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If you love to sleep outdoors or you often host friends and relatives for the night, but you don’t have a dedicated room, an inflatable mattress could be the solution for you. Its flexibility of use and affordable cost make it an excellent ally always to be ready for any eventuality. Still, it is essential to choose a good quality product at the right price. In this guide, we offer you seven that have distinguished themselves precisely for their convincing quality/price ratio, and we will provide you with a series of useful tips for a conscious purchase.

 Among the models to be evaluated more carefully is the inflatable double mattress with headrest by AmazonBasics which, thanks to its 46 centimetres thick, ensures excellent body support and superior comfort compared to competing products. The Intex Comfort Plush Inflatable Mattress Mod. 64418, on the other hand, stands out for its light and compact structure that does not take up too much space and, by using the electric pump supplied, the inflation times can be halved.


10 Best Inflatable Mattresses – Reviews in 2020

The following ranking has been compiled to help you decide which inflatable mattress to buy from the many offers available on the market. Thanks to our comparison table, which compares the prices and characteristics of the seven best inflatable mattresses of 2020, you will undoubtedly find the right solution for you

Rank #1: AmazonBasics Inflatable Double Mattress with Headrest

The first positive feature of this AmazonBasics brand inflatable double mattress is certainly its advantageous price. If we compare it to other products sold online, it ranks among the best also in terms of construction quality, which gave great satisfaction to those who had the opportunity to test it.

The PVC structure and the velvety fabric covering make it suitable both for use at home and for sleeping comfortably outdoors or on the occasion of a campsite, restoring flexibility of use that is unmatched.

It has a raised area that can be used as a comfortable cushion to facilitate the correct distribution of weight between the neck and the spine. At the same time, the rigid edges can guarantee excellent stability on any surface, minimizing the risk of overturning even in case of restless sleep.

The provision of an electric pump and a screw valve makes it easier to inflate, even if many buyers have not been satisfied with the tightness of the mattress, which tends to lose compactness already after the first night of use.




The surface of the mattress is covered in soft velvety fabric which optimizes ergonomics, while the PVC structure gives it greater strength.

Value for money:

It is one of the best-selling and most appreciated models of the moment for the comfort it can offer, which is combined with an affordable price for all budgets.


It is available both in the second version, 203 x 150 cm, and in the single version which measures 191 x 97 cm, but in both cases, the thickness is considerable (43 cm) and offers excellent insulation from the cold of the floor.




After a few hours from inflating the support tends to sag and lose consistency; therefore, if you have to use it for many consecutive nights, you will need to use the pump again to restore its compactness.


Rank #2: King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Light, compact and comfortable, these are the distinctive features of the King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump , available in five different sizes to adapt to every need of use. The internal structure is made of fibre tech, the latest generation material which, in addition to guaranteeing a long life, is particularly resistant to water and humidity to allow its use even outdoors without the risk of it being damaged.

The upper part has a flocked coating that offers two advantages: promoting body thermoregulation during rest and retaining the sheet more effectively, which, in models with a smooth surface, tends to slide more easily.

But the real strength of the product is the presence of raised edges with “Comfort Plush” technology, which improve its stability and comfort of use. At the same time, the pump supplied allows you to inflate the support in just four minutes, which reduce to two if you opt for the single version. The package also includes a repair kit and a carrying bag.




Unlike other models that tend to slide and move when the occupant starts to fidget during sleep, King Koil Queen Air Mattress  has raised edges that ensure more excellent stability on any type of surface.


The flocked fabric covering, a material very similar to velvet, is soft and pleasant in contact with the skin, in addition to guaranteeing the ideal microclimate for resting comfortably without experiencing discomfort.


The price includes a kit to repair any holes and a practical case to store the mattress once it is deflated and folded comfortably.




The absence of a rise for the head forces you to carry a pillow with you to accommodate the natural curvature of the back and avoid annoying pain when you wake up.


Rank #3: EZ INFLATE Luxury Double High Queen air Mattress

The third product that we offer is designed for those looking for maximum quality and comfort without paying too much attention to the price, which in this case appears higher than the average, but for two excellent reasons.

The first is the presence of an internal support structure that imitates, so to speak, the ergonomics of traditional beds to provide the necessary support for the body to assume a correct posture when resting. This means that the support can quickly adapt to the weight and movements of the occupant without being too rigid or excessively soft.

Secondly, the mattress is equipped with an integrated cushion that follows the natural curvature of the neck and back, to create a higher area to support the head. The dimensions are 191 x 99 x 53 cm, more or less the same as a traditional single bed, and thanks to the electric pump included in the package you can inflate the complement in just two minutes with a considerable saving of time and effort.




Thanks to the internal support structure, the Active Era single inflatable mattress guarantees comprehensive support for the body and good adaptability to its natural forms. At the same time, the integrated cushion avoids annoying muscle pain.


The electric pump supplied is easy to use and allows you to inflate the mattress in just two minutes; moreover, by pressing the dedicated switch, it will automatically deflate, and you can easily store it even in small spaces.




The excellent build quality and the superior performance offered by the product have, unfortunately, made the cost rise.


It is available in the single version only, so if you are looking for a double mattress, you will have to evaluate other proposals.


Rank #4: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Perhaps few people know about it, but there are also mattresses explicitly designed to be used inside your car. If you are looking for such a product, continue reading our review of this valid inflatable car mattress, chosen by our team for a series of advantages that it can offer.

First of all, the key feature of this product is the breathability of the covering fabric, which promotes good air circulation to maintain an ideal temperature during rest, so as not to be forced to keep the air conditioning on the hottest nights.

Besides, the product has a very light and compact structure that favours its portability and positioning in any car, thanks also to the presence of an additional support foot which ensures perfect stability. The price includes two removable cushions and an electric pump with integrated cigarette lighter socket to inflate the complement quickly and effortlessly.




It is made of breathable fabric to guarantee the ideal microclimate even in extreme conditions; therefore, you can sleep in the dry and without experiencing discomfort even on the hottest nights.


In addition to being compact and light, this mattress has aspects that easily enter the passenger compartment of any type of car and, thanks to the support foot, it manages to ensure a right level of stability.


In the package, in addition to the electric pump with a cigarette lighter attachment, two practical inflatable pillows are included to offer comfortable support even for the head.




It certainly does not take a scientist to understand how to use it, but since the instructions supplied are only in English, those who do not chew their language well could turn up their noses.


Rank #5: EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress

The opinions expressed online by users confirm that the EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress is the one with the best quality/price ratio. In addition to being the cheapest in its category, it has a structure composed of parallel tubular that offer a comfortable base on which to rest.

Although available only in the second version, it is long enough to comfortably accommodate even taller people, while the flocked, soft and velvety coating guarantees proper thermoregulation even during the hottest nights.

It inflates easily using the supplied alternating current electric pump. Still, since it is rather noisy when it is running, it is advisable not to operate it at night in order not to disturb those who sleep nearby. Furthermore, thanks to the waterproof fabric, you can also use the mattress outdoors without fear that the humidity of the soil will ruin the covering.

If you think this is the product that can do for you, but you don’t know where to buy, after the summary table of its pros and cons you will find a link that offers it at low prices.




The mattress uses an efficient alternating current electric pump to be ready for use in a few minutes.


The ergonomic structure and the flocked cover are designed to guarantee a pleasant rest even outdoors or in more severe conditions.


The main strength of the product is undoubtedly its financial cost which makes it accessible to all budgets.


The PVC composition makes it a resistant and reliable product, while the waterproof coating allows it to be placed even on damp surfaces without risk of being damaged.




It is available only in the second version of 203 x 152 x 46 cm, so those who have particular space needs will have to evaluate other offers.


Rank #6: Sleepah Air Mattress

The Sleepah Air Mattress is the best choice for those who are looking for a versatile product that can offer excellent construction performance at a reasonable price. The internal structure is made of fibre tech, a material that guarantees considerable resistance and stability even after intensive use.

To ensure a comfortable rest in any situation, the company thought it well to equip its product with raised edges which, in combination with the non-slip bottom, prevent the support from slipping or moving in case the occupant gets very nervous during the sleep.

But the real highlight of the Dura-Beam Plus is its soft flocked coating, which on the one hand ensures maximum delicacy in contact with the skin and on the other a high resistance to water and punctures. Also, it is available in four sizes ranging from single to double, and in the latter case, you can also choose the thickness: 46 or 56 centimetres.




The mattress inflates with the electric pump supplied, with timing that ranges from two to four minutes depending on the size of the model.


The same pump also takes care of deflating the support when it is time to put it away, and since once closed it takes up very little space, you can store it in a closet or drawer without causing problems in size.


With a price that does not scare, the product has a good build quality that offers excellent guarantees of strength and stability even after several years of use.




If you love to sleep with your neck and back perfectly aligned, you will need to get a pad because the model has no head elevation.


Rank #7: Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress

The Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress for one and a half, also proposed by Englander , is aimed at lovers of outdoor activities who are used to sleeping outdoors or camping. Not surprisingly, the main advantage offered by the product is found in its compact dimensions that allow it to enter the tent quickly, and thanks to its little weight, the user will be able to travel light without experiencing any discomfort.

The thickness is not exceptional, we are about 23 cm, but at least you can rely on a stable and water-resistant coating that can come in handy if you want to place the mattress on bare ground or wet grass.

In the price, in addition to the electric pump for inflation which allows you to complete the operation in a few minutes, a bag for transport and a repair kit in case of holes is also provided. As usual, we end our review with a quick overview of the main strengths and weaknesses of the product.




The small size of the inflatable mattress of a square and a half of Englander allows it to be transported very quickly, and once deflated it occupies a minimum footprint.


In addition to the electric pump to inflate the support as needed in a short time, in the package you will find a practical transport bag and a repair kit.


The cost of this model is among the lowest on the market, so even if you have a limited budget, you can buy the right quality product.




The mattress has a height of only 23 centimetres, so if you love sleeping at a certain distance from the floor, it may not meet your needs.


Active Era Air Mattress

An inflatable mattress offers several advantages, first of all, that of having an emergency bed available for use on any occasion. However, these supports are not permanent, and it could happen that they get holes in the least opportune moments, perhaps because of a pointed object or because they are placed directly on the ground.

To avoid these small inconveniences, we advise you to get a good repair kit for an inflatable mattress, such as this one proposed by Active Era  , which at a more than advantageous price offers four oval patches and a 5.7-gram tube of glue.

The product is particularly appreciated for its remarkable flexibility of use since it can be used on all types of inflatables, swimming pools and games for children, guaranteeing a good yield and a longer life even after repeated stresses.


AmazonBasics – Inflatable mattress

  • The remarkable success in sales of the AmazonBasics inflatable mattress has been decreed by the excellent resistance of the building materials, which is joined by a thickness of 46 centimetres which supports and best supports the weight of the occupant.
  • We were not particularly satisfied with the tightness of the product, which tends to lose consistency after the first night of use.
  • The PVC construction and the velvety fabric cover make it safe and comfortable even for children. In contrast, the raised edge that acts as a soft cushion represents a new contribution to the comfort and practicality of use of the model.

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Easy to clean but also to inflate thanks to the electric pump included in the price, this  Lazery  brand air mattress boasts an ergonomic structure and a flocked cover designed to ensure a comfortable rest in all circumstances.

Finding fault with this product was not easy, given the deep satisfaction of the users. Still, wanting to exceed the fussiness, we would have preferred a pillow or at least an increase to accommodate the natural curvature of the back and neck.

The dimensions of the product, equal to 152 x 203 x 56 cm, can comfortably accommodate two adults, and once closed it has a minimum size that makes it practical both for transport and storage when the time comes to put it away.


Active Era Luxurious Single Air Mattress

It is equipped with an internal support structure capable of providing the necessary support to sleep comfortably even for several consecutive nights. The Active Era is built with meticulous attention in the choice of materials and finishes to offer a good compromise between solidity and comfort.

A great point against the product is its high cost, but it is still the ideal choice for those looking for a quality solution that offers good guarantees of durability and longevity.

Also, this mattress has an integrated electric pump to be able to inflate it in a few minutes without making any effort, and thanks to the waterproof multilayer material coating it ensures excellent resistance both to humidity and to punctures.


Guide to buy an inflatable mattress

Having an inflatable mattress at home can be useful in different circumstances: visiting relatives, sudden guests, sleepover, overnight stays in the open air and whoever has more. These complements are also appreciated because they are practical to use and, once closed, they can be conveniently stored in a bag or in a closet, where they will patiently wait for the next occasion of use.

If you don’t have the faintest idea of how to choose an excellent inflatable mattress, in this short guide you will find some useful tips to find the best brand for your needs.

The intended use

The first rule to follow to be sure of spending your money well is to establish a priori what the intended use of the inflatable mattress will be. In principle, these supports are useful on two occasions: when you have to host friends and relatives for the night, but you do not have a guest room, and when you want to sleep outside the house or on the campsite.

In the first case, the preference should fall on a model of compact size that allows it to be positioned even in a small room without causing excessive bulk. Since its function will be to solve any space problems in the home, it is clear that storage will also have to be practical and quick.

In this regard, the best inflatable mattress is that which, once closed, can be conveniently stored in its case, to facilitate its transport and prevent the materials from losing their elasticity and consistency over time.

The choice must, however, be more prudent if the need is to bring the complement with you on the road or away from home. In addition to the size and weight of the product, the materials with which it was made must also be carefully evaluated: starting from the assumption that almost all the models available on the market are made of particularly elastic and resistant plastics, it is good to check that they are also waterproof, in so that humidity does not damage the mattress in case it is necessary to place it on bare ground or wet grass.

The comfort

Another element that should not be underestimated before purchasing an air mattress is the comfort it can provide. These accessories will never be as comfortable as a traditional latex or memory foam mattress, but there are still some structural measures that can make the difference.

First of all, many products consist of two air chambers positioned one on top of the other to guarantee more excellent stability to the structure and prevent annoying depressions in the centre which prevent the body from assuming a correct position during the rest phase.

However, inflatable mattresses still have a significant flaw, the downside as it were, which should not be underestimated: that of not guaranteeing an ideal microclimate for sleeping comfortably.

To overcome this problem, many manufacturing companies have thought well to equip their products with a special flocked coating, a material very similar to velvet, which performs the dual function of keeping the sheets still and making the surface thicker, giving it in the at the same time soft to the touch.

Finally, there are more ergonomic, and even more expensive, models equipped with a memory foam layer that distributes the body weight evenly to accommodate its natural lines, as well as reducing the pressure points that in the long run can cause pain in the back and joints.

The inflation system

The air mattress, single or double, can become a precious trump card for those who love to go on an adventure for exciting camping in unspoiled nature. However, it is necessary to underline that in these cases it is essential that the complement is immediately ready for use because – let’s face it – nobody wants to spoil the fun by spending hours inflating the support before sleeping.

Fortunately, several devices aim to reduce the preparation time of the product to the maximum. Indeed we can say that it is precisely the inflation mode that makes the difference between one model and another.

Wind instruments, for example, are to be avoided because they require a certain expenditure of physical energy, with all the dizziness and discomfort that derive from it; while the most practical of all, and it pains us to say even more expensive, are the self-inflating ones, since they have a special valve that sucks the air from the outside to allow the internal cells to expand entirely autonomously.

A good middle ground, both in economic terms and as regards the practicality of use, are the models equipped with an electric pump because they inflate in a few minutes and without requiring any physical effort. Still, on the other hand, they must necessarily be connected to a power outlet.

In addition to allowing you to inflate and deflate the mattress very quickly, these pumps are certainly more practical than manual ones. Still, unlike the latter, they are rather noisy, so it is preferable not to operate them at night or when other people sleep nearby.


Frequent questions

Where to buy an Intex inflatable mattress?

The quality and convenience of Intex inflatable mattresses have made this company a leader in the sector. For more than forty years, its products have been able to meet the needs of each customer. You can buy the model of your interest directly on the company’s official website or one of the many online stores.

How to repair an inflatable mattress?

In general, a repair kit is included in the sales packages to deal with any type of unexpected event, but alternatively, you can buy one on the net or in a specialized shop. Once the hole has been identified, apply a little mastic on the area to be treated and on the relative patch and, after fixing it, let it air dry for about 12 hours. Alternatively, you can also use silicone, preferably transparent so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the mattress.

How to deflate an inflatable mattress?

To quickly deflate an air mattress, you can use the electric pump used to inflate it, and if the product purchased does not have one, you can always buy it separately in a DIY store or online. To save money, you can also buy a pedal model, but keep in mind that in this case, the time required to complete the operation will be longer.

How do you sleep on an inflatable mattress?

This is a legitimate question but to which, unfortunately, we cannot give a precise answer. In principle, the best brand inflatable mattresses guarantee a good quality of sleep, but much also depends on the materials with which they are made and on one’s sleeping habits.

How much does an inflatable mattress cost?

In general, inflatable mattresses are relatively inexpensive and affordable for any budget. However, there are also more performing and expensive models that are noteworthy for the presence of one or more latex or memory foam layers that increase their comfort and make them suitable for prolonged use.


How to use an inflatable mattress

It often happens that the enthusiasm of a kind trip out of town or having guests for the night is turned off by the lack of space or in any case by the idea of having to sleep on a fortuitous and uncomfortable bed. However, there is no need to despair: there is a solution, and it is called an inflatable mattress. The use of these complements is quite simple, but if you want to know more, in the following lines, we will give you some exciting information.

The advantages of an inflatable mattress

Being made up mainly of air, the inflatable mattress is exceptionally light and easy to move from one room to another, without neglecting the fact that it will be possible to decide from time to time the consistency and rigidity of the support by adjusting the flow of air according to needs.

This feature allows it to adapt smoothly to the natural lines of the body and effectively reduce pressure points to facilitate muscle relaxation and avoid annoying back pain.

Another advantage not to be overlooked is the possibility of being able to deflate it immediately after use to conveniently store it in a bag or wardrobe without taking up too much space. For the same reason, it can be transported without problems during a trip or to spend the night camping.

The cleaning

Like all mattresses, even air mattresses require a minimum of maintenance to keep them clean and efficient, mainly if used outdoors. Without appealing to specific and costly detergents, there are practical DIY solutions that will allow you to achieve the same results, saving time and money.

First, vacuum up dust and dirt with the vacuum cleaner trying to reach even the corners and crevices, after which you can move on to the actual cleaning. To eliminate stains on the surface, you can prepare a mixture of water and vinegar (or lemon) to be applied directly on the dirt with the help of a spray bottle or a microfibre cloth.

Once the coating has dried, we recommend pouring a few drops of tea tree essential oil or tea tree on the affected area to keep the mites away and disinfect the mattress, as well as making it pleasantly scented. Once cleaning is complete, it is a good idea to put the accessory in its case or in a cotton bag to ensure optimal conservation.

What to evaluate before buying

Before leaving, how about taking stock of the situation by listing the main factors to consider before buying? Let’s see what they are, then:

– Dimensions: the choice between a single, double or one and a half square model must take into account the number of people who will have to use the mattress, their weight, the space available in the home and, of course, the predetermined spending budget.

– Inflation system: if you do not like the idea of having to spend hours inflating the complement, we advise you to opt for a model that has an electric pump; in case you do not intend to spare costs to enjoy maximum practicality, you can also buy a self-inflating product, consisting of a special foam padding with open cells which, when the appropriate valve is opened, automatically expand by incorporating the air into their interior.

– Materials: most inflatable mattresses are made of PVC, a relatively flexible and resistant plastic material, while the covering is almost always in viscose fibre, a very soft and velvety fabric that ensures a right level of comfort, also reducing the body sweating.

– Accessories: the last “gem” is the accessories supplied, whose presence, however, could increase the price of the product. Among the most popular we find the headrest or a removable cushion, the kit for the repair of the holes and the travel bag to store and transport the mattress easily.

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