Best Portable Folding Mattress

The Best Portable Folding Mattress – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2019

The folding portable folding mattress is one of those tools that can save us from sleeping on the floor when we have guests at home or are traveling. It is also suitable for adding it to a van or similar, in order to achieve a more pleasant rest. This is what we can enjoy with models such as the mattress Volkswagen T5 . This product has been designed to fit almost all VW vans, with a design that takes advantage of space and optimizes rest, thanks to its materials and resistance. If you prefer a conventional folding mattress, for home or camping, the EvergreenWeb Futon Easy model is all you need.

The best portable folding mattresses on the market

Rest is something fundamental in our daily life. This is something that depends, in large part, on having the right mattress. But when we are on vacation, we have guests, or we just don’t have our bed nearby, things get complicated. Luckily, thanks to the best portable folding mattresses of 2020, which we have selected and analyzed, maintaining a quality rest will be secure, provided you spend some time looking for the best portable folding mattress for you.


RANK:1# Volkswagen T5

The folding mattress for van Volkswagen T5 is a piece worthy of being the best portable folding mattress of the moment. This model has high-quality construction, which combines a high-strength and easy-to-clean exterior cover with a high-density foam interior of 25 kilos per cubic meter. This is Enough for the piece to hold us properly when resting.

It is also easy to place, thanks to its three-piece design, which facilitates folding and subsequent storage of the mattress when not in use. This is something as simple as cleaning, for which the mattress includes a zippered cover, which can be comfortably removed to wash the cover when necessary.

All this is a model compatible with almost all current Volkswagen vans, such as Multivan, Caravelle, or California Beach.

Let us know some more detail of this model, belonging to the best brand of folding mattresses for much of the market.




The product is compatible with almost any modern Volkswagen van.


Its measures are extensive and take advantage of the interior space of the van.


It’s filling with 25 kilos per cubic meter gives the product considerable resistance to use.


The mattress is foldable, full, which facilitates both assembly and storage.


The piece is entirely removable, to facilitate its exterior cleaning.




In some cases, it is necessary to have additional support, to support the mattress completely. K0001

If you are looking for a folding mattress for a Fiat Ducato van, the K0001 model is what you need. This model has been designed to be comfortably mounted on the front seats of any Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, or Citroen Jumper, always after 2006.

It has measures 160 centimeters long by 74 wide, which are reduced to 64 in the steering wheel area. The interior is made with 7 centimeters of HR foam, of 25 kilos of density per cubic meter, as well as with a DM wooden board of 1 centimeter, which gives stability to the product and serves as a base for it.

This mattress is finished off with other details, such as the high resistance of the cover and, besides, it has a zipper, so it is straightforward to remove it when you want to clean it.

If you don’t know which folding mattress to buy and you have a Ducato, a Boxer or a Partner, this is an excellent proposal.




Unlike other models, this product includes a 1-centimeter base, which allows you to dispense with additional support elements.


The filling has a considerable density to give you greater comfort.


Can be used in Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato, or Peugeot Partner vans with total comfort.


The product is removable, facilitating the exterior cleaning of the mattress.




Its weight is somewhat higher than that of others, which complicates its assembly and placement in the cabin.


RANK:3#EvergreenWeb Futon Easy

 The folding foam mattress is one of the ideal solutions to rest when we don’t have a conventional bed nearby. This is a segment where we find the EvergreenWeb Futon Easy model, which offers us a comfortable surface 2 meters long and 80 centimeters wide, in measures similar to a conventional bed.

A product that, once folded, stays just 80 centimeters wide by 68 high and 29 deep and can be used as a futon or seat. Something that contributes to its foam filling, of good quality, and with a civil resistance, in line with the best portable folding mattress we can find.

The product is finished off with details such as the handles, which facilitate its transport and handling, or the zippered cover, which simplifies the mattress cleaning process when necessary.

Let’s see more details of this model, with which to enjoy a much more adequate rest.



The foam that includes the product properly maintains its shape during rest for greater comfort.


Once folded, the product can be used as a futon, thanks to its resistance.


The product is easy to remove so that cleaning is even more comfortable.





The width is 80 centimeters, adequate but perhaps insufficient to sleep with maximum comfort.


You may not receive a folding product but a roll-up product, so it should be verified when you get home.


It is an ideal product for your guests, with a design and a compact format for resting. Specifically, this folding foam mattress offers us measures 220 centimeters long and 65 centimeters wide, in a format that can be accommodated in its length, by changing one of the large folding pieces to three smaller pieces, which It gives more versatility.

Besides, the foam is 7.5 centimeters high, giving excellent resistance to the product when used. This also allows the mattress to be used as a pouf or as a chair, depending on how it is assembled once folded.

This is a folding mattress that ends with a lightweight of about 2.8 kilos, also including a carrying bag, which makes it easy to take it wherever you want and store it without taking up too much space.

Bringing a folding mattress anywhere is easy thanks to products like this, which we analyze below.




Its 7.5 centimeters of foam and the cover included give it an excellent resistance.


It is one of the most versatile models, with a design that allows several configurations, both folded and unfolded.


The mattress has four different colors, to choose the one you like best.




The measures are somewhat strange, just 65 centimeters wide but 220 centimeters long.


Although the product is removable, it seems that the assembly of the cover is somewhat complicated.



When it comes to buying a folding mattress for camping, having a quality product like the PSP1144 is always an extra. We are talking about a model with measures 180 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide, which, once folded, is a compact size and easy to carry. Something to which they contribute so much his lightweight, of about 2.5 kilos, like the handles included in the ends that facilitate the transport of the product.

The model has a very resistant outer sheath so that it adequately supports the everyday use in camping, which is not precisely soft. This is an exciting model that we can customize to our liking, since it comes in four different dull colors, to choose the one you like best. This is Features that bring it to be the best portable folding mattress of value for money that we have included in this list.

Enjoy your camping days with this folding mattress, easy to carry and place.




It is a lightweight product, about 2.5 kilos in weight, also having handles for easy transport.


The imitation leather cover has a high resistance, suitable for use on your camping days.


Once folded, the mattress barely occupies space, around 63 centimeters long by the same width and about 18 deep.




Due to its thickness of about 5 centimeters, it is recommended to use it with an insulating base of the floor.


In line with the above, it is not the most suitable product for burly users, due to its resistance to weight.


RANK:6#Beautissu 334165

The folding mattress Beautissu 334165 is one of the largest models we have found in the current market. As much as to have measured 120 centimeters wide by 195 long, and can even be used as a double mattress. As for its thickness, the mattress maintains the usual 7 centimeters, offering excellent resistance during rest.

Regarding its cover, it has zip and velcro fasteners, thus facilitating the removal and cleaning of the product. Besides, this case is presented in four different colors, so you can choose the one you like best. Once folded, the product can be used as a seat, with a closure in four elements somewhat higher than others that we have value. It is topped with two handles at the ends so that it is easier to carry and handle.

If you want to sleep big, this folding mattress offers you ample space and considerable resistance.




It is one of the most significant models we have seen, 120 centimeters wide and 195 centimeters long.


The cover has velcro and zippers, making it easier to disassemble and clean.


The model has an OEKO TEX certificate, as proof of the quality and respect for the environment of its components.




The fabric included with the product is somewhat thin, as indicated by some comments.


Due to its characteristics, it can be somewhat complicated to store at home with comfort.

RANK:7#Badenia 03889216117

If you are looking for a cheap folding mattress, the Badenia model 03889216117 is another of our proposals. We talk about a product of conventional design, with three foam sheets joined together to the total size of 197 centimeters long by 66 wide.

A model that, according to the comments, has a good hardness when it comes to rest despite being a folding model. Something that does not affect its weight, located around 2 kilos, so we are facing one of the lightest folding mattresses on the market.

The product is finished off with a zippered cover, easy to remove from the mattress to clean it. A process that we can perform in the washing machine, supporting the protection of a temperature of up to 30 degrees, for more exceptional hygiene of the same.

Let’s see some more detail of this model, which is among our cheapest proposals.




The filling has a good quality when resting, with a suitable thickness.


Comments indicate that the product tends to be hard, which adds more comfort to the mattress.


The outer cover is easy to remove and put on, thus facilitating the cleaning of the mattress.




The fabric is somewhat thinner than expected, so it should be treated with care.

Rolled up:

The product is shipped rolled, being necessary to wait a couple of days for it to “take a breath” and can be used.


RANK:8#Milliard HK612-6-S

The Milliard HK612-6-S model is a folding mattress due to its design, although its characteristics are very similar to those of a conventional mattress. Among them, we find some standard measurements, 190 centimeters long and 90 centimeters wide, identical to those of a single bed. It also has a thickness of 15 centimeters, double what a conventional folding mattress has.

As if that were not enough, this interior is formed of viscoelastic foam, with two different densities, 35 kilos and 11.5 centimeters the first and 45 kilos per cubic meter and 3 centimeters thick of the second, for greater comfort during the break. It is finished off with other quality details such as a cover with a non-slip base and the usual three-part closure system, which allows it to be used once folded as a puff or seat.

Enjoy a superior class break with everything that this quality folding mattress puts at your fingertips.



The interior is manufactured with two layers of viscoelastic of different thicknesses for a better rest.


The thickness is 15 centimeters, almost double that of a standard model.


It is one of the few inflatable mattresses that we have found with conventional means.




By its construction, we talk about a heavy product, around 12.9 kilos.


The transport handles are missed, considering the weight of the product and its size.

How to choose the best portable folding mattresses?

The folding mattress is another one of those “lifeguards” that we can have at home for unforeseen visits or to rest better on camping days and other holiday places where finding a regular bed is not easy. But for comfort to be adequate, it is advisable to follow the advice of our guide to buying the best portable folding mattress, with which it will be easy to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant feeling anywhere.


Shopping guide

Mattress type

To start, let’s take a look at the different models that we can find in any comparison of folding mattresses that pass through our hands. Something that varies depending on the use we plan to give the product, as well as the circumstances in which we will use it.

As the first option, the most common, we have the conventional folding mattress. This mattress is divided into three elements, which fold over themselves to fit into one. This is something that facilitates both the storage of the product and its deployment. Besides, many of these products can be used folded as a seat, which is also an additional advantage to integrate them at home. The folded result is similar to a puff, or even a sofa, in some models, so they can be useful for that occasional use.

Another standard model is folding mattresses for vans. These models have measured “optimized” to the dimensions of the vehicle for which they have been designed, although the truth is that there are also generic models, designed for the rear area of any large vehicle. It all depends on what we need.

Finally, we have the folding exercise mattresses, generally lighter and thinner than the rest ones, which should not be confused with the first ones if we want them to sleep. They weigh less, have less material, and are usually priced somewhat cheaper than conventional ones.

Mattress dimensions

Once we have chosen the type of mattress we need, it is time to talk about the sizes and measurements of the product. An aspect that will need to be adjusted according to the specific needs of the mattress user, if there is going to be any, of course. Because if we talk about an emergency mattress, for anyone, theirs is that it is full, to give us greater versatility during use.

In general, we talk about single mattresses, so that their measurements are similar to those of a conventional mattress of this type. We are talking, in particular, about 180 to 200 centimeters long (although some models even reach 220 centimeters), while the width ranges from approximately 60 to 90 centimeters.

A separate case is that of folding mattresses for vans, which are usually larger and have different sizes. In this case, we talk about mattresses about 160 or 170 centimeters long by about 60 or 70 wide. In profiled models, this width varies throughout the part, since each mattress is manufactured for a specific vehicle and conforms to the characteristics of its cabin.

Other important aspects

We close these tips with some more issues that deserve our attention, as far as buying a mattress of this type is concerned. One of them is the outer material of the mattress, which should always be waterproof, resistant, and, if possible, protect us from the cold of the floor. This is an ideal element to make the rest more comfortable at all times, as well as to facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the mattress.

As important as the exterior is the interior, which must be built with good quality foam. Yes, we indeed talk about light foams so that they lose a lot of height, although, in the models with a higher density of this foam, this effect is reduced. This is an aspect that, on the other hand, does not influence excessively how much the mattress costs, so it is worth adjusting to what we need.

Finally, it is time to talk about the weight and size of the folded mattress. This aspect is especially crucial in those mattresses that will frequently move, such as folding van mattresses or camping folding mattresses. The lighter the product and the less space it occupies once folded, the easier it will be to store it and take it where necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to use a folding mattress?

Using a folding mattress is extremely simple. Just take it out and unfold it on the ground or the base we are using to start using it. Once we have used it, we just have to fold it back and store it. Between use and use, it will be convenient to clean it with a damp cloth or similar to remove dirt that may accumulate.

Which is better, folding mattress or inflatable mattress?

For a while, it was better to opt for a folding mattress than an inflatable one since the latter was like butter, and today has changed a lot. However, this change is also present in folding mattresses, so that they usually already have foams of somewhat more quality than classic models. So today, the difference is small unless the mattress has frequent use, in which case the folding model is more convenient, for giving less work.


How to make a folding mattress?

Since a folding mattress is nothing more than a piece of foam properly cut and with cover, its elaboration is simple. For this, we can use a piece of foam, which we will cut later, or pieces of foam cut. In any case, the pieces must be equal to each other, until the total length is added, maintaining the same width. Next, we prepare the fabric, covering each piece separately. Finally, we will sew or join the pieces between them, keeping in mind whenever we can then fold the mattress.


Is it safe to use a folding crib mattress?

The use of this type of mattress is safe, even if it is placed correctly. That is, as long as the mattress is successfully extended on the bed base or the corresponding surface, there is no problem in using it. This has  A placement that should be checked every night, to avoid inconvenience when our little one rests.

How to make a folding mattress cover?

To develop this cover, we must take the measures of the mattress in normal conditions, both the height and the length and the bottom. These will be the necessary measurements, to which we must add a couple of centimeters in length and one centimeter in width since if the measurements are precisely the same, it will be challenging to place the cover. Once with the pattern drawn, simply cut the chosen fabric and sew it on the side of it, which would remain on the sides of the mattress, trying to sew in the central area of those sides, so that the seam does not bother at the time of rest.

Can I use a folding camping mattress on a folding bed?

If the measures of the folding bed and the mattress are the same; in principle, there would be no inconvenience. The only case in which this use would not be recommended is if the folding bed base is not made of sheets but the old meshes models. In this case, the use of the folding mattress on the bed frame can end up deteriorating the two products and cause discomfort during rest, especially if the user is burly.


How to clean a folding mattress?

In general, folding mattresses have a waterproof cover, so cleaning it is enough to clean the mattress. This cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and a little detergent, in case the dirt is considerable, or only with water if the dirt is light. In some models, we can remove the mattress, in case a deep cleaning is necessary. In this case, we must follow the instructions for using the product for that cleaning. What is not possible to clean is the inner foam, so that the mattress must always have its cover on, to avoid inconvenience.

How much weight does folding mattress support?

Well, it all depends on the type of mattress we are talking about, especially as regards its thickness, as well as the kind of material it is filled with. Anyway, if it is intended for users of large size of considerable bulk, the product likely loses part of its height, so it is advisable to opt for products of more exceptional thickness for this type of users or protect the soil adequately So that the cold is not a problem.

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