U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

What Is The Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Of 2020?

Not finding a comfortable position at bedtime or having trouble sleeping because of pregnancy are the common reasons why pregnant women decide to buy the best U shaped pregnancy pillow.

The best before investing is to make a comparison between the characteristics of the different models to know which one would be the most appropriate for you. Therefore we will name some factors to consider for a successful purchase.

The main thing is to think if it will be just a pillow to use during pregnancy or if you plan to continue using it after the birth of your child. In these cases, a larger or smaller pillow could make a big difference. If you are looking for a model that is useful only during pregnancy, then a more extended option will be more beneficial since you can support your whole body in it. At the same time, if you want to use it also after the birth of your baby during the period of breastfeeding or even after this, focus more on the thickness of the pillow and less on the length.

If the length is shorter, the thickness and support provided by the model will likely be more exceptional. So, if you intend to use it during breastfeeding to lay your baby while breastfeeding, it is essential that the pillow padding is strong enough to support the baby’s weight without losing its shape, making the process easier for you and the small.

Another element that you should not overlook is the material with which the pillow is made. If you have problems with allergies or are worried that your baby may have them, then the most reasonable thing is to buy a pillow that has some hypoallergenic treatment.

The pillows can be made of cotton, polyester, latex with foam or micro-pearl fillings, so checking your options is a good idea.

Among the best U shaped pregnancy pillow, is the “Butterflies” model of the French brand Petit Chat, which you will find more detailed information for your knowledge.


RANK#1:Petit Chat Butterflies

This maternity pillow will be comfortable to sleep and also to breastfeed your baby without having to hold it, as the measures of 132 x 30 centimetres will be appropriate for you.

Main features explained


Due to the high competitiveness in maternal pillows, the designs, sizes and, of course, the materials, can vary significantly between them. It is essential that when buying a pillow, these take into account aspects such as mothers’ allergies or possible problems that could affect the little ones when used with them.

First, in terms of contact, it should be noted that the outer fabric of this Petit Chat brand model is made of cotton, a material that makes it quite resistant and soft to the touch. Being a good option for delicate skin.

On the other hand, its interior is mainly made of polystyrene foam in the form of micro-pearls that give the pillow solidity and, at the same time, do not allow it to lose its shape by resting some part of the body on it. It is an excellent option to support a baby after birth or for a mother to sleep comfortably.


In general, the size of the maternal pillows varies greatly, primarily based on the use that will be given to it. While some are designed to sleep on their side while the abdomen is resting against the pillow, others think more about the mother when sleeping lying on her back and who require a unique position to avoid the discomforts that sometimes causes pregnancy.

This pillow adorned with a hundred drawings of small butterflies in different colours has dimensions of 132 centimetres in length while its thickness is 30 centimetres.

Users consider it an excellent option to lie down during pregnancy and even support the baby after birth so that it can remain fixed in a position despite the fragility of its body.

On the other hand, the micro-pearls that constitute its filling have measures that range between 0.5 millimetres and 1.5 millimetres, appropriately compacted to avoid empty spaces throughout the model.

Other features

Are you worried that your baby will dirty the pillow while you feed it? Do you hate dirt? Then you will be happy to know that this Petit Chat model is utterly removable using a zipper so you can wash them properly when you need it, as long as the temperature at which you remove the cover does not exceed 60 ° C.

Likewise, its cotton fabric is not only really soft to the touch but also has a hypoallergenic treatment so that there is no risk of allergies when you or your baby sleep on this pillow.

The best thing about this pillow is that it can not only be used by the mother during pregnancy, but you can also take advantage of it during breastfeeding to accommodate your little one when breastfeeding so that both are as comfortable as possible.

Similarly, as it grows, you can sit using the pillow as support on your back until it can stand on its own.


  • This pillow will accompany you throughout the pregnancy process and even after the birth of your baby because it can be used as a model to breastfeed or to support the baby while he can not sit by himself.


  • Customers have not brought up any disadvantage of this pillow since it is a quality product, and, besides, it is accompanied by a reasonably competitive price.

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