The 7 Best Slatted Bed Bases – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Together with the mattress, the slatted base is a fundamental element for sleeping well and improving the quality of rest. If you intend to replace your old support but do not know which one to buy, remember that the market offers such a large selection of models, different in quality, materials, and ergonomics, that choosing the right one becomes difficult.

The best-slatted bed bases in this category are offered to us by the Dolci Sogni company, and the name already looks promising. Its slatted double bed base MOD.01 is complete with screwable feet and is equipped with a double reinforcement bar to guarantee comprehensive support for the body. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the cheapest model, you can contact Dormiland, which, thanks to its orthopedic Single Network with steel structure and birchwood slats, has given its customers countless nights of comfort and well-being for a minimal expense.

Comparative table of the best-slatted bed bases

DOLCI SOGNI Slatted bed 160×190 Double bed

The quality of the materials and the attention to detail make this double slatted bed frame the best in terms of comfort and practicality: the central reinforcement bar maintains a high degree of rigidity to reduce pressure points and consequently relieve any back pain.

The overall height of the structure is 45 centimeters, so it may not be suitable for those who have difficulty getting up after sleeping or suffering from dust allergies.

The bed base has the standard size of 160 × 190 cm, therefore compliant with most of the double mattresses on the market, and is equipped with thirteen E1 class eucalyptus plywood slats that give it high solidity and long life over the years.

Dormiland – Orthopedic Single Bed Base

Dormiland’s single orthopedic bed base combines comfort and robustness, thanks to a solid high-strength steel frame, entirely painted with epoxy powders. This makes it robust enough to withstand a maximum weight of 130 kilograms, with no risk that the staves will become deformed over time.

It is available in the single bed size only. Therefore it is not designed to offer the user a wide choice regarding the mattress to be placed on the structure.

It is a product that makes versatility its trump card, since it can be used with and without support feet, to adapt it to practically any type of bed. Besides, it also has a beautiful quality/price ratio.

Marcapiuma – Fixed slatted base Half square

The solid structure with amortized fittings supports the weight and movements of the mattress, making it more rigid in the lumbosacral area and more flexible in the cervical tract. Even the quality of the materials does not disappoint since it is 100% made in Italy product with TUV approval.

We have not found any valid reason that could discourage the purchase: the network keeps all the promises made and fulfills its task well, so we can not consider as a defect even the high price at which it is sold.

It will not be necessary to buy a new mattress, because it is available in twelve different sizes, from standard to oversize, to adapt to any need for use.

The 7 Best Slatted Bed Bases – Review in 2020

Since we spend a third of our life in bed, it is essential to carefully evaluate which slatted base to buy, since choosing a model that does not conform to your physical needs could lead to many inconveniences in the future.

In this guide, you will find, in addition to a series of tips that will help you in comparing the products sold online, a ranking of what for us are the best-slatted bed bases of 2020, selected from the various offers on the market.

Slatted double bed base

  1. Sweet Dreams Double Slatted Bed Base with Double Central Bar

As it should be, our ranking is alongside that already prepared by consumers, who have chosen the orthopedic model of Dolci Sogni as the best double slatted base this year.

The frame is entirely made of iron and painted with non-toxic and anti-rust powders to ensure the maximum health protection and long life to the support, which will always be protected from rust corrosion.

To provide further stability to the structure, the support feet are also made of the same material. However, the fact that they are not adjustable could cause quite a few problems to people suffering from dust allergies and to those who would like to optimize the floor cleaning times.

However, we much appreciated the presence of a central reinforcement bar, which guarantees excellent support during rest and allows you to distribute the pressure exerted by the bodyweight evenly. Despite being the cheapest model in its category, buyers have only expressed positive opinions regarding the product’s quality and excellent artistry.


The structure: The steel frame and the multilayer staves in eucalyptus wood offer excellent stability and robustness even in case of repeated stress.

The capacity: Thanks to the central reinforcement bar, the structure can withstand a load of up to 130 kilos, and this makes it suitable for those out of shape or overweight.

Quality/price: If you are wondering where to buy a good quality network at low prices, the double model of Dolci Sogni is the answer you are looking for.


Height: The structure does not exceed 45 centimeters in height, and this, in addition to making cleaning operations more uncomfortable, forces you to sleep too close to the floor, which is a real receptacle for dust and allergens.

Slatted single bed base

  1. Dormiland Orthopedic Single Bed Base with n.13 Wooden Slats

For those who compare prices and quality of materials, we recommend keeping an eye on the safety factor, which is equally essential for a good night’s sleep. In this respect, Dormiland’s single slatted base, made up of an electro-welded frame in high-strength steel and painted with epoxy powders free of solvents harmful to human health, does not disappoint.

It is among the best-selling and appreciated by users for its remarkable solidity and non-deformability: the slats are made of birch plywood to offer diversified support based on the physical characteristics of the user, while the four steel feet with non-slip cap in the rubber make the support stable even if subjected to a critical load.

In this regard, the net can bear a maximum weight of 130 kilograms and is therefore also suitable for overweight. The only problem is that it is available in the single bed version only. However, those looking for such a product can benefit from a favorable quality/price ratio.


Sturdy: The steel structure and the birch plywood slats have shown high solidity and resistance, to the point of efficiently supporting a maximum weight of 130 kilos.

Stable: The four feet equipped with non-slip rubber caps ensure maximum stability during rest and can be removed if necessary if it is required to insert the net in a self-supported structure.

Value for money: It is among the most convenient offers of the moment because it is capable of combining good overall quality at a suitable cost.


Dimensions: The product is available in a single bed size only. Therefore it does not offer a wide margin of choice as to the size of the mattress to be used.

Slatted bed base from one and a half square

  1. Marcapiuma Slatted Bed Base Model SA

If you are looking for the best brand, take a look at our review of the one and a half square slatted base of the famous Italian company Marcapiuma, a guarantee of innovation and ergonomics.

Compared to the other products in the ranking, this model outperforms the competition from different points of view. In addition to the availability of 12 different sizes that do not force you to buy a new mattress, it stands out for the excellent quality of the materials used.

Made entirely in Italy, it is made of solid beech wood and has amortized connections that ensure greater flexibility to accommodate the movements and weight of the user. This allows occupants to autonomously adjust the degree of rigidity on the four central slats to guarantee the correct back support and prevent the formation of depressions over time, which would compromise the quality of rest.

Unfortunately, the only negative note is that the cost is not accessible to everyone, although it is justified by the excellent quality characteristics and the numerous advantages offered.


Quality: The best-slatted base that can be found on the market, since it has a structure entirely made of excellent and resistant beech wood even in the event of repeated stresses.

Flexibility: It has amortized fittings that allow the strips to flex and support the user’s movements to guarantee the right support to the different areas of the body.

Wide choice: The user can choose the size that best suits the size of his mattress among the twelve available.


High price: To enjoy the excellent performance offered by the Marcapiuma model, you have to face a significant investment, but it will certainly be repaid with more excellent durability over the years.

Electric slatted base

  1. Mentor Orthopedic Slatted Bed Base with Electric Lift

Mentor’s electric slatted base allows you to manage better the time spent in bed, improving physical well-being and sleep quality. Thanks to the presence of swinging flex joints, it guarantees an excellent cushioned effect to achieve perfect support comfort. Simultaneously, the structure of entirely built-in natural beech wood contributes to making everything stable and safe.

In addition to the possibility of adjusting the central strips’ stiffness, it has two separate motors, which respectively serve to lift the back and leg areas, allow anyone to find the right position to sleep comfortably and ensure a healthier rest to those who have walking problems.

The network will be connected to the electrical outlet, and the movements of the various joints can be controlled using the remote control included in the package. Besides, you can choose the size that best suits your needs among the many made available by the company, although you must still consider the fact that such a product requires the use of a specific mattress.


With electric lift: The model proposed by Mentor has two separate motors that allow you to adjust your feet and back independently, so even those with walking problems will be able to assume the right posture when resting.

Remote control: It allows you to directly control the movement of the flexor joints from the bed without having to ask for the help of a second person.

Structure: Entirely made of beech wood, it has proven to be reliable and resistant to offer the sturdiness that can be expected from a high-end network like this.


Mattress: Although the manufacturer offers its customers several sizes to choose from, it is necessary to have a suitable mattress to prevent the movement of the bed base.

Slatted base without feet

  1. Sweet Dreams Single Built-in Network

If you are looking for the right quality product, but without spending an eye on your head, the Dolci Sogni slatted base is for you. It is sold at a fair price, although the availability of a single size, that is the one for a single bed measuring 80 x 190 cm, sets limits for those who would instead use it as a support base for their double or square mattress. 

This, in reality, is not the only limit of the product. Since it is not equipped with support feet and does not offer the possibility of adding them later, it can only be used in combination with a unique structure suitable for recessed.

Although not without some minor defects, the product has given great satisfaction to buyers both in terms of quality and in terms of the yield of the construction materials: the iron frame provides the structure with excellent stability and resistance over time, while the twelve multilayer slats are arranged on polyethylene anti-squeaking supports that make the support surface more flexible.


Stable: The steel structure has proven to be quite reliable and manages to keep its characteristics of stability and strength intact even after several years of use.

The capacity: It can bear a maximum weight of 130 kilos, and this speaks volumes about the quality of the raw materials used.

Attractive price: It is an affordable product designed for those who have no big claims and aim primarily at savings.


Positioning: Since the bed base is not equipped with support feet, it will be necessary to position it inside a unique structure.

One size only: If you are not looking for a single bed base, then you will have to evaluate other references because Dolci Sogni is available in only the 80 x 190 cm size.

Slatted double bed frame 140 × 190

  1. Orthopedic Network in Beech Wood

In our space dedicated to the best-slatted bases, there is also this model of, sold at a reasonably high price but still proportionate to the quality of its performance.

We were positively impressed by the materials used for its construction, among which the beechwood composition stands out, offering a perfect combination of strength and elasticity. The 25 mm thick slats boast a degree of flexibility that effectively reduces the springing play in the event of agitated movements during sleep, to guarantee adequate support for the body and eliminate the discomfort due to bad posture during rest.

It is available in different sizes to easily track the version suitable for the mattress in your possession. You can also choose the height appropriate for your needs without spending more. In short, even if the cost appears high compared to the average, the advantages offered by this 140 × 190 cm double slatted bed base are many and all very valid. Let’s briefly review what they are.


Support: The central reinforcement bar aims to effectively support the body, without the risk of annoying depressions that would compromise the quality of rest over the years.

Materials: Especially convincing for the structure made of solid beech wood, inside which the slats are arranged, which, in the same way, proved to be quite resistant but flexible enough to guarantee a comfortable posture.

Measures: You can choose the size that best suits your needs among the many made available by the company, allowing you to decide the height of the supporting feet without asking for additional costs.


Expensive: The product’s quality and comfort certainly justify the high price at which it is sold, and unfortunately, this does not make it accessible for anyone.

Wide slatted base

  1. Dormiland Slatted Double Bed Base

If what you are looking for is a broad slatted base, Dormiland has the right solution for you. Unlike competing products, the model has beech plywood strips 16.8 cm wide and anchored to the supporting structure using polyethylene anti-squeaking supports.

This type of support is ideal for those suffering from back pain or joint pain since the slats allow the mattress to be pushed towards the body, which will, therefore, enjoy more significant support. On the other hand, the amortized slat holders work only on the structure and give it a good elasticity and a slight tilting effect that aims to accommodate the user’s movements.

The electro-welded frame in high-strength steel can support a maximum weight of 120 kg, and thanks to the powder coating, it is very resistant to impact and scratches. It can also be used without the support feet in case you have to place it in a bed with a self-supporting structure.


The staves: They have a width of 16.8 cm to guarantee comprehensive support for the body while maintaining the elasticity necessary to allow a balanced distribution of the weight.

Versatile: Those who already have a structure to place the bed base will surely be pleased to know that the model can also be used without support feet if the bed requires the use of a built-in bed base.

Coating: The structure is powder-coated to return excellent resistance to impact and scratches, as well as to be extremely easy and practical to clean.


Two sizes: You can only choose between the standard double version and the one and a half size version, so we advise you to take the measurements of your mattress well before deciding.

Feet for a slatted base

Sweet Dreams Feet Set GATP45

If the support you have spotted has no support feet, before turning on another model, take a look at the GATP45 set by Dolci Sogni. The offer includes four feet for the slatted base, and each piece is entirely made of steel to offer you the stability and support you are looking for.

Equipped with a scratch-resistant polyethylene cap, they are easy to assemble thanks to the presence in the package of everything necessary for installation.

Available in three different heights to meet everyone’s needs, it boasts such an advantageous quality/price ratio that you will hardly regret the purchase, also because it is a made in Italy product made with safe and completely non-toxic materials.

Buy on (€ 19.89)

Guide to buying a slatted base

The net, like the mattress, must be chosen with the utmost attention if you want to rest and improve your physical well-being. If the structure on which we sleep is of good quality, any back problems can be prevented, as well as allowing the body to assume a correct posture during sleep.

For this reason, slatted bases are preferred, and if you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend you read our guide, which aims to give you some useful tips to make sure you make the right purchase.


Traditional beds generally consist of two main elements: the frame and the slats. The frame is the supporting structure of the base and can be in metal, wood, or acrylic. Simultaneously, the slats constitute the support surface and can have different sizes and characteristics according to the model chosen.

Then there are the reclining nets which, in addition to the structure and the slats, have electrical components that allow movement and are almost always equipped with remote control through which to adjust the angle of the various joints.

As for the structure, the assessments to be made are above all of an aesthetic nature, since what affects the quality of a net most is not the frame but the slats and the relative supports. Since, however, this component also assumes an important role, that is, to promote the support surface and the weight of the mattress, it is essential to be resistant and, above all, stable.

From an aesthetic point of view, the wooden frame is more pleasing to the eye and can enrich any bedroom design. At the same time, the iron models have a more disruptive visual impact. Still, some small tricks, such as a modern bed frame and some decorative details, can become a captivating piece of furniture.

Another feature to evaluate is the height of the net, given that the higher the structure, the more the base will be robust and capable of adequately supporting the user’s weight.

The staves

As already mentioned, the element on which to pay more attention when choosing a new bed base for your mattress is the slats. In terms of dimensions, their width tends to vary according to specific needs: wide slats, for example, are preferable when you have a soft mattress that needs more support. Simultaneously, narrow ones are more suitable for supports rigid or in memory foam that require a certain degree of flexibility to accommodate the movements of the body.

In the second instance, the number and thickness of the slats must be considered. In principle, traditional nets are made up of 14 wooden strips, and if there is more to be gained since you can enjoy adequate support in the pelvis area and greater flexibility on the back and legs, the all without danger that over time the structure will deform or create annoying depressions due to too much weight.

In any case, the quality of the slats is also determined by the materials with which they are made: the best are those in birchwood, which, in addition to being more elastic and malleable than the beech or eucalyptus models, are far more resistant to wear and stress. This tends to increase the final product cost, but the expense will be amortized over time with more exceptional durability and non-deformability.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the origin of the raw materials. Sure that most of you tend to neglect this data, we advise you to make sure that the model chosen has been built following the quality standards required by current regulations and equipped with all the necessary certifications.


It may seem trivial, but the first rule to establish how to choose an excellent slatted base is to check its compatibility with your mattress since not all those available on the market have the same measures.

The assessment is rather simple since the base and mattress must always have the same size, but it is good to consider a few centimeters of waste if you have a bed with a container the bed base must be slightly wider.

However, there is another measure that should not be neglected when choosing, and it is the height of the frame: the standard models range from 20 to 30 cm, but there are also companies that allow you to change the height of the support according to your needs and resting habits.

Frequent questions

How long does a slatted base last?

Compared to the old metal mesh nets, which are no longer compatible with modern memory foam mattresses, the models with wooden slats boast a remarkable strength and higher resistance. Their duration generally ranges from 10 to 20 years maximum, but much depends on the use that has been made of it and on the stresses it has undergone.

How to recycle a slatted base?

Among the objects of the house that can be recycled, there are also slatted bases, easy to retrieve with good old DIY to transform them into captivating shelves on which to store the tools you want to keep at hand.

All you need to do is paint the structure of your favorite color or leave it in its original shade (maybe just passing a coat of transparent varnish), and have the hooks on the back to create a particular wall scrapbook, a practical shelf for the garage or a first vertical garden by placing vases with support on the back on the slats.

When to change the slatted base?

The new slatted bases are indeed more solid and lasting than the iron ones that were used in the past, but this does not mean that they are eternal. Since it is not possible to establish a maximum duration equal for all models, some “alarm bells” can tell us when necessary to replace it.

If you create a space between the support surface and the mattress, for example, it means that the slats have irreparably deformed, while the presence of cracks and chips on the frame is the clear sign that the wood has “exhausted” its bearing capacity.

Where to buy a slatted base?

There are several furniture factories specialized in the production of slatted bases. In a certain sense preferring the physical store to online stores has several advantages, first of all, that of “touching with your own hands” the quality of the product.

It is also true. However, e-commerce makes it possible to reduce costs and optimize search times significantly. In case of doubts, you can always rely on the reviews of other users to understand if the model spotted can or does not satisfy its search parameters.

How much does an electric slatted base cost?

It depends. An electric model can also cost astronomical figures if designed to meet specific needs. For example, in the case of motorized orthopedic nets equipped with specialized medical devices for people with physical disabilities or walking problems.

However, there are also more basic versions designed mainly to make the bed system more comfortable and comfortable. In this case, the cost will depend on the quality of the materials and accessories supplied.

How to use a slatted base

When we talk about the bed system, we often focus only on the mattress’s choice, thus ending up neglecting another essential element to improve the quality of rest: the slatted base.

There are countless versions on the market, different in materials, dimensions, and structure, not to mention the movement mechanism, which can be manual or motorized. In short, there are so many types that finding your way around could be complicated. In this section of our guide, we will fill your gaps with some useful tips that will help you in the choice and subsequent use.

Amortized or not?

The first thing to know is that there are two main categories of slatted bases: the amortized and the non-amortized ones. In the latter case, the strips are implemented directly in the load-bearing structure, and their elasticity is given only by the degree of natural bending of the wood; the cushioned models, on the other hand, have slimmer slats that are inserted in special elastic suspension supports, in turn, anchored to the frame using anti-squeaking joints to reduce any noises that could interrupt the rest. On the other hand, however, they cost more than traditional models, but there will be no discomfort or back pain when you wake up.

Once you have chosen the type suitable for your needs and spending possibilities, you will need to focus on the size of the slats, since they are broader and narrower: the former guarantee more significant support and are suitable for mattresses that are not too rigid. At the same time, the latter is perfect for those in memory foam or any viscoelastic material.

Attention to height

Another often overlooked feature is the height of the net. Assuming that to sleep well, you have to be at least 65-70 cm from the floor. The choice must be even more thoughtful when you suffer from allergies or have walking problems.

In these cases, the models that are too low should not be taken into consideration and, therefore, a structure high enough to guarantee a comfortable rest and make cleaning operations more practical. If your network does not meet these requirements, you can also replace the support feet with others that are higher or perhaps adjustable, which allows you to recover a few centimeters.

Each mattress has its network.

The bed base should be chosen mainly according to the characteristics of the mattress. In principle, traditional spring models require a structure with wide slats that are not far from each other, to counterbalance the lack of rigidity and prevent annoying sagging left and right.

The latex and memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, require a more robust and resistant net that has flexible wooden slats, such as birch or eucalyptus, placed at a maximum distance of 8 cm from each other.

On the other hand, the case of motorized slatted frames is different. It will be associated with not too rigid mattresses capable of accompanying the movement of the joints without making too much resistance.

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