Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back Pains

The Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back Pains – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

For a woman, the stage of pregnancy is usually one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most exhausting of her life. Therefore, it is important to have the right accessories to guarantee the pregnant woman an adequate rest, a task that is usually complicated especially in the last months of pregnancy.

To acquire a quality model from the best pregnancy pillow for back pain that suits your needs, we recommend that you take into account certain aspects, such as the design, that is comfortable and provides adequate support, and that the pillow is made of soft but firm and resistant materials. 

Taking into account the opinions of users on the web, we first mention the  Scamp Ancora BlueWhite, which has a cotton poplin cover on the outside, has a polyester filling that recovers its volume after washing and can be used for breastfeeding or as cradle support. We also highlight the  Nou Futur Gris, made of resistant poplin and filled with silicone fiber, it is fully washable, even in a machine.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back Pain

Stamp universal pregnancy and lactation pillow

It is a multifunction pillow, which in addition to serving to sleep more comfortably, is also useful for breastfeeding or as a support for the baby’s crib.

This pillow has a cotton poplin cover, which is very cool on hot days and is suitable for easy removal when you need cleaning. In addition, its polyester filling with antibacterial approval recovers its volume after washing.

In the opinion of a user, this model does not include washing instructions, which could cause unnecessary deterioration of the pillow. In this sense, it should be cleaned with due care.

Breastfeeding cushion (GRAY)

Featured product in the list of the best pregnancy pillow for back pains, due to its high quality present in the raw material implemented both internally and externally.

Due to its internal structure composed of hollow fiber with silicon treatment, both the mother and the child can enjoy excellent support, the same loaded with comfort for them, when using this pregnancy pillow.

It is important to indicate that this model offers a single standard measure, so it can be for some mothers a little big or even small, depending on the taste of each buyer.

Flexofill 2008-2-536 Midi

Located in the list of best pregnancy pillow for back pains, for having an excellent design, being striking both visually and adaptable to the user’s needs for use.

The model has a double cover, both provided with a zip system to facilitate washing, taking care when removing the inner cover due to the sensitivity of the filling.

It is a fully adaptable pregnancy pillow since it can be used as a support or adjusted to any position according to the mother’s desire, it is also ideal for use during the time of breastfeeding.

What is the best pregnancy pillow for back pain on the market?

Pregnancy is a beautiful but exhausting stage for every woman. In addition to facing all the physical and emotional changes that are generated, achieving a serene and restful sleep can be a feat, since, especially in the last months of pregnancy, any position can be uncomfortable. And, at the end of the second trimester, the baby has developed so much inside that it is impossible to find an easy posture.

Conventional pillows or normal cushions are not enough, are hard or deformed, are large or do not have enough height, move continuously and give excessive heat, so the use of pillows specially designed for pregnant women is a great alternative, since these can help you achieve a peaceful sleep and quality rest.

Today, there are a variety of models and different brands of these useful accessories on the market, so we have made this guide to buy the best pregnancy pillow for back pain to guide you in what are the essential characteristics that these accessories must meet.

Health professionals recommend pregnant women sleep on the left side, with knees slightly bent, to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the child, but for many women, this may not be an easy position to maintain. Pregnant pillows have an ergonomic structure created to avoid these inconveniences, giving the necessary support to achieve comfort and comfort.

Pregnancy pillows have features, such as shapes, sizes, and materials, which vary depending on how much each model costs. When making a comparison of pregnancy pillows, you must identify them and take them into account to apply them according to your need and conditions, so you can find a good and economical pillow that gives you comfort and rest. Most of these pillows can be used later, during breastfeeding, as a base to place the baby and provide comfort to the mother, avoiding the back pain of this stage.

What is the best pregnancy pillow for back pain of 2020?

Pregnancy pillows are considered a very useful product for both mothers and babies, as they help the mother to sleep comfortably in the last months of pregnancy and to support the child while feeding, avoiding the consequences of bad postures. These are some of the most quoted models.

Scamp Ancora BlueWhite

It has approximate dimensions of 65 x 40 x 20 cm and a weight of 1.2 kg, which allows you to mold the product as you wish. It also has an interchangeable case.

Main Features Explained


This cushion has a cover made of cotton poplin and anchors blueprint, with white anchor figures, so it offers a modern and delicate design, which allows you to combine it with different spaces. Also, the inner part is made with 100% polyester fabric, which gives you softness and relaxation.

On the other hand, it is completely silent, since its filling is composed of silicone, so it does not rub against each other like the usual spheres, this way it avoids the annoying noises when moving, in addition, this allows it to adapt to the way of your body.

This product has antibacterial approval filler, certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, so you can be protected against allergies, skin irritations or other discomforts, which are caused by chemical agents. On the other hand, for convenience, you can wash both the cushion and the cover in the washing machine.


This cushion could be a fundamental accessory in the period of breastfeeding since during this process women can be many hours in the same posture, which could cause severe back, lumbar or cervical pains. For this reason, it is preferable for the nursing mother to be comfortable and safe, without the need to carry the baby’s weight.

You can use it during pregnancy, as it allows you to feel comfortable at bedtime, especially when you are in the most advanced months, where it could be difficult to get the right posture.

This product is very versatile since you can adapt it to different ways such as rugby position, which is sitting with the cushion under the arms and around the waist. Also, the most used form, especially at night, is lying in bed, so you can breastfeed without getting up.


This product has approximate dimensions of 65 x 40 x 20 cm and a weight of only 1.2 Kg, this gives you a considerably large size without taking up much space, so it is functional for use in bed, armchair or any space where you consider it necessary for better support.

In addition, it has a cover that measures 160 x 30 cm, which you can easily exchange, in this sense, you can get them with different prints and colors to have different combinations.

On the other hand, the ends of the cushion have two braces, so you can join it forming a U. However, if it lost its shape at the time of use, you can simply wash it so that it returns to its original shape and acquires more volume. If you feel that it contains a lot of filler, it also offers the possibility of removing everything you want to adapt it to your needs.


  • This pregnancy cushion is made of 100% polyester, with antibacterial padding, so it is suitable for people with allergic problems. In addition, it is indicated for the use of women who are breastfeeding, pregnant or in children.


  • Some users consider that it could have a very hard texture. However, it is a cushion that offers the necessary strength to support the weight of the body and is durable.

Nou Futur Gray

Another product that stands out for use as a pregnancy and lactation pillow is the Nou Futur brand model that comes in gray colors, such as the model shown, pink and light blue.

This better pregnancy pillow allows a comfortable and appropriate rest of the mother during pregnancy, especially towards the end of pregnancy, and can also be used in the first months of life of the child, as a support for breastfeeding, favoring the correct posture of the mother and the child, or as a safe hammock for the baby.

This pillow is made with silicone hollow fiber filling protected by an inner cover made of soft poplin fabric. On the outside, it has a cover made of piqué fabric that offers a soft touch, especially for children. The cover is removable and machine washable.

Even if you don’t know which pregnancy pillow to buy, it is highly recommended to use them to improve your posture and comfort:


  • Applications:
  • If you are interested in acquiring a model that you can use during pregnancy and when you have your little one with you, this could be the option for you. The Nou Futur pillow can be used as back support and transformed into a hammock for your baby so that you can hold it with greater comfort and better posture.
  • Sheath:
  • The Nou Futur pregnancy pillow cover can be removed at any time and can be washed in a domestic washing machine so that you can always keep it neat for your child.
  • Tissue:
  • It has an outer fabric of soft piqué fabric that will offer your baby a pleasant space in which to relax and rest.
  • Filling:
  • In addition, it has a silicone hollow fiber filling covered with a poplin fabric for greater comfort and adaptation to the size of the mother and child.


  • Size: According to its buyers, this model can be approximately 2 meters long, making storage difficult when not in use.

Flexofill 2008-2-536 Midi

Among the best pregnancy pillow for back pains of 2020, we find the German-made Flexofill 2008-2-536 Midi. The pillow is 170 cm long and 34 cm wide and includes an outer sheath made of 100% pure cotton fabric, with a striking multicolored polka dot design on a white background.

The filling is made with thin Toxproof EPS microbeads, contained in a white cotton inner sheath. Both cases have a zip closure for easy removal and are machine washable, but if you want to remove the inner cover, it is advisable to be careful to keep the soft padding. This is very manageable and allows the pillow to adapt appropriately to any position, it serves as comfortable support to rest or sleep in a bed or to settle in a sofa or armchair. It can also be used to place the baby during breastfeeding. 

The Flexofill pregnancy pillow is among one of the cheapest options on our list thinking of those clients who do not want to spend too much:



The 2008-2-536 Midi pregnancy pillow has two covers; an interior and an exterior, both made of cotton to keep the touch soft and pleasant for the enjoyment of your little one.


The outer cover can be removed very easily since it has a closure that will allow you to remove it in case you want to wash it at some time.


This model has a filling of fine Toxproof EPS microbeads to offer you an ideal support level to feed your baby with ease.



Apparently, users of Flexofill’s pregnancy pillow believe that the amount of padding could be increased.


They also indicate that it can be a bit hard to be used as a back cushion for sleeping.

Sanggol HS_1002

When you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, many models appear on the market, such as this Sanggol hs_1002, a dual-purpose pillow that on the one hand provides support to the woman’s body during each stage of pregnancy, and on the other is a great support for the baby and mom during the months of breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

The pillow is 97cm wide and 152cm long and is vacuum packed for ease of delivery. This backrest cradles the entire body of the pregnant woman to provide full support, ideal for resting, eating or sleeping with maximum comfort. The upper part is designed in the form of a regular pillow with the inner edge curved around the shoulder to provide full head and shoulder support.

The pillow is filled with hollow fiber and includes a 100% pure cotton cover.

If you want to know what the best brand of pregnancy pillows is, you should take a look at the recommendations and reviews of your buyers to get a clearer idea:



The design of this pillow for pregnancy is able to offer support in three specific points; leg, back, and neck to offer you more efficient nights of rest.


It has a synthetic hollow fiber filling in good quantity that is capable of supporting the weight of your body without losing its shape.


It has an outer soft cotton cover ideal to help you fall asleep.



The HS_1002 has an approximate weight of 3.5 kilograms which can be excessive to be accommodated and lifted every day.


Other buyers consider that its size is a bit excessive so they advise having a large bed or sleeping alone to take advantage of it.


It is a pillow designed for the rest and comfort of the pregnant woman since it allows you to adopt better sleeping positions and prevents swelling and numbness of the feet, among other ailments. In addition, you can support yourself to read, watch TV and breastfeed.

Its lining is made of breathable and anti-allergic cotton, is washable and has a zipper for easy removal. Also, its PP cotton padding is spongy, antistatic and also has an internal cover, to offer quality in terms of conservation and distribution of the material inside the pillow.

In this sense, its ergonomic U-shaped design has dimensions of 140 x 78 x 20 cm and weighs approximately 3 kg. As if that were not enough, it is a suitable pillow for people with back and shoulder ailments.

A good rest can have a positive impact on the health of a pregnant woman and her baby, so it is important to have a quality pillow. In this sense, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of this model:



It has spongy polyester padding, designed to offer greater comfort.


It is ergonomically designed with a U shape. In addition, you can get covers of various colors separately to combine with your bedding.


It is designed for rest and comfort, as it prevents backaches, numbness, and swelling of the feet.



This pillow has dimensions of 140 cm long x 78 wide and 20 cm high, which could make storage difficult.


The pillow could be heavier than expected, which means an inconvenience when moving it, according to some users.

Jané 050270C01

Among the best and cheapest pillows are the model 050270C01 of the renowned brand Jané, a nursing and resting cushion for the baby that can also be used as a support for the mother’s back or belly in the last months of pregnancy, favoring The right positions.

It consists of 2 cushions, a large one in the shape of a horseshoe and a small one placed at one end of the large one. Both have cotton cover in two shades of soft colors, the large one is removable by zip closure and can be washed in a washing machine. In a compact and ergonomic way, the padding consists of tiny microspheres that allow you to comfortably adapt to any contour.

In addition, you can use it as a backrest to tend the baby after eating or as a backup when the baby begins to sit.

Pregnancy pillows can provide you with much higher comfort than a common pillow since they are designed to offer you the necessary support at the key points of your back or to better accommodate your little one at the time of feeding:



This model is ergonomically designed to make it easier and more comfortable to feed your child as well as giving him better support for his legs and back.


It has a cover that you can remove in case it gets dirty to keep your cushion in good condition and free of bad odors.


It has a low weight of just 599 grams, which facilitates handling



You cannot choose the color of your order as it is sent randomly according to the availability of the manufacturer.


It is more than a breastfeeding cushion designed to offer you better support to lay your child down while you feed him.

How to use a pregnancy pillow

Rest during pregnancy can be a more difficult task than usual To help you with this task, there are objects that can relieve you the aches or pains that you may feel while lying down, adapting to your figure, and at the same time, offering you soft support.

Take into account your needs

A pregnancy pillow can be used both during and after the baby, perform the support function during breastfeeding, and even as a pillow for your baby. Choose multipurpose pillows if you prefer a product that can be used beyond the pregnancy, but always taking into account what your needs are.

Depending on the area of pain, you can choose a pillow for specific areas, tubular or full-body, among other models. The latter is larger, but offer greater comfort, as they accommodate more parts of the body, such as the back, neck, legs, and belly.

Create a routine

It is very important not only the posture but also creates a routine at bedtime. Try to set a time to go to sleep every night. This will help your body to create a schedule, and in this way, you will fall asleep much faster since you will be more sleepy as the time you get used to sleeping approaches. In addition, it is important that you always respect this habit and rest every time you feel it is necessary since you will surely feel more tired during pregnancy.

Try different positions

Sleeping on your back is not advised since it puts additional pressure on the aorta and the inferior vena cava and on the blood vessels that are behind the abdomen. In addition, you will be more predisposed to breathe harder.

The most advisable is to sleep on the left side; This improves the blood circulation of your body and the one that is directed at the baby. To sleep comfortably, and get rid of these discomforts, it is best to use a specialized pillow for pregnancy.

Use it properly

Most pillows are designed to sleep on one side of the body. Even so, you should read the instructions carefully, since not all are the same. In the same way, it is advisable to wash the pillowcase when receiving it to avoid allergy problems. In the case of U-shaped pillows, these usually measure between 170 cm and 2 meters.

You will have to place the pillow between your legs, which will offer you support at the same time in the back, in the neck, and will eliminate the pressure of your joints, assuring you a perfect support to rest peacefully. On the other hand, it is very important to use the pillow with the objective that the manufacturer has indicated since if it is not specified in the instructions, it is better not to use it to support babies or during breastfeeding.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Pregnancy is a very beautiful stage, but at the same time, you will be more predisposed to suffer many discomforts related to backaches, knees, cramps and gastrointestinal discomforts, among others. To rest comfortably, you will not only need a proper pillow, but maintain an appropriate lifestyle, avoiding foods that feel bad, eating foods rich in vitamins, and visiting your doctor on a regular basis, to check for example the lack of minerals, If that’s the case.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to use a pregnancy pillow

The pregnancy stage requires that the mother feel as comfortable as possible at all times, especially at the time of resting and sleeping. In this sense, pregnancy pillows are a great ally when it comes to having a restful and comfortable sleep, particularly during the last trimester of pregnancy. It is in these months when the mother feels more pain in the back and due to the volume of her belly, being able to sleep becomes a problem.

Until the fifth month of pregnancy, the mother can lie on her back without a problem; but from the sixth or seventh month, it is no longer recommended. This is because the aortic artery (the most important in our body), can become compressed, causing the lungs unable to expand, which can cause shortness of breath to breathe properly.

For this reason, the pregnant woman adopts by herself, some postures that avoid risk for the baby and the discomfort to rest in bed. With a prenatal pillow that provides adequate support, you can go to bed supporting certain key points of the body and thus, sleep peacefully on your side with your belly, regardless of how advanced the pregnancy is.

Q2: Pregnancy pillow to sleep on your stomach

Although sleeping on your stomach is very uncomfortable in a state of advanced gestation, some mothers during the first months of pregnancy prefer this position, without damaging the child. Therefore, according to experts, each stage of pregnancy should have an ideal position to sleep, depending on how advanced or not the pregnancy is. Thinking of mothers who prefer to sleep on their stomachs and in order to avoid any risk, there are currently specially designed pregnancy pillows that allow pregnant women to lie on their stomachs regardless of the time of pregnancy.

This type of pillow is approved by chiropractors and gynecologists. It is a product similar to an inflatable mattress, designed with a hole that is located in the middle, exactly where the mother’s belly will go. In this way, you can lie on your stomach without fear of compressing the fetus, while promoting relief of pressure in the lower back.

The most popular brands

The pregnancy pillow can become the best help in those cases in which you need small support to be able to rest better during this period. But to obtain an optimal result, it is always advisable that this pillow has the right quality and resistance, which only the main manufacturers of the market can offer you, such as those presented below and that will never let you down.

The Nuvita firm is a company of Italian origin, which arises to offer parents safe, simple-to-use and smart-designed products that offer them the perfect tools to make their parenthood more enjoyable. A brand that since 2010 has offered its customers all kinds of products related to maternity and pregnancy and among which we find, in addition to the aforementioned pillows, other products such as bottles, general food products, walk-in accessories and many other options in a really complete range.

A range that from 2014 benefits from the Italian Design project made in Europe, which means taking a step forward in the company’s objectives of adapting its designs to be even better, getting a gap among consumers both for the quality of the same as for its eminently practical nature. This is an ideal product that in the case of pregnancy pillows fits perfectly with your body and your needs to improve your rest and rest.


Compared to other companies in the market, the ETS company has a different scope of action, which in this case makes it focus mainly on the manufacture of all types of furniture mainly dedicated to the stalls. That is why its catalog is accompanied by-products such as leather sofas in pouf style, folding armchairs or mattresses for camping style folding, among other products.

The advantage of STDs is that by knowing the materials and designs perfectly, they have been able to create a product line that perfectly adapts to the woman’s body in order to allow optimal rest and a perfect fit at any stage of pregnancy or later at delivery

Some products, which, like the rest of this company’s offer, combine the good quality of its foams and designs with attractive prices, so that we can affirm that any of its products will not disappoint you, nor for the comfort part Not even in the pocket.

Petit Chat

In the case of Petit Chat, we are facing a company that is mainly focused on everything that has to do with textiles and accessories for children, both in the pre-pregnancy phases and in the care after birth. That is why in its catalog we find everything from bags and changers to baby clothes, bedding sets, and pregnancy pillows, among many other products.

One of the most interesting things about this brand is its traditionally French design, where pleasant details are never lacking in all its pieces, which is sure to the liking of both the little ones and their parents. It has good designs in which bears, birds, and other typically childish figures share prominence with soft, breathable cotton fabrics, which we can find in all the brand’s textile products.

This gives your breastfeeding cushions and pregnancy pillows a pleasant touch and with excellent perspiration while facilitating the cleaning of all the pieces, which with little effort will be perfect.

Shopping guide

What type of pregnancy pillow is better?

Be sure to check the following features, to choose the best option, among the models available in the market.


Pregnancy pillows should adapt to the woman’s shape and provide a perfect fit to all parts of the body. Legs, back, neck, hips or bulky belly should receive adequate support to provide maximum comfort.

Depending on the shape, the pillow supports different areas of the body. There are wedge-shaped pillows that offer stamina to the belly when lying on its side. Others, called full-body, are shaped like a long horseshoe and can accommodate the entire neck, back, and belly area. Other models in the form of a tube or filled cylinder, called tubular pillows, can offer support to the belly or back. There are also models that combine two C-shaped pillows, joined by velcro, to offer joint support to the lower back and abdominal area.


The filling material establishes the softness or firmness of the pillow, as well as determines the possibility of causing allergies or feeling dissatisfaction in their contact with the skin, however, they mostly have a firm, soft and hypoallergenic coverage, which It makes comfortable and safe to use.

We can find pregnancy pillows filled with viscoelastic, which fit perfectly to the body shapes in each movement, reduce pressure points and provide good support and comfort. Another material par excellence is the latex or gel, which has a good consistency to offer good support and has effective resistance to mites and moisture. Cotton and polyester are materials that are economical and resistant, comfortable and soft to the touch and are mostly hypoallergenic. 


Pregnant pillows have a variety of shapes and designs, and also have a variety of sizes to suit all needs and tastes. Some can be very long, with lengths of almost 2 meters, very flexible, such as tubular, or that maintain their shape as full body. These help to achieve a comfortable posture and a peaceful sleep, but due to their large size they can be inconvenient the rest of the day or even bother the couple because of the large space they occupy in bed.

In these cases, wedge or C-shaped pillows, although more specific for the abdomen or back, also offer comfort and relief and are equivalent, in size, to a conventional pillow.

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