The 5 Best Thermal Pillows – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Muscle contractures are a terrible cat to peel, especially if combined with rheumatism. If in the colder period, then, they increase dramatically, you can opt for the best thermal pillow that warms the affected part and helps to relax it. How to choose the one that best suits your needs? First of all, it is necessary to evaluate if there is only one suffering limited to one area or more. In the second case, it is good to opt for an ergonomic and large model, which can also cover areas such as the back or the lumbar area.

We thought of creating a guide to make choosing the right thermal cushion easier. In first place is the Mysa Thermo Mag Pillowwhich is equipped with massage tips that refer to the principles of acupuncture. The eight bio magnets enhance the decontracting effect on the neck and shoulders. Among the thermal cushions that have attracted our attention and that we believe may be right for you, there is also Imetec Intellisense HP 01 Multifunction Thermobore. Its main features are the coating in soft microfibre fabric, easy to wash, but also the remote-controlled technology with five different heating degrees.

Comparison table of the best thermal pillows


Mysa – Thermomag Pillow for acupressure, magnetotherapy and thermotherapy the best in the world for the neck, shoulders and neck three decontracting and analgesic therapies with Audio CD and TUTORIAL


Mysa’s Thermo Mag Pillow has eight bio magnets that users find very beneficial, especially for the treatment of neck and shoulder contractures. The tips on the pillow also perform a massage that promotes circulation.

The magnets are made of nickel, a material that can often bring problems in predisposed subjects. It is good to check that you are not allergic before purchasing.

The cost of the Mysa thermal pillow is not among the lowest on the market, however, remember that the action performed by the tips is a unique element that is not used by other companies that make similar products.


Imetec Intellisense HP 01 Multifunction heating pad, digital control with five temperatures, hypoallergenic microfibre fabric, washable, 40 x 35 cm


 Imetec has created this model of the thermal pillow with a hypoallergenic and breathable fabric, covered with an easy-to-wash microfibre cloth. In the package, you can also find a remote control that allows you to adjust up to five degrees of heating.

The structure of the thermal cushion and its finishings are a bit thick. Also, it appears to be challenging to fold and shape on areas of the body that often need heat but are also more curved and hidden.

The cost of the Imetec multifunctional thermal pillow is affordable. Therefore it is an article suitable for those looking for quality without emptying their wallets.


MaxKare Thermal Cushion (50 x 60 cm) Electric Heating Pad Automatic Shutdown Setting at 6 Level Soft Fabric Relieves Muscle Pain for Back Neck Shoulder


For those of you who are looking for a foldable thermal cushion, this is right for you. Also, thanks to the dimensions of 50 x 60 cm, it can cover large areas of the body, keeping warm with its two heating technologies: one dry and one wet.

It may happen that, due to ample folds, the heat is not distributed evenly over the entire surface. For this reason, if you don’t pay attention, the device tends to fail more quickly.

We chose this item because it has a good quality/price ratio, as well as being the ideal product to combat humidity and cold.


Buying guide – How to choose the best thermal pillow?

The cervical area is susceptible and can be annoying if inflamed or subjected to excessive efforts. In such cases, it is good to preserve it, thanks also to the help of a thermal cushion that keeps it warm. Your muscles are then released, and you can enjoy the well-being that spreads around your neck.

Our guide is useful to be able to choose the model you need most well, without spending a fortune. Compare the prices of the various models to find the cheapest and most functional on the market.

What is it for

Since ancient times the therapeutic power of heat has been well known: for this reason, pillows filled with cherry kernels or wheat chaff were used to loosen contractures. With the progress and advice of masseurs, therapists and coaches, we then came to the creation of systems that can give relief to the muscles by also using additional functions.

Some models are equipped with vibration, which generates a shiatsu-type massage thanks to the use of rotating heads. The cervical area is the one to reap the most significant benefits from these cushions that reactivate the circulation through heat and give relief from neck pain and stiffness.

They are therefore particularly suitable in the colder period which leads to an increase in contractures for those who already suffer from this pathology.

What features to evaluate

The best brand out there will be equipped with some functions that will make it even easier to use. The heating part of the cushion can be brought to the desired temperature thanks to the presence of the thermostat. The anti-overheating system is handy, eliminating the risk of accidents or short circuits, or automatic shutdown, which comes into force when you have decided to end the action of the object.

If you want to use it for areas such as the shoulders or the back, it is good to opt for an ergonomic and shaped shape that adapts to your physical conformation. The classic rectangular cushion is enough for the neck.

The presence of magnets is significant if you want to keep the device still while using it to loosen contractures. The possibility of disconnecting the electric cable, however, allows you to move in total freedom.

Compliance with regulations

It should always be remembered that a low-priced pillow must not be palatable if it does not comply with European safety regulations. In the ranking of the elements not to be underestimated, the presence of the CE certification jumps to the first place, which guarantees a careful choice of solid materials and allows you to use an object that is powered by electricity safely.

The fabrics that cover the cushion can be of various types, from wool to fleece, and their choice is based on personal preference, as they do not change the correct functioning of the device. The review that other users make of the various models can be very useful in directing the purchase because it highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the cost.

The 5 Best Thermal Pillows – 2020 Ranking

Here are the five models that we preferred in the comparison between the best thermal pillows of 2020. Take a look at their characteristics to find the right one to meet your needs.

  1. Mysa Thermomag Acupressure cushion

 Deciding which thermal cushion to buy among the various sold online is not always a simple task. You have to evaluate the use that you want to make of it and in particular the area to be treated. To save some extra money, it is good to opt for a versatile one, to be used on different parts of the body.

The Mysa Thermo Mag Pillow is one of the models that can not miss among our buying tips, given its characteristics. It is found to be an excellent thermal pillow for the cervical area, both for the possibility of being heated and for the presence of eight magnets that help decontract the neck and shoulder area.

But the element that distinguishes it from other models on the market is the presence of various tips that massage the area to be treated and stimulate circulation, promoting the elimination of inflammation.

The 100% vegetable fibre filling and latex-free makes it suitable also for those with allergy problems.

Are you looking for where to buy a new thermal pillow that will bring relief to your rest? Mysa Thermo Mag seems the ideal product, thanks to the beneficial effects of its eight magnets.


Biomagnets: The Mysa thermal cushion has eight stable field biomagnets, which provide benefits similar to those of acupressure, magnetotherapy and thermotherapy.

Comfortable: It is designed to promote the right posture of the neck and head, ensuring a high level of comfort and relaxation.

Benefits: It performs a relaxing and massaging action that helps to dissolve muscle stress and tension and to stimulate peripheral blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

Natural: It is made of 100% vegetable fibre, spelt chaff to be precise, therefore no synthetic fabrics, latex and foam.


Cost: The price of the Mysa cushion is quite high, considering the alternatives available on the market; the nickel present in the magnets, moreover, could represent a problem for those who are allergic to this metal.


  1. Imetec Intellisense HP 01 Multifunction heating pad


In the ranking of the best-selling products online of this kind, the Imetec thermal pillow is in the top positions. What plays a decisive role are both the quality of the hypoallergenic and breathable fabric heating pads and the low price.

But this article also has other peculiarities, including a remote control that allows you to select up to five heating levels based on the desired comfort. Thanks to the rectangular shape and the dimensions of 40 x 35 cm, you can store it in any drawer if you don’t use it.

Furthermore, thanks to the Imetec safety technology, it is equipped with an Electro Block system, which guarantees not only temperature control, but also automatic device shutdown in the event of faults.

In conclusion, two harmful elements are both the thickness of the fabric and the difficulty of folding and modelling the pillow on less flat areas of the body.


Electro Block: Thanks to the Imetec safety system, which meets criteria dictated by European legislation, this thermal cushion has promising technology. It is equipped with Electro Block, which allows both to stabilize the temperature avoiding burns and to block the device. If there is a fault, preventing more severe consequences.

Price: Considering the quality of the fabric and the various types of heating, the amount of this thermal pillow is low, therefore suitable for those who do not have a large budget available.

Types of heating: The company has decided to equip this article with five degrees of heat, suitable for all kinds of comfort.

Hypoallergenic and breathable: The fabric is microfiber, therefore easy to wash, but also suitable for allergy sufferers as well as breathable.


Fabric thickness: Although the dimensions are not too large, the width of the fabric seems excessive, so much so that it is difficult to fold and shape the pillow in more curved areas of the body.


  1. MaxKare Electric Thermal Pad Heating Pad Automatic Shutdown


If you are looking for a thermal pillow with a foldable design and capable of heating on colder nights, take a look at this article. MaxKare thought to make this product by winking at both conveniences, with a competitive price, and the more traditional dry and wet methods of therapy.

Also, this model is equipped with six levels of fast heating, which allow relieving fatigue, giving greater comfort thanks to the folding structure and the dimensions of 50 x 60 cm.

As for the lining, it is essential to know that it is made of flannel. Therefore it is suitable for more significant heat conservation, as well as being soft and easy to wash in the washing machine even at 40 ° C.

However, a point not to be underestimated is the difficulty in reaching the temperature, if there are essential folds on the surface of the pillow. This defect, for a long time, could cause sudden failure of the device.


Foldable: This model of a thermal cushion can be folded and shaped in all its parts, even in the corners. For this reason, you will have no problem using it to warm up more challenging areas of the body such as the cervical, or even to treat more common ailments such as low back pain.

Lining: The lining is made of soft flannel, so it allows you to retain heat for longer, but also allows more natural cleaning. It can also be removed and washed in the washing machine.

Heating levels and therapies: The MaxKare thermal cushion, in addition to the fast heating and automatic switch-off mechanisms, also has six heat levels.

Furthermore, it is also possible to take advantage of the action of wet therapy, only by spraying water on the heated surface.


Heating defect: When folding the cushion, wrinkling may occur on the surface. In these cases, it may happen that the electric machine is unable to reach the desired temperature, risking to fail prematurely.


  1. Pekatherm US20TD, Universal Electric Thermal Pillow

 If what you are looking for is a heating solution but also not bulky, the one proposed by Pekatherm is the right one. Its thermal pillow measures 40 x 30 centimetres and is also useful if you simply want to put it in the bed to warm your feet.

It is a basic model, which can only be regulated through two levels of heat, sufficient for those who want to give the right warmth to areas that are sore from muscle contractures. Users testify that it turns off automatically after about two hours, protecting your safety if you forget it on.

Its consistency is fragile, and the polyester coating is soft to the touch and does not give off bad smells that can disturb the user. It also seems that it gets to heat up with high speed but, for some buyers, the blue LED light of the built-in remote control is very strong and can annoy if you decide to use it at night.

If you do not want to put too bulky an object in your home, this Pekatherm model can be for you. Let’s find out the pros and cons.


Compact: Thanks to its dimensions of 40 × 30 centimetres, it does not take up too much space and can easily be placed, for example, in the bed to warm your feet at night.

Automatic: The cushion is switched off timed and, after two hours, it occurs automatically to avoid waste and avoid any type of risk of excessive overheating.

Odourless: The coating is in polyester and is both soft to the touch and completely odourless, so as not to annoy those with a sensitive sense of smell.


Thickness: This is not a real pillow but rather a heating mat and therefore the depth is reduced and may not meet the favours of those looking for something more “consistent”.


  1. Beurer 255.01 HK 25 Plush heating pad


To end with the search for the best thermal pillow, we present the characteristics of this model, which is a little different than the previous ones. It is a cushion made with a cotton cover, covered with a protective plastic cover, which allows you to clean more efficiently.

Thanks to the technology used, this heating pad has both three heating levels, indicated by LED lights, and a unique system called BSS, which prevents overheating and possible burns.

Also, to ensure more safety even in the absence of faults, the company has implemented an automatic switch-off sensor, which is activated 90 minutes after switching on. However, a negative point is the inability to customize the heating from the first start.

To do this, you must first increase the heat to the maximum and then lower it according to your needs, therefore losing time.


Easy to clean: The cover that covers the electronic system is made of cotton. Therefore it is machine washable at medium temperature without damaging it. But what distinguishes this article is also the plastic surface, which further protects making the cushion waterproof.

Safety system: The company has equipped this model of thermal cushion with two types of safety systems: one is the automatic shutdown after 90 minutes from the ignition, and the other is the BSS system, which avoids burns and overheating, therefore also any irreparable failures.

Quality/price ratio: The excellent quality/price ratio of this thermal pillow is mainly given by choice of materials, as well as by the safety systems implemented in the device. For this reason, the article easily ranks among the best in the ranking.


Customizing the heating: To obtain the desired heat, you must first raise the temperature to maximum and then lower it as needed, thus losing time.


How to use a thermal pillow

Heat can accelerate the healing process of specific pathologies since it has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. When these disorders affect areas such as the back, shoulders and abdomen, its use can be a real cure-all. As we have seen, on the market it is possible to find different solutions, in the form of heating cushions (or mats). These items are also handy for those who suffer a lot from the cold in winter and would like extra help to warm up while watching a movie on the sofa. Let’s see together the characteristics of these products and how to use them.

How the thermal pillow works

The thermal pillow is a device that uses heat to bring benefits to the body. This product has a heating circuit that is powered by electricity or battery. The current passes through this circuit, kept inside the insulating liner, and sometimes the manufacturers insert an additional layer between the resistance and the ship, to better distribute the heat and give the device more excellent safety. The heating system, therefore, allows the cushion to reach a specific internal temperature, which, due to physical contact, brings benefits to the body.


Since we are talking about cushions that have electrical systems inside, it is good never to underestimate safety. These devices are delicate, use them with care and avoid using them when they are old or not entirely intact.

As always, we advise you to read the indications given by the manufacturer; the ideal would be to consult your doctor before starting to use them to treat muscle pain. Do not place this type of pillow on babies or people with disabilities and mobility problems, because in case of need, they would not be able to remove it independently.

Since they need a power supply to function, they cannot be used in water. To avoid damaging them, do not roll or fold them.


Connect the appliance to the nearest electrical outlet, trying not to make knots with the power cord. Most thermal pillows allow you to adjust the temperature on different levels, choose the one that suits you best and wait for the pad to warm up.

Place it where you prefer, for example behind the back or neck while sitting on the sofa, or the abdomen. These heating solutions are very comfortable even for those who are in a cold bed and cannot shake off those unbearable chills of cold, or for those looking for an effective solution to fight the cold on their feet as soon as you lie under the covers.


As mentioned, reading the specifications given by the manufacturer is essential. Among the various information, you will also find out what is the maximum duration of each treatment. We suggest you choose to buy a model with the automatic shutdown, definitely useful and safe for those who want to relax totally and perhaps fall asleep, but without putting their safety at risk.


Most of the covers of these cushions can be machine washed, an essential feature for sanitizing the product, primarily when it is used by several people in the home. Most likely, even your pet will want to take advantage of it as soon as you get away from the warm and comfortable bed, and how can you blame him? Then, remove the electrical circuit inside the cover and wash only the latter.

By reading the reviews released by users who have already tried a thermal pillow, you can also find out if the colour of the fabric can withstand temperatures above 30 degrees, without fading or being damaged.

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