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[ 2020 Reviews] 10 Best Folding Beds

In western homes one of the most indispensable furniture but unfortunately occupies a lot of space is the bed. This feature prevents when we have a visit. It is difficult to provide a comfortable place to sleep. Fortunately, there are folding beds, which can be adapted to your space needs, are practical and easily stored. But when acquiring one, we should not overlook features such as its size, durability and ease of assembly.

Two options of the best folding beds that have stood out in the market can be the MiPuf 190x80x20, being versatile and used as a sofa. In addition, it has an extensive catalogue of colours. You might also like the Beautissu 330074 option, which in its folded mode is vertical, so it only occupies a space of 90 x 35 x 113 cm and has wheels and cover for easy transport and storage.


The 5 Best Folding Beds – 2020 Reviews

Having an extra bed at home is always handy for when unexpected visits come. But when space is not enough, this facility is questioned.

Fortunately, there are more and more models that reduce the space occupied in the home, allowing an emergency bed without this being a burden.

You can check in our selection of some of the best folding beds of 2020, where we find products of all kinds whose presence you will hardly notice until you need them.


RANK#1: MiPuf Sofa Pouf Folding Bed, Double Sewing

It is a versatile, resistant bed that has a good quality, so it could be one of the best folding bed options on the market.

Main Features  

Materials and durability

Lying comfortably in a large place without worrying about deteriorating too much is one of the qualities that can be attributed to this folding bed model, offered by the MiPuf brand. This is because starting inside. It is made of high-density foam, which has a height of 20 cm, which allows it to support a person’s weight without losing their qualities.

On the other hand, it has a heavy-duty imitation leather construction, so by investing in this model and giving it the necessary care, it will be unlikely that in the short term you should look for a replacement. In addition, to give it greater solidity, it is reinforced with double seams. This is why the manufacturer trusts its product and users rate it positively in this regard.


On the other hand, we can not fail to notice that it is a folding bed, which can meet the expectations of those looking for a piece of furniture that easily fits the style of decoration they have in the home. This is thanks to its simple and minimalist design of well-defined straight lines.

But at the same time, it provides comfort, thanks to its dimensions of 190 x 80 cm, which can be enough for a person even of tall stature to sleep comfortably, being almost the size of a standard single bed, so it can meet efficiently in case you have visitors, and you lack an additional bed.

In addition, because the manufacturer offers this model in different colours, you can choose it in anyone you like and combine with the environment, looking like a piece of furniture that is part of the place and not as an additional one that has been improvised.


Another quality that stands out in the model is its versatility. Due to the eight positions in which it can be folded, it offers a range of very interesting options, which will allow you to enjoy it according to the needs that arise on each occasion. Also, you will be pleased to know that these positions are easy to assemble without too much effort, which your users also appreciate.

In addition, the manufacturer offers other additional accessories such as matching pillows, which might interest you to complement this folding bed to make it even more comfortable.



  • The resistance of the imitation leather that covers this folding bed makes it a good option even as an outdoor sofa, so it could decorate and give comfort to your terrace. On the other hand, a lot of colours are offered, so you can easily combine it.


  • It is probably not a bed that can remain exposed to direct sunlight, but due to its lightness, you could place it when you need it without representing a major problem.

RANK#2: LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed

One of the models that stand out for its robust structure is that offered by the Beautissu brand since its bed frame combines bamboo wood that is very flexible and durable, plus a metal armour that gives it solidity. This allows it to support up to 100 kg of weight, which can be considered convenient.

On the other hand, it provides a rest area of 88 x 188 cm that could be useful for people of medium and high stature. In addition, your 10.5 cm foam rubber mattress can provide appropriate support to get a comfortable rest.

As for its folding mode, you will be pleased to know that this is done easily and you can easily store the bed because it will only occupy a space of approximately 90 x 35 x 113 cm and you can easily transport it with its useful wheels.

Since it is one of the models that many could qualify as the best folding beds, we invite you to analyze in detail its most outstanding features in our list of pros and cons:




Because its dimensions in its folded mode are 90 x 35 x 113 cm, it occupies little space when you store this bed.


Its metallic structure and the base in bamboo wood of the bed base provide resistance to the use and the passage of time.


You can easily take the bed where you need it with its transport wheels.


By having a mattress surface of 41% polyester and 59% cotton, it is resistant and fresh, and it can offer a comfortable rest.



The design of the cover could be improved so that it covers not only the mattress area but also the wheels. However, it may not be as relevant.


RANK#3: Zollner Folding Mattress for Guests

If you are looking for a versatile model that you can use on a daily basis, this could be a good option, since it is a folding mattress in 5 parts, this allows you to use it either as a bed, as a seat or puff with a pillow, which in any modality can provide comfort.

On the other hand, the manufacturer offers this model in different colours, so it can be easy to find one that matches the rest of the decoration of your space.

In addition, you will be pleased to know that its cover is removable in a simple way thanks to its zipper, so you can maintain the cleanliness of this folding bed without this involving too much effort.

As for its measures, it offers a rest area of 65 x 220 cm, which may be sufficient for people of high heights to use it and with a height of 7.5 cm, which may be appropriate.

If the characteristics of this model meet your expectations, we suggest you review the most relevant again. This way, you will be safer to acquire the best option.




Because it can extend up to 220 cm, it can be suitable for use by people of high stature.


Since you can accommodate it in different ways, you could find the most appropriate version for each occasion and rest comfortably.


Its removable cover considerably facilitates the task of maintaining the bed so that it retains its appearance.


Because its folding is very simple and lightweight, almost anyone can use it without making too much effort to mount it, which can be convenient even for camping.



The model does not have a base that helps lift it from the ground, which could be convenient for some users who have reduced mobility.


RANK#4: Evergreenweb Comfortable Folding Guest Bed with Foam mattress

This folding bed of the Evergreenweb brand has measures of 80 cm wide, 190 cm long, 27 cm high and the mattress is 10 cm thick, making it a single type bed that you can comfortably place in Most rooms, either for guests or for lying on the terrace.

It is a compact model that you can store easily when it is not in use, since folding has a height of 105 cm and 35 cm wide, in addition, it has a pressure hook to join the edges and prevent it from accidentally opening.

In the same way, you should know that its structure is made of metal and has wooden slats to hold the mattress, in this way it provides greater lightness and does not cause discomfort on the surface during use. It is important to take into account that it is an orthopaedic type mattress, made of foam with protection against mites, to sleep with confidence.

If you need a practical and comforting bed to use on an occasional basis, then it is recommended that you consider the positive and negative aspects of this model before deciding:



The structure of the bed is made of metal, but also the slats that support the mattress are made of wood, to provide greater resistance to the bed.


The mattress is filled with foam, it is also breathable, anti mites does not retain moisture and is 10 cm thick, so it is appropriate to rest comfortably.


It measures 105 cm high by 35 cm wide when folded and, unfolded, offers 190 cm long and 80 cm wide. So it is a practical model that you can use to receive guests without taking up much space at home.




A user indicates that the piece that works to close the bed is made of standard plastic, so it is recommended to use it properly to extend its life.


RANK#5: Quality Mobles Single Folding Bed

Another folding bed model that stands out for its practicality is that presented by Quality Mobles, because of its design you can use it with a comfortable bench when it is not necessary as a bed, and does not take up too much space, since it has a size of 65 x 83 x 48 cm. So, you don’t have to store it necessarily, and it is considered versatile.

As regards its size as a bed, this is 190 x 80 cm, which are considered sufficient even for an adult to rest comfortably. In addition, we do not want to mention that because the mattress is one piece with a folding groove, you will not have problems because it gets separated. As for its resistance, it is made of a metal structure and wooden crossbars, so it is very likely that it will be useful for a long time.

If you still do not know which folding bed to buy, we invite you to learn more about this proposal in our list of pros and cons.



Because it is a model that can be used as a puff, it can be a useful piece of furniture when it is not needed as a bed.


Since it has a metal structure combined with wood, it can be described as resistant.


It is easy to fold and unfold the bed, so you will not have problems to transform it into the modality that is necessary.



There may be more affordable options, but with its quality and features, it competes to be the best options.


Its 12 cm mattress may be thin compared to other models, but its density can offer comfort.


How to use a folding bed

When the room in your room is reduced, or you receive unexpected visits, it is important to have a good folding bed, since, while you do not use it, you can store it conveniently, solving the problem as far as space is concerned. It is important that you continue reading this article, which will allow you to find some recommendations that you can put into practice to get the best of your folding bed.

Fits in almost any space

Folding beds have the characteristic that they fold easily, which allows you to save a lot of space in any room in your home. After using it for the visit of a family member or friend, just double it and store it in a small space in the house. Because of its compact size, it is possible that you can even store it in the closet. If you have a folding canvas bed, the task of storing it will be much easier to carry out, since its structure is disassembled and fits in a bag, being able to take it with you without problems in the car when you have to spend the night away from home.

Use the right mattress.

As it is a double bed, you should use a mattress that does not take the form of the fold. Some mattresses such as viscoelastic permanently adopt the way it is stored, so if you do not want to lose the mattress because of this, it is best to use a normal mattress in this type of bed, the shape of which does not change if the bed passes Long folded. However, it is recommended that you periodically turn them over.

Take care of the folding bed.

As it is a piece of furniture that can become unused for a long time, it is necessary that you keep good care of it so that its functionality is not affected. In principle, do not store it in a place or room that puts it in contact with moisture, since both its metal structure and the mattress can be severely affected. Rust can begin to corrode the structure of the bed, as well as harden the parts that articulate its fold. Like the mattress can be affected by mould. If you know that you are not going to use the bed for a long time, cover it with a cover to keep it away from dust.       

Don’t overcome your resistance.

Although the structure of the folding bed usually has good resistance, it is important that during its use you take into account the weight of the mattress and the number of people who will use it. Its structure is designed to support the most strategic points, to help spread the weight equally over it. If you overcome its resistance, you will probably end up with weakened support, which will greatly affect the functionality and practicality of the bed. If the bed is intended for one person, the idea is that you fulfil this premise and do not force the strength of the structure.


The most popular brands

The goal of having a folding bed is the opportunity of space that guarantees us, in addition to being able to allocate that guest room to another objective. A folding bed is presented as a comfortable place and a cost-effective option. After making a thorough review of the website of the brands that users are most inclined to, we can recommend Beautissu, Baldiflex, Outad.

It is a company that offers consumers a variety of products, always with the firm objective of satisfying their needs, complying with the standards of service and quality. This is how they come to have a professional team that works in their companies and stores to always help to obtain the desired product.

This brand is characterized by the variability in its colours, as well as in the flexible design that lends itself to all types of decoration. It has a range of high-quality textiles that can work correctly in any space of our home. With appropriate interior designs and composed of quality materials, Beautissu’s philosophy is to occupy as little space as possible.

The products offered by this brand are different, but all focus on giving the client the greatest comfort when taking a seat somewhere such as in armchairs, chairs, furniture, as well as when resting and lying in a folding bed. The positive, as evidenced in the motto of its brand, is the space-saving that allows us to have.

To meet the expectations of minimalist users, who like to have as much space as possible, Beautissu has folding beds to offer our guests comfort, and we can take advantage of spaces when the object is not in use. Likewise, the materials of its products stand out for the fact of having resistant materials.

This brand was born in Italy in 2008, and as its motto indicates, it is “the dream of the dream”. It focuses on giving the client the dream model so that their moment of rest has a comforting dream. For a good rest of the body, the materials that make up these products seek to be taken from the factory to the customer.

This company focuses on the manufacture and marketing of beds, mattresses, pillows, and nets, with the purpose of guaranteeing an optimal rest when performing the most important action of the human being, sleeping. These are high-quality products that are sold with competitive prices at the factory price, which gives them greater reception before the clientele.

Mattresses, pillows, folding beds, nets, pet beds, a kit of beds and other items are the items that the brand has in its sales sample. With resistant materials and guaranteed durability, they promise to accompany us for a long time at home.

Among the many products offered by this brand, folding beds deserve attention, because despite being foldable they have adequate padding so that the person using the product can feel an effective rest without discomfort the next day. For greater luxury at bedtime, due to quality materials that fulfil its functionality, Baldiflex is a tempting brand.

It is a Spanish brand, which not only focuses on providing rest in small spaces but also provides rest in large spaces. In addition, the mobilization of these beds is comfortable. The equipment of this brand has high-quality standards that seek to provide maximum safety in terms of durability.

Outad is responsible for providing maximum comfort to its customers when they are outside; not only outside your home but outside the comfort areas, such as hotels or inns. This brand seeks to guarantee the greatest comfort to users who like to camp; for this reason, they manufacture products intended for camping or mountain use.

Thermal bottles, waterproof tarps, retractable leashes for walking dogs, walking sticks, tents, hiking backpacks, leggings, crampons, gloves are some of the useful products that this brand offers. All stand out for being coated with resistant materials, both to withstand the cold and to keep warm.

Sleeping bags are other products that are observed in the product line of this brand. An advantage of its brand is that its beds protect the user from the varying temperatures we get on the mountain when we camp; This is because its materials are waterproof and thermal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to assemble a folding bed?

Because there are different models of folding beds in the market, we will explain a standard way of how to assemble them. We start with the pieces that are screwed in the bed support, you sometimes also have nuts, you must check their sizes and get the necessary keys and screwdrivers, which you can buy on the Internet without any problem or in a specialized store.

It should be noted that some beds come with their tools, so you don’t have to buy separately, so you should check this feature before choosing a bed. After assembling the folding bed support, place the rest, with this, we refer to the fabric or mattress that you are going to use with it. Sometimes the beds come with cushions or mattresses, but not all of them have this advantage.

Q2: How to decorate a folding bed?

It can be decorated very easily since most of these products take up little space when you are not using them as a bed. If it is a bed that becomes a small seat, one of the things you can do is use it as a table, place a vase with flowers, and it will look great.

Another option would be to put a cloth on top, which combines with the environment where you are going to place it. On the other hand, to decorate the open bed you can use a set of sheets with duvet, whose shades adapt to the base and other elements of the bed, as well as to the walls and things that surround the place.

Q3: Who invented the folding bed?

The Assyrians and Egyptians were the ones who created the first beds, approximately in the year 3,500 BC. The evolution of this product has been continuous until we reach the beds we currently have, for example, folding beds. In addition, it should be noted that who invented the latter was the American William Lawrence Murphy, in 1900 through the Murphy Bed Company of New York.

Q4: How to make a folding wall bed?

This is something you can do yourself at home, with screwdrivers, boards, screws, sandpaper, drill, hinges, and paint. We are talking about a wooden wall folding bed, as it is one of the most used materials in the manufacture of this product category.

The first thing you should do is measure the environment where you are going to place the bed and imagine that it will not only be a bed but will have a closed shape so that it looks more elegant. Then draw the furniture as you have imagined, you must be creative; there are many ways to do it. Of course, you must give the correct measurements to the drawing, for example, the dimensions of a double or single bed.

Also take into account the measures of the thickness of the wooden boards that you will use, to make stable and resistant furniture we recommend 1.9 cm. On the other hand, we mentioned that you should take into account the distance you want to give the bed in relation to the floor. This is important to decide where you will place the hinges.

Also, you can not forget the background measures, so that when closing the bed it is not protruding, that is, it should be considered until the size of the mattress.

In addition to this, you should not forget the legs of the bed. These should also be foldable so that when folding the entire furniture, they are not visible. However, if you do this fixed part, it would be good if the legs are crossed by a plastic tube, so that it serves you at the time you want to place a towel or sleepwear.

On the other hand, it is essential to make the bed base with resistant wood, so that the bed supports enough weight. In the end, assemble the furniture as you drew it, using the tools and respecting the measures you determined in the drawing. If necessary, you will have to look for a machine to cut wood without much effort, although some people, taking the measurements on a paper, take the wood to carpentry to make the cuts with precision, so they only have to assemble the folding bed, put the hinges and paint to your liking.


Buying Guide

When we think of acquiring new furniture for the home, there are many features that we must take into account, so that in the end we manage to gather in a single product the aspects that can meet our needs, below we present a guide to buying the best folding bed, with the intention that you do not miss any important feature to choose a good and economical bed.


In general, one of the aspects that concern us most when buying a folding bed, in addition to how much it costs, is its durability. This is because we do not want a product that in a short time ceases to be efficient and has to be replaced, which makes us think that we have invested our money incorrectly.

That is why we invite you to review in detail the materials that make up the bed that has been to your liking. You can start by reviewing the exterior materials, but don’t forget to check those that are not visible. This way, you could get a better idea about how long it could be useful before having to change it.


Another important point to review in a comparison of folding beds is the mattress. Remember that you will be in charge of giving comfortable support, and there is special attention to its qualities. These can be of very different materials and densities. Check how wide it is, what materials it is made of and the opinions offered by those who have previously acquired, to learn about their experience.

Some mattresses even have some type of treatment against mites or fungal growth. These qualities may also be convenient, especially if you live in an area that has a high degree of humidity.


On the other hand, we must not fail to consider that it is often an optional piece of furniture, which could be stored for some time in a specific site. For this reason, you may need to analyze what size you have when deploying, to see if it will be appropriate for a person of standard height. But also consider the dimensions in its folded mode to know if it will be practical. It might even be convenient to measure the space in which you plan to store your folding bed, to know if there will be no problems regarding this point and in the end, you have to find another place.


It is normal for furniture to get dirty due to its use. Therefore, we invite you to evaluate how easy it will be to keep the folding bed clean. In this way, you will have a handy piece of furniture on hand, but also in good condition so that it is better enjoyed. For example, some versions of folding beds have covers that can be removed for washing. Or they are coatings that can only be left with just a damp cloth, as with those with leatherette.

Versatility and assembly

One of the biggest trends today regarding furniture is versatility. This is because we look for options that not only manage to meet a particular need but can be versatile, used in various ways. Thus, although the home in which you are going to place them is small, it does not represent a hindrance, because its qualities allow it to adapt.

In addition, you could check how easy you can access the different modalities of the folding bed. If the folding mechanisms are soft, it can be easily transported because it is light, etc.


Finally, we don’t want to mention the design of the folding bed. This is because we generally feel more comfortable acquiring the furniture that is pleasing to the eye. Aspects such as colour, texture, and sensation that can provide us are important.

However, this feature acquires greater value if it is a folding bed that will be visible all the time. In these cases, it will be even more relevant to harmonize with the environment, combining colour or style.

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