Tips That Help You Sleep Better

Many people suffer from insomnia. Very often the problem can be solved thanks to a series of simple precautions.

You can be tired dead, have a tremendous sleep and nevertheless not being able to fall asleep or, you wake up several times during the night. The morning arrives, you have to respond to the day’s commitments such as preparing children for school, work, household chores and many other routine tasks that characterize your days. The first coffee at 7 in the morning, at 11 you are already in the third but with poor results: you are sleepy, you feel tired, you think slowly and in addition, you have to go home by car, an accident, doing the necessary aids, can happen in such a physical state and the idea of spending another night in white makes you sick.

Sleeping badly involves a number of problems, some very serious. In addition to the tendency to gain weight, the risk of suffering from heart problems is greater. But what are the causes of sleep disturbances (attention, it can also occur in a lighter form than that described by us but not for this to be underestimated)? The daily stress inevitably caused by work and family, various kinds of occupations and so on. You can improve the situation, just follow the advice you find below but if there are no appreciable results, it is good to consult a doctor.

Set a time to sleep and wake up

We must try to establish a certain regularity of sleep, overo, go to sleep at the same time and do the same for waking up. With special exceptions, this routine must be respected every day, even if you are on vacation. Such behavior helps to stabilize the natural cycle of the waking sleep rhythm. This regularity improves sleep quality. In the event that you should not be able to sleep at the scheduled time after a quarter of an hour get out of bed and do something that can relax you and then go back to bed when you feel tired. Remember not to be distressed by the idea of not being able to fall asleep.

Eat well

You have to eat well or, to put it better, regularly. In other words, you don’t go to your stomach with a stomach, but you don’t go fast. Excessive satiety or hunger do not reconcile sleep. Also limit your fluid intake to avoid getting up several times at night to go to the bathroom. Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol, as well as nicotine. Caffeine and nicotine, in particular, are exciting that stay in the body for several hours. Alcohol, on the other hand, even if at first glance it can make you sleepy, very often it causes sudden awakenings.

Ritualize sleep

Experience going to sleep as a sort of ritual to perform, where closing your eyes is only the conclusive act. Reading a book, perhaps immediately after a relaxing hot bath, are of great help for sleep as well as listening to music in the background illuminated by a soft light. In general, performing relaxing gestures facilitates the transition from wakefulness to sleep; the body picks up the signals and understands that it’s time to sleep.

Be comfortable

To sleep you need to be comfortable, the bedroom must have a comfortable temperature all year round. To sleep you need silence and darkness. Earplugs and eye mask can come in very handy. A good mattress and the best-selling memory topper ( the best models ) increase comfort. The mattress in particular must be sufficiently spacious and give the necessary support to the body. An old model, with depressions or too rigid, here can make it difficult to sleep.

Beware of naps

The night is made for sleeping, not the day, you should avoid making the classic afternoon nap; however, if you really can’t keep your eyes open a 30-minute sleep is allowed. Clearly, those who work at night will necessarily have to sleep during the day.

Physical activity

Training during the day helps you fall asleep but avoid late evening workouts as you may not be able to dispose of energy in a short time.

Manage stress

We must try to manage stress and thoughts. To recover some peace of mind, you can prepare a to-do list; programmed! Put on the top the most important and indispensable things, if you believe you cannot do everything, delegate. Take a break and take advantage of it for a pleasant walk or a chat with a friend.

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