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The 5 Best Fitted Sheets – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

It has always happened to all of us that when we want to dress the bed in the mornings, we lose more time than necessary because we cannot stretch the sheet properly and it ends up moving from one side to the other. The same happens at bedtime, since at the slightest movement we realize that we are sleeping directly on the mattress. To avoid these inconveniences, the fitted sheets are an excellent option, thanks to the rubber present at their edges they can be kept stretched and attached to the mattress.

 This favors that you can keep your bed always tidy, while providing a cozy space for rest. Today we bring to you two of the best models of the moment; starting with the Amazon Basics FTD-BEI-003, a sheet with excellent reputation on the web and made of soft and resistant microfiber. The Dreamzie Microfiber on the other hand, is a breathable model with a touch of peach skin.


The 5 Best Fitted Sheets – Reviews 2020

We know that it is not easy to know which is the best fitted sheet, given the many options offered by the market. That is why we want to help you make a smart purchase decision and for this, we present a comparison of models, so that you find the product that suits your budget and your particular tastes.



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RANK#1:AmazonBasics FTD Adjustable Sheets

It is a fitted sheet with good features and an adjustable rubber around the contour that offers great support to the mattress all night.




Main Features Explained



The fitted sheet is ideal for dressing the mattress of our bed, because it fits properly and stays stretched all the time, no matter what movement you have during the night, which is perfect to fix the bed easily and quickly.

In the case of this model of Amazon Basics, it is a bed sheet with a silk touch, unicolor and without prints, ideal for dressing the children’s bed, or for a student room or for the guest room. It is also very useful for use as a replacement for common sheets.

In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colors in which this fitted sheet is presented, namely beige, blue, black, gray, white, brown, etc.




Another aspect that you should consider when buying an adjustable sheet has to do with the size of it, because it depends on that you can use it on your mattress properly. So, taking into account the dimensions of your mattress is that you can choose the sheet that best suits it.

In the case of this particular model, we highlight that it is an adjustable sheet that has a size of 100 cm wide, 200 cm long and 30 cm high, making it perfect for single-sized beds.


Clothing materials

As for the materials of this adjustable sheet, we can highlight that it is made of 100% polyester microfiber (85 g / m2), a synthetic fiber material made of resin, highly durable, easily washed, not washed Wrinkles, does not shrink, does not discolor and is cheaper than pure cotton fabrics.

It also has an elastic band around the sheet, which allows it to perfectly fit the mattress. To the touch it is a fairly soft sheet, so it will bring comfort to your bed so you have a relaxing rest. In addition, it has a long lifespan, is warm and breathable.



Thanks to its polyester microfiber fabric, this sheet is easy to clean, since it can be washed in a high-temperature washer with similar colors, up to a maximum of 40 ° C with a short spin, without using bleach, but you can use bleach without Chlorine when necessary.

Although if you prefer you can resort to dry cleaning for maintenance. As for ironing, this sheet can be ironed at low temperature without problems so that it is completely smooth, although it is not necessary.

In relation to drying, this sheet can be dried in a dryer at low temperature or you can hang it in the sun to air it, since it dries in a short time outdoors.



  • Its 100% polyester microfiber construction makes this adjustable sheet highly resistant and durable, breathable, soft to the touch, easy to wash, wrinkle-free, shrink-resistant and with a long service life, so you will not regret buy it


  • Its use is limited only to single beds due to its dimensions of 100 cm wide x 200 cm long, but it is ideal for children’s beds, or for student rooms.

RANK#2:Dreamzie Fitted Bottom Sheets

The best fitted sheet is one that offers you a comfortable rest, keeps your bed tidy and does not fade your colors when washed. These qualities describe this model, since it is a high quality bottom sheet.

It is made of 100% polyester “peach skin”, a breathable, resistant and lightweight textile. It has 4 corners equipped with a durable elastic, which allows you to install the sheet easily, being firm and stretched on the mattress.

It is a product manufactured in Europe under high quality standards, which assures you that it is a sheet free of toxic substances and its height favors mattresses up to 28 cm thick.

You can easily wash it at 60 ° C, dry quickly and do not need ironing. In addition, the manufacturer gives you the possibility to choose the right color and size for any type of mattress.

To enjoy a pleasant and peaceful sleep you must use good quality products, so you have to have the best brand of adjustable sheets. In this sense, we invite you to detail the positive and negative qualities of this model before making a decision:



Maintenance :

It does not need to be ironed, since it does not generate too many wrinkles or folds, in addition, you can simply put it in the washing machine while it has a temperature of up to 60 ° C. It also allows its use in a dryer at a low temperature.

Safety :

It has the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification, which guarantees that its fibers do not contain traces of toxic products and, for this reason, you can use it more safely.

Material :

It is made of 100% polyester microfiber, similar to peach skin, which gives you a soft and comfortable touch, as well as an easy sliding on the surface.



Use :

According to a user’s opinion, this sheet could be more appropriate to use during the summer and not in the winter, since it is not hot enough.


RANK#3:Soleil d’ocre Lisa Bottom Sheet

There is nothing better after a long day at work, than resting in a bed with a soft and comfortable sheet that favors a restful sleep. Therefore, when it comes to comfort at bedtime, cotton is the most suitable material.

This sheet is made of 100% high quality cotton, which offers you softness, breathability and resistance to allergens. It also has elastic in its 4 corners, for optimal adjustment to the mattress.

This model is designed to be used only in mattresses for single beds and its dimensions are 90 cm wide x 190 cm long, with a height of 25 cm.

It is also available in white color; Therefore, it is recommended for both domestic and institutional use, such as hospitals, hotels, hostels, etc. In addition, you can wash it in the washing machine without any fear that it shrinks or loses qualities.

If you are looking for a quality sheet, with a great fit and at a good price, you may want to buy the best fitted sheet for 10 euros. However, it is necessary that you know the pros and cons of this model before making the final choice:



Fit :

It has 25 cm wide sleeves and elastic edges, which will allow you to firmly adjust it to the mattress, this way you will avoid getting out while you sleep.

Materials :

It is made of 100% cotton, which guarantees a soft fabric and easy adaptation to the mattress, as well as greater delicacy to the touch.

Maintenance :

It is possible to wash this sheet at a maximum temperature of 40º C. However, because it is white, it is important that you avoid putting it in the washing machine with garments of other colors.



Thickness :

According to the opinion of some users, this sheet could be thinner than expected.


RANK#4:Originalbaby Lot 2 Bottoms 100% Cotton

If you have a small child at home, you should know how difficult it is for your crib sheets to remain clean for a long time. Therefore, today we present this set of 2 fitted sheets specially designed for children’s use.

You can choose the most convenient size for baby cot, mini-cot and baby bed; as well as, the version for car-carrycot-cuckoo and also, select the most appropriate color according to the decorative style present in the child’s bedroom.

It is a set of 2 units made in Spain, with 100% natural and hypoallergenic cotton. It has adjustable rubber in its 4 corners that favor being able to remove and put easily, while keeping the sheet attached to the mattress.

What is valued by many parents in fear of the child being under the cloth in any movement. In addition, it is a product that does not discolor and can be easily washed.

When buying a sheet for your baby’s crib you should look for one that provides softness and, if possible, that is one of the cheapest. In this sense, we provide you with the pros and cons of this sheet before you make the purchase:



Content :

It is a package that contains two light blue sheets, so that you adapt them to the decoration you have in your baby’s room. However, they are available in beige, white and pink.

Material :

It is soft to the touch because it is made with 100% cotton fiber, so you can easily adapt it during the winter or summer season.

Dimensions :

It has dimensions of 60 x 120 cm, so it is suitable for baby cots.



Lint :

According to a user’s opinion, the surface of these sheets could form lint or balls after several cycles in the washing machine.

Ironing :

A user thinks that the sheets are wrinkled too much, which means having to iron them after washing.


RANK#5:Utopia Bedding Fitted Sheet

When we find cheap sheets in the market, we usually doubt their good quality. However, models like this have won the trust of many people, given their benefits and their affordable cost.

Being a product that does not fade or shrink and that is also resistant, users agree in their opinions that we are facing the best fitted sheet of value for money.

It is an adjustable sheet that you can select between different sizes available and neutral colors, easily combinable with any environment. Therefore, it is a model that can be used both at home and in student residences, summer houses and even in lodgings. Its height is 35 cm, making it ideal for thick mattresses.

It is made of microfiber, hypoallergenic, velvety and breathable fabric and its adjustable rubber is present in all corners. In addition, it is machine washable and does not wrinkle.

If you have doubts about which fitted sheet to buy, you should take into account its dimensions and level of softness. For this reason, before deciding it is important to know in detail the aspects of this model:



Sleeve :

It has a sleeve 35 cm deep with a completely elastic edge, so it is easier to place it around the bed.

Material :

It is made of brushed microfiber, which gives it a great softness to the touch and provides a free perspiration, in this way, prevents the accumulation of sweat and therefore provides greater hygiene.

Maintenance :

It is washable at a maximum of 60 ºC in the washing machine, in addition, it does not wrinkle and resists deformations, tears and discoloration.



Folding :

A user considers it difficult to fold. However, at the time of use it is possible to perform the folding more easily.

Colors :

Some users think that the manufacturer should offer more color options, as it may not combine with the decoration of the room.


RANK#6:AmazonBasics FTD Adjustable Sheets

When we see the best adjustable sheets of 2020, this model stands out among its congeners. It is a fitted sheet with an excellent sales record and high net score, so many people highly recommend it.

It is available in different sizes suitable for a wide variety of mattresses, and you can also choose the color you like or if you prefer, there are also prints; according to the decoration present in the room.

The sheet has a height of 30 cm, which makes it ideal to meet the needs of mattresses with the same thickness. It is made of 100% resistant microfiber with a silk touch and great softness; It is also anti-wrinkle and does not shrink.

Its manufacture includes a rubber around the entire sheet, which ensures a secure hold to the mattress. It also admits to be machine washed with a temperature that does not exceed 40 °.

Using the best fitted sheet of the moment could help you enjoy a more pleasant sleep. For this reason, you should know the most important aspects of this model before making the purchase:



Materials :

It is made of polyester microfiber, so it does not wrinkle or shrink. In addition, it offers great softness to the touch, is breathable and has a long service life.

Maintenance :

It allows machine washing at a temperature of up to 40 ° C and you can dry it at a low temperature, so you can keep its properties for longer.

Color :

In this case, you can find it in beige to easily combine with other sheets. However, it is also available in gray, white, light blue or dark.

Sleeve :

It has a 30 cm sleeve with a rubber contour, to offer a better fit and prevent it from getting out with the movement.



Dimensions :

This sheet is limited to the exclusive use of single-sized beds, since it has dimensions of 100 x 200 cm.


How to use an adjustable sheet

One of the most common problems when having standard bedding is that at the time of laying, the sheets move and detach easily. Thanks to the advances in design, brands have created adjustable sheets that are pressed correctly to the size of the mattress. Next, we explain how you should use them.




Measure the size of the mattress

An important factor before placing an adjustable sheet is to measure the dimensions of the mattress, since the sheet must cover it completely and to measure. It is advisable to consult a buying guide and know the measurements of each product size. If you miss this step, you can end up with a sheet that does not fit the mattress and must be placed again and again.


Look for the design that best matches the room

A great advantage of these sheets is that they are available in different colors and prints according to the tastes of each client. Generally, they are found in neutral colors. However, you can look for one with a colorful print that matches the design of the room.


Clean the mattress before

Before installing the sheet, it is vital that the mattress is free of insects and mites that weaken the strength of the material. Use a special mattress vacuum and get rid of dirt and dust.


Place the sheet and adjust it

Once the mattress is clean, it is time to place the sheet. It extends from the center to the outer corners of the mattress, then fits each corner with the corresponding side of the mattress. To do this, extend it enough so that it is not loose.


Exert pressure

For a good fit of the sheet it is necessary to exert a little pressure on each corner to keep it in place. You can choose to cover the bottom corner of the mattress, this way you will have a greater adjustment of the product and less mobility.


Add decorative accessories

After placing the sheet, you can add other decorative accessories that are integrated to the style of your bed. Look for covers, cushions, pillows and similarly printed blankets and add them, as together they will give a unique and comfortable style to your bed.




Wash it often

One of the secrets to maintain the utility in this product is its frequent washing, since it is made of resistant materials such as polyester that prevent its deterioration. Use a neutral soap and warm water to wash the sheet and then let it dry in a ventilated place, without the presence of sunlight. If machine drying is contemplated on the model label, then proceed to execute it that way.


Store it in a cool place

Finally, at the end of drying, it is recommended to store it in a cool place, since the fabric can accumulate bad odors due to the humidity that may occur. Also, keep it away from sunlight because they weaken the elasticity of the built-in rubber and the resistance level of the fabric .



Buying guide

A sheet with an inappropriate size, which is rolled on your legs at the first movement or that gives little or a lot of heat, can disturb your rest and even affect your sleep just like a bad mattress would. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to buy the best fitted sheet, in which you can find the criteria that you must take into account so that your purchase is a success.


Types and designs

In the world of bedding there are adjustable sheets and traditional sheets. Traditional sheets are characterized by large canvases that tuck under the mattress, they are recommended when the height of the mattress is higher than standard measurements. They also offer convenient storage, as they can be easily folded and ironed. Their disadvantage is that they are not able to stay in their place.

Adjustable sheets on the other hand, are preferred by many people given the countless advantages they offer. The main quality is the support they offer when kept stretched on the mattress, no matter how much you move in bed.

By staying stretched, they also help you make the bed more easily and quickly. Therefore, they are recommended for hotel beds, inns, summer houses, etc.

As for the design, the possibilities are endless, since there is an extensive range of options to choose fabrics with colors and patterns that allow you to combine the sheets with any decorative style and according to your particular tastes.



The first thing you need to know before making the purchase is the size of the sheet you are looking for and this will depend directly on the size of the mattress. In this sense, we have adjustable sheets with a wide variety of measures, which are designed to meet different needs. However, here is an outline of the standard sizes present in the market.

For single beds the dimensions of the fitted sheet are 105 x 190 cm. For beds with a square and a half size, you should look for sheets of 135 x 190 cm; In the case of double beds, the most convenient are 160 x 190 cm. In addition, there are Queen size beds, for which you should look for sheets of 180 x 190 cm and if you have a King size, you need measures of 200 x 200 cm.

You can also find adjustable sheets with dimensions specially designed for children’s beds and cots. In all cases, you should consider the thickness of the mattress and the height offered by the product.




When choosing a sheet, the materials with which it is made are decisive to know how much a particular model costs. There are good and cheap sheets in the market, which will help you dress your bed without spending a fortune. Therefore, when you make your comparison of adjustable sheets, it is convenient that you value the quality of your clothing.

To start we have 100% cotton, a material used par excellence in most sheets, since it is a totally natural, soft and breathable fabric. It is recommended for people with allergies and is also used in bedspreads and comforters.

Within cottons, there is also percal cotton, a fabric made from various mixtures of materials, usually 50% polyester and 50% cotton. It is light, flexible and also very soft to the touch.

Egyptian cotton for its part, is recognized worldwide for its excellence, great softness and strength. It is a textile of great purity, since cotton is harvested by hand. Therefore, it is one of the most coveted and most expensive materials on the market.

We also have sheets made of satin cotton. This type of fabric has silk fibers, rayon and other materials that provide a sophisticated touch to the bed; It is a silky, soft and highly flexible fabric. On the other hand we have microfiber, a totally synthetic material and made of resin; It is also known as polyester. It is wrinkle free, does not discolor or shrink and is very economical.

We could not fail to mention the flannel, a textile suitable for sheets in the cold season, since it retains the heat inside. In this sense, we also have sheets made of coral and known as thermal sheets, since they are recommended for winter. This material is made of 100% polyester and its touch is velvety and soft.


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