Best Sofa Bed For Everyday Use

Best Sofa Bed For Everyday Use – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2020

The sofa bed is a kind of armchair or sofa with a mechanism to convert it simply into a bed. In general, it is made of various materials such as steel and thick foam. Because of its double use, it is necessary to be careful when choosing one. A model of the best sofa bed for everyday use that has stood out among customers is the Natalia Spzoo 0810001 . This folding mattress armchair, due to its weight, design, and dimensions, can be placed in any space of the home. But if you prefer a larger sofa, the Centro Hogar Sánchez Madera model will be ideal to receive guests, who will be impressed by the comfort and attractive design.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Sofa Bed For Everyday Use

Natalia SpzooThe Folding mattress armchair for guests 

It is a sofa bed filled with polyurethane foam and Microfiber lining, being materials that favor its resistance. Its assembly is simple and its design is easy to combine.

Suggestions were found about the support, stating that for a better use it should be placed next to a wall or flat surface.

This model stands out in the market for its comfort and speed when deploying it, thus allowing it to be available for use at any time that is required, in addition to having a compact structure.

Centro Hogar Sánchez Sofa Bed .

It is a sofa for the whole family, thanks to the dimensions that it has and also, it has an additional space suitable for the storage of small objects, thanks to its lower chest made from wood particles.

For its manufacture under strict European standards, it has a 2-year warranty. The opening system is much simpler compared to other similar mechanisms, it will only be necessary to push the backrest to have the bed ready.

The colors may vary between what is shown in the manufacturer's image and what the user receives at home because they are generated on a computer.

Komfortland Black Night

Its materials ensure quality, durability, and comfort. It can also be machine washed at a controlled temperature. The complete installation at home by the manufacturer makes it a sofa bed of wide demand.

It may be a bit expensive compared to other sofa beds of a similar category.

Because of its metal chassis and wooden frame, it has the perfect support to ensure its duration for many years, offering a good number of seats and the ability to serve as a resting surface for a long time.

The The Best Sofa Bed For Everyday Use-Reviews In 2020

Choosing the best sofa bed for everyday use is not an easy task. It is necessary to know the material, the dimensions, and the weight, as well as other qualities, to guarantee the duration of the product and the comfort of those who have acquired it. Below, we present you with options promoted as the best in the market.

Natalia Spzoo 0810001

This model is characterized by its adaptability in all spaces, as well as its versatility, because it can be used as a chair or sofa bed with folding mattress and headrest, so it will look great with the furniture in the main room or as a complement in the guest room.

It is made with very resistant materials. Also, the filling of this sofa bed is polyurethane, which guarantees long life and comfort. The lining of the cover is 100% polyester Microfiber, in shades that combine with any furniture and make it the best price-quality sofa bed and one of the cheapest.

L as dimensions are most suited to a person, being the following: 60 cm long x 70 cm wide x 50 cm high and the unfolded: 200 cm long x 70 cm wide x 10 cm tall. For its part, the weight of this cheap sofa bed is very light, being 4 kilograms, ideal for taking anywhere, and if you are worried about cleaning, you should know that both the cover and the cover are removable so that they can be washed whenever required.

This model is promoted among the cheapest and is widely accepted by a set of qualities such as those outlined below:


  • Comfort: It is very comfortable. For the first few times, it is a bit hard, but it yields as it is used.
  • Cleaning: The cover can be washed, so hygiene and preservation of furniture are guaranteed.
  • Dimensions: It occupies very little space and because of the variety of colors in its models, it is not only functional but also in tune with the decoration.
  • Resistance: It is made of resistant materials such as polyurethane, to offer a long service life.


  • Support: It has been said that if you do not have additional support, you will lose your level of hardness, so it is recommended to support the wall so that it does not lose its stability.

Sánchez Madera Home Center

The modern design and the comfort provided make this model one of the best sofa bed for everyday uses of 2019, for the main room of a house. It is made with very resistant materials to guarantee support for the whole family, as well as durability in use.

The materials of this sofa bed with Italian opening make it robust because it has a metal structure, steel grid, and elastic webbing. It is covered by polyester fiber and filled with polyurethane foam and silicone fiber. The quality of the frame, made with pine wood and napa coated particles, cannot be ignored.

The dimensions make it ideal for the family, because the measurements are 200 cm wide by 93 cm high and 96 cm deep. When deployed, the bed measures 140 x 190 cm. As for maintenance, compared to other sofas, this Italian sofa bed can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius maximum, but the dryer should not be used, just dry in the shade.

Centro Hogar Sánchez is characterized by the quality, simplicity, and authenticity of the designs, competing as the best brand of sofa beds. Here you can see details about his model.


  • Materials: Highlights the quality and strength of the materials to ensure the best rest and comfort.
  • Cleaning: The covers can be washed, which means better hygiene management and structure care.
  • Dimensions and weight: The bed measures favor rest, while the foam rubber mattress is lightweight.
  • Opening: The Italian opening system makes it very easy and fast to convert into a sofa bed


  • Cleaning: Bleach cannot be used for washing and cannot be exposed directly to the sun.

Komfortland Fabric

The Komfortland brand has worked hard to create a very practical, spacious and simple model to assemble, so when faced with the question of which is the best sofa bed for everyday use, it competes with an excellent rating. Its dark gray color highlights the beauty of the main room and gives it a much more welcoming appearance. It stands out among similar products for its storage capacity.

It is composed of robust materials to ensure its duration over time, but also for the purpose of making it lightweight. Therefore, it has a steel structure and wood sheets as support. In terms of size, this 2-seater sofa bed measures 135 cm wide by 190 cm long and the bottom is 94 cm.

It is a product made following strict European quality standards, so 2 years warranty is guaranteed. The lower chest works as extra space and at the same time serves as a base for the sofa. On the other hand, the pressure opening system makes it much easier to assemble.

Here are the details of this model, which is one of the recommendations when deciding which sofa bed to buy.


  • Installation: It is an easy model to assemble due to its pressure opening system.
  • Comfort: Due to its dimensions it is comfortable and spacious for two people. 
  • Support and uses: It offers greater support and is suitable for diverse homes. It allows the possibility of being used as a storage.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty from European manufacturers, which follow strict quality standards.


  • Dimensions: The measurements can vary between more or less 5 centimeters, like the colors of each model, because they are generated in a computer.

Home 24 Black Leather

The Hogar 24 brand has delivered a product that is not only elegant and beautiful but functional, a fundamental aspect when it comes to a click clac sofa bed since it has a traditional clack or book-style click opening system.

It is made of black leather and supports very modern chrome legs. Both qualities have made it stand out among buyers and choose its favorite, standing out perhaps as the best sofa bed for everyday use.

Due to its dimensions, it adapts perfectly to the spaces, because the measures as a sofa are 88 cm high, 192 cm wide and the bottom is 99 cm. When it works as a bed, the measurements are 190 cm by 120 cm.

As for the weight, it is 40 kilograms. Being more than an armchair with a minimalist and modern look, the model is considered a suitable complement for various areas of the home, in order to have good support for rest.

If you want to find the best sofa bed for everyday use of the moment, it is recommended to review the pros and cons of this option promoted repeatedly.


  • Appearance: It has a functional design, elegant in black and very neat for any living room, due to its flatbed shape.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this model adapt to different types of space.
  • Skin: Because of its leatherette coating, it is very easy to clean and, at the same time, it is more resistant.
  • Arming: The arming process is completed in a short time, optimizing the user experience.


Cleaning: Does not include washable lining, so care to maintain cleanliness should be higher, to avoid permanent dirt on the structure.

Don Baraton 006-R-01G-02G

The Don Baratón brand presents a suitable option for the whole family since due to its size and size it could be a wise choice for houses with several people. The orientation of the furniture can be chosen according to preference, either left or right. For this reason, it occupies a privileged position among the lounge sofas.

The fusion of the materials of the chaise longue sofa bed for the filling and support makes it durable and resistant. The legs are metallic and chromed to offer more robustness. It is lined with synthetic leather-based on polyester, but also has a gray with black or white, offering easy combination options.

In the sofa bed position its dimensions are 236 cm long, 91 cm high and a chaise longue length of 158 cm, regardless of whether it is located on the left or right. When it works as a 3-seater sofa bed, the measurements are 202 cm wide and 136 cm long.

Now is the time to read the pros and cons of another of the models recommended by buyers.


  • Materials: The model is a product of the fusion of materials to make it more resistant. Synthetic leather was used on the armrests and lower part, while the seats are upholstered with fabric.
  • Dimensions: Its dimensions make it spacious, spacious and rugged, suitable for interiors with a spacious room.
  • Comfort: It is comfortable and fluffy during the different seasons of the year.
  • Chaise longue: Although not an accessory as such, the additional sofa chaise longue gives more space.


  • Mounting: You will have to place the legs of the sofa bed by yourself, however, it may not be a very complicated task. CONPBL

L os customers are not wrong in selecting the model Mipuf as a recommendation when it is a single bed sofa. By design, it can have up to 8 different positions. This quality, together with the variety of colors, making it the favorite option to give personality any space, from those with large dimensions to others with very few square meters.

The model is made with viscoelastic foam or high-density foam, a material created at NASA that never ceases to amaze with its versatility and strength. In addition, to give it greater resistance it is assured by its double seam.

The dimensions of this comfortable sofa bed are 190 cm long and 80 cm wide, which is maintained when folded. The most remarkable aspect of this type of furniture is that due to its low weight it can be moved anywhere, always having a nightstand.

In case you are looking for a sofa bed designed for one person, this option is highly recommended. Here are its pros and cons.


L os customers are not wrong in selecting the model Mipuf as a recommendation when it is a single bed sofa. By design, it can have up to 8 different positions. This quality, together with the variety of colors, making it the favorite option to give personality any space, from those with large dimensions to others with very few square meters.

The model is made with viscoelastic foam or high-density foam, a material created at NASA that never ceases to amaze with its versatility and strength. In addition, to give it greater resistance it is assured by its double seam.

The dimensions of this comfortable sofa bed are 190 cm long and 80 cm wide, which is maintained when folded. The most remarkable aspect of this type of furniture is that due to its low weight it can be moved anywhere, always having a nightstand.

In case you are looking for a sofa bed designed for one person, this option is highly recommended. Here are its pros and cons.


Lining: N or includes a liner to improve the level of protection of the single bed sofa.


The Costway brand has created a very comfortable innovative model that can function as a sofa bed, armchair and reclining chair. Undoubtedly, these 3 functions make it a preferred object among the furniture of this modality.

The model is ideal for rest, but also for work. In addition, this small sofa bed is made of highly resistant materials, such as a high-density sponge, steel and linen, which make it comfortable and breathable. Along with the above, the fabric where the forearms rest is removable and washable.

Another quality worth highlighting is its design similar to that of a sturdy beach lounger. E n relative to its size, we have really compact. When it is extended, it measures 186 cm long by 59 cm wide and 28 cm high, while when folded it measures 56 cm wide, 83 cm long and 54 cm deep, for a total weight of 16, 9 kilograms

The resistance and compact size are combined in this option. Here are its positive and negative aspects.


Materials: Although the armrest is made of metal, it is very comfortable and resistant, due to its sponge coating and soft-touch fabric.

Multifunctional: Includes 3 functions in a single product, being a sofa bed, armchair and recliner chair at the same time.

Decorative: Both indoor and outdoor spaces this model can be combined without problems thanks to its gray appearance.

Cleaning: This model is washable and removable to increase its durability and use.


Size:  P or its size, can only use one person, however, might be what many users are looking to spend a comfortable time.


There are alternatives to the typical children’s bed, such as the Happy model of the French brand ABC Meubles, which functions as a bed, armchair and incorporates an extra bed to receive guests, who will have the measures of a double bed when assembled. The nest sofa bed is based on a box spring with a mattress provided by cushions that have the function of the backrest.

Due to its manufacture with wood native to controlled production forests, it offers great resistance, weighing 70 kilograms and dimensions 190 cm long and 90 cm wide. It is available in attractive colors, for the taste of children and young people.

To give you better support and safety, the upper-lower bed base is composed of 18 multiplier sheets, while the base of the lower bed base is metallic, also with 20 multiplier sheets. Among other accessories, it includes a bedside and a headboard made of 35 mm thick poplar wood.

Having robustness as its main feature, this model competes in the market with good positioning. Read its pros and cons.


Eco-Friendly: The wood of the nest sofa bed comes from forests of controlled management. It also gives warmth and personality to the children’s room.

Mounting: Includes a practical kit with assembly instructions to have the bed assembled in one hour.

Support: Provides good support and safety, thanks to the lower and upper bed base of materials such as metal and multiplies.

Warranty: It is a French-made product, with a two-year warranty.


Transfer: It has been stated that its transfer is difficult, due to the weight of the structure.

PontiDivani CS23

The children’s room always requires more effort to make them feel in a cozy atmosphere. That is why the Italian brand PontiDivani has created this ultramodern bunk sofa bed design, in more than 10 shades to choose from, depending on preferences. Undoubtedly, it is a great option to use the space intelligently because the appearance it gives when closed is that of a beautiful sofa, but open becomes a large and safe bunk.

E l size bunk has a width of 200 cm, 90 cm deep and 90 cm height closed. When it is open, it is 125 cm high. For its part, the size of the mattresses is 80 cm by 190 cm by 14 cm, made of expanded polyurethane.

For added security, the structure is made of metal and the base of the bed base is made of wood sheets. The lining material is cloth, which repels water to ensure greater resistance.

If you are interested in knowing more about this model, then review more details of this option, which we have summarized here.


Security: S us three security systems provide confidence when purchasing a quality product.

Versatility: It is very versatile because a practical armchair nest transforms into a two-seater berth.

Lining: It is lined with anti-spill fabric, especially for the children’s room.

Decoration: It comes in a variety of colors, to choose the one that suits the decoration of the interior space (bedroom or main room).


Dimensions: It is recommended to consult the dimensions, to determine if it fits with the space you have available.

Sofa bed accessories

Sofa bed mattress 464_788028

A sofa bed mattress is an indispensable product to provide greater firmness to the sofa and not compromise rest.

This model measures 135 cm wide by 180 cm high and is 10 cm thick, being compatible with various sofa models.

The fabric material is manufactured with a special breathable fabric for the treatment against mites, mold, and bacteria, thus offering resistance and durability, something that is also evidenced in the fact that the product has a three-year guarantee, which conveys confidence in the buyers.

How to choose the best sofa bed for everyday uses?

When we buy a product it is necessary to choose the one that adapts to the particular preferences. It is essential to inquire about the qualities inherent in it, especially related to its operation, manufacturing, and materials. In the following sections, we present the information that will guide you to buy the best sofa bed for everyday use in the market.

Shopping guide


The materials guarantee the life of any product. Thus, it is essential to review the materials used in the manufacture of a sofa bed, before choosing a model that may be very attractive but does not have the minimum requirements to ensure quality.

Steel is usually the material used for the structures of sofa beds and thus provide greater support, with sheets that can be made of metal or wood to, depending on the material, grant greater or lesser flexibility.

Cloth, leather or synthetic material can be used for coating or upholstery. However, depending on each of its parts, it is recommended that it be made of resistant fabric, easy to maintain and anti-spill. For its part, the material of the mattress and cushions is usually thick and resistant foam rubber. Lately, a polyurethane and viscoelastic foam is used, which implies better support but perhaps influences how much it costs.

Type of sofa bed

In the comparison of sofa beds, there is a wide range of types. A first group is made up of those with the hidden and folded mattress, others are similar to a bed and others are based on a newer design. The important thing is to choose the one that best suits the space conditions and preferences.

First, we have the traditional sofa bed that includes a box spring where the folded mattress is located under the cushions and to unfold it, it is only necessary to lift the cushions and extend the mattress, which is why the mattress, over time, you can lose quality by being mostly folded. They can be found in different sizes: individual or two-seater.

Another option is the sofa bed with an Italian opening that is similar to the traditional sofa bed, but with a novel mechanism to deploy the resting surface since you only have to pull a loop to open it without any difficulty. It is characterized by having a greater value in the market.

On the other hand, the nest sofa bed is formed by a box spring with a mattress covered by cushions. This type has no special mechanism because it is the same mattress that serves as a seat. Its usefulness is that you can hide another bed or to install drawers.

An attractive alternative is the click clac sofa bed, these are two mattresses joined by a zipper, which when converted into a bed makes a sound similar to a hinge. One serves as a seat and another as support. Also, they are called a sofa bed book, because to open or close them you just have to lift or push the backrest.

For its part, the bunk sofa bed has a mechanism that requires simple assembly and movement based on piston opening and thus the sofa becomes a practical two-seater berth. Perhaps it is the most original model and the necessary solution for those spaces with very few square meters. It does not evade the attractive design since it is its highest quality for both rooms and main rooms.

The folding sofa bed models are characterized by the absence of metal structures since it simply has the appearance of an armchair, but when unfolding each cushion becomes a practical bed.

As you can see, each type offers differences in space, places, practicality when folding or unfolding, resistance and appearance. To analyze your needs and choose the one you consider most appropriate.


The inclusion of mattresses, as well as supplementary protective linings, is a good option to guarantee the life of the sofa bed and at the same time save money, by not having to purchase these components separately.

An instruction manual along with a tool kit is also another accessory worthy of evaluation so that in case of requiring the assembly by the client, you have an orientation to minimize the time and effort that you should devote to this task.


A material that can be washed is decisive when choosing between a cheap sofa bed and another. Some allow machine washing. This is essential, especially when you have children at home. On the other hand, there are coatings made with anti-pill fabric, which is a very new way to maintain the product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a sofa bed?

There are two basic ways to use a sofa bed. The first is to be used as a unit for rest while watching a movie or to receive friends. The other is to be used as a complementary bed. The sofa beds are really useful because for a very low value we can have two items in one (sofa and bed). There are even models that offer the option of being a reclining chair or having compartments to store objects.

Q2: How to fix a sofa bed?

In case the damage is very large it is necessary to hire a professional to do a proper job and avoid spoiling the sofa bed completely. Now, when there is no major complication we can do it by our own means. Of course, we must try to have the necessary tools. The type of arrangements can be upholstery or change of the lining, as well as the change of foam rubber to do it again padded and fluffy.

Q3: How to make a sofa bed with pallets?

It is very simple. It is only necessary to have the materials and tools to build a real sofa bed for a square or two. The two pallets must be joined with long screws to give greater support. Make sure that the surface of the pallets is very neat and for that, it is necessary to sand. Then, 4 holes in each corner must be drilled with the aid of the drill to mount the wheels. In the end, proceed to place the mattress with a cover of the preferred material and color. It can be decorated with contrasting colored cushions, to give it a personal touch. In case you want to place a backrest, it is possible to opt for a simple metal structure with tubes or another pallet, which serves as a decorative frame.

Q4: How to open a sofa bed?

Everything will depend on the type of sofa bed. For example, if it is the Italian opening mechanism you have to pull the loop to unfold the mattress of the bed. That is, do not remove the sleeping cushions on the mattress. Now, if it is the click clac sofa bed (book), you just have to push or lift the backrest forward to make it a bed. On the other hand, the nest sofa bed has no mechanism, because the mattress serves as a cushion, while the bunk sofa bed has a mechanism based on the opening of gas pistons.

Q5: How to upholster a sofa bed?

Then, the fabric with which it will be upholstered should be measured well. We can guide the old upholstery that we previously removed. In this step, it is necessary to have the help of another person to smooth the fabric and prevent it from being wrinkled or airy. With the help of a professional stapler, proceed to staple each corner from the back, making sure to stretch the fabric or any other material used.

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