Lumbar Support Cushion For Office Chair

The Best Lumbar Support Cushion For Office Chair – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

If you spend many hours a day sitting in a chair or making great trips by car, you probably suffer from unpleasant backaches that do not let you work or drive properly. To alleviate these lumbar discomforts that we experience while sitting, the best lumbar support cushion for office chair was designed, that great ally that gives us lumbar support and support and that relaxes our back, protecting it from injuries and providing exceptional comfort. 

In the market, there are various types of lumbar pillows, such as the Bonmedico Negro model, a lumbar pillow specially designed to install in seats, even in the car, and whose memory core offers excellent support and high stability. We also find designs suitable for those who read in bed, such as the model your Bed Selection READING CUSHION, a lumbar reading pillow that offers us excellent support of our lumbar while we are sitting and that has an interior pen effect that will help us relax the whole area and feel comfortable.


What is the best lumbar support cushion for office chairs on the market?

Finding an excellent lumbar pillow and above all, that gives us the support and support we need, can be complicated if we do not know what to look for during the search for it.

And, the comparison of lumbar pillows is comprehensive and for all tastes, being able to find lumbar pillows with different uses and even with different firmnesses and sizes. Hence, it is essential to consider several aspects of the pillow before buying it.

To help you in this decision and that your purchase is a success, we have prepared for you our guide to buying the best lumbar support cushion for office chair for your back, in which you will find what the most important aspects to take into account and some tips are.


What is the best lumbar support cushion for the office chair of 2020?

If it’s about finding the best comfort when we have to have a good time sitting, having the best lumbar support cushion for office chair for your back can make a difference. The lumbar pillows help us get the correct position of our end when sitting, in addition to protecting our lumbar and help relax the entire area.

But not all lumbar pillows are the same, neither in design, nor size, nor dimensions, so it is necessary to find out which is the best lumbar support cushion for office chair for our personal needs, without focusing only on cheap or too expensive pillows that may not be the most suitable for our back.

To help you in your decision and after a rigorous market study, we have made for you this selection of the best lumbar support cushion for office chair of 2019, so that, you choose the one you want, you have quality assurance and invest in a right product.


Recommended Products

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RANK#1:Bonmedico Black

The comfort level offered by this lumbar pillow has given it a high score on the net. Many buyers recommend it for its effectiveness in relieving lumbar ailments, as well as the ease of attachment for any backrest.

Main Features Explained


Sitting still for a long time can eventually cause muscle and circulatory problems in the lower limbs, and if we add to this a chair that does not provide ergonomics; Our back could become the most affected. Given this, the best solution is to bet on an excellent lumbar pillow.

The Bonmedico Negro pillow is a product specially designed to provide support and relief to the discomforts generated in your spine as a result of poor posture. It is a multifunctional product since it allows any chair to be converted into an ergonomic seat, thanks to the fact that it integrates a fastening strap with two snaps that make it easy to catch on virtually any backrest.

You can use this pillow in the seat of your car, as well as take it when you make long trips by plane or on the road. You can also use it in your work chair, or at home when you are on the computer.

Materials and comfort

If you are one of the people who spend long hours sitting, your back and lower back will end up resenting sooner or later. For this reason, you should look for a lumbar pillow that provides you with the maximum comfort possible, to deal with the time you remain still.

This pillow model favours an ergonomic posture when sitting, as it adapts perfectly to your spine, relaxing your back muscles and promoting effective pain relief. For this, it has high-quality memory foam, with memory effect and able to adapt to your anatomy and return to its original state.

To maintain proper hygiene of the product, this pillow has a breathable cover in mesh material, with anti-stain qualities and a zipper closure, which makes it easy to remove for washing. Also, the manufacturer recommends washing the cover at a temperature of 30 ° C.

Design and size

According to statistics, on average, people who work in offices spend 11.5 hours of the day sitting; which hurts health. For this reason, it is recommended to take short breaks, to perform some muscle stretching exercises, to favour the circulation of the legs. However, our back needs more than activities. It needs ideal support for the spine like this lumbar pillow.

This model has an orthopaedic and ergonomic design, which favours a correct posture when sitting. You will receive it in a practical and comfortable carrying bag, which allows you to take it with you anywhere.

The Bonmedico lumbar pillow comes in two sizes available, small and standard size, which you can choose according to your texture. The small size is recommended for people shorter than 1.75 m, while the standard format can be used by taller people, those that measure equal to or more than 1.76 m.



  • This model stands out for the quality of its manufacturing materials, which provide comfort and support to the back. It has a memory core with medium firmness, which favours an ergonomic posture.


  • Some users comment that due to the thickness of the memory material of this pillow, the size of the chair seat could be reduced.


 The following model is indicated as a lumbar pillow for reading thanks to its design since it has the appropriate way to offer support both to the back and to our elbows when reading.

Besides, you can also use it as lumbar support and as a headrest since it includes a cervical support area so that you will have an all-in-one with a single product. This low firmness pillow is made with a polyester fibre core that offers a feather touch for comfort.

Its outer cover is made of microfiber, very light and breathable material that helps protect the pillow from dirt and that you can clean comfortably thanks to its zipper that makes it removable. Also, you can choose between three different colours to give a touch of colour to your support.

Those who like to read comfortably sitting on the bed or the sofa need back support, but it is not easy to know what lumbar pillow to buy, so we present the pros and cons of this model to see if it is what you need.




The particular design of this pillow provides support for the back but also for the elbows when you are in the reading position.


The microfiber outer lining and the polyester inner one give durability and resistance to the cushion to maintain its shape.


The zipper allows the cover to be removed for machine washing and always kept clean.




Some users state that the headrest padding is very soft.


A customer says he expected the case to be softer because it is rough for him.


RANK#3:Salon Turquoise

 If you are looking for a lumbar pillow for bed, this model will meet your expectations.

Its wedge-shaped design is ideal for achieving an optimal position, whether we are lying or lying on the bed, so it is suitable to use as a support for our back if we usually read in bed.

In addition to offering adequate support for both your lumbar and your entire back, this model is also suitable for relieving pain and heaviness in the legs after an injury or if we suffer from varicose veins, being a tremendous therapeutic help in rehabilitation.

Its core consists of premium foam, high quality, and durability. To protect this foam includes a cover made of very thick and durable fabric made of 100% polyester and that you can comfortably draw thanks to its practical closure.

Although it is not the cheapest, the following pillow stands out for its functional and therapeutic design. We invite you to read the positive and negative aspects that characterize it.




Its particular wedge shape serves as a support for the spine and legs, especially if you have suffered an injury or have varicose veins.


Its measures of 60 x 50 x 30 cm cover the surface of the back, and you can use it from different positions to be sitting or lying down.


The polyester sheath can be removed as it has a zipper and machine wash.




For several clients, it is hard to sleep.


This model is one of the most expensive on our list.

RANK#4:Desk Jockey I4-GEXW-QRAS

 If you want a lumbar pillow to protect your back during those hours you spend sitting in the office, in front of the computer, or in the car, this lumbar pillow offers you the support and support you need. It has rear fastening straps so you can install any type of chair, whether in the office, at home or in the car seat.

Its core is made of high-quality therapeutic memory foam with a memory effect that will adapt to the contour of your back and your spine to offer you the best lumbar support possible.

The best of their materials, in addition to adaptability, is that they do not have the unpleasant chemical smell that other memory products have, something very positive that users appreciate. Its soft and pleasant cover completes the feeling of comfort and relaxation offered by the pillow.

If you need an orthopaedic cushion but do not want to spend a lot of money, we recommend you learn more about the best lumbar support cushion for office chairs for 30 euros, whose characteristics are listed below to help you in your decision.




The memory padding adapts to the shape of your spine to offer stable support to your back while sitting.


It integrates practical fastening straps to be attached to any chair or seat such as in the office or car.


It differs from other lumbar cushions because it does not have that unpleasant chemical smell.




A customer says he doesn’t use it on summer days because it tends to be hot.


For its part, a couple of customers say that it is very bulky to drive, but if it is comfortable to place it in the passenger seat if you make a long trip.


RANK#5:Pikolin Home AH209

 In the hand of Pikolin Home, we also find a lumbar pillow model, comfortable and straightforward, that will help us to sit correctly while offering lumbar support and unloading our backs.

You can use it both in bed, as in any type of seat, protecting your back and providing greater comfort to rest while sitting.

It is made with a memory foam core, which offers medium firmness and is protected by a soft knitted cover made entirely of cotton.

Its outer cover, made of cotton and polyester, is soft and pleasant to the touch and is entirely breathable, so you have less heat while resting. Also, it is removable, so you can wash it whenever necessary.

The extensive catalogue of orthopaedic products, mattresses, and cushions for rest make Pikolin the best brand of lumbar pillows for many clients who have checked the quality of their products. Next, we will talk about the Home AH209 model and its most relevant features.




It can be used as a support for sleeping comfortably because it relieves pressure points while resting.


The cover is easily removed through the zipper and machine washed without risk at a temperature of 30º to 40ºC.


The fabric releases moisture and will keep you fresh in any season.




If the person is tall, the size of the pillow is fair and does not provide adequate support according to the user’s height.


To ensure the durability of the pillow, it is not recommended to wash the heart or dry the cover in the dryer.


RANK#6:Bonmedico Black

 This lumbar pillow for Bonmedico seats offers you all the comfort and lumbar protection you need both in the office and in the car.

And, thanks to its strap attached to it, you can hold and secure the pillow to any seat, be it a chair, the car seat, and you can even use it for your air travel. This feature, among others, makes it the best price-quality pillow according to its users, who rated it with a high score.

Its core is made of innovative and adaptable memory materials, with memory effect to adapt appropriately to the anatomy of your spine. In addition to this, it offers excellent lumbar support for the area to relax and promotes proper posture when sitting.

It has a black mesh cover, breathable, with anti-stain fabric and zippered to be able to wash comfortably whenever necessary to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. Its materials comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 regulations.

Due to its functionality and health benefits, this Bonmedico product is considered by customers as the best lumbar support cushion for the office chair of the moment. So we invite you to know its characteristics to help you with your choice.




The memory filling has a memory effect of adapting to the anatomy of each person and provide more significant support to the spine.


The fabric that covers the cushion is breathable, does not make you sweat your back and is soft to the touch. Its appearance is very discreet and will go unnoticed in the office.


The straps allow you to attach it to any seat to use it wherever you go and maintain the correct posture you need.


The pillowcase can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30º with total safety.


The usefulness of this pillow can be exploited by drivers, receptionists, executives, pregnant women and all those who spend several hours sitting and suffer from recurrent back pain.




Several users agree that the lower part of the cushion is very thick. However, this is the orthopaedic design to offer a good posture.


How to use a lumbar pillow

Lumbar support pillows represent a sufficient remedy to relieve back pain since they avoid bad posture while placing the spine in a more natural position. To visualize the results of the treatment and relieve the pain, two points are necessary: first, the constancy and second, fair use of the product, and we will talk about this below.

Previous considerations

If you are determined to solve your low back pain problems or if you have been diagnosed with any condition, we recommend that you buy multiple lumbar support pillows; You can, for example, make use of some of the purchase options presented in this guide.

Have a pillow in the office, another in the car and another in your favourite home chair; This will avoid the need to have it transported everywhere and, since it will always be at your fingertips, you can use it frequently without making excuses.

Correct placement

Much of the success in using the product is to correctly place the pillow so that you can rest your back in its entirety. You will see that when placed in a seat, it is essential that they offer a firm support structure for the back, for example, in a puff armchair it would be uncomfortable to provide adequate support.

You should always place the lumbar pillow in an upright position concerning the seat; keep in mind that the pillow needs to rest in the lower part of your back where the spine naturally curves.

When driving or working

We recommend using a lumbar support pillow in the car if you make daily trips that exceed 15 minutes of travel; If instead, you use the car to work, the pillow is essential.

For their part, those who perform an office job should have a pillow placed in their work chair. For these people who spend hours and hours sitting, our additional recommendation is, in addition to using the pillow, to place the feet on a small stool to relieve the stress that is formed in the lower back due to improper placement of the feet.

When sleeping

One of the best resting positions is to sleep entirely on your back, especially for people with back pain problems, since they get better lumbar support and better rest from the stressed area. At bedtime, you should raise your knees a little and place under them a small pillow that helps you reduce pressure on the lower part of the spine.

When travelling

Using a lumbar pillow during trips is highly recommended to reduce the exhaustion that flights usually cause if for work reasons you must travel frequently, or you intend to take a transatlantic flight on your next vacation, take with you a resource like the one we are analyzing today It can make a big difference.


As an extra point, we want to remember that lumbar pillows are adequate to relieve the sensation of pain, but its benefits can be enhanced when special exercises are done to strengthen the muscles of the back.


The most popular brands

Nowadays, many people spend large parts of their day sitting, either for leisure or for work. This has caused many people to suffer from back pain. However, inventions such as the lumbar pillow have had a positive effect in relieving and preventing such pain. Brands such as Pikolin Home, Bonmedico and Naipo have been given the task of manufacturing this type of product to continue contributing to this much-needed market.

This brand, created in 2005, is recognized in the area of good sleep. Since its inception, this great company has been dedicated to creating accessories and items that can be functional so that millions of people find it easier to achieve a good rest with high-quality products.

Although it has a somewhat recent start compared to other older brands, this is because it was not always Pikolin Home. The company under this name emerged due to the merger of two major European companies already famous in the area of rest: Madritex and Pikolin.

At present, this brand has stood out for manufacturing products with the most important fabrics and with high-quality fibre. His articles are the result of long research done to offer a comfortable and safe rest. In this way, they have managed to develop hyper-breathable, anti-allergic, thermoregulation and even individual baby product lines.

Each lumbar pillow is manufactured under one of those product lines so that, in addition to having rest in your lower back, you can also choose from unique qualities that differentiate it from others to its shape, materials, and size.

This brand from Germany has been given the task of making itself known due to the exceptional durability and innovation of all its products. In Bonmedico, the ultimate goal is to manufacture various specialized products under high-quality standards to improve your health; from pillows and cushions to bands to improve your sports performance or to help prevent pain.

It is so much the commitment of this company that it has a policy of total money back the first 30 days in case the client is not completely satisfied.

In addition to health, Bonmedico lumbar pillows seek to provide comfort and safety. For that reason, they have features such as memory effect and excellent lumbar support that comfortably adapts to you. Additionally, all the materials used comply with the standards of various international safety regulations that regulate the quality of the products.

If you want to know more about this brand and receive information about its products, then you can subscribe to its newsletter. And if you are still unsatisfied and want to know more, then you can call customer service from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Naipo is a world-famous brand due to the relaxing massages offered by each of its products. The joint efforts of a group of European and American people have paid off, because now the company has a notable presence in approximately 25 countries around the world, including European, Latin American and North American countries.

Unlike other brands that have mixed more with the rest area, Naipo has maintained its focus on creating different massage products to offer well-being and comfort to all its buyers. Naipo technology has been evolving and currently offers different types of muscle stimulation such as heat, compression, vibration, rotation and many others.

The lumbar pillows of this company have the particularity of not only offering support to this vital area of the body but also offering individual massage therapies while you are using them. All products are made with the highest quality to provide the best to their customers.

Shopping guide

Materials and cleaning

Buying an ethical and economic lumbar pillow is possible if we focus on its manufacturing materials. And it is that, from these materials, especially those of its core, it will depend on whether or not the pillow offers us the support and support we need.

These materials must be of good quality so that the pillow does not sink when we lie on it and so that it does not deform with time and use, therefore, have a preference for those models that offer a solid core, both of foams high density as memory foams, the latter being preferable, since, in addition to being more comfortable, its memory effect will make them adapt perfectly to the anatomy of your back offering you the support you need.

Although not everyone needs this type of lumbar pillows and many prefer softer pillows, such as those filled with feathers or synthetic fibres, which are suitable as lumbar support to remain seated for short periods, for example, as reading pillows. If you wish 

It is also essential to stop to check the materials of the pillowcase as these should be able to be washed properly and efficiently. As a first point, it is desirable that the pillow is removable and you can remove the cover separately whenever necessary.

As a second point, it is essential that the cover is made of breathable materials that allow proper ventilation of the pillow, especially in memory models, and that isolate us from heat during rest. And if besides, this case has a soft and pleasant touch, more comfort we will receive.

Firmness and dimensions

Other of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing one of these pillows are the firmness and dimensions of them.

This choice will have to do mainly with the tastes and personal needs of each user since there are people who are looking for substantial support while others need soft pillows for their backs.

The desirable thing in this type of lumbar pillows is that they have a medium firmness, that provides adequate support and support of the back, but without this feeling too hard on the area. Memory pillows, as we have seen before, usually have this type of firmness, in addition to providing greater comfort to the whole.

Another critical factor is the size of the pillow since, in the market, you will not find two regular pillows since the comparison of lumbar pillows is extensive and for all tastes. Depending on both your needs and your size and your preferences, search between different models until you find one that offers you adequate dimensions to support your entire back, especially the lower back.

A pillow that is too narrow will not help you too much, and a pillow that is too wide will not help you protect your lower back correctly.

Type of support and other uses

Although they all seem the same, the truth is that there are pillows with specific uses and others that offer all kinds of users in a single product.

Before you stop to think about how much one model or another cost and focus on this thinking that all will serve you for the same, you should know that there are pillows in the market of all kinds, from specific lumbar pillows to install in the seats to other designed to use in bed when we lie down.

The first ones have closures by way of straps at the back, designed to attach the pillow to any type of seat and suitable for use in those situations in which we spend hours sitting, as in office work, at home or when We drive for hours. They are even useful for long plane trips since they do not take up much space and give us adequate support.

As for the lumbar pillows for bed, these have a wedge design that we can use for both the lumbar, cervical and even for the legs. 

Other types of pillows include those indicated for reading or thought to support mothers during the period of breastfeeding.


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