How To Change The Mood Of The Bedroom With Linen

Dressing the bed with style is simpler than you can imagine: in fact, the right combination of blankets, sheets and pillows is enough to completely change the look of the room, without making any changes to the surrounding furnishings.

The bedroom is not only the environment dedicated to rest but also a welcoming and relaxing place to read, watch TV and find peace of mind, isolating yourself from the stress of the outside world.

The Strangest Alarm Clocks Ever

With the end of holidays and the start of school, getting up in the morning can be a real trauma. Fortunately, there are alarm clocks, but lazy people know that just postpone them a couple of times to fall asleep instantly and miss important meetings or the first hour of class. In fact, in the absence of parents or children, even the loudest alarm clock may not be enough to detach from Morpheus’ arms.

Anker Presents The Soundcore Wakey, A Radio Alarm That Might Surprise You

Anker presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas an alarm clock that promises to revolutionize the market with its attractive and multifunctional design, designed so that you can perform several tasks with the same equipment. Thus, you can load several devices, tune in to your favorite stations, set the alarm to wake up every morning and answer calls.