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[ 2020 Reviews] 10 Best Camping Bed

For those people who usually go out camping, we have carried out research work on the different models existing in the market, and we dare to indicate that you can check the benefits and specifications of the two models of the best camping bed I mentioned below. Do not worry if you do not have enough time for this task, you just have to read the models that we said, and possibly you will find in them, what you are looking to take home.

First, check the TecTake 401212 camping bed, which is capable of supporting up to 150 kilograms. Besides, you can fold it very quickly, and its weight allows you to move it easily from one place to another, as it includes a bag for transport. We also highlight the features offered by the modelOutwell 470047, which will be very practical, because it not only serves one but for two people weighing up to 125 kilograms each.


10 Best Beds for Camping – Reviews 2020

Camping beds are useful objects to make camping a comfortable and safe experience. Your purchase can be a complicated task for many users who wonder what is the best bed for camping.

 That’s why we bring you a guide so you can check what, in the buyers’ opinion, are the best cheap camping beds of 2020.


RANK#1: Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

Due to its characteristics and advantages, it can be the solution for people who are tall and need a practical folding bed for various situations.

Main Features  


Perhaps one of its most relevant features are its dimensions since it has been manufactured with a useful rest area of 190 x 60 cm, this may be enough for people with a height above average to get to bed without their feet being left out from the bed. Besides, its structure and its canvas can support a weight of up to 150 kg, which can be very convenient.

On the other hand, by including cuts with reinforcements for the areas that fold, the canvas is not damaged and is better preserved. This way, you can use the bed for longer.

Concerning its firmness, because it has six legs with a rubber tip, it prevents it from moving when placed on the floor. Besides, it also manages to avoid the feeling of instability for a better rest. On the other hand, its weight is estimated at 5 kg, so it will not represent too much load compared to the comfort it can provide.


If you are worried about the type of assembly of the model, then you will be pleased to know that this is done without too much effort and simply and intuitively. So it will not cost you work to understand from the first time the appropriate way to place it.

Also, because it is portable, you can use it in various circumstances, which can be from an additional bed for visits, camping or even to lie in the garden and take the cool while you relax. Also, when you do not need it, it will not take up much space, and you can store it without major problems since its folding measures are only 94 x 18 x 10 cm.


It is not possible to talk about a camping bed that is not sturdy. To meet this requirement, the model has a metal alloy structure, which can withstand the weight well, in addition to resisting torsion and wear.

On the other hand, the support fabric is 100% polyester, which is a material that is very resistant to use, light, and hard stains so that it can tolerate frequent use. Also, its double seams help keep the fabric in place and support the weight properly.

Another feature that should be mentioned is that having a PVC treatment, the humidity that could be in the environment does not pass, which can help to make the bed more comfortable.



  • Thanks to its sturdy XL-sized metal structure, it can hold adults up to 150 kg with a height of up to 190 cm, making it suitable for a more significant number of people than the standard folding beds.


  • Because the fabric must be taut to provide proper support, it is necessary to apply some force on the ends during assembly, but it is not a very relevant problem.

RANK#2: EZ INFLATE Luxury Double High Queen air Mattress

 This double camping bed is suitable for those buyers who are looking for a camping bed with enough space for two people since many times, single-person beds are usually used by two people in emergencies and are often damaged quickly.

With this model, the Outwell brand offers a comfortable and foldable double bed considered the best camping bed by its buyers. It also includes a practical cargo bag for secure storage and portability.

Also, it has a high-quality material. Its fabric is made of 100% polyester, and the frame is made of steel. It can support up to 250kg, and its length reaches 192cm and 132cm wide.

Another feature that buyers have noted is that it is quite stable and very comfortable to sleep. It has two soft pillows on each side and brings two straps at the bottom to adjust the canvas well and to make it perfect for rest.

Camp lovers know that one of the secrets to maintaining comfort on each trip is to have the necessary tools to spend the night. Therefore, in this article, we present all the pros and cons of what could be the best camping bed at the moment.




This is one of the few camping beds on the market that can accommodate two people.


The items included in your factory supply include a storage bag to carry it more comfortably.


This bed is made with polyester in its part of the fabric, and with metal in its bases, being materials that provide resistance.


It has the capacity to support up to 250 kilograms, a capacity far superior to most beds of its type.




Some consider it a cumbersome bed; however, this is normal in a bed of this capacity.


RANK#3: EnerPlex Never-Leak Camping Series Twin Camping Airbed

 This EnerPlex Never-Leak Camping Series Twin Camping Airbed  is one of the best options on the market. It has an area of about 210 x 80 cm; This is why it is significant, and also its frame is made of sturdy aluminium.

Its dimensions are about 210 x 80 x 48 cm. In total it weighs about 6.5kg. It can withstand up to 120kg. This particular model comes in blue, although you can choose between pink or black. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you to use it promptly once you decide to assemble it and saves you time when picking up the campsite.

Its surface is made of 600D Oxford polyester and is also easy to wash. For greater comfort and protection against the cold, it reaches a height of about 48cm.

It also has a practical bag to carry. Users agree that it is a robust and comfortable bed. Several opinions agree that it can be used not only for camping but in the comfort of the house when you have visitors.

Regarding camping accessories, Maxx Laurent competes to be the best brand of camping beds on the market. That is why we will review its positive and negative aspects.




Although it is a single bed, its measurements are very comfortable. It has total dimensions of 210 x 80 x 48 cm.


It is very light and easy to move since it has a total weight of just 6.5 kilograms.


Although it is not a sturdy and heavy bed, it is robust and resistant. It can support up to 120 kilograms.


Being foldable, it is straightforward to store, move, and assemble, which represents a fundamental element when going camping.




Some users point out that it does not come with clear instructions for its installation, which can be harmful when the person needs to install it and does not have experience in the use of this type of product.


RANK#4: REDCAMP Folding Camping Cots

REDCAMP Folding Camping Cots is effortless to move and install. Its dimensions are length x width x height: 185 x 61 x 10cm, which gives you a great space to be comfortable and weighs about 1600g, which allows you to transport it easily.

This particular model is purple. It is made of stent aerospace aluminium, which makes it able to support up to 200kg.

The canvas is made of a breathable material, which makes it calm at bedtime. Its structure is very resistant to breakage and water. It also has anti-ageing.

This camping bed is multipurpose and can be used outdoors; it can replace the use of inflatable mattresses in the tent, used to take a nap in the office, hospital, or used as a stretcher. It is a comfortable and durable product, according to buyers.

It can be installed anywhere since it takes up little space. The package includes one bed, 2-night levers, 12 force rings, 16-bed levers, and a packing bag.

If you have not decided on which camping bed to buy, the best thing to do is to choose the most practical, functional and straightforward, but without leaving aside the quality of the product. Here we go you the pros and cons of this model.




It has a total size of 185 x 61 x 10cm, which makes it a reasonably comfortable bed, despite having an original size.


It is practically the lightest bed among those of its kind since it has a total weight of just 1.6 kilograms.


Despite its great lightness, this bed is one of the strongest you can find. This is because it can support up to 200 kilograms of weight.


Its fabric is composed of a unique anti-ageing material, which guarantees that the product will last longer than the rest.



It can be an excessively low bed for some people since it is almost flush with the floor.


RANK#5: TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

ThE TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot has been rated by buyers as the best bed for camping of value for money. And they have also commented that it is one of the cheapest in the market.

It has a 600D polyester cover, so it is waterproof, antistatic, tear-resistant, and flame retardant. It also includes a bag where you can store it for easy transport and storage.

It has a frame made of aluminium, which makes it not only resistant, but also lightweight, so it can be freely transported and used for sleep without risking breakage. When armed, it has dimensions of 42 x 64 x 189 cm.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot  have always stood out for being specialists in camping accessories, and this bed model is no exception. Although at first glance, it seems simple, this product is characterized by its strength, durability, practicality, and functionality. Besides, it is another of the cheapest in the market.




As it is made with 600D polyester, it is practically impenetrable by moisture.


This bed model is resistant to any tear and even has protection against fire.


It has a base capable of supporting a lot of weight since it is made of aluminium, an element that gives it strength, but also maintains its lightness.


Its factory supply includes a bag in which it can be stored when it needs to be moved.



The measurements of its surface for rest may be somewhat insufficient for people with thick builds.


RANK#6: Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

 The Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed is a perfect option if what you are looking for is a high quality, practical, and simple product. It has a folding device that makes it very easy to store. Besides, with its carrying bag, it can be easily carried.

It has a robust design that makes it resistant and is quick to assemble and disassemble. Its dimensions are approximately 190 x 70 x 45 cm (Length x Width x Height), the resting area is 190 x 60 cm and folded measures approximately 94 x 18 x 10 cm. It weighs about 5kg and can support around 150kg on it.

It has a canvas made of woven thread at the top and is plasticized below. Buyers have commented that if it is put to good use, it can be very durable, and it is also very comfortable at bedtime.

This camping bed has been among the most purchased for its quality, design, functionality, and for being the cheapest, so it has been recommended to those looking for the best camping bed for 50 euros.



Folding system:

It can be folded and reduced to its minimum expression to facilitate storage and transport.


Among its factory equipment includes a transparent pocket to more easily move the product.


Its structure is robust and consistent, but it is also straightforward to install.


It has a total size of approximately 190 x 70 x 45 cm, which makes it quite comfortable for almost any type of countenance.




Some users state that the surface sinks with the weight of the people who lie on it.


How to use a bed for camping

To go camping, it is convenient to carry the necessary implements so that this beautiful experience is more pleasant. Therefore, you should not miss a perfect quality camping bed, which is easy to assemble, strong enough to withstand the load, with adequate dimensions and weight to facilitate its transfer. That is why for you to use your camping bed most appropriately, we recommend you read below in this article some recommendations that will help you in the task.  

Easy to install

When you make your expedition, you will have no problem installing your camping bed, since you just have to deploy it and place it in the place that suits you, thanks to the fact that most of these camping beds come at once armed, so that nothing else you have Than open it and sleep.

Easy to transport

Having a camping bed will make it very easy to take it with you wherever you need it since the best camping beds are light enough to facilitate your transfer; Besides, being foldable you can enter them in their bags, which will make it much easier for users to take them with them regardless of where they are going.

Supports a large amount of weight

An important feature that you will find in most good camping beds is that they are designed to withstand large amounts of weight. For this reason, it is convenient that you check through the instruction manual how much weight the camping bed you have supported since this varies according to the product model.

Where to place it

Before assembling the camping bed, it is essential to verify the place where it will be placed, so that you can select a site with the least amount of unevenness possible. Considering that the areas where camping is natural or improvised terrain, one must be careful when installing the camping bed, checking that its legs are stable and well fixed to the ground so that there is no problem at bedtime.


In a bed, the number of people for whom it is designed is always essential; These camping beds usually vary in capacity according to the model the user has; They can be for 1 or 2 people, allowing you to sleep in the company while camping. Regardless of yours, you can sleep comfortably during your walks or free stays.


Usually, camping beds are quite sturdy; However, it is always convenient to know how resistant yours is and thus have an idea of its lifetime.

The resistance of camping beds will depend on the materials of the manufacture of the same. To the extent that the contents are resistant and of good quality, in that equal measure will be the resistance of the bed. That is why it is advisable to review the instruction manual, where you must have the specification of the materials with which the camping bed has been made.


The most popular brands

When it comes to enjoying nature camping on the beach or in the mountains, camping beds are one of the most viable alternatives not to give up comfort at all. Since modern designs allow us to find straightforward options to transport and assemble, in this section, we wanted to explore the best-known brands to get a little better of the sector’s novelties. We hope that the information shared will be of great help to our readers.

We started the list with Outwell, a company of Danish origin that began its activities in 1984. This company is known in its native Denmark and the rest of the world for being a leading manufacturer of equipment for camping and outdoor adventures in general.

Today, the company has more than 30 years of action in the market and throughout this period has received numerous international awards. Its products are continuously awarded for offering innovation, functionality, and outstanding design.

When you investigate further, it is easy to realize that the reason for the success of your articles is based mainly on the high interest of its founders in camping. The work team defines itself as an adventurer, so developing the best products becomes a personal necessity.

Among its catalogue of products, you can find everything you need for your adventures, including sleeping bags, beds and air mattresses, tents, furniture, lanterns, and more.

In the Swiss city of Freiburg, one of the most influential and fastest-growing e-commerce companies in recent years has its origins. TecTake is an online store dedicated to the sale and distribution throughout Europe of practical and in-need items at home. As a company, it maintains a concept focused on the day-to-day needs of individuals, which has led it to increase its catalogue of options considerably.

As you will soon see, this company represents a great option when it comes to the purchase of quality products focused on the improvement of everyday life, since it is capable of offering highly innovative and practical designs at really affordable purchase prices.

Among its product collection are the garden collection, which includes tents, chairs, furniture and much more; the home collection, with the incorporation of comfortable and elegant furniture; the kitchen and home collection, the baby care collection, the pet care collection and, finally, lifestyle and well-being.

Founded in 2006, Relaxdays is another international product company that began its activities as entirely electronic commerce. In the beginning, the company had only one innovative product in its inventory: a super practical head massager. However, its creators had a keen interest in creating many articles focused on stress reduction, leisure activities, rest, and recreation.

Today, with more than 12 years of action in the market, it has become an internationally influential company with a sustainable business that sells its creations through today’s most popular e-commerce. Among them are the most popular Amazon stores, where many of its productions are among the most popular and sold on the web.

Despite being a small team, this company has managed to operate a 100% functional business model in more than five different languages, maintaining to export its products to several countries in Europe and many others outside the Union.


Buying guide

Camping beds are a handy object when camping in the mountains, woods, or on the beach. People who seek to have contact with nature and clear their mind, also try to make this experience comfortable, safe, and pleasant.

It can even be used in emergencies in the comfort of home when we have visitors, and we must offer a comfortable place to sleep. Therefore, having a camping bed can be very useful. That is why many buyers have given themselves the task of looking for the model that best suits the different spaces where it can be used.

Buying one of these camping beds can be an arduous task, but here is a guide to buy the best camping bed that currently exists in the market, based on criteria such as how much it costs, and it’s quality. Also, when making your comparison, you will know what you should consider buying the one that best suits your needs.

Weight and measurements

These are some of the essential characteristics since they will depend on the comfort of the bed, its transfer, and its ease of transport. Its weight ranges between 0.9 and 1.3 kilos to about 6 or 9 kilos. Some models made of metal, which are more robust and resistant, may weigh a little more. In this way, there is a variety to choose between the heaviest and the lightest ones, provided they adapt to your needs. As for the dimensions, these depend heavily on who will use the bed.

The appropriate measures for an adult are 64cm wide by 191cm long. However, multiple options fit the size of each person. So we also find double size beds in the market that, although they take up more space than a single bed, can be very comfortable.


In this sense, the requirements are almost the same for all models. The fabric that serves as a support should be easy to clean, in addition to offering good backing and reliable support. Among the best materials are nylon or polyester fabrics. There are other models whose support is made of cotton, but they are not usually recommended because they tend to be heavier and accumulate a lot of dust.

Also, these folding beds have a frame that supports the weight in general. The framework should provide additional support and provide greater comfort. The material that is usually recommended is stainless steel, since it makes the frame more robust, providing greater comfort.

These frames make the bed more robust and resistant, which is essential to choose a good and economic foundation for camping. Its structure must be healthy since it is required to hold it firmly on the ground in a balanced manner and avoid moving with the wind or staggering.

Portability and assembly

Among all the different types of camping beds that exist, it is highly recommended to get one that is easy to transport. For this, its weight and size are considered once it is packed because that defines its portability. Some folding beds fold easily more quickly than others; others, however, can be completely disassembled. The most recommended models to be transported are those that measure approximately 0.9 to 1.8kg.

The assembly and disassembly is also a prominent feature since nobody would want to buy a product that is difficult to handle. The most comfortable models to assemble are those that are collected by displaying the pieces that are already attached. The rest are disassembled models, which require more work.

These latest models tend to be a bit more complicated to assemble and use. It is advisable to opt for products that come collected by the manufacturer or, if necessary, bring a manual with specific instructions to facilitate assembly.

Comfort and safety

At bedtime, it is essential that the bed be comfortable enough. For this, the springs or tension of the fabric must be taken into consideration. There are a variety of models that bring both systems. The recommendation, however, is to purchase a camping bed that allows adjustment; so you can regulate the tension and comfort of it according to the particular needs and tastes.

This is one of the most important aspects to consider. The best models of camping beds have the right balance in the centre so that they can fit very well into the body of its user. This feature also prevents them from falling to the ground. Another highlight is the design that the sides of the bed have since it must be designed to avoid falls.

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