The Strangest Alarm Clocks Ever

Let’s see together which original and funny alarm clocks to use, if you really don’t want to know to get out of bed in the morning


With the end of holidays and the start of school, getting up in the morning can be a real trauma. Fortunately, there are alarm clocks, but lazy people know that just postpone them a couple of times to fall asleep instantly and miss important meetings or the first hour of class. In fact, in the absence of parents or children, even the loudest alarm clock may not be enough to detach from Morpheus’ arms.

The web in this regard gives vent to all its imagination with really funny and above all effective alarm clock models even for late risers. They are all very different from each other, but they have in common the fact that they do not go out unless you carry out a specific action, which cannot fail to force you to abandon the bed. In search of the best alarm clock therefore, we add these fun models and analyze their characteristics and specifications.


The alarm clock that runs away

A first example that we consider original and effective is precisely that of the alarm clock that runs away. In fact, the model in question has real wheels which, when activated, will start all over the room.

Operation is via lithium batteries and the addition of the wheels is optional, however, since they can be removed to take advantage of the alarm clock in the normal version. Otherwise, however, this will begin to move, managing to walk on different types of surface smoothly: needless to say, the sound stops only when you press the appropriate button and this happens only once you have got up to recover it.

You can choose between different colors, so you can combine it with the colors of your rooms without problems. The only drawback is that you will not be able to adjust the ringtone volume in any way.




The alarm clock that flies away

In a similar way to the operation of the model just examined, the alarm clock that flies away is another effective method to avoid delaying getting up. This article in fact consists of a base, which acts as a clock and therefore as an alarm clock, and a top that is actually a propeller.

Once you have set the time you want, the alarm will start ringing and will detach from the bedside table, then flutter across the room. Once again you will necessarily have to get up to recover it and turn it off: this is a very useful remedy even for the laziest.

In addition to this original mode of use, this alarm clock also has the advantage of being backlit, so as to always be easily readable.


Wake up with target shooting

A very effective way to wake up is, in addition to that of materially lifting you from the bed, that of carrying out an action that commits you to the point of abandoning the confused state in which you find yourself.

The model we want to talk about is really curious and requires that you point to a target with darts. To turn off the alarm sound, in fact, you will have to aim straight to the center for a number of times that can be only one or five.

Power is possible via USB cable and for this reason it is important to recharge every evening. During the day you can then use it as a simple game with friends.


Alarm clock to launch

For Star Wars lovers, we also want to add a themed alarm clock, always for those who struggle more to get out of bed. The model in question does not have backlit glass, so you will not be able to view the timetable except in favorable light conditions.

The peculiarity of this object lies in the fact that, in order to turn it off, it must be thrown against a wall or on the ground. A good way to recharge your energy at the beginning of the day and to start with the right determination. A sensor contained inside will perceive the impact and turn off the sound.

It is a truly iconic and ideal object for lovers of the famous saga as well as for the late sleepers: a great way to encourage even the little ones to get out of bed in the morning.


Gong alarm clock

For those who do not like such drastic solutions as those we have presented, there are equally effective but much softer alternatives. The alarm clock in question is ideal for children and teenagers and has a curious structure that reproduces the figure of a man playing the gong. This will be the sound that will wake you up in the morning several times until you are on your feet.

But what makes this object really curious is the fact that it has light and low energy consumption LEDs, designed to create a pleasant atmosphere during the night. In fact, you will have the opportunity to choose the color that you think is best for you, from warmer colors to colder shades.

The power supply is battery powered and can last up to 80 hours, if put in low light mode: the controls to adjust the intensity or to turn off the alarm are activated by simply touching it twice.




Wake up secret agent

A final proposal is once again original and ideal for lovers of adventure films or thrillers. The alarm clock actually looks like a real gun and at the right moment activates a very strong vibration, capable of waking up only you. To be able to switch it off, however, just point to any surface and in the same way you will also be able to view the time during the day.

A very original way to wake up in the morning, ideal for those who need a touch of originality and panache. Just be careful where you place the “gun” in the evening, so that you are sure to feel the vibration.

Sleepyheads therefore have no more excuses, because with these original and effective models, waking up in the morning will be a real adventure. Evaluate the characteristics of our proposals and focus on the purchase that you think is the best for you or your friends, because many of these items lend themselves as excellent gift ideas.




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