the left, there is a pillow whose shape has a channel in the centre. This does not mean that you should not change to a different position, but you will thoroughly enjoy your benefit in this specific position. Finally, if you usually sleep on your back, this is the one that has a V design that is oriented for this purpose.

Consider its use

Viscoelastic pillows are also used in places other than a bed. Others are intended to be used in the furniture of the room or the seat of some means of transport such as an aeroplane or a bus, even if you are a passenger in a car, especially if the trip is extended, since the end. It is the same, provides rest and comfort. So you have to look for the pillow for the specific use you want to give it since they vary in shape and density.

Always perform proper maintenance.

Performing proper maintenance of a viscoelastic pillow will not only keep it always hygienic, which is very important, but it will also help not to affect the composition of the material and, therefore, its shape. This will provide the right conditions to enjoy its benefits and comfort for a long time.

Hygienically, care must be taken that it is always clean and with a good appearance since it is used continuously and is in contact with body fluids such as sweat and, even, saliva, can acquire undesirable odours, so the cover that covers the Pillow should be washed periodically.

Another important aspect is to take care that the pillow maintains its natural shape or design. In this sense, do not put heavy objects on it for a long time. Although a property of this type of material is that it returns to its natural form after use, if too much time is exposed to a lot of weight, its shape can be affected until its design is altered. It should also not be folded.


The most popular brands

Viscoelastic pillows provide you with a higher level of rest, because they adapt to the shape of your body, to allow you to have excellent support in the head and cervical area. If you want to make sure that you are going to make the correct purchase, it is essential that you look at its shape and the quality of materials. According to the opinions of the users, the following brands stand out in the elaboration of these products.

This company began its functions in 1995 with the manufacture of household appliances and other household equipment. Its main philosophy is to offer unique products; For this reason, they focus on the development of environmentally friendly, quality appliances that guarantee greater comfort for Cecotec brand users.

They focus on the production of a wide range of home equipment, such as programmable pots, blenders, juicers, grill ovens, kitchen robots, knife sets, pans, microwaves, irons, electric blankets, dryers, deep fryers, mixers, different types of vacuum cleaners and sports equipment such as treadmills, spinning bicycles and others.

It has a line called Recolax dedicated to the design of products for the comfort of users, among them the different types of massage chairs, mattresses of different sizes, headboards of various fabrics and pillows.

They make a whole variety of pillows. These are made from different materials, such as latex, acticarbon, flake, graphene, and gel; Among these, the viscoelastic ones stand out, which adapt quickly to the shape of the body. Users recommend them for their level of quality, duration, and ability to relieve tension in different body areas and provide more rest.

They are recognized in different countries of the world because since 1971 they manufacture various types of home textiles. Their more than 45 years of experience by Sabanalia brand in the manufacture of fabrics allows them to offer resistant models and according to the needs of the users.

Your home textile products can be used in different rooms and places of the house, either in the bedroom, bathroom or in the living room. They have lines dedicated to the production of quilts sheets, duvet covers, protectors, blankets, tablecloths, bedspreads, among other items made in different types of fabric and with a wide variety of designs.

They work with particular orders from their customers, making their products with the measures they require; It is for this reason and for the quality finishes that give each design that many users prefer and recommend it.

The models of pillows offered by the manufacturer are varied: there are them with fiberfill and viscoelastic; of the latter, there are presentations for daily and travel use. It is worth noting that they offer articles made of high-quality materials, to provide a right level of stability to the body and prevent you from suffering from neck and cervical pain.

Another brand recognized for the production of household products is Camapolis, which for 40 years has been dedicated to the manufacture of textile articles for rest, with which they aspire to guarantee higher levels of comfort, especially when relaxing.

This company is defined as a rest specialist. They have a range of products for the bedroom, among which stand out their mattresses, either viscoelastic, interlaced and crib, because their goal is to manufacture ones that meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Likewise, they manufacture upholstered and wooden canapés, articulated beds and nest, upholstered bases, headboards in different materials, complete bedroom sets, pillows, duvets, bed protectors, puffs and cervical collars among others.

They offer a variety of pillows, made in different types of materials such as carbon, feathers, graphene, gel and viscoelastic in several presentations: natural, unique for the cervical, breathable and flakes.

The models change according to the needs of the users; Some pillows are great and firm special for those who sleep on their side. There are also casualties, cribs, and travel. They are recommended because they usually adapt to the shape and weight of the head; For that reason, they provide optimal rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to soften a viscoelastic pillow?

The viscoelastic material is distinguished by its adaptability qualities, that is, if you have a viscoelastic pillow, its fibres can adapt to the weight of your head. However, they are pillows that at first may feel stiff; likewise, with the cold, they can also harden slightly. Therefore, if you want to remove some stiffness in your new pillow, you can easily do it by applying a little heat and crushing.

Start by placing the pillow inside a lining or cover, preferably with padding. If you don’t have the wadding at hand, you can use soft padding; The idea is that the viscoelastic is a bit isolated from direct heat. Then, proceed to light a thermal blanket or a warm pad (with medium temperature), place it on the pillow and let the heat soften it for a time of approximately 15 minutes.

You can also put the firm pillow on a dry and hard surface. Once there, hit the viscoelastic firmly, either with a broomstick or with a carpet shaker. These blows favour the fibres to weaken and relax.


How to remove the bad smell of a viscoelastic pillow?

It is possible that strong perfumes, hair products, makeup, and even secretions and sweating, achieve an unwanted effect on the pillows, generating bad odours that could interfere with our sleep and rest. Therefore, regardless of the cushion you have, it is best to protect them and avoid this situation using good quality covers that prevent fluids from reaching the pillow.

In the particular case of viscoelastic pillows that are made of chemical materials, it is usually reasonable to initially emit a slightly unpleasant smell. However, this problem usually disappears with use and over time. Still, if you are a person susceptible to chemical odours, it is best to place your pillow in a ventilated place, so that it is aired and that the bad smell is eliminated.


How to recover a viscoelastic pillow?

To enjoy all the features offered by a viscoelastic pillow, it is essential to keep it in optimal condition. But unlike other pillows that can be washed either by machine or by hand, viscoelastic is generally a material that does not admit moisture or water, since it could lose its properties; Especially the memory effect. However, you must verify the label with the information supplied by the manufacturer in this regard.

To prevent the pillow from getting dirty, it is best always to use a breathable and waterproof cover, which still keeps both the exterior and its core protected. This cover should be changed and washed frequently. Otherwise, the accumulated dust could lead to the appearance of mites and bacteria.

However, there are cases in which accidents occur in which the pillow inevitably needs a thorough cleaning. To do this, it is best to clean it by hand, rubbing gently with a neutral soap, warm water, and a clean towel. Then, you should let it dry in a ventilated place and away from direct sunlight.

When to change a viscoelastic pillow ?

A right viscoelastic pillow provides an optimal rest for our cervical, and keeping it in perfect condition is essential to take advantage of all its qualities. Therefore, to achieve a good rest, experts recommend changing the pillow after two years of use, depending on the quality of the material and the care given.

However, the shelf life of a viscoelastic pillow is not as accurate as it is believed, and its expiration date is not determined with scientific accuracy. For this reason, the most suitable thing is that it is the sleeper himself who decides when to replace his pillow, which would come at the moment he perceives that he is not fulfilling his task.

Therefore, if you notice that the pillow has lost its comfort properties and far from providing optimal rest, what causes are muscle injuries, or if the weight distribution produces deformities and does not balance adequate comfort; The time has come to replace it with a new model.


Shopping guide

Why should you use the best memory foam pillow for neck pain?

Discomfort in the neck and back are widespread in people of all ages and various professions. One of the main reasons for the pains has to do with the posture of the body: an incorrect movement when we are inclined to take something from the floor, long hours sitting in seats that do not comply with the basic rules of ergonomics and especially something to which oddly, we don’t pay attention to you, our bed and pillow.

While an inappropriate chair can wreak havoc on our body and a backrest or cushion can make a big difference, the same happens with the pillow when we are lying down. A poorly designed pillow can make pains appear where there were none and increase the discomfort we always had. On the contrary, a right pillow can make all the pains disappear gradually.


The material that seems to be carving as far as rest is concerned is polyurethane foam or “memory foam”, a type of viscous and elastic rubber that adapts almost magically to the shape of the body, so it is used both to make mattresses to make pillows.

Viscoelastic pillows are becoming fashionable in many countries because they offer support to the upper back, neck, and head, adopting the shape of each body for a virtually therapeutic personalized use. But we know that there are more and more viscoelastic pillows available in the market, which makes choosing the best one for us more complicated.

The best pillow does exist and is the one that best suits your needs. We could say that all viscoelastic material share the same purpose of adapting to the weight, shape and body temperature of each person to provide as much comfort as possible. But if you are making a comparison of viscoelastic pillows, it is better to pay attention to some characteristics that can make them better or worse according to each case. You will see that the price can also vary from one model to another, but before asking how much it costs, let’s see the following tips.


In this case, it is not only the external aspect, which is also essential and has to do with the user’s taste but above all, we refer to the shape of the pillow, and that will directly influence the type of rest it offers.

There are many different forms, but mainly five: the traditional ones that have a rectangular shape like the pillows of a lifetime, only that they are made of viscoelastic material, therefore they are more comfortable. Some have contours, are rectangular but offer support for the neck, and the head is embedded in the channel, these also allow to support the upper part of the back depending on the use that you want to give it.

There are viscoelastic pillows that are shaped like a cylinder and are used to watch television in the chair, sleep, or take a trip in the car or plane. Finally, some have a unique V-shape to improve the posture of the neck, very useful for those people who have frequent pains in that area.


This feature depends a lot on the preferences of the user and also on the physiotherapist’s recommendations in individual cases. It is the thickness and is usually indicated in Kg / m3.

This influences the hardness and softness of the pillow, but not everyone needs the same density, so it is advisable to discuss this point with a professional. Now, in cases where there is no primary condition, we prefer a pillow with a density of around 40 Kg / m3, which guarantees a pleasant rest. Either way, remember that these pillows adapt very well to the weight and shape of each person.

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