The 7 Best Sofa Beds –Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Furnishing the living room is an essential phase in the realization of your dream home. In addition to paintings, curtains and television, it is necessary to choose the best sofa beds that are both beautiful to look at and comfortable. Most of the time you opt for the sofa bed formula, which allows you to take advantage of this dual functionality, often, however, at the expense of comfort itself.

 To help you choose a piece of furniture that has all these features, we list some of the aspects to keep in mind, analyzing some of the best proposals on the web. Among these, we mentioned Intex 68566, available in two sizes and made with flocked material and Casarreda Store ANCONA, made in eco-leather, with a very mobile and easily editable structure.

Comparison table of the best sofa beds

Intex 68566, Sofa, 180 x 220 cm, Black

Among the aspects that most impressed users is the ease with which it can be transported from one place to another in the house since it is an inflatable model. Secondly, the drink holder on the handles is highly appreciated to enjoy a sweet drink.

The fact that it is inflatable requires the additional purchase of a particular tool suitable for this purpose. Unfortunately, it is necessary to repeat the action several times so that the sofa does not lose its rigidity.

With an affordable price, this inflatable sofa bed ranks among the most popular, given its comfort and ease of use.

Corner sofa bed mod.ANCONA with DX chaise longue eco-leather mud

To match your sofa with home furnishings, Casarreda Store offers many variations not only as regards the colours, but also as appreciates the available fabrics. Its structure also ensures great comfort because it allows you to adjust the headrests.

It is a non-removable model. If the fabric should become stained or damaged, you will have to use unique products directly on the external surface, taking care not to destroy it.

With a wide variety of solutions, this sofa bed ranks among the medium-high end items, conquering everyone with its elegance.

homcom Iron and Cotton Armchair Bed with Striped Cushion 75 x 70 x 75cm Gray

The aspect that emerges more positively from user reviews is first and foremost to be a bed chair that is very easy to assemble. Its dimensions are also really small, ideal for tastefully furnishing even small spaces.

Not everyone believes that the height of the feet can guarantee a peaceful rest. It seems that the detachment of these from the ground is tiny, so it will not be easy to find a comfortable position.

With a competitive price, trendy colour and the creation of a matching cushion, the Homcom company offers an article full of taste and style.

The 7 Best Sofa Beds – Reviews in 2020

Let’s go on in our guide to examine some of the most famous examples online and to evaluate in detail their main characteristics.

Double sofa bed

  1. Intex 68566 Pull-Out Sofa, Inflatable Extensible Sofa

One of the best sofa beds of 2020 is this model signed Intex which, thanks to the affordable cost, is among the best sellers online. Its peculiarity is that of being inflatable: once closed, it will be straightforward to store and store on any shelf.

The structure also allows it to be used primarily as a sofa, being large and well supported by a very sturdy back and armrests, but also as a bed, only by extracting the underlying part that acts as a seat.

Just lift it and free the underlying layers to create a space of the same initial width, but 2.21 m long. Users say they are satisfied in most cases, considering this double sofa bed a valid alternative to standard sofas and suitable for emergencies.

The fact that it is inflatable requires the purchase of a particular inflation device and with it also the point of having to use it often, to keep the structure rigid enough.

Now let’s see what the pros and cons of this model are.


Ease of use: Its structure is efficient because, once inflated, simply remove the part under the seat to be able to enlarge the surface until it becomes a bed.

Weight: The total weight makes it easily transportable from one point to another in the house without effort and also lends itself to outdoor positioning.

Drink holder: An interesting detail is a fact that the armrests contain individual spaces to insert your favourite drink.

Cost: It is probably the cheapest product on the market; in fact, it necessarily ranks among the items at low prices.


Inflatable: This aspect, apparently comfortable, requires not only the separate purchase of the particular engine for inflation but also that this operation is repeated often so that the product does not lose rigidity.

Corner sofa bed

  1. Casarreda Store Corner Sofa Bed Mod Ancona

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With an exquisite line, a full seat and with the possibility of partially modifying its inclination, this corner sofa bed is one of the most valid alternatives on the market.

Although the price is not among the cheapest, its numerous positive characteristics make it one of the best furniture on the market. Among these, we want to list the large seat and the possibility of choosing both the position of the island, being an angular model, and the inclination of the backrest.

Once the underlying part is opened, the bed is 2-seater and can be assembled very quickly, becoming comfortable, according to users. The total dimensions are 242 x 103 x 93 cm when closed: the part below the corner is also equipped with a convenient chest of drawers, ideal for storing the necessary items for making the bed or for any other object you want.

To get even brighter ideas here is a list that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of this sofa bed.


Choice: One aspect that inevitably strikes about this model is the fact that you can choose not only among numerous colours but also among many different fabrics so that you can combine it with your furniture.

Corner: If the problem with corner sofas is that the position of the longest part does not always correspond to the layout of your living room, in this case, you can also decide this aspect.

Reclining: The product also allows you to tilt the backrest, thus allowing you to experiment with different positions.

Container: By lifting the corner part, you will also find an enormous container, ideal for storing bedding or other items.


Not removable: The model does not provide for the possibility of being unlined, so in case of stains or small defects, you will have to wash by working directly on the sofa.

Single sofa bed

  1. HomCom Armchair Bed in Iron and Cotton

Among the most popular offers online, there is also this model signed Homcom: it is a single sofa bed, and it is among the best-selling objects as it is very compact and with a solid structure.

This is made of iron, and when closed, it measures 75 x 70 x 75 cm: the proposed colour is an elegant ice grey, and you will also have a patterned cushion, obviously combined with the colour of the upholstery.

This accessory is necessary once opened: the armchair quickly becomes a single bed with the dimensions of 185 x 75 x 25 cm, allowing to support a maximum weight of 100 kg.

The opening mode is straightforward: in fact, the backrest reclines until it reaches the horizontal position and a foot protrudes from the lower part of the mattress to support the head.

To open it entirely then, just spread the mattress and extend the special supports that will support legs and feet.


Dimensions: Ideal for those who need a compact and small-sized object; this armchair bed is contained and suitable for any environment.

Practicality: The assembly methods are straightforward; they require neither special force nor tools.

Cushion: You will also receive a pillow embellished with a pattern combined with the colour of the armchair, which you can also use for sleeping.

Price: Many people consider the expense of purchasing this armchair bed more than reasonable, perfect if you don’t want to invest in an expensive item at the moment.


Height: For some, the height of the feet of 25 cm is not sufficient to guarantee the right comfort, that necessary to spend a peaceful night.

Sofa bed a square and a half

  1. Homcom 2 Seater Sofa Bed 1 Square ½ in Steel

From our comparison also another model by Homcom emerges, this time at a square and a half. The frame is made of steel, therefore very robust and able to give the right support during the night.

The padding is in the sponge, very soft, while the covering is made of 100% polyester. The total hold is 150 kg, and you can tilt the backrest in six different angles, to choose the one you find most comfortable.

The proposed colour is beige, and you will also receive four comfortable cushions, which you can use both on the armchair and the bed. Users say they are on average satisfied with the purchase, confirming its elegant line and small size, but suitable for ensuring the right comfort during the night.

In some cases, there were difficulties in closing the chair or arranging the backrest once lowered.

As usual, here are the main strengths and weaknesses of this article so loved on the web.


Cushions: An aspect much appreciated by users is the presence of the four cushions which are very comfortable both when used on the armchair and if used as pillows for sleeping.

Dimensions: Once again, this company proposes an object with contained and ideal proportions, even in environments that do not have too much space available.

Line: Many people appreciate the elegance and the range of this armchair, which with its beige and its slender structure ranks among the ideal proposals for any type of furniture.


Practicality: Although its operation is very intuitive and although many have stated that it is an article that is easy to use and to assemble, in some cases malfunctions of the reclining backrest or of the closure have occurred.

Three seater sofa bed

  1. Samira Clic Clac Sofa Bed in Gray Fabric

The model proposed by Samira is a 3-seater sofa bed, with a straightforward way of use. This is not the usual extraction structure, because this new product simply involves reclining the backrest until it reaches the horizontal position.

The seat and the back together, therefore, form a large bed that will be enough to complete with two cushions, also supplied. The colour presented is a dark grey, and the height from the ground is 43 cm, which can significantly decrease the sensation of uncomfortable typical of other models.

For many, the value for money is satisfactory, for others, the quality of the materials has not met expectations: it may happen that the padding tends to give up after a short time from the first use and that some mechanical components, such as hooks and feet, lose their hold.

In addition to the link to find out where to buy this item, we also attach a convenient list of its pros and cons.


Cost: For many, it is an article at an advantageous price. Compared to other similar models on the market, it can only rank among the cheaper ones.

Easy assembly: To assemble the bed, simply recline the backrest to the maximum, until it reaches the horizontal position.

Height from the ground: Unlike all those models that, although comfortable, cannot exceed 20/30 cm from the ground once mounted, this article guarantees greater comfort thanks to the height of the feet of 43 cm.


Materials: In some cases, defects or sagging of the elements are observed after a short time from the first use of the sofa itself, making users not satisfied.

Bunk sofa bed

  1. Ponti Sofas Tris Bunk Sofa Bed

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With very advanced technology, an extensive choice of colours and the convenience of having three-bed stations in a single object, this bunk sofa bed, designed by Ponti Divani, can be considered perhaps the best sofa bed seen so far.

When closed, it looks like a regular sofa: the fabric it is made of is water-repellent, and the mattresses are removable. In this way, you can always guarantee thorough cleaning as well as more excellent safety.

The technology is all Italian and includes a first mattress, simply to be removed from the part below the sofa. The other two workstations are nothing but the development of the sofa itself, one from the seat and one from the back.

With an article of this type, you will enjoy the possibility of welcoming many people into your home: with its compactness and elegance, it also perfectly adapts to any environment.

Here are once again the pros and cons of this product so loved and therefore included among the best in our ranking.


Three workstations: The most striking thing is undoubtedly the fact that, with just one purchase, you will receive the opportunity to welcome up to three people in comfort.

Colours: The company allows you to choose between different colours so that you can combine it with the colours of the walls and the rest of your room.

Line: One could think of a bulky and difficult to place an object, but its dimensions are those of a standard sofa, in addition to the fact that its line is exquisite.


Assembly: Of course, dismantling and reassembling a structure of this type may not be simple, especially at the beginning. The presence of several people is required, at least during the first uses.

Space: Once opened. A lot of space is required for the location of the three workstations. Evaluate this aspect before purchasing.

Pull-out sofa bed

  1. Lulando Removable Sofa Bed for Children Oeko-Tex Certified

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If you still don’t know which sofa bed to buy, take a look at this latest proposal by Lulando. It is an ideal pull-out sofa bed for children because it has a solid structure and a very playful fantasy, perfect for decorating their bedrooms.

By extracting the part under the seat, you will get a considerable mattress that will rest on the ground and allow you to welcome friends and girlfriends in comfort. Available in two different colours, pink and blue, the structure is very soft and will enable it to be handled even by the little ones in complete safety.

Mothers are delighted with this purchase because they notice a good quality of materials and believe that it is an excellent piece of furniture.

The decorative cushions also have a characteristic star shape and are an additional element of fun.

To further assist you in choosing, we present one last time the advantages and disadvantages of the article just described.


Ease: What is most appreciated by mothers and dads, who have purchased this item for their children, is the fact that they can open and close the mattress in all simplicity and safety.

Fantasy: To satisfy everyone, the company provides a second choice in terms of colours, pink and blue, also proposing a playful and ideal imagination to decorate the rooms of the little ones.


Tightness: Some users observe that, in the long run, the mattress tends to lose its tightness.

Quality: Some details, such as the stitching and finishing of the fabric, could be damaged after not much from the first use, giving a sign of not always high quality of materials.

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Sofa bed mattress

Baldiflex Mattress for Brio Ready Bed Sofa Bed

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The Baldiflex company offers a sofa bed mattress in case the wear has damaged too much your folding model.

Many believe that it is comfortable and that it adapts to many types of sofa, provided they only require a two-part fold.

The fixing consists in the use of some laces which are yes enough to keep it firm once opened, but which could not hold up to the fold, undo and therefore cause the sofa itself to move.

The shipment includes vacuum packaging, which could be challenging to repeat if you want to send it back. Also, consider the fact that the thickness of the mattress may be less than what is described and compared to your expectations.

Guide to buy a sofa bed

After illustrating some of the best proposals on the web, let’s now see how to choose a good sofa bed, analyzing what the most important aspects to evaluate are. The market offers many variations, the specifications of which are not always so bright and evident: let’s see some of them, hoping to be of help.


A first aspect, to be certainly kept in mind, is the quality of the materials. Although it is a matter of taste, it is also essential to analyze the durability and ease of use and cleaning of a particular fabric first. The choice can be oriented on different types, varying in cost, materials used to make the fabric and colour to choose from.

An option that has always been much loved and that is to be considered a great classic is a leather: now also available in different colours, it is a very resistant material but requires special attention in terms of cleaning and care over time.

For some also, it is necessary to use a sofa cover during the summer, to acquire greater comfort. This same solution should also be applied with fabrics such as velvet or suede, very cosy in winter, but less so in summer.

The best option in this sense is undoubtedly canvas or fabrics such as cotton: in this case, it will be easier to carry out any cleaning manoeuvres. However, the duration may not be as long as that of other examples seen.

You can also opt for other variants such as mixed fabrics, synthetics or new eco-leather fibres.

Mobility of the parties

The fact that you are looking for a sofa bed and not a simple sofa does not mean that you have to give up some comforts: let’s talk for example about the mobility of the backrest or the possibility of raising your feet.

What differentiates one model from the other, also in terms of cost, is just this: the more specific it has, the more the price will tend to rise. The differences then also exist based on the fact that this mobility can be obtained manually or using the individual remote control.

The latter option is particularly useful in the case of older adults or who have difficulty walking, who can, therefore, take advantage of these advantages independently. Obviously, in this case, the sofa is required to be connected to a power outlet, as it is the only way these remote controls can work.


This is the most crucial aspect for a sofa and in particular for a sofa bed. The market offers comfortable models, and the assembly and padding systems make it difficult for such a product to be appropriately uncomfortable.

The same cannot be said; however, once opened: it will have happened to everyone to sleep at least one night on a sofa bed, which has not been as welcoming as expected. The fact that the net must be so mobile, in fact, from folded to fully extended, means that materials are used that are not able to guarantee the right back support during the night.

It is also not unusual to observe imperfections and defects at the opening, in terms of axis alignment, for example, and this is often a further problem. Therefore, opt for the wooden slats, which are more resistant and more suitable for supporting the body, but ask experts for the choice of the right quality, so that it does not sag after a few uses and does not come out of the supports during the night.

Opening system

The opening and closing system of the sofa bed must also be taken into consideration when choosing the right furniture. To maintain the most suitable compactness when closed, the structure is very rigid and difficult to move, especially if you are alone and you are not very strong.

Therefore, carefully evaluate the extraction and closing system of the bed at the time of purchase, paying attention to the opinions of the users and turning to external views if you have doubts about it.

The modalities are various and also depend on the shape of the sofa when it is closed: usually, the rear part, the one composed of the cushions and which constitutes the standard seat, contains the mattress folded on itself, also equipped with legs and feet, which it must simply be extracted and placed.

On huge models, on the other hand, the seat doubles its size by merely raising the underlying part, forming a sort of extension. These systems are joined by hooks, gears and fixing orders to which attention must be paid since it is not excluded that they can be damaged or break, is very small and delicate components.

Frequent questions

How to turn a bed into a sofa?

If you find yourself in front of a bed, of which you do not know what to do, it may make sense to try to bring out a new piece of furniture, a sofa. It is undoubtedly an option that best suits single beds: the surface of the double bed would be excessive for a couch and would make the seat far from comfortable.

However, if you have a bed base and a mattress, go ahead with your imagination: first of all, you will have to place the bed against the long sidewall. The absence of a backrest is, in fact, a problem, unless you turn to someone who may be able to install it on an already wooden support.

Once leaned against the wall, therefore, look for a full sheet, which can cover its entire surface, including the legs. Make everything more comfortable with large cushions: the ideal is to use rectangular ones, which perfectly reflect the measurements of the mattress so that no part is uncovered.

Then place them on the wall as if you want to make up a backrest.

How much does a sofa bed cost?

The cost of a sofa bed varies significantly according to the material you choose and the method of use. The starting price is around 200 euros, but goes up to 500 and beyond if you require greater comfort and easier removal of the bed.

What are the dimensions of a sofa bed?

The dimensions of a sofa bed, when closed, correspond to those of standard sofas: what must be evaluated instead is how much these dimensions change and increase once opened. For single beds, consider indicatively those of a regular bed, most often slightly narrower.

Even as regards the double bed or one and a half square, in fact, in addition to the length that is around 2 m, the width will be a few centimetres less than the 80 required for individuals, for example.

What types of sofa beds are there?

The structure of the sofa will be the one you prefer: it could be a banal two-seater, a corner sofa, or something more extensive, for example with three seats. What may interest you most is the number of places once opened.

The choice can be oriented between a double bed and a double bed: the difference between these two indeed lies in size, but it is not excluded that the first of the typologies can accommodate two people, albeit in less space.

How do you open a sofa bed?

The methods of extracting the bed from a sofa are various: usually, the part below the seat contains the mattress folded several times on itself which must then be removed and on which the feet must then be mounted.

The tightness is guaranteed by the sofa itself, which acts as a headboard; on the other hand, each model prefers its mode. In some cases, the feet are separate; in others, they are included in the mattress.

Another very famous model, however, is the one that sees the sofa, made up directly of the mattress which will then act as a bed: in this case, you just need to unlock some locks and let the structure slide forward until it has completely opened.

How to use the sofa bed

Let’s now see how to make the most of the potential of your sofa bed, referring to the various models seen and trying to give you the right advice for its conservation, so that it is as long-lasting as possible.

Types of extraction

The ways of using a sofa bed depend a lot on the model chosen and on whether it is a square, two squares or a square and a half. Some provide for the extraction of the mattress from the part below the seat.

It will, therefore, be folded several times on itself and will require the addition of cushions, if they are not provided. In other cases, instead, it will be sufficient to use the seat and back, positioning the latter until a horizontal structure is obtained.

The market also offers inflatable models and therefore lighter to transport and handle.

The technology in this field still offers new structures ever and in which the way of obtaining the bed varies according to the size chosen and the availability of space you have at home.


In some cases, assembling and disassembling a sofa bed may not be straightforward. The gears and mechanical components may be either too hard or not able to guarantee the correct seal of the structure.

The first few times, it is advisable to get help, to understand better which techniques to use to ensure that the various phases are as simple as possible. You should also receive a detailed instruction booklet that you can follow to be sure you are not wrong.

Try to make firm but not abrupt movements and pay particular attention also to the critical closing phase.

Attention to closing

Often it is customary to think that the most challenging phase in the use of a sofa bed is that of extracting and opening the foundation itself. The more complex passage may instead be that of folding and positioning the mattress in its initial position.

Also, in this case, the process varies greatly depending on the model you have chosen, and it is once again essential to go and analyze the advice and instructions in the appropriate booklet. Usually, it is required to put the mattress in the starting position, but it is not excluded that its volume may be higher than that of the container in which it is to be stored.

In these cases, it is advisable to work in pairs, so that one of the two people thinks about folding and the other about containing the volume and preparing the appropriate compartment.

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