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[ 2020 Reviews] 10 Best Inflatable Sofa Bed

We have prepared this comparison between the best inflatable sofa beds this year so that you can know in-depth one of the most competitive options of the moment since the acquisition of this type can be beneficial for you when you receive unexpected visits in your home.

In urban settings, it is common for departments and family homes to be quite small, so they usually have the right and necessary space. However, the surprise arrival of friends or family in social visits or emergencies can put any host in trouble by not having enough rooms or beds to accommodate them.

It is in these cases when many people consider the idea of acquiring an inflatable sofa bed. This furniture has the advantage of being multifunctional and cost-saving and cost-effective. The fact that they are inflatable allows them to be stored and removed only when necessary so that they do not hinder the harmony of home decoration.

On the other hand, they can also be used daily since they can become both beds to rest and sofas to watch TV in the living room.

When you are in the search to acquire one of these products, there are certain factors that we consider that you should take into account such as the dimensions, so that you do not have problems when you want to locate it, the materials that guarantee you a good resistance and durability and of course, The design of the sofa bed.

Another advantage of the inflatable sofa beds is that they can be more affordable than a standard sofa bed since they can cost just a fraction of the price and can offer a lot of comfort and space to spend the night.

In this section, we offer you the information concerning an option between inflatable sofa beds that has the necessary characteristics to become a viable alternative:

Rank #1: JINGWEI Folding Mattress

This sofa has a dual system so that the product can be used as a conventional mattress or as a double sofa bed if you need it.

Main Features  


As we already indicated, it is very advisable that you first look at the dimensions of the sofa bed so that you can determine if it is the right size both to accommodate your guests and to be located in your home.

The Intex 6855 inflatable sofa bed has dimensions of 218 centimeters wide by 109 centimeters high with 66 centimeters long, which allows you to easily accommodate two adults to sleep and in the form of a sofa, two adults can sit and A small child without problems.

And if you do not have enough space to accommodate it in your home, do not worry because being inflatable, you can take it apart and store it in any closet to take it out when you need it.


The manufacturing materials of the inflatable sofa beds are also essential as they are required to be strong enough to avoid tearing or punctures that may jeopardize the integrity of the product.

Now, the Intex 68566 option is made of 95% PVC combined with 5% Rayon, which gives it ample resistance to prevent it from breaking easily. Also, it has a flocked material finish to provide it with a soft and comfortable touch that can help you fall asleep. If you do not want to feel the sofa directly on your skin, you can also place a sheet for comfort.


Believe it or not, inflatable sofa beds can include attachments to make it more pleasant to use them in your day to day as well as allowing you certain comforts that you would not get in a standard bed.

For example, Intex 68566 inflatable sofa bed has armrests on both sides for added comfort when used as a sofa, although they can also be used as protection in case young children use it for sleeping.

It also has a 2-in-1 valve that will help you quickly inflate and deflate the furniture so you can have it ready to use in a few minutes.

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