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Best Pocket Spring Mattress – Reviews, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2020

After a long day of work or study we all yearn to rest comfortably during the night, being a moment of great importance for the human being because the muscles undergo a recovery process. Therefore, the importance of having an anatomical rest surface which has been manufactured with high-end technology and raw material.

CecotecRecolaxViscoGel is a pocket spring mattress with independent beds and double-sided design, allowing you to enjoy a warm surface in winter and another breathable in summer. For its part, the Flex Pocket model will provide you with a pleasant rest thanks to the individually packed springs and thermal rubber on their faces that distribute the heat homogeneously.


The Best Pocket Spring Mattresses On The Market-Reviews In 2020

The acquisition of a mattress is a task that should not be carried out without first verifying various aspects related to the manufacture, format, type of materials and technology applied to the models that attract your attention. Here is our selection of the best pocket spring mattresses on the market.


Pocket spring mattress and viscoelastic

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Cecotec this time presents what for many is the best pocket spring mattress, which has a visually pleasing exterior design and an interior composed of several layers of certified materials, for a comfortable rest experience.

The structure offers a surface suitable for two people with independent beds, so your movements during the night will not affect the comfort of your partner. In addition, the thickness of 30 centimeters of the mattress is suitable for use in various models of beds.

It is important to mention that this pocket and viscoelastic spring mattress is double-sided, which means that it is suitable for both summer and winter just by turning it over.

You will also need to know that the mattress core incorporates a system of bagged Premiumspring springs and double padding to avoid noise. For its part, Gel Tech Memory Visco allows temperature control and the Optimal Temp 3D layer provides an adequate level of perspiration.

To have at home the best pocket spring mattress of the moment, you can not miss this model and its high-end manufacturing features.




Its height of 30 centimeters is adapted to various types of bed, so you will not have any inconvenience.


The incorporation of an Optimal Temp 3D sheet will allow you to enjoy adequate perspiration.

Independent beds:

Thanks to the independent beds, you can turn from one side to the other without affecting your partner’s rest.

Double side:

The mattress offers a breathable face for summer and a warm one for winter.




It may be that the feeling of firmness is a little different at the edges of the mattress, being softer than in the central area, but this is not an aspect that affects its effectiveness, as it is not the main resting area.


Rank#2:TECNOCOLCH Tecno Spring

 This model currently enjoys great acceptance in the market due to its ergonomics and high quality standards, being considered the best pocket spring mattress of value for money and one of the cheapest.

Its structure incorporates a pair of side handles to provide proper handling when turning, which is convenient because the model is reversible. Thus, you will enjoy the best use experience both in winter and in summer. It is a mattress with pocket springs and viscoelastic with a width, length, height of 90 x 190 and 24 centimeters, being favorable measures.

In addition, its core has been provided with a “Dura Box” type assembly system. This provides the core with a polyurethane contour so you can enjoy greater firmness and stability when lying on the mattress. For its part, the incorporation of strech fabric with microcapsules and 3D microperforated fiber are responsible for temperature regulation.

Among the cheapest options, you will find this model of pocket spring mattresses. Next, some of its most relevant aspects.



The incorporation of a pair of side handles is quite convenient to facilitate the handling of the mattress.


The mattress offers a face for winter and one for summer, so you can turn it according to your needs.


The incorporation of polyurethane contours in the core provides a high level of stability and firmness.


Its format of 90 x 190 centimeters, is designed to accommodate only one person.




The surface may become a bit stiff, but this ultimately depends on the perception of each person.


Rank#3:Flex Pocket

 Flex Pocket stands out among the best pocket spring mattresses of 2020, offering a resting surface with independent beds. This is due to the incorporation of a system of individually bagged springs. In the same way, you will enjoy a level of progressive firmness that adapts to the anatomy of the person for a pleasant rest.

On the other hand, we have Super Soft Senese technology applied to the two rubber layers used for the padding of the structure, which is a hypoallergenic and athermal material. In this sense, the temperature will be distributed homogeneously across the surface, as well as you can not worry about suffering any allergic reaction to contact.

The surface of this Flex mattress with pocket springs and viscoelastic, has a format of 135 x 190 centimeters, being suitable for two people. In addition, to mobilize it has the incorporation of two pairs of side handles.

If you are looking for the best brand of pocket spring mattresses, do not hesitate to consider between your purchase options the Flex house and its attractive Pocket model.



Its dimensions of 135 x 190 centimeters, offer a spacious rest area for two people.


On each side incorporates a pair of handles that facilitate the grip when mobilizing the mattress.


Individually coated springs offer adequate bed independence and firmness for comfortable rest.


Hypoallergenic treatment attached to the tissue prevents the proliferation of allergies.




The weight of the structure is a bit high, which makes handling difficult if you do not have the help of another person.


Rank#4:Flex Cloud Visco Gel

To recognize the best pocket spring mattress, it is recommended to evaluate the Cloud Visco Gel model of the Flex house among the purchase options. It is a resting surface upholstered with strech textile fabric, which offers a pleasant soft touch and an adequate level of perspiration.

In addition, it has a hypoallergenic treatment, designed to prevent the generation of skin or respiratory allergies due to the direct contact you would have with it. This mattress with pocket springs 150 x 190 centimeters will provide, on the other hand, a fairly spacious surface for resting up to two people.

Similarly, the built-in spring system has been lined one by one to achieve a correct decrease in body pressure when lying on the mattress. For its part, the viscoelastic layer provides an anatomical adaptation, while the gel particles provide freshness.

When asked about which pocket spring mattress to buy, you should check the pros and cons of this Flex house model.




The exterior upholstery in stretch fiber provides an adequate level of freshness.


Each dock was bagged individually, which suggests greater cushioning at bedtime.


Its wide – long surface of 150 x 190 centimeters is suitable for the rest of two people.


Both the inner membrane and the outer tissue have been treated to be hypoallergenic avoiding respiratory and skin allergies.




The height of the mattress can be a little high. However, this will depend on the person’s taste and the type of bed.


Rank#5:Pikolin e-sleep

The Pikolin pocket spring mattress surprised the followers of the brand with its intelligent operation, since it is responsible for registering in an app information about your resting habits. In this sense, it will recognize the time lapses in which you usually fall asleep. This function depends on a bracelet with built-in recognition sensors.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the structure’s construction, whose interior features a system of spring steel springs, which have been covered with textile bags, to reduce the impact generated at the time of the person lying on the mattress or turn from side to side. In this way, it offers a correct bed independence.

Likewise, the faces of this mattress with a wide – length format of 135 x 190 centimeters incorporate a sheet of soft foam and a viscoelastic foam for greater comfort and adaptability to the natural shape of the body.

This is a smart mattress that will record your rest routines and store them in the brand app, but it also has other features that are listed below.




The surface is suitable for two people thanks to its 135 x 190 cm format.


Its one-to-one coated springs improve bed independence when lying down and turning.

Smart bracelet:

The built-in technology for the recognition of your resting habits could improve your experience and help you make beneficial changes.


You can enjoy an anatomical resting surface due to its viscoelastic face and comfort rubber.




To get all the benefits of this mattress, you have to put the bracelet every night, which for some users could be easy to forget.


Rank#6:Home 24 3D105X200

This pocket spring mattress base has a simple cut design, but with quite visual appeal, thus complementing the optimal functioning of your resting surface.

The structure was manufactured with black varnished stainless steel tubes, incorporating some transverse reinforcements, to provide greater stability and resistance when placing the mattress.

It also has a total of six legs 26 centimeters long each. On the frame is a fixed board composed of wood chipboard, upholstered with 3D beige textile fabric and equipped with a valve to facilitate the perspiration process.


How to choose the best pocket spring mattresses?

The choice of a resting surface may seem like a simple task, but it requires a certain level of commitment on the part of the user to carry out the review of some basic aspects about the product. Therefore, we present below a guide to buy the best mattress pocket springs.


Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

The material with which the product we are acquiring has been manufactured is of great importance, since it is a determining factor of the quality and durability of the product. In this sense, you will need to confirm that it is a high-end raw material, certified, environmentally friendly and water resistant.

In the specific case of resting surfaces, you should know that they have a wide demand in the market. For this reason, there are many brands responsible for devising, manufacturing and marketing this type of products, being necessary before the imminent purchase to make a comparison of pocket spring mattresses. In this way, you can take with you a model whose composition of both internal and external materials can adapt to your body to provide a pleasant rest.

For example, among the textiles mostly used for making pocket spring mattresses, the strech fiber in the upholstery stands out, a fabric that is characterized by its high level of breathability and softness to the touch. Also, there are the steel springs and their individual lining, made with some type of robust membrane, while some manufacturers attach contours in polyurethane, designed to absorb the impact when lying down and create a bed independence effect.

On the other hand, we have the rubber used for the mattress faces, which can be the Gel Tech Memory Visco for temperature control and / or Optimal Temp 3D for an adequate level of perspiration. Both are quite common in models with double-sided design for summer and winter, also offering progressive hardness so that the body can acquire a natural posture when lying on the surface.


Allergenic protection

Regardless of how economical the pocket spring mattress you are acquiring, there is an aspect that you cannot miss, which is the allergenic protection offered. Although it may not seem like it, this is a topic of great importance. Remember that the mattress will be in direct contact with our skin, even though we have a protective sheet on it. In this sense, the incorporation of a hypoallergenic treatment is a frequent measure in most products of this type, which is applied to the surface to avoid any respiratory or subcutaneous condition.

However, manufacturers are currently annexing another type of technology to extend the protection range. Thus, the proliferation of mold, fungi, mites and bacteria, which are so common and at the same time harmful to our health, is avoided. In fact, some models surprise users with an anti-mosquito treatment, being beneficial for those who sleep with the window open during the summer season.



Beyond orienting your purchase only for how much the product costs, you will need to analyze some aspects of interest such as the design for the acquisition to be really successful.

As expected, the market has a wide variety of models and brands in terms of rest surfaces, so when you make the selection you will have many options at your disposal. The first thing you should consider is that there are traditional mattress models, while others are reversible. This means that they have been provided with one face for winter and one for summer.

In addition, it is important that you keep an eye on the construction cuts of the structure, which should be precise, reinforced joints and make sure that the finishes have been well crafted. Likewise, it would be convenient to incorporate one or two pairs of handles on the sides, so that you enjoy a better grip when transporting the product or turning it over. Do not forget the aesthetic part, which highlights the decorative seams, whose pattern varies depending on the concept proposed by the manufacturer.




The format of the pocket spring mattress that you are going to acquire is a specification that must be taken into consideration and cannot be overlooked, thus avoiding setbacks when placing it on the bed. Therefore, you will need to know the dimensions width, height, length of the bed, which will allow you to contrast them with the measures of the mattress that has captured your attention before making the purchase. Likewise, the weight will influence the handling, being important that it is light.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Which is better, viscoelastic mattress or pocket springs?

We cannot say that a viscoelastic mattress is better than one of pocket springs or vice versa, since these are completely different fabrications, materials and technologies. Both designs have distinctive features that adapt to the needs of each person’s use.

For example, viscoelastic mattresses suggest a support with greater adaptability to the natural shape of the body, while those of springs offer a surface with a slightly more marked hardness. There are also many other differences in terms of storage, type of bed in which they can be used, cleaning, among others. In any case, the important thing is that when you lie on it you get a correct and comfortable posture for the spine and neck.


What weight does a pocket spring mattress support?

It is important that you take into consideration that the level of quality of the materials used to make pocket spring mattresses may vary depending on the manufacturer. That is why the support capacity between one model and another will rarely be the same, being able to be set for a low range of 80 to 100 kilograms, while high-end resting surfaces can support up to 120 kilograms.


For what uses is a pocket spring mattress recommended?

Pocket spring mattresses are recommended for daily use, as they are designed to create independent support areas with medium firmness. Thus, the column will adopt a correct posture. In this sense, the therapeutic use also stands out. Of course, this will depend on what is recommended by the doctor.


Is the use of a pocket spring mattress suitable for children?

According to experts, pocket spring mattresses are the most recommended for children from three or four years of age, since their surface has an adequate level of firmness due to the treatment applied to the springs. In this sense, the body will achieve a better adaptation at bedtime and the spine will rest while retaining its natural curvature. This is very important in the first years of life of children, because it is the moment in which their bones are developing.


What base do you need a pocket spring mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses will not generate any kind of limitation with respect to the base for their support, being suitable for any of them. However, you should keep an eye on the issue of the dimensions between the mattress and the bed. Remember that these should coincide to avoid instability or landslides when lying down.


Which is better, pocket spring mattress or latex?

Both surfaces are anatomically suitable for people’s rest. However, there are those who by medical recommendation require a superior with greater stability such as that offered by the contact points of the spring equipment. On the other hand, other people need a surface with greater adaptability to the natural curvature of the body for the release of tensions, something they can get on latex mattresses.


How to clean a pocket spring mattress?

The cleaning of the mattress is a task that we must perform periodically to maintain the hygiene of the resting surface, being necessary to change the sheets and if possible to vacuum the mattress with a manual equipment. In this way, the accumulated dust is removed. Also, it is wise to open the window or door of the room for a period of 15 to 30 minutes for the structure to ventilate. Thus, you will avoid the accumulation of moisture and bad odors.

Likewise, it is important that you verify what is recommended by the manufacturer in the instruction manual, so that you avoid deteriorating the product in case you want to apply some type of cleaning product directly on the surface.


Which is better, pocket spring mattress or foam?

In this case the selection will depend on the age and weight of the sleeper, being the foam mattresses fully recommended for newborn children. This is because the material has a medium firmness, providing a fair level of adaptation for the infant’s small body. For its part, when used by an adult, the foam will sink and deform, giving way to poor posture. In this sense, pocket spring mattresses are much more advisable , because they provide the body with specific support points for a pleasant rest all night.


How to use a pocket spring mattress


Although the mattresses are products that fulfill the basic function of offering us a comfortable and anatomical support for our rest , not everyone has the same cleaning and handling care due to the variation of the materials. For this reason, we show you how to use a pocket spring mattress.




Check the information on the label or instruction manual

All products incorporate an instruction manual and pocket spring mattresses could not be the exception. It is a product that we have been in contact with all our lives, so we can think that its use is completely intuitive. This statement is probably true, but it is worth knowing the recommendations made by the manufacturer regarding the correct way to manipulate the structure. Likewise, the maximum load capacity to avoid sinking, the properties of the materials with which it was built, the correct cleaning method, among other aspects. Thus, you will be able to extend the life of the resting surface.


Unpack the mattress

The spring mattresses, due to their internal structure, cannot be vacuum-wrapped as is the case with viscoelastic. In this sense, when you buy it you will have a fully extended surface, protected with its respective packaging system that you must carefully remove. To do this, you must place the mattress on a flat and clean surface to proceed to remove the paper that covers it with the help of scissors.


Corroborates the dimensions of the mattress and the bed

Prior to acquiring the mattress you should have checked its width, length, height with respect to those of the support surface to avoid any setback. However, sometimes this type of specifications may have a small failure of up to a couple of centimeters. Although it seems somewhat irrelevant, it really is. Remember that the mattress must be attached to the bed so that it can offer us an adequate level of stability.


Support the mattress in bed

If the model you selected incorporates side handles, you must push them to lift it and move it to the bed. Keep in mind that if it is a large format mattress, you will need the help of another person to facilitate the process, avoiding deteriorating the resting surface.

Also, stay tuned for the mattress design, since if it is reversible you will have to place it with the winter or summer face up. Of course, this will depend on the weather season.




You saw the mattress

Dressing the mattress with a set of sheets is a completely mandatory step to start using the resting surface. Remember that this cover protects you from dirt and in turn will make you look attractive.


Mattress cleaning

Periodically you should change the sheets and clean the mattress. To do this, you can use a manual vacuum cleaner or a specialized cleaning product, in case the surface has been stained due to some unexpected spillage.


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