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[ 2020 Reviews] 10 Best Double Beds

The vast majority of people spend a third of their lives sleeping or resting in a bed. Hence the importance of knowing how to correctly choose this piece of furniture that will be used to achieve a restful sleep; It is the bed that product that gives you comfort, shelter, and privacy at bedtime. It is the protagonist’s furniture in every room for rest, and without it, we could not sleep properly.

 For this reason, when choosing the best double bed model, you must take into consideration the quality of the materials, the size, and the design, among other aspects. We have reviewed on the web the most recommended beds by users, and today we bring to you two of the best models; the Habitdesign 006088BO, a wooden bed with melamine coating and four practical lower drawers. Another good option is TecTake 800218, a classic model, robust and made of metal.


10 Best Double Beds – 2020 Reviews

Nowadays, it is difficult to know which is the best double bed before so many available options that exist in the market, which could confuse you when choosing a specific product.

 Therefore, here are some of the foundations that have a good reputation on the web, to help you make a successful purchase decision and those that could be considered among the best double beds of 2020.


RANK#1: Zinus Marissa 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

This bed has a perfect design and, in addition to being beautiful, it is quite practical so that you can enjoy its multifunctionality.


Main Features  

Modern design and materials

This bed has been manufactured to be used in any environment, as it has the appropriate design that allows it to be combined quite easily with the decorations of the room in which it will be installed. The modern design of this product can vary between 4 different colours offered by the brand. However, all of them have neutral tones that seek to blend with the things around them to provide a uniform and calm environment.

Regardless of the colour, you decide to buy. The bed comes with an impeccable melamine finish, a material that will give it resistance to withstand constant use, and that will prevent the bed from deteriorating. Melamine also offers lightness, as this product has a weight of 52 kilograms that will make it not so difficult to carry out the assembly process.


If, in addition to wanting to sleep with the comfort you deserve, you want to buy a product that helps you organize your things and also save space, then this double bed is an artefact that you will not want to miss. The sides at the bottom of the bed come with two drawers on each side so you can store the things you consider appropriate and leave more space in your room for other items.

Each drawer is 25 centimetres high, 77 centimetres wide and 50 centimetres deep, so the four spaces can be used to store things like your shoes or your clothes, so it is not necessary to go to the closet every morning or night. Manufacturers recommend using these spaces always to have cushions, blankets and everything your bed may need to use it.

Assembly and dimensions

It is possible that, if there is no experience in the assembly and manufacture of furniture, many people are scared to hear that they are necessary processes that they must do to enjoy their new purchase. However, to save you extra time and effort, the assembly of this product is not complicated like that of other models and, as it comes with a detailed instruction manual, it will only be necessary to follow the instructions to have your bed ready in minutes.

Because this model is a double bed, the measures are wide enough to accommodate two people simultaneously without being uncomfortable for any of them. The dimensions of this bed are 156 x 196 x 37 cm, which allows it to be compatible with any bed base that has exact measurements of 150 x 190 cm or approximates them.



  • The four drawers included in this bed will make it easier to organize your things, as you can store different items in them.


  • Some people have commented that the drawers are somewhat small, so they are not functional for storing significant artefacts.

RANK#2: Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

If you are looking for a double bed that complements the decoration of a room and gives the atmosphere a youthful and romantic touch at the same time, this model could be an excellent option.

It is a bed that in addition to having an attractive design also offers robust materials, so among the cheap beds provided by the market, this model is considered by many to be the best price-quality double bed.

It is a piece of furniture made with a powder-coated steel frame, which gives it strength and durability. Its legs have plastic material that prevents them from scratching the floor.

Its dimensions are 203 x 147 x 90 cm, and it has a bed base made of poplar wood of high hardness and adaptability, which offers adequate support for the mattress. Also, you can choose the bed in white or black, depending on your tastes.

If you want to furnish your room correctly, you should take into account the purchase of a double bed where you can rest comfortably.




It is made of powder-coated steel, which means a durable and robust bed, capable of offering a long service life.


It should be noted that this bed has legs accompanied by a plastic material that considerably prevents scratching the floor.


The dimensions available in this double bed are 203 x 147 x 90 centimetres. Therefore, it is suitable for a couple.

Bed base:

The bed base of this bed is made of poplar wood of high durability, which is a support for your suitable mattress.




For some users, this bed seems a bit tricky. Therefore, they advise you to use it carefully and considered to avoid inconvenience.


RANK#3: Zinus Alexia 12-Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

The best double bed is the one that offers you an ideal place to rest and also the one that provides a plus to the decoration of any room. Therefore, this model could be the bed you are looking for since it has a modern design with curved, soft lines and a sophisticated appearance.

It is a bed with a structure that goes beyond the conventional, made of wood and upholstered in high-quality leatherette and includes headboard and footboard. You can feel the comfort of having back support when you read your favourite book without getting out of bed.

Its dimensions are 149 x 208 cm, the headboard measures 66 cm high, and the footboard offers 28 cm. It admits a mattress with a size of 190 x 135 cm and a thickness of up to 22 cm. Besides, you will receive a slatted bed base and hardware for easy assembly.

Knowing quickly which double bed to buy will depend in the first instance on the design that it can offer you, as well as the type of material with which it is manufactured so that you can determine its useful life.



This bed is made of high strength wood. Also, its upholstery is made of high-quality leatherette.


Its design is modern with curved lines. It also includes a headboard and a footboard for comfort.


The dimensions of this bed are 149 x 208 centimetres. Likewise, the footboard measures 28 centimetres and the headboard 66 centimetres high.


You can position in this bed a mattress of 190 x 135 centimetres with a thickness of 22 centimetres.



It is essential to mention that some users consider the fact that the headboard detracts space from the bed, taking length away from it. Therefore, the pillows are lower than usual.


RANK#4: Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

If you live in a house with a few square meters and the available space is limited, with this bed, you can get comfortable and deserved rest after a day’s work.

It is a folding bed with a practical and functional design, ideal for optimizing the space when it is not in use since it can be folded in parallel to the wall.

It is an easily assembled piece of furniture and admits to being screwed either to the wall or to the floor. You can also open and close the bed quickly and with a minimum of effort, thanks to its integrated pistons.

It is a versatile product, recommended for homes, guest rooms, hotels, shared rooms, hospitals, fire stations, etc.

Its dimensions are 135 x 190 cm and also includes a slatted bed base made of resistant wood. Also, given its high quality, the manufacturer grants up to 5 years warranty.

Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame could be considered the best brand of double beds available in the market, thanks to the variety of models it has to offer you with quality details.



This model is foldable. Therefore, you could easily fold it parallel to the wall to save space where you need it.


Thanks to the advantage of having a folding design, you could easily mount this bed by screwing it to the wall or floor.


: A comfortable bed to open and close without having to make much effort, thanks to the integrated pistons.


The dimensions of 135 x 190 centimetres available in this bed make it unique for one or two people. Similarly, the bed base is made of resistant wood.


Instruction manual:

It should be noted that some users have shown dissatisfaction upon receiving the instruction manual entirely in English.


RANK#5: ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

When it comes to practicality, comfort, and economy, this model is recommended by many people. It is a bed that does not need a new bed base to provide firm support to the mattress since in its structure it integrates a base of resistant metal bars with a non-slip design to prevent the mattress from moving.

Its simple and minimalist design allows you to integrate it into any decorative style while helping you save space; since its dimensions are 198 x 141.8 x 81 cm. It comes with the metal structure painted in black, which adds an elegant touch.

It is made of a high-quality solid metal structure, with four legs and six reinforcements, so it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 160 kg. You can use a mattress of 190 x 140 cm and for its assembly includes the necessary tools.

Coavas has to offer you the best double bed for 90 euros. What is a comfortable and quality purchase, because it is one of the cheapest models on the market.


Metal bar base:

This bed has a base with metal bars with non-slip design to prevent the mattress from moving quickly.


As for its dimensions, they are 198 x 141.8 x 81 centimetres. In this sense, you could enjoy considerable space savings.


Its structure available in the black colour is made entirely of solid metal. Also, it has four legs and six reinforcements, so it supports a total of 160 kilograms of weight.



Some users comment that this bed is usually something light, so it moves quickly, maintaining little stability.


RANK#6: Zinus Curtis Platform

If you want to make the most of your available space and do not want to sacrifice the comfort of an excellent double bed, this model could meet all your expectations. It is a product that in addition to offering you a wide area for rest, it also gives you the possibility to store in its four compartments, clothes, books or whatever you want to have on hand.

Its dimensions are 156 cm wide x 37 cm high x 196 cm long, which makes it ideal for a couple or a single. In its lower part, it has comprehensive and easy to open and close drawers since they have wheels for better sliding.

It is a double bed that admits a standard mattress of 150 x 190 cm and is made of wood and melamine finishes in bright white, which favours cleaning; Especially if you have small children at home.

If you intend to acquire the best double bed of the moment, you should consider some details before buying, such as the dimensions you have or the type of mattress that is capable of admitting in its base.



: This double bed allows you to store the items you wish to have on hand in its four chambers located at the bottom of it.


As for its dimensions, they are 156 centimetres wide, 37 centimetres high and 196 centimetres long.


It should be noted that it admits a bed of 150 x 190, which is a considerable space even for a couple.


: Best of all, this bed is made of wood. It also has melamine finishes in bright white.



Some users comment that this bed is complicated to assemble, so you must be patient when carrying out this action.


How to use a double bed

Having a good bed to rest after a long working day is essential to have a good restful sleep. The standard beds are small and not very spacious to place the body. Therefore, brands have created double beds that provide better support and space for the rest of one or two people. If you do not know how to use one, in the next section, we will explain it in simple steps.

Verify choosing the right size for you

Thanks to the different brands that exist in the rest market, you can find various designs of double beds, which adapt to the needs of the users. Therefore, it is essential that you check the choice of a bed with the right size to relax your body. Keep in mind that the bed must not only be able to support your body but must fit into space you have available to place it.

Start with the bases

First, start by joining the bed bases with screws or nuts. For this, have the instruction manual that will indicate step by step the pieces that you must enter to form the bed correctly.

Assemble the stand

After the bases are armed, proceed to build the primary mattress support. Follow the instructions indicated in the instruction manual. Also, verify that all parts are included in the package. If necessary, use support tools to join them.

Install the mattress

Once the bed support is complete, it is time to install the mattress. To do this, make sure it fits correctly in each corner of the bracket. It exerts a little pressure on the centre of the mattress and in each corner so that it is well secured.

Add an anti-mite protector.

If you want to extend the life of your bed, it is advisable to add an anti-mite cover that will protect your mattress from annoying insects, being disease-free and safe for allergy sufferers.

Place the bedding

The bedding is an accessory that adds personality to the room, choose clothes that match your decoration and place it on the entire bed, cover the mattress with the elastic sheet, then wrap the pillows in the covers and place the piece leftover as a cover.

Change the covers regularly.

To maintain the hygiene of the bed, it is necessary to change the bedding frequently. It is recommended to take at least one change per week since the accumulated dirt decreases the useful time of the mattress. Silk or satin clothing is one of the best options to use since it is more comfortable and does not irritate the skin like other materials.

Flip the mattress frequently.

Generally, maintaining the same sleeping position causes the mattress to sink, creating a concave wave that decreases the smoothness of the surface. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn the mattress side frequently to avoid this. It is recommended to do it every two to three months. However, some designs are made to do without this task, so you should inform yourself in the instruction manual or with the manufacturer.


Buying guide

Having a comfortable bed, suitable for your height and complexion, is essential to achieve a well-deserved rest. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best double bed to offer you the parameters you should consider before making your purchase. The idea is that you do not waste time or money and that you find a good and economical bed that suits your style and your budget.


Before you ask yourself how much it costs to buy a bed and worry about the high costs of some models, you can always find an inexpensive one that meets your expectations. For this, the market offers you a great variety of designs so that you can choose the bed that best suits your needs and your estimated budget for the purchase.

The bed is considered the main element of every bedroom, and around it, the other furniture is chosen that will match for a harmonious whole. In this sense, you should have your comparison of double beds on hand, so that you establish the differences and advantages offered by one model and another so that you can make the right purchase decision.

There are primary and straightforward beds, such as canapé or bunkers, recommended for minimalist decorations. There are also folding beds, which favour the optimization of the spaces and that allow easy and fast folding. Similarly, you can find elegant double beds, with headboard and footboard included.

Some multifunctional models integrate drawers at the bottom, for better use of space. Some models include box spring and others that incorporate a metal base that supports the mattress. And if you are one of the people who enjoy a room with extra space, you can buy a sophisticated double canopy bed, colourful and very decorative.

Size and space

If you are moving from a flat or have a new home, you must analyze the space available in your room before buying a bed. The idea is that you can mount it without impeding free transit and without compromising the location of other furniture within the enclosure, as well as allowing you to get up and go to bed without any inconvenience.

The dimensions of the beds may vary according to the country. However, the standard measures are as follows: 90 x 200 cm for a single bed, 150-160 x 200 cm for large or double beds and 200 x 200 cm offer extra-large beds. Concerning the height of the bed about the floor, the usual is 30 to 40 cm (without taking into account the mattress).

While the double beds by their side, offer different measures depending on the model and design to choose. There are some that range from 135 to 160 cm wide and from 180 to 200 cm long. Therefore, the double beds are suitable for any bedroom, given the diversity of sizes and versatility.


The resistance, durability, stability, ease of cleaning, as well as the aesthetics of a bed, are factors that are determined by manufacturing materials. Therefore, it is essential to know how to choose high-quality materials, since the bed is a piece of furniture that we aspire to have a long life.

Among the most used materials in the manufacture of double beds, we have first of all wood, the material par excellence for this type of furniture. We also have metal beds, made with a solid tube or steel structure; likewise, wooden models upholstered in leatherette or melamine. About the bed base, most are made of wood sheets.


Knowing how to choose a bed for your bedroom correctly will depend on several aspects, it is not only about the aesthetic part of the functional qualities that could benefit your health, it is also relevant that you use criteria for a choice, which includes the individual’s complexion that will use it, as well as the number of people who will sleep in it.

In this sense, we have that for a couple. The recommended ones are double, matrimonial, large or extra-large beds since they offer a large rest area; although a single person can comfortably use these beds. Some thick people need a mattress that provides durability and is made of high-quality materials, capable of supporting the weight.

The users of great stature, on the other hand, will need special measures according to their height; The idea is that both the head and the feet remain inside the bed being fully stretched.

In the case of older adults, it is essential that the bed is neither too low nor too high and above all that it is ergonomic and depending on the health condition, that it is also mechanized. For children, the most suitable is an approved bed, which grows with them.

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