The 5 Best Pouf Armchairs – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Relaxing at home is also possible on an ottoman armchair: this object allows you to furnish your space in a very informal way. The external coating can help you reduce the time spent cleaning, especially if it is eco-leather or PVC. The interior, except for rare cases, is in polyester or foam rubber, which gives the structure softness and ensures that the limbs are well stretched. You can choose from the many sizes available, the one most suitable for your home.

Consult our guide to check what are the criteria to follow in order not to make the wrong choice. If you don’t have time, here is a preview of our preferences. In the first place, we put CAB XXL FAUX LEATHER, with a large seat, ideal for those who intend to relax. The padding and lining make it comfortable and beautiful to show. Immediately afterwards comes Casa Dea, in easy-to-wash eco-leather. Its availability in various colours allows you to choose your favourite one.

Comparison table of the Best Pouf Armchairs

CAB Pouf Sack Armchair XXL Black Faux Leather Meas. 95 X H.130 Double Zipper Double FINISH

The strength of this Cab pouffe armchair is its XXL size, which makes it ideal for both adults and children. It measures 95 x 130 cm and guarantees a full seat that will make you feel comfortable.

The cost of this article is quite high, so it is not suitable for those who have the primary intention of saving. You may have to turn to something different if you don’t want to go beyond a tight budget.

It combines the softness of its padding with the modernity of its eco-leather upholstery, available in many different colours, from which to choose your favourite.

13Casa, Dea, Beanbag, Blue, 70 x 110 cm

This pouf armchair by 13casa is suitable for those who need a not too bulky piece of furniture. Its dimensions are ideal for a medium-sized apartment, ensuring a comfortable seat, without having to occupy an excessive portion.

The flaw reported by several users is too insufficient space, which makes this article ideal for children and not for adults. It will, therefore, be beautiful in your children’s room.

You will not have to spend a lot to have this object at home, given its competitive price, so much so that you can buy more pieces to share the relaxation of your children’s friends.

Lumaland Armchair Pouf Puff Luxury XL Plus Comfortline 220 lt Reinforced seams Black

The strength and innovation of this Lumaland pouf armchair lie in the material used for the padding. These are, in fact, Styropor pearls, patented by the company, which make the seat comfortable and give it excellent stability, preventing it from sinking.

Not all users are happy with the fill, which appears excessive. For this reason, many decide to eliminate some of them. Furthermore, if you want to wash the lining, you must empty it.

The price of this article is very reasonable, especially given the quality of its components and the positive aesthetic impact. It will, therefore, also be a solid piece of furniture.

The 5 Best Pouf Armchairs – Ranking 2020

Here you can find the five most valid models among those present online. Take a look at our buying advice if you don’t know how to choose an excellent ottoman armchair.

  1. CAB Pouf Sack Armchair XXL Black Eco-leather

 Deciding which pouf armchair to buy isn’t accessible if you don’t have a clear idea. If your primary requirement is to have a spacious one, you have to lean towards an astronomical model, on which you can relax while watching TV or reading a book.

The cab offers an XXL article, which measures 95 x 130 cm and is, therefore, suitable for both adults and children. The padding is in polystyrene spheres, which make it comfortable and satisfy many users for the softness they give to the armchair. They also do not contain harmful substances, which can harm health and pollute the environment.

The coating is instead in eco-leather, very resistant to external stresses and which can be easily washed with a sponge and soap. The hinge allows you to intervene and fill the pouf, even more, when necessary.

It is available in a large variety of colours but has a reasonably high price, so you have to be willing to spend something extra to get it.


  1. 13 House, Goddess, Sack Armchair

 By comparing the various models on the web, you could be convinced by one of the best ottoman armchairs of 2020. 13casa offers an article that we considered among the most valid on the market.

It is a product with small dimensions (110 x 70 cm), which will not occupy too much space inside a medium-sized apartment. It is also very light and easy to move, so it can also be used in different rooms, without having to struggle to transport it.

The external covering is in eco-leather, easy to wash, resistant to scratches and use, as well as giving a tone of elegance to the environment in which it is placed.

However, some consumers point out that the seat is tiny, so much to relegate its use to children. The large variety of colours available allows you to choose according to your needs. The price is quite low and suitable for all budgets.


  1. Lumaland Pouf Puff Luxury XL Plus Armchair

 One of the most valid offers, among those that we have been able to examine, is the best ottoman armchair for those who want to save money. Lumaland has created an article with an accessible price, without making you give up on quality.

The first aspect that strikes is its format, which contains 220 litres and therefore has a large size, which is suitable for both adults and children. The filling is not composed of the usual polystyrene but of an element patented by the company, or the Styropor spheres, which guarantee stability to the seat.

However, some users complain of the excessive amount of pearls, so much so that many decide to empty the armchair a little. The upholstery is in velvety fabric, very helpful to the touch and available in a large variety of colours that allow you to choose the one you prefer.

The product is removable, but to wash the exterior, you must necessarily empty it, an operation that is inconvenient for all those who want to maintain total hygiene.


  1. Bean Bag Large Armchair with Folding Backrest

 A very convenient product, among those sold online, is the pouf armchair by MaxiBean, which stands out for its lightness. It can be easily moved wherever you want and even used outdoors.

Its coating is in fact in water-repellent polyester, so it is also suitable for environments such as the garden or a swimming pool. It must comply with fire safety standards to ensure your safety.

Its dimensions are 95 x 75 cm but what characterizes it is the height of one meter of the backrest. This detail is comfortable for people of medium height while it is not very valid for those who are very tall since they cannot enjoy a headrest. On the other hand, the fact that the backrest can be reclined is positive, making it even more comfortable and relaxing to sit.

The available colour is black, which goes well with any environment and therefore should not be relegated to a specific room.


  1. Intex 68569 Sack Armchair

 We conclude our review with one of the best selling ottoman armchairs on the web: that of Intex. What attracts customers is its meagre cost and the ability to use it when necessary and to store it in a small space if it is not needed.

It is, in fact, an inflatable model, covered in flocked material, therefore ideal for both indoors and outdoors. To fill it just a pump, which will allow you to use it as soon as possible. Its dimensions are 107 x 104 x 69 cm, therefore sufficient to accommodate an adult. The seat, however, is a bit small for some users who do not appreciate its comfort and believe it is more suitable for a child.

Also, this product must be used with all the necessary attention, as it can be easily pierced. Even if different colours are available, it is not always possible to choose the desired one, as the company does not guarantee this service.


How to use an ottoman armchair

The pouffe armchairs are comfortable and practical complements to enjoy pleasant moments of peace and relaxation and, in recent years, they have become real design objects to furnish any type of environment with style.

Given the versatility of these accessories, many designers, while leaving their original function unchanged, have created poufs of the most varied shapes and sizes, to make both indoor and outdoor spaces functional and welcoming.


The pouf should adapt to the surrounding furnishings and, to find the one that can perfectly match the stylistic imprint of the home, you need to think about what the visual impact will be that the complement will have in that particular place.

If the style is more classic, then you will have to opt for a more straightforward and more essential model; for the more modern ones, a more extravagant shape and colour will have a much more impactful effect.

For offices and meeting rooms; however, those with a sober and elegant design will be more suitable, to make the space formal but welcoming at the same time.

Where to place it

Before purchasing, it is essential also to identify the place where you will place your armchair. If you intend to integrate the outdoor furniture, it is necessary to choose a reliable and waterproof accessory, which resists weathering as much as possible.

As for the interior spaces, the lounge pouffes have a more suitable structure for sitting or resting your feet; those for the bedroom are, on the other hand, more decorative and can be placed at the foot of the bed so that you can put your clothes on before going to sleep. They can even be placed in the bathroom, but they must be made of materials suitable for a humid environment and, even in this case, they can act as practical supports.

Not just for decorating

The poufs are very versatile and can be used, not only to sit comfortably or to lie down but also as practical tables. Very useful, then, are the container models for storing furnishings and various objects, also solving any space problems.

You can even listen to your favourite music thanks to the innovative music poufs, equipped with a USB port or a Bluetooth connection to connect your mobile device and create an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere.

They can also become beautiful objects for your children to play, furnishing their bedrooms with an accessory with bright shades or with the shape of funny animals.

Quality and materials

The choice of materials varies according to the function of the accessory: if it will only serve as a decorative element, it is better to prefer a synthetic or even more expensive material, such as leather or eco-leather; if, on the other hand, it will be used as a footrest or as a seat, we suggest that you prefer quality raw materials, which make the complement more resistant to wear and mistreatment.

The most popular poufs are those in PVC because they are much more robust and practical to clean, and being a waterproof fabric, it will also be possible to place them outside.

If the product is intended for children or babies, a certified fabric that does not contain substances dangerous to their health is better, even better if it is anti-allergic.

In any case, we advise you not to be seduced too much by savings but to carefully evaluate the product invoice, looking for the right compromise between quality and convenience.

Buying Guide – How to choose the best ottoman armchair?

A smart way to furnish a too-small apartment is to use small complements. Small and versatile, the pouf armchair can be inserted in your space without cluttering, enriching it with style. The various models on the market offer a wide selection that you can draw on.

We have devised a guide that can add ideas to yours, allowing you to make a more conscious choice, with an eye to the portfolio.

For a modern and informal environment

If you want a house in the name of modernity, opting for objects like the ottoman armchair can help you make it contemporary and full of style at the same time. This very open seat is a refined piece of furniture because there are models that are real pieces of design.

The functionality of an article, which combines softness with comfort, is thus connected with aesthetics. On the market, variants of elongated shape or with armrests can be found, which recall the sofa but associate it with an idea of lightness that goes well even with the kid’s room.

A useful method to identify what you are looking for is to rank your preferences as well as consult the reviews of other users, to verify that the model chosen is what you expect.

The materials

An aspect not to be underestimated is the composition of the pouf armchairs, which determines their comfort. The interior is usually made of expanded polystyrene beads, a material that makes them comfortable and soft. There are also variants filled with air, which are certainly cheaper but in many cases less practical.

The external covering allows having an ottoman armchair as desired, given the variety of fabrics of which it can be composed. PVC is one of the most used materials because it can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth and has excellent resistance to time and use. It also has the advantage of being scratch-resistant and tear-proof, ensuring a long life.

Those who are not satisfied and want to find the best brand in circulation will have to opt for the one that offers an eco-leather coating, a valuable element for its stain-proof qualities and for the practicality with which it can be cleaned. Other models are covered in fabric, such as cotton and wool, or in canvas, which can give your home a very informal appearance.

The shape and size

The first discriminating factor must always be the space you have available. If you live in an apartment that is too small, the ottoman armchair must enter it without creating obstacles to the passage. Otherwise, it will create a suffocating environment. An inflatable version, in addition to leading to economic savings, can solve the problem of space, since it can be put away when not needed.

Those covered in flocked material can also be used in the summer, since they are water-resistant and allow you to float in comfort. Compare the prices and evaluate the quality of the options considered, before defining the purchase, in order not to make a hasty choice and therefore not valid.

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