Tempur Memory Foam Pillow

What Is The Best Tempur Memory Foam Pillow Of 2020?

Having support for the head, shoulders and neck area is essential when falling asleep because thanks to it, we can offer our body an adequate posture, avoiding future cervical ailments. Therefore, you must acquire a team made of high-quality materials, with a large structure and a functional design.

Let’s start with the raw material; this should offer stability and, in turn, adaptability to our anatomy without deforming, so the viscoelastic material is recommended because it perfectly meets these requirements. As for the cover, a textile that is both breathable and soft to the touch is needed, so the best recommendation is cotton or polyester.

Do not forget to check if the manufacturer has incorporated an antiallergic and anti-mite treatment; This way, you will avoid skin irritations or respiratory tract conditions. Besides, emphasizing the issue of hygiene, you will need the cover to incorporate a method of opening through velcro or zippers, so cleaning the textile will not be an inconvenience.

Another factor of great importance in the body of the pillow, being necessary to be spacious so that you can turn from one side to the other with ease. Also, make sure that the product offers a double function, that is to say, that its edges have two different inclinations that you can use according to your needs.

Now, reviewing the comparative shopping lists, we find the Tempur viscoelastic pillows, whose design is resistant, ergonomic and involves high-quality materials in its preparation.

These characteristics are certified through the experiences of the use of the buyers, who have let them know in the different web portals. Due to its acceptance and popularity, we decided to inquire a little about its advantages, explaining them in a brief section.


RANK#1: Tempur Millenium pillows XL

This model is a great investment, because its ergonomic design and the quality of its materials offer an optimal rest to all users, relieving cervical ailments and offering an antiallergic barrier.

Main Features Explained

Dimensions and materials

Millennium is a model of viscoelastic pillows developed by the manufacturer Tempur. Its structure has been provided with a comprehensive, long and high upper and lower ratio of 54 x 32 x 14/8 cm respectively. It also adds a weight of only 1.98 kg. Thanks to all these specifications, it is considered by users as large and lightweight equipment.

As for the raw material used, we have the presence of viscoelastic inside, a material that is characterized by engaging the body shape without deforming. Also, it offers comfort and adequate support for the cervical area when resting. For its part, the cover in 25% polyester and 75% cotton is fully breathable and soft to the touch.


Tempur Millennium is a model that has been devised by the manufacturer, to provide all users with the necessary comfort to relieve the ailments of the cervical area, as well as some specific points in the neck, head, and shoulders.

Its design is structured with an upper and lower edge with different measures between them, thus offering a dual function device that adapts to the anatomy according to the needs of each person. This type of versatility is the one that provides the most significant benefits to buyers and a positive experience of use. It is also one of the main reasons why the product has been positioned above traditional media.

Design and cleaning

This model is presented on the market with a large and comfortable structure that, thanks to its elaboration in high quality non-deformable viscoelastic material, allows a complete adaptation to the anatomy of people. Its exterior design is formed by a white textile cover that is very soft to the touch, which has been provided by an anti-mite and hypoallergenic treatment.

Besides, it incorporates two removable side zippers, so you can remove the filling at any time and clean the cover. As for the body of the pillow, it has two different angles to adopt a better posture of the neck, shoulders and cervical when resting. Finally, you will find a warranty card integrated by the manufacturer in the purchase package.


  • Both the dimensions and the materials that make up this product are perfectly adapted to the different anatomies of the users, providing them with a space of comfort and adequate rest. Also, both internal and external raw material is of excellent quality, strength, and support.


  • Users have commented that the only point against this model is the fact of having a white cover, as it gets dirty quickly. But this is a situation that can be solved by removing the lid and taking it to the washing machine frequently.

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